158 Cool Anime Boy Names: for Action-Seeking Boys

Give your son an edgy, fun, and modern anime name for boys.

Anime boy names are cool, edgy, and a lot of fun. Whether you want to pay homage to Japanese animation or want a name that reflects your kid’s personality, anime names for boys are a great starting point.

The art of anime is widespread, with millions of fans across the globe. These eye-catching cartoons deal with myth, legend, friendship, and love in an engaging and exciting way.

To help you choose the right one for your little one, we list 158 amazing anime male names and explain their origins and meanings below.

158 Super-Cool Anime Boy Names

From Japanese and German to Old English monikers, we have something to suit every adventurous child.

  1. Akihiro – this upbeat Japanese anime name means “bright and large.”
  2. Akio – a short and sweet Japanese boy’s name meaning “bright man.”
  3. Akira – is of Japanese origin, meaning “bright, clear, and ideal.”
  4. Alex – a diminutive of the Greek male name Alexander, meaning “defender of men.”
  5. Allen – of French and English descent, meaning “precious, handsome, rock, and noble.”
  6. Alphonse – is derived from Old French and German, meaning “noble and ready for battle.”
  7. Alucard – is Dracula spelled backward and a character in the Hellsing anime series.
  8. Aoi – a gender-neutral name meaning “hollyhock flower” in Japanese.
  9. Arata – in Italian, Arata means “plow, and “fresh and new” in Japanese.
  10. Archer – of Latin and Old English origin, meaning “bowman.”
  11. Armin – of Germanic and Armenian origin, meaning “whole, immense, and universal.”
  12. Asahi – a cool Japanese anime name meaning “morning sun.”
  13. Ash – after the tree, this Hebrew and English name means “happy.”
  14. Aslan – from the Chronicles of Narnia, Aslan means “lion” in Turkish.
  15. Astro – this badass Latin boy’s name means “of the stars.”
  16. Brock – from Pokemon, Brock is a medieval English word meaning “badger.”
  17. Captain – a term used in Japanese anime, meaning “leader of the group.”
  18. Cecil – another classic anime character, Cecil means “blind and sixth.”
  19. Cygnus – is a famous manga character; in Greek mythology, it means “swan.”
  20. Dai – a Welsh short form of David; Dai means “great, large and to shine” in Japanese.
  21. Daichi – a famous character in the Naruto manga series, meaning “great wisdom.”
  22. Daiki – a perfect name for anime kids who “shine brightly.”
  23. Daisuke – from the manga series UFO Robot, this name means “great help.”
  24. Dante – from the Devil May Cry series, meaning “enduring.”
  25. Denki – meaning “electricity” in Japanese, and the character in the anime show My Hero Academia.
  26. Denny – is a well-known anime character whose name means “follower of Dionysius.”
  27. Duke – a high-ranking noble name of Anglo-Norman origin, meaning “leader.”
  28. Edward – this English male name means “wealthy, prosperous, and guardian protector.”
  29. Elric – straight from the Fullmetal Alchemist manga series, Elric means “wise ruler.”
  30. Eren – from the anime series Attack of the Titans, meaning “saint.”
  31. Erwin – of English, Welsh, and German origin, meaning “boar friend, sea friend, and honor friend.”
  32. Etsuko – this feminine Japanese name means “joyful child.”
  33. Goku – a Dragon Ball manga character meaning “from the sky.”
  34. Gon – from the Hunter X Hunter anime character whose name means “friendly and easygoing.”
  35. Goro – meaning “fifth” in Japanese, the name comes from the gamer series Mortal Kombat.
  36. Hachiro – a high-level anime demon whose name means “eighth son.”
  37. Hajime – meaning “beginning,” Hajime is a Japanese manga artist.
  38. Haru – from the Japanese word for “spring,” Haru is a male character from My Little Monster.
  39. Haruka – some anime boy names are unisex, like Haruka, meaning “faraway and distant.”
  40. Haruto – this edgy masculine name from the anime series Code Breaker, means “spring, distant, and sunlight.”
  41. Hayate – means “sudden” in Japanese and is the lead character in Hayate the Combat Butler.
  42. Hayato – anime boy names are rarely this descriptive, meaning “falconer” in Japanese.
  43. Hideaki – this classic Japanese name for a guy means “the light from the sun.”
  44. Hideki – a character in the manga series Chobits, meaning “excellence, tree, and precious.”
