350 Fabulous 4 Letter Names: With Gorgeous Meanings

These 4 letter names may be short, but sure are mighty!

Four letter names may be short, but they sure pack a punch! Not only are they easy to spell and remember, but they can be so full of deep, beautiful, and noble meanings that your child will treasure right through adulthood.

We wanted to share the top international 4 letter names for boys and girls with you, so we have put together this list of all our favorite picks for parents to browse through. Keep reading to find the coolest, most unique options, including all their weird and wonderful meanings, origins, and more.

139 Fabulous 4-Letter Girl Names

These four-letter girl names are fit for the most beautiful of babies.

  1. Aamu – meaning “morning,” this alphabet-topping Finnish female name sounds like the start of something magical.
  2. Abby – is a nickname from Abigail, meaning “father’s joy,” and sounds like a religious abbey.
  3. Afra – a vivid, rustic color name from Hebrew, after “the color of the earth, dust.”
  4. Aida – meaning “happy,” this would be especially popular among opera fans.
  5. Áine – a luminous Gaelic girl’s name full of “radiance and brilliance.”
  6. Alba – a pretty pick meaning “white, bright” in Latin and “dawn” in Spanish.
  7. Alma – a beautiful name with various international meanings, including “kind, young woman.”
  8. Älva – this adorable choice is the Swedish word for “elf, fairy.”
  9. Alys – a cool, 4 letter, Welsh version of Alice, meaning “noble.”
  10. Amal – a popular pick among Arabic 4 letter girl names, meaning “hope, longing, desire.”
  11. Anna – a softer version of Anne, with the noble meaning of “grace.”
  12. Anne – meaning “grace, favor,” this name sounds fit for an elegant little noblewoman.
  13. Anya – also a form of Anna, this sexy Russian name also means “grace.”
  14. Arya – an “honorable” name from Sanskrit, recently of Game of Thrones fame.
  15. Asha – earthy in style, with the radiant Swahili meanings of “hope” and “life.”
  16. Asia – this geographic name sounds like an adventure waiting to happen.
  17. Asma – an Arabic girl’s name that reigns “supreme!”
  18. Ayla – a Turkish name signifying the aura of light that shines around the moon.
  19. Aysu – a spectacular Turkish female name meaning “moon water.”
  20. Bess – a beautifully girly nickname from Elizabeth.
  21. Beth – short for Elizabeth or Bethany, but equally as sweet when used independently.
  22. Blum – an unusual “flower” pick for girls from Middle German.
  23. Brea – a pretty and girly name meaning “hill, tar.”
  24. Bree – a happy diminutive of various names using that syllable, great as a standalone name.
  25. Brie – perhaps the cheesiest pick among these 4 letter names for girls.
  26. Cara – rooted in the Latin “cārus,” this cute name means “friend.”
  27. Ceri – from the Welsh word “caru,” this sweetest girl’s name means “love.”
  28. Cleo – a modern and fun name with the commendable meanings of “celebrate, glory, praise.”
  29. Cora – an earthy-sounding Greek name for a pretty little “maiden.”
  30. Dang – means “valuable” in Vietnamese and “red” in Thai.
  31. Demi – meaning “small, half,” a petite French pick for itty-bitty babies.
  32. Dove – a pure and peaceful bird-inspired name.
  33. Dwyn – an adorably romantic Welsh girl’s name meaning “wave.”
  34. Eden – biblical and beautiful, this fresh girl’s name refers to the “place of pleasure.”
  35. Edie – an Anglo-Saxon name for winning ladies, meaning “prosperous in war.”
  36. Edna – one of the more vintage 4 letter names for girls, meaning “rejuvenation, pleasure.”
  37. Efua – or Afua, are both amazing African names for girls “born on a Friday.”
  38. Eira – meaning “snow,” this fresh Welsh name would be great for a winter-born baby.
  39. Ella – enchanting and magical, Ella means “fairy goddess.”
  40. Elle – like the French pronoun meaning “she,” this name is gorgeously feminine.
  41. Elma – a great name to bring “protection” to your daughter, meaning “helmet.”
