100 Cute Angel Baby Names: For Boys And Girls

These angel baby names seem to have fallen straight from heaven!

The blessing of a new arrival will often feel heaven-sent, so choosing among these angel baby names for your little cherub can be a great way to honor their arrival.

Whether you’re looking to capture some of your spiritual beliefs or hoping for a name that means “angel,” we have gathered some of the most heavenly angel names for babies.

Read on to discover these divine names, along with their meanings, origins, and more. Your little drop of heaven will have the perfect name in no time!

47 Gorgeous Angel Baby Names for Girls

These angel names for girls are all ethereal and elegant.

  1. Abhinoor – a noble Indian option among “angel” baby names.
  2. Achara – meaning “pretty angel,” this Thai name is worthy of a little cherub.
  3. Agnola – a medieval Italian female name meaning “angel.”
  4. Anahera – a heavenly Maori girl’s name, meaning “angel.”
  5. Anela – a melodic Hawaiian female name meaning “angel.”
  6. Angela – meaning “divine messenger,” this pretty choice may sound dated, but still sweet.
  7. Angelene – another radiant and glowing Angela variant.
  8. Angelian – rare but dazzling, Angelian is a sweet Dutch take on the name Angel.
  9. Angelica – another stunning angel name, meaning “angelic.”
  10. Angelina – a pretty, more extended form of Angel, meaning “divine messenger.”
  11. Angélique – we adore this French take on Angelica with its sassy flair.
  12. Angelisa – a lovely combination of Angel and Lisa, with Lisa being another variation of Elizabeth.
  13. Angeni – a Native American (Algonquin) name meaning “heaven-sent, angel.”
  14. Aniela – a rhythmic Polish variant of Angela.
  15. Annchi – a unique girl name of unknown origin, believed to mean “angel.”
  16. Apsara – as ethereal as a whisper, this Sanskrit-rooted name means “angelic” or “moves among clouds.”
  17. Céline – meaning “heavenly,” this iconic French girl’s name is as gorgeous as the skies above.
  18. Celyse – a spiritual Australian girl’s name meaning “heavenly.”
  19. Charmaine – an effervescent Latin name meaning “singer,” associated with an angel of harmony.
  20. Devika – an adorable Indian female name meaning “little goddess” and “angel-like.”
  21. Dina – an internationally popular angel name with various meanings, associated with the angel Jophiel.
  22. Divya – this Hindi girl’s name means “divine, heavenly brilliance,” as if sent from angels above.
  23. Erelah – a cute Hebrew feminine name meaning “angel.”
  24. Evangeline – a radiant Greek girl’s name meaning “messenger of good news,” with countless nicknames.
  25. Farishta – a pretty Persian pick, meaning “angel.”
  26. Gabriella – meaning “God is my oath,” Gabriella is a dazzling version of Gabriel, a biblical angel.
  27. Gloria – this Latin girl’s name meaning “glory” sounds so rejoiceful and holy.
  28. Gotzone – the feminine form of Gotzon, meaning “angel” in Basque.
  29. Halo – this angelic word has the cutest, most divine aura around it.
  30. Harini – a Sanskrit name with various meanings, including “deer-like,” “jasmine flower,” and “angel.”
  31. Heaven – a classic and dreamy choice among angel baby names.
  32. Jael – a biblical heroine whose angelic-sounding name means “ibex” or “ascending.”
  33. Jophiel – a dazzling, Christian angel baby name meaning “God is my beauty.”
  34. Lailah – a variant of the Arabic female name Layla, meaning “night,” and also an angel in Judaism.
  35. Lina – this dainty nickname from Angelina sounds practically heaven-sent!
  36. Malaika – a sweet choice among African girl names meaning “angel.”
  37. Melek – a sweet Turkish pick among divine names meaning “angel.”
  38. Michaela – a sweet, feminine form of Michael, meaning “gift from God.”
  39. Nevaeah – this modern name reads “heaven” backward – so angelic!
  40. Parisa – this Persian name means “fairy-like,” which is delicate and angelic.
  41. Raphaela – a feminine form of the angel name Rafael, meaning “God heals.”
  42. Saeko – this endearing Japanese girl’s name means “serene, angelic child.”
  43. Seraphina – meaning “burning, fiery ones,” Seraphina relates to the order of angels known as the Seraphim.
  44. Tiên – an ethereal Vietnamese girl name for your little “celestial being.”
  45. Uriella – a vibrant feminine form of Uriel, meaning “angel of light.”
  46. Yael – a Hebrew form of Jael and a gorgeously harmonious-sounding angel name.
  47. Zophiel – a variant of the angel name Jophiel and an awesome “Sophie” alternative.

47 Divine Angel Baby Names for Boys

Your son will radiate goodness and hope if you choose one of these handsome angel names to bestow upon him.