  45. Hideo – from the anime series Parasyte: The Maxim,” meaning “excellent male child.”
  46. Hikaru – a popular board game called Go; Hikaru means “light and radiance.”
  47. Hinata – is a gender-neutral name meaning “sunflower and facing the sun” from the anime series Naruto.
  48. Hiraku – meaning “expand, open, and pioneer”- Hiraku comes from the manga show Naruto.
  49. Hiro – a short and sweet anime name meaning “abundant, generous, tolerant, and broad.”
  50. Hiroaki – such a beautiful name, meaning “spreading brightness, radiance, and gloriousness.”
  51. Hiromi – this Japanese anime name means “broadminded beauty.”
  52. Hiroshi – a protagonist in the Pokemon series, meaning “generous.”
  53. Hisashi – if your kid shows “ambition and intention,” this anime name is perfect.
  54. Ichigo – from the Bleach manga series, meaning “strawberry” or “best guardian.”
  55. Ichiro – is the Japanese for “first-born son” and a character in the Sakura Wars video game.
  56. Isamu – anime boy names typically hold symbolic meanings, like “bravery.”
  57. Isao – an ideal Japanese manga name for your “courageous man.”
  58. Itachi – another Naruto manga character, meaning “weasel.”
  59. Itsuki – straight from the anime show Quintessential Quintuplets, meaning “tree.”
  60. Izuku – a superhero character in the anime series My Hero Academia, meaning “long time.”
  61. Jacken – an English name meaning “son of Jack.”
  62. Jin – taken from the popular Japanese TV show Jin, meaning “ gold.”
  63. Jinta – this “strong and powerful” emo anime character is a “Super Peace Buster.”
  64. Jiro – another character from My Hero Academia, meaning “second son.”
  65. Joseph – from the Hebrew male name Yosef, meaning “God will add.”
  66. Jun – meaning “king, handsome, and talented,” this anime name is a great choice for your kid.
  67. Juro – as anime male names go, this one meaning “tenth son” is short and sweet.
  68. Kaito – the main character in the anime series Magic Kaito, meaning “flying over the sea.”
  69. Kanon – from the 1999 visual novel Kanon, referring to “an official of the church.”
  70. Karma – is of Hindi and Sanskrit origin, meaning “fate and destiny.”
  71. Katashi – meaning “hard and firm,” this anime name is for tough kids.
  72. Katsu – this Japanese cooking method means “victorious win.”
  73. Katsuo – a slight variation on Katsu, meaning “victory, hero, and manly.”
  74. Katsuro – “victory of the son” is a great meaning for this anime name.
  75. Kazuki – meaning “one tree,” anime names for boys are great for nicknames.
  76. Kazumi – possibly meaning “harmonious beauty” and a Demon Slayer character.
  77. Ken – a short form of Kenneth, from Scottish and Irish roots meaning “born of fire.”
  78. Kenichi – the perfect manga name for your cute “wise first son.”
  79. Kenpachi – another Bleach anime character meaning “practicality.”
  80. Kenta – for “healthy and plump” babies and the anime character Kenta Yumiya.
  81. Kiyoshi – a top Japanese anime name meaning “bright, shining, and clear.”
  82. Kohaku – an angel anime character, meaning “amber.”
  83. Kouki – such an optimistic manga name meaning “happiness, sunshine, hope, and radiance.”
  84. Kouta – from the Japanese novel series Kanokon, meaning “big, thick, and peace.”
  85. Kuro – is perfect for your “ninth son” and the main character in the anime show Kuromukuro.
  86. Kyou – with random meanings like “cooperation, village, capital, and apricot,” this name is unique.
  87. Law – of Old English origin, this rare manga name means “hill.”
  88. Levi – an ancient Hebrew name meaning “joined, attached.”
  89. Light – some anime boy names are rare, like this one, meaning to “illuminate.”
  90. Makoto – we all want our children to have “sincerity” and to tell the “truth.”
  91. Mamoru – after the Japanese director, Mamoru Hosoda, meaning “protect.”
  92. Marco – this cool “warlike” name is typically European.
  93. Masaji – a classic Japanese anime name, meaning “proper second son.”
  94. Masaru – a significant character from the anime movie AKIRA, meaning “victory.”
  95. Masashi – a popular Japanese manga artist, meaning “ambition and commander.”
  96. Michi – meaning “righteous way,” pop star Michi sang the theme to the Rokka anime series.
  97. Michiaki – meaning “road, path, lane, and street,” after the famous manga composer Michiaki Wanatabe.
  98. Michio – a classic character from the Slave Harem anime series, meaning “man on a journey.”