  42. Elsa – little girls will love this snow queen name, meaning “God is my oath.”
  43. Emma – a timeless girl name meaning “whole, universal.”
  44. Emmy – an award-winning name for a golden girl.
  45. Enid – a retro Gaelic name, full of “spirit” and “soul.”
  46. Enni – this sweet-sounding Finnish name means “she who fights with a sword!”
  47. Enya – a simplified spelling of the Irish Eithne, meaning ” fire.”
  48. Erin – if you have Irish heritage, you’ll adore this Gaelic name referring to “Ireland.”
  49. Esme – a gorgeous French name to be “loved” and “admired.”
  50. Evie – standing out among the Eves and the Evas, Evie means “life, living.”
  51. Fawn – a rustic name meaning “young deer” that makes you want to frolic about a forest.
  52. Faye – meaning “fairy,” this English name sounds bright-eyed and magical.
  53. Fern – a gorgeously earthy pick after the lush green plant.
  54. Fifi – a fluffy pick, originally derived as a nickname for names containing the “F” syllable.
  55. Gaia – the Greek mythological goddess of the earth, makes for the most spectacular namesake.
  56. Gigi – meaning “earth-worker,” this name sounds rather fabulous and musical.
  57. Gwen – an old, but still pretty, Welsh name meaning “white, holy.”
  58. Hera – an almighty name for a fearless Greek goddess, meaning ” protector.”
  59. Hope – a dreamy virtue name for a girl blessed with all her parent’s wishes.
  60. Ilse – an earthy form of Elizabeth, meaning “God is my oath.”
  61. Ines – or Inez, meaning “pure, chaste” in Spanish.
  62. Inga – this fun Norse name describes a baby girl as a “hero’s daughter.”
  63. Iris – means “rainbow” and is also a flower and a Greek goddess.
  64. Isla – meaning “island,” this beautiful name of Scottish and Spanish origins sounds fairy-like and tranquil.
  65. Jade – after the beautiful green gemstone, this name truly glitters.
  66. Jane – may be perceived as plain, but this name has the special meaning of “God is gracious.”
  67. Jean – an even more vintage-sounding variant of Jane.
  68. Jill – a retro nickname meaning “youthful.”
  69. Joan – like Jane and Jean, Joan also means “God is gracious.”
  70. June – a hot month name for a summer-born baby.
  71. Juno – relating to the fierce and protective Roman queen of the gods.
  72. Kaia – with various meanings internationally, including “sea,” “life,” and “rejoicing.”
  73. Kana – a Hawaiian demigod and a “powerful” Japanese name element.
  74. Kate – this short form of Catherine makes a “pure” and sparky standalone name.
  75. Lara – a funky pick for gamer girls, meaning “protection.”
  76. Leah – be careful, as this cute name means “delicate, weary.”
  77. Leia – a pretty spelling variation on Leah, great for Star Wars fans.
  78. Lily – one of the most popular floral 4 letter girl names, after the purest of delicate flowers.
  79. Lisa – a pretty, feminine Hebrew name meaning “God’s oath, promised to God.”
  80. Lois – rooted in Greek, this cool, stylish name is described as the “most desirable.”
  81. Lola – from the Spanish Dolores, this name means “sorrows,” but sounds fun and fabulous for any showgirl.
  82. Lori – meaning “laurel,” like the beautiful wreath of champions.
  83. Lucy – luminous and ethereal; this old name means “light.”
  84. Lulu – a fabulous two-syllable pick among four letter girl names, meaning “renowned warrior” from the Louise stem.
  85. Lumi – this Finnish name means “snow” and sounds as sweet as a white wintery wonderland!
  86. Luna – means “moon,” just like the Roman moon goddess.
  87. Lyla – meaning “night, dark,” this is a coolly nocturnal choice of 4 letter names for girls.
  88. Lynn – meaning “lake” in Welsh, this name may be dated, but it’s still fresh and appealing.
  89. Lyra – a musical name meaning “harp,” like the mythical instrument called a lyre.
  90. Macy – meaning “weapon” in Old French or “hill” in English.
  91. Mara – a Hebrew name with the not-so-sweet meaning of “bitter.”