  1. Ananiel – meaning “rain of God,” this earthy angel name for a boy is fresh and outdoorsy.
  2. Angelo – a romantic, masculine form of Angel, meaning “divine messenger.”
  3. Angiolo – a medieval Italian variant of Angelo.
  4. Anurak – a mythological Thai male name that means “angel.”
  5. Arcangelo – a romantic Italian boy’s name meaning “archangel.”
  6. Asbeel – a unique name meaning “God has forsaken,” belonging to a fallen angel.
  7. Azrael – a bold name meaning “helped by God,” taken from an Islamic angel of death.
  8. Belial – a darker angel name, meaning “worthless,” belonging to a Christian angel of lawlessness.
  9. Cael – an Irish mythological warrior and angel associated with the Cancer zodiac sign – great for a summer baby.
  10. Camael – meaning “God has warmed” or “seer of God,” is a handsome archangel of strength and courage.
  11. Cassiel – a romantic angel name of uncertain meaning, perhaps “God is my cover” or “God is my leap.”
  12. Castiel – a variant of Cassiel, borne by an angel character in the television show Supernatural.
  13. Deangelo – a variant of Angelo, may also be spelled D’Angelo for added coolness.
  14. Engel – a sweet Geman choice among names meaning “angel.”
  15. Engelbert – a German boy name composed of elements meaning “angel” and “bright.”
  16. Erel – a Hebrew male name meaning “angel.”
  17. Evangelos – a Greek boy name meaning “messenger of good news” and a male variant of Evangeline.
  18. Gabriel – meaning “God is my oath,” this biblical angel visited the Virgin Mary in the New Testament.
  19. Gavriil – a cool Russian form of Gabriel, meaning “God is my oath.”
  20. Gotzon – the word for “angel” in Basque.
  21. Haniel – a Hebrew angel name meaning “grace of God.”
  22. Israfil – an Islamic angel name for a baby boy of uncertain meaning.
  23. Javan – a Hebrew name meaning “Greece,” associated with the guardian angel of the Greeks.
  24. Jibril – this Islamic angel name is the Arabic form of Gabriel.
  25. Kafziel – another, harder-sounding alternative to Cassiel.
  26. Kero – a cute, stylish-sounding Armenian name for a little “angel” or “cherub.”
  27. Khamuel – a stand-out variant of Camael, meaning “God has warmed.”
  28. Lucifer – this dark angel name means “bringer of light,” but has evil connotations.
  29. Malachi – a strong Hebrew name with the rich meaning “messenger of god, or angel.”
  30. Malakbel – an ancient Arab sun god whose name means “angel.”
  31. Michael – meaning “gift from God,” this classic Hebrew angel name is popular internationally.
  32. Michelangelo – one for Renaissance artwork fans, this choice combines two angel names into one.
  33. Mikhael – a handsome variant of Michael.
  34. Nathanael – a gorgeous Hebrew angel name, meaning “God has given.”
  35. Nuriel – an angel name from Judaism, meaning “God is my fire.”
  36. Rafael – meaning “God heals,” this smart name was borne by a biblical archangel.
  37. Raguel – meaning “pasture of God,” Raguel is another unique Judaic angel name.
  38. Ramiel – a badass angel baby name meaning “thunder of God.”
  39. Raziel – meaning “God is my secret,” this Jewish angel is associated with secrets and mysteries.
  40. Samael – an angel of death, whose name means “severity of God.”
  41. Saraqael – a bold name and alternative to Sariel, meaning “God is my ruler.”
  42. Sariel – meaning “God is my ruler,” this Judaic angel name is sweet and stylish.
  43. Seraphinus – the masculine form of Seraphina, refers to a divine order of angels.
  44. Uriel – a Hebrew pick meaning “angel of light.”
  45. Vangelis – a unique nickname or alternative to Evangelos, meaning “messenger of good news.”
  46. Zadkiel – an “angel of mercy” and a fabulous Hebrew “Z” name for a radiant lad.
  47. Zerachiel – a primary angel with the spiritual meaning of “God’s command.”

6 Gender-Neutral Angel Baby Names

Your little cherub will sound so sweet with one of these unique angel names.

  1. Angel – a sweet unisex name for any little messenger sent from the heavens.
  2. Ariel – a popular name meaning “lion of God,” borne by an angel, a Disney mermaid, and a moon of Uranus.
  3. Auriel – a Latin name meaning “golden,” also making a glorious variant to Ariel.
  4. Cherub – a cutesy name after the angelic cherubim, mostly depicted as heavenly, winged babies.
  5. Ridhan – a Persian name meaning “God’s gift,” perfect to bless upon a little angel baby.
  6. Seraphim – meaning “burning, fiery ones,” this biblical word refers to a class of divine angels.

Angel Baby Names FAQs

What Popular Name Means Angel?

Many popular names are beautiful angel baby names. Aside from the obvious choices of Angel and Angela, other popular choices include Michael, Michaela, Gabriel, Gabriella, Rafael, and Raphaella.

What Are Some Dark Angel Names?

Lucifer is a great choice for a dark angel name, including Belial and Asbeel.

What Name Means “Gift of God?”

Ridhan, Michael, and Michaela are all gorgeous names meaning “gift of God.”

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