  99. Mikio – a Japanese manga artist, meaning “three trees together.”
  100. Moe – an ancient Hebrew and Latin name meaning “dark skin, to love, and God’s helmet.”
  101. Moon – after the moon, this celestial manga name has an other-worldly feel.
  102. Natsu – a descriptive Japanese name for someone “born in the summer.”
  103. Noburu – after the Japanese director, meaning “rise and ascend.”
  104. Nori – a laid-back anime character, meaning “belief.”
  105. Obito – a young ninja anime character with a dark personality, referring to a “respectable person.”
  106. Osamu – considered one of the best manga artists, Osamu means “ruler.”
  107. Phillip – from the anime character Phillip Dayton, meaning “lover of horses.”
  108. Raiden – a powerful anime boy’s name meaning thunder and lightning.
  109. Reiner – meaning “army counsel” or “judgment warrior,” this German boy name features in Attack on Titan.
  110. Renji – the best anime boy names have positive meanings, like “to make happy.”
  111. Riku – an evil character from the Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon series, meaning “shore.”
  112. Rikuto – meaning “land” and a significant manga character.
  113. Rio – a short and sweet Spanish boy’s name for “river.”
  114. Rokuro – the perfect name for your “sixth son.”
  115. Roy – hailing from Anglo-Norman England, meaning “ king.”
  116. Ryo – meaning “distant, succeed, and dragon,” Ryo is an evil character in the anime series Devilman.
  117. Ryota – a classic Kawaii anime character, meaning “refreshing and thick.”
  118. Ryuu – your little manga warrior could do with a little “dragon spirit.”
  119. Saburo – meaning “brightness,” this anime character is a poet and artist.
  120. Sailor – of German origin, meaning “boatman.”
  121. Sanji – possibly meaning “three o’clock,” this manga character is known as “black leg.”
  122. Satoru – a lead character in the anime series Jututsu Kaisen, meaning “enlightenment.”
  123. Sebastian – is of Latin and Greek origin, referring to a “person from the ancient city of Sebastia.”
  124. Shichiro – an ideal Japanese anime name for your “seventh son.”
  125. Shin – in Japanese, Shin means “real and true” and “belief” in Korean.
  126. Shinichi – a genius character from the anime series Parasyte, meaning “one truth.”
  127. Shinji – a young man abandoned by his anime father; Shinji means “true ruler.”
  128. Shinobu – a hot young anime character with a pale complexion, meaning “endurance.”
  129. Shiro – an ideal Japanese name for your “fourth born” anime child.
  130. Shouga – a powerful manga name for “studious, competitive, and confident” children.
  131. Shouta – an anime mage from the My Hero Academia series, meaning “heavy flight.”
  132. Shuichi – meaning “one lord,” this dark anime character uses black magic to get what he wants.
  133. Shuji – is a great anime name for a “studious second son.”
  134. Shun – means “speed;” he only appears in the anime, not the manga series.
  135. Sora – is the main protagonist in the Kingdom Hearts video game, meaning “sky.”
  136. Souta – meaning “a sudden sound of the wind,” Souta wears a clown mask to conceal his identity.
  137. Spike – of Old English origin, meaning “sharp pointed implement” or “long heavy nail.”
  138. Susumu – the name of the muscular anime character, meaning “advance or proceed.”
  139. Tadao – a bit player in the Lucky Star anime series, meaning “loyal man.”
  140. Tadashi – from the Disney film Big Hero 6, Tadashi means “correct.”
  141. Taiki – from the Twelve Kingdoms novel series, meaning “big tree.”
  142. Takao – gifted with the “Hawk-Eye,” Takao means “prosperous individual.”
  143. Taro – from Taro the Dragon Boy, meaning “big boy.”
  144. Tatsuya – this common Japanese anime name means “good health and dragon.”
  145. Tenya – meaning the “sky above and heaven” and is a character in Hero Class 1-A.
  146. Tomio – famed for his skills with a yo-yo in Pokemon, meaning “wealthy man.”
  147. Toru – means “sea” and is the invisible character in My Hero Academia.
  148. Toshiro – a soul reaper from the anime series Bleach, meaning “clever son.”
  149. Vegeta – or Prince Vegeta to give him his “Dragon Ball” title, meaning “prince of all Saiyans.”
  150. Wasaki – this bad-guy Japanese anime name means “the enemy.”
  151. Yasu – known for being trustworthy and caring, meaning “calm.”
  152. Yori – meaning “