  92. Mary – is a blessed name for devout parents, with meanings including “beloved” and “bitter.”
  93. Maud – a fiery name for a girl who’s “mighty in battle.”
  94. Maya – comes with many meanings and origins but is perfect for a May-born baby.
  95. Mila – a Slavic name meaning “gracious, favored,” or “miracles” in Spanish.
  96. Mina – a cute short form of various names; Mina sounds magical and petite when used independently.
  97. Mona – has different meanings internationally, including “alone” in Sanskrit or “noble” in Italian.
  98. Moon – is especially dazzling for a baby born at night; this word name is cool and calming.
  99. Moya – an unusual yet cool Irish name from the same stem as Mary.
  100. Neko – this Japanese word for “cat” could be the sweetest of 4 letter girl names.
  101. Neve – is a Latin-rooted female name meaning “snow,” or perhaps a simplified spelling of the “bright” Irish Niamh.
  102. Nina – the Spanish word for “little girl” makes the most affectionate of female 4 letter names.
  103. Nomi – the most complimentary name of Hebrew and Japanese origins, meaning “beautiful, delightful.”
  104. Nora – as a short form of Honora, Nora means “honor” or “light” from Eleanor.
  105. Olga – a womanly Scandinavian name for a “blessed” baby.
  106. Oona – meaning “lamb,” this name is full of youthful energy and springtime magic.
  107. Opal – like the milky gemstone, flecked with technicolor shades that capture the light.
  108. Órla – another stylish “O” name from Gaelic, meaning “golden princess.”
  109. Raya – a radiant Disney Princess name, meaning “friend” in Hebrew.
  110. Rhea – taken from Greek mythology, this mother goddess name means “earth, ground.”
  111. Rita – a sassy-sounding name with flair, meaning “pearl.”
  112. Rosa – the Spanish word for “pink” makes an adorable pick for a rosy-cheeked baby girl.
  113. Rose – romantic and red, this flower name is nothing short of enchanting.
  114. Ruby – a sexy gemstone name that dazzles in an alluring shade of red.
  115. Ruth – vintage yet earthy, this name has the most lovely meaning of “compassionate friend.”
  116. Sage – like the herb, this green name also holds the learned meaning of “wise.”
  117. Sara – a perfect Hebrew name meaning “princess,” looking cool without the “h” at the end.
  118. Siân – an exotic-looking, Welsh form of Jane, meaning “god is gracious.”
  119. Síle – pronounced “she-la,” this Irish name means “musical.”
  120. Sini – a cute Finnish girl’s name with the vivid color meaning of “blue.”
  121. Snow – a rare yet magical wintery name.
  122. Soni – this adorable Japanese girl’s name has the magical meaning of “fairy princess.”
  123. Star – is a vibrant name for your super little celestial beauty.
  124. Tara – a Sanskrit name meaning ” star” and “hill” in Gaelic.
  125. Teal – a rich, watery color name that sounds fit for a mermaid.
  126. Tiên – pronounced “teen,” this Vietnamese name shimmers like a “fairy, celestial being.”
  127. Tina – a pretty diminutive of Christina, meaning “follower of Christ.”
  128. Tori – a Japanese name meaning “bird,” but also a nickname from the “victorious” Victoria.
  129. Tyra – meaning “thunder warrior,” this Norse name is a no-nonsense title of dreams!
  130. Vada – a beautiful Sanskrit name referring to the sacred texts in Hinduism.
  131. Vera – say ‘aloe’ to this dated yet cute name, meaning “truth” and “faith.”
  132. Xyla – a standout Greek name with the trendiest spelling, meaning “woodland dweller.”
  133. Yaen – a Hebrew name with the unusual bird meaning of “ostrich.”
  134. Yana – a hip 4 letter girl’s name meaning “God is gracious.”
  135. Yara – a cute Arabic name with the delicate meaning of “small butterfly.”
  136. Ylva – a cool name for Viking warrior ladies, meaning “she-wolf.”
  137. Zara – meaning “blooming flower,” Zara is rooted in Arabic, Hebrew, and retail clothing.
  138. Zoey – a Greek girl name meaning “life” that can be spelled with or without the “y.”
  139. Zuri – a special name for a “beautiful” lady from Swahili origins.

172 Fantastic 4 Letter Boy Names

These four letter names for boys are fresh and fearless, just like your handsome son.

  1. Abel – meaning “breath,” this biblical boy’s name is full of life.
  2. Adam – a classic entry among 4 letter boy names that start with “A,” meaning “earth” in Hebrew.
  3. Adir – this charming and noble Hebrew name is “strong” and “majestic.”
  4. Ahti – an earthy choice after a Finnish god of oceans, lakes, and rivers.
  5. Aisi – means “ice” in Tongan, a cool choice for a chilled-out baby.
  6. Aito – an awesome Hawaiian entry, meaning “warrior.”
  7. Ajax – meaning “of the land,” this badass name is fit for Greek heroes.
  8. Alan – is a classic name for English gents, meaning “handsome” and “cheerful.”
  9. Aldo – a cute German name for a baby with “old, wise” eyes.
  10. Alim – a wise Quranic boy’s name, meaning “learned, all-knowing.”
  11. Amir – meaning “prince,” this name is regal and manly.
  12. Amos – a humble Hebrew name for a baby boy “carried by God.”
  13. Ares – a chaotic Greek mythology name after the god of war.
  14. Arlo – meaning “fortified hill,” this elevated, Old English name sounds cute as a button.
  15. Arne – a strong, masculine, Old Norse name meaning “eagle.”
  16. Aron – resembles a “mountain of strength” in Hebrew, a shorter spelling of Aaron or Arron.
  17. Arvo – means “value” in Finnish, a worthwhile choice among 4 letter boy names.
  18. Asad – a roar-some Arabic name meaning “lion.”
  19. Axel – as a Swedish boy’s name, this rockstar pick means “father of peace.”
  20. Ayaz – this Turkish name meaning “frosty” is delightfully festive.
  21. Azio – means “owl,” for Italian know-it-alls!
  22. Aziz – meaning “all-powerful,” Aziz is an Arabic male name to bow down to.
  23. Bakr – with the weird meaning of “young camel,” this Muslim name is certainly sweet.
  24. Beau – a romantic French choice for a “beautiful” boy.
  25. Bill – a grown-up William nickname, meaning “resolute protector.”
  26. Boyd – from Scottish, this name means “blonde, yellow,” for a golden guy.
  27. Brad – short for Bradley, a handsome and popular Celtic name meaning “broad meadow.”
  28. Bram – short for Abraham, this strong name means “father of multitudes.”
  29. Bran – meaning “raven,” Bran is a stark and alluring Gaelic choice.
  30. Buzz – any spaceman would be ‘over the moon’ to bear this starry name!
  31. Cain – a Hebrew name with negative biblical connotations, meaning “spear” and “possessed.”
  32. Cato – a learned Latin name for those who know their Romans, meaning “wise.”
  33. Chad – an all-American name for a “defender.”
  34. Chip – this chipper nickname would make an amicable independent name for a fun-loving guy.
  35. Cian – means “ancient,” a cool pick for Gaelic history buffs.
  36. Clay – is an earthy English name for geographers.
  37. Cody – the cutest Gaelic choice, meaning “helpful.”
  38. Cole – dark and mysterious, this name gives off images of “coal, charcoal.”
  39. Colm – a strong Irish name with the peaceful meaning of “dove.”
  40. Colt – like the young male horse or the sports team.
  41. Conn – a regal name rooted in Irish history and mythology, meaning “intellect” and “chief.”
  42. Dale – a picture-postcard pick from Old English, meaning “valley, dale.”
  43. Dane – means “from the Valley” in Old English, also perhaps “from Denmark.”
  44. Dave – the most obvious nickname from David, meaning “beloved.”
  45. Earl – after the English noble title that dates back to Saxon times.
  46. Elmo – a cutesy-sounding name, actually derived from a Germanic element meaning “helmet, protection.”
  47. Emil – from the Latin “aemulus,” this feisty name means “rival.”
  48. Emir – after the high military rank or noble status, for boys demonstrating great power and leadership.
  49. Enzo – a cool form of longer Italian male names like Lorenzo or Vincenzo, climbing up the U.S. popularity charts.
  50. Eoin – means “God is gracious” and is a Gaelic variant of the classic John.
  51. Eric – for a son destined to be an “eternal ruler” over your hearts.
  52. Esau – a Hebrew name with the unusual meaning of “hairy.”
  53. Evan – a Welsh form of John, meaning “God is gracious.”
  54. Ewan – a cool Evan alternative, meaning “born of the yew tree.”
  55. Eyal – a masculine Hebrew name, full of “might.”
  56. Ezio – we expect this Greek boy’s name meaning “eagle” to swoop onto the popularity charts any day now.
  57. Ezra – this biblical name meaning “helper, protector” is very stylish at the moment.
  58. Finn – means “fair” as an Irish name or is perhaps a nod to Finnish heritage.
  59. Ford – an earthy place name meaning “ford,” perhaps more commonly seen as a surname.
  60. Fred – short for Frederick, a soft, vintage name meaning “peaceful ruler.”
  61. Gary – an Old English name that’s fallen out of style, meaning “spear.”
  62. Gino – an Italian nickname meaning “farmer.”
  63. Gray – a cozy color name that could also be spelled Grey, depending on where you’re from.
  64. Greg – is short for Gregory, a Latin-rooted name for a lad with “watchful, alert” eyes.
  65. Hahn – a handsome and manly German name with the bird-inspired meaning of “rooster.”
  66. Hank – from the same German stem as Henry, meaning “home-ruler.”
  67. Hero – a fabulous name for a kid who’s always a winner in your eyes!
  68. Hugh – a name best associated with British gentlemen, meaning “soul, intelligent, bright.”
  69. Hugo – with the same meaning as Hugh but with a more youthful-sounding energy.
  70. Huub – the cutest-sounding Dutch boy’s name, meaning “bright, shining intellect.”
  71. Igor – a villainous-sounding Russian masculine name for a “warrior.”
  72. Ivan – a great, masculine, Slavic name, reminding us that “God is gracious.”
  73. Jace – a spiritual name meaning “healer” and “lord of salvation.”
  74. Jack – a classically popular English name meaning “God is gracious.”
  75. Jago – an awesome Cornish form of Jacob, meaning “supplanter.”
  76. Jake – a commonly-heard nickname from Jacob, meaning “supplanter.”
  77. Jaki – upgrade Jack to this fun Icelandic name meaning “iceberg.”
  78. Jalo – a truly handsome Finnish name, meaning “noble, gracious.”
  79. Javi – is short for the Spanish Javier, meaning “new house.”
  80. Jock – a cool variant to Jack and John, great for sporty guys.
  81. Joel – a gorgeously devout name meaning “the Lord is God.”
  82. Joey – like a baby kangaroo, this cute name was derived as a nickname from Joseph.
  83. John – a classic biblical pick among “J” names for a son who was “graced by God.”
  84. José – a handsome Spanish form of Joseph, meaning “he will add.”
  85. Josh – short for Joshua, meaning “God is salvation.”
  86. Juan – a smart Spanish form of John, meaning “God is gracious.”
  87. Kade – or Cade, an Old English name of various presumed meanings, including “round.”
  88. Kane – separately to Cain, this “tribute, fighter” name has Irish origins.
  89. Karl – or Carl, of German origin, means “free man.”
  90. Keir – meaning “dark one,” this Irish Gaelic name sounds like a shadow.
  91. Kent – an upper-class English name after the county in South East England.
  92. Kerr – a Scottish surname and unique given name, for a baby “from the marsh, thicket.”
  93. King – consider this standout name if your son is nothing short of regal.
  94. Kirk – meaning “church,” from Scottish and Old Norse origins.
  95. Knox – a stylish Old English surname and given name meaning “round, small hill” or “hump.”
  96. Kyle – with Gaelic roots, this name will send a boy on the “straight” and “narrow.”
  97. Leif – a strong Viking name with the loyal meanings of “descendant” and “heir.”
  98. Leon – meaning “lion,” Leon is perfect for the newest little cub in your pride.
  99. Levi – a Hebrew name meaning “joined in harmony” for kids who appreciate denim.
  100. Liam – short for William, this handsome name means “resolute protector.”
  101. Link – a cool choice derived from the presidential Lincoln, meaning “lake, colony.”
  102. Luca – like a male form of Lucy, this name is reserved for a “bringer of light.”
  103. Luis – a continental Lewis variation, meaning “famous warrior.”
  104. Luke – meaning “light,” is a beautiful name for the most handsome of men.
  105. Mack – meaning “son” in Gaelic, a jovial choice for your new heir.
  106. Mark – this short form of the “warlike” Marcus is a cool biblical choice.
  107. Mike – they say everyone knows a Mike, a common nickname meaning “who is like God?”
  108. Milo – a cute name with various meanings, including “soldier,” from Old Germanic roots.
  109. Muir – an adventurous Gaelic male name meaning “moorland” or “sea,” best associated with naturalist John Muir.
  110. Muki – an unusual choice, after a fabled cave goblin from South American mythology.
  111. Nate – short for Nathaniel, this cool choice means “God has given, gift of God.”
  112. Neil – only winners need apply here, as this Irish name means “champion!”
  113. Nemo – reminding us of the loveable Pixar fish, this Latin name surprisingly means “nobody, nothing.”
  114. Nero – like the famous Roman emperor, Nero is a “powerful, stern” Latin name.
  115. Nick – a classic “nick”-name (get it?) that works well through adulthood, meaning “victory of the people.”
  116. Noah – a popular, soft, and caring biblical name, meaning “rest, peace.”
  117. Noel – or Noël, this French word for “Christmas” makes the most festive of 4 letter names for boys.
  118. Nyle – of the same Celtic root as Neil, this name is fit for a “champion.”
  119. Olaf – a magical name for friendly snowmen, meaning “descendant of ancestors.”
  120. Omar – with fabulous meanings, including “flourishing” and “long-lived,” Omar is a strong Arabic name.
  121. Ormr – an unusual Old Norse name with the snakey meaning of “serpent.”
  122. Otis – a German boy’s name wishing “wealth or fortune” upon your son.
  123. Otso – a snuggly-soft Finnish pick for if you like 4 letter names that start with “O,” meaning “bear.”
  124. Otto – bestow wishes of “wealth” upon your son by choosing this German name.
  125. Ovid – meaning “sheep herder,” Ovid is an earthy Latin name.
  126. Owen – a Welsh name for a “noble-born” little prince.
  127. Paul – another strong biblical name, with the modest meaning of “humble.”
  128. Pete – short for Peter, this name means “rock.”
  129. Pyry – we love the imagery conjured by this Finnish name meaning “snowfall.”
  130. Qīng – a Chinese boy’s name with the standout “Q” initial, meaning “blue-green.”
  131. Ravi – this Sanskrit name meaning “sun” shines proud and warm.
  132. Reid – this “red-haired” name could suit a baby with rich red locks perfectly.
  133. Rémy – a swish French choice with the sporty meaning of “oarsman.”
  134. René – a common French name meaning “re-born.”
  135. Rhys – meaning “ardor, passion,” a short, 4 letter spelling of Reece.
  136. Rian – separate from Ryan, this Old Irish word name means “water, ocean.”
  137. Rico – a modern-sounding variant of Richard, meaning “powerful ruler.”
  138. Ross – this Gaelic name means “headland” and is great if you have Scottish heritage.
  139. Ryan – this sweet Irish name has the adorable meaning of “little king.”
  140. Saad – a Quranic name meaning “happiness, friend,” that’s a joy to have around.
  141. Saul – a humble Hebrew name for a “prayed for” son.
  142. Sean – a 4 letter spelling alternative to Shaun or Shawn, meaning “God is gracious.”
  143. Seth – a soft Hebrew name meaning “appointed,” also borne by an Egyptian god of chaos.
  144. Simu – of various origins, this smart name may mean “one who listens.”
  145. Tāne – after a Maori god of forest and birds and a Tahitian god of beauty and peace.
  146. Tank – a badass pick for a well-built baby soldier.
  147. Tate – one of the most joyful 4 letter names on this list, meaning “cheerful,” from Old Norse.
  148. Theo – a handsome and popular name of Greek origin, meaning “God’s gift.”
  149. Thom – a nickname for Thomas, meaning “twin,” so great for a Gemini baby.
  150. Thor – a “thunderous” Norse god name, especially great for superhero fans!
  151. Tito – means “saved” as a Latin name or “giant” in Spanish, Italian, and Greek.
  152. Toby – holding the simple yet beautiful meaning of “God is good.”
  153. Todd – meaning “fox,” this cute, animal-inspired name would be cute for a nighttime-born baby.
  154. Tony – from the Latin Antonius root, this suave name means “priceless.”
  155. Trey – meaning “three,” perhaps for a third son or one born in the third month?
  156. Troy – a strong name meaning “foot soldier,” fit for a gladiator.
  157. Tzvi – a Hebrew name meaning “deer,” pronounced a bit like “Z-vee.”
  158. Umar – an alternative in spelling to Omar, with that unique “U” initial.
  159. Unai – a melodic Basque name meaning “shepherd, cowboy.”
  160. Urre – a shimmering name meaning “gold” in Basque, for little treasures.
  161. Veon – a unique Irish name meaning “sky” for dreamers.
  162. Vlad – this Slavic pick sounds almost vampiric, meaning “to rule.”
  163. Wade – a very old English name with the pioneering meaning of “to go.”
  164. Will – another short form of William, meaning “resolute protector.”
  165. Wolf – a rugged and outdoorsy animal name for those who howl at the moon.
  166. Yule – an archaic word for “Christmas.”
  167. Yuri – meaning “earthworker,” Yuri is actually a Slavic form of the popular male name George.
  168. Zach – an easy short form of Zacariah, meaning “God has remembered.”
  169. Zain – a popular Muslim male name meaning “beauty, grace,” also spelled as Zane or Zayn.
  170. Zeke – from Ezekiel, this spiky boy’s name means “God’s strength.”
  171. Zeki – a fun Zeke alternative taken from Turkish, meaning “clever, intelligent.”
  172. Zeno – a unique yet snazzy name for a stylish lad, meaning “gift of Zeus.”

39 Great Gender-Neutral 4 Letter Names

Check out our ultimate list of unisex four letter names for cool kiddos.

  1. Alex – short for Alexander, this “defender” name is a classic, gender-neutral pick.
  2. Andy – is short for Andrew or Andrea, with the strong meaning of “manly.”
  3. Baby – this name may be full of love and affection, but would it work on an adult?
  4. Blue – a trendy color name, especially as a fabulous, genderless middle name.
  5. Bryn – meaning “hill” in Welsh, this gender-neutral name stands tall and proud.
  6. Cais – an upbeat Vietnamese name meaning “rejoicer.”
  7. Coco – this cute name is fashionable, sweet… and a little bit nutty!
  8. Cruz – this Portuguese name meaning “cross” sounds infinitely trendy.
  9. Dara – this stunning name has various origins and meanings, including “pearl of wisdom” in Hebrew.
  10. Desi – meaning “desired,” Desi is a name to dream of.
  11. Dior – a fashionable name meaning “golden” in French, great for couture-clad children.
  12. Dông – a cool, unisex Vietnamese name meaning “winter” or “east.”
  13. Eire – is the original Irish name for Ireland, perfect if you have ties to the country.
  14. Enyo – after the Greek goddess of war, this uncommon name makes a chaotic choice.
  15. Gael – a great choice for a Gaelic kid, perhaps.
  16. Gale – a blustery, gender-neutral name of various origins and meanings.
  17. Gill – a nickname for names such as Gilbert or Gillian, pronounced with either a “g” or “j” sound.
  18. Iman – a strong Muslim name full of “faith.”
  19. Jada – meaning “all-knowing, wise,” nothing will get past a kid with this Hebrew name.
  20. Jude – hey, Jude! This gorgeous, gender-neutral name means “praised.”
  21. Lake – a tranquil name choice, conjuring images full of beautiful blues.
  22. Lark – a romantic and sing-songy choice among 4 letter bird baby names.
  23. Linh – a very popular Vietnamese name meaning “spirit, soul.”
  24. Livy – an earthy Latin name from “livius,” meaning “to envy, blue.”
  25. Mika – a plucky name with various meanings, including “fragrance,” “good,” and “who is like God?”
  26. Minh – a revolutionary Vietnamese name meaning “bright.”
  27. Newt – a great name recognized from various fantasy sagas, after a small amphibian creature.
  28. Noor – a vibrant Arabic choice for a baby who brings “light, brightness.”
  29. Puck – Shakespeare fans will approve of this folkloric imp name.
  30. Rain – a romantic name for a baby born in a shower.
  31. Rory – a vibrantly regal name meaning “red king.”
  32. Roux – a trendy French name for a “red-haired” kid.
  33. Shay – a valuable Gaelic unisex name meaning “esteemed, admirable, fortunate.”
  34. Shea – a form of Shay, also reminding us of the nut butter.
  35. Skye – meaning “sky,” or perhaps a nod to the Scottish Isle of Skye.
  36. Vinh – a gender-neutral Vietnamese name full of “glory.”
  37. Wren – like the cute songbird, this name is sweet to hear.
  38. Yale – a great alma mater name, meaning “fertile upland” in Welsh.
  39. Zima – meaning “winter,” this Slavic surname and given name gives us a chill.

4 Letter Names FAQs

What Are Some Good 4 Letter Names for Girls?

There are plenty of popular four letter girl names. Rhyming options such as Cara, Tara, Sara, Zara, Lara, and Mara always prove popular, as do gemstone names like Ruby, Opal, and Jade, and flower names like Iris, Rose, and Lily.

Are 4 Letter Names Rare?

Definitely not! As you can see from this list, there are many 4 letter names for boys and girls. Commonly-heard choices include Jake, Adam, Mark, and Luke for boys, Mary, Jane, Anna, and Rose for girls, as well as the gender-neutral Alex, Andy, and Iman.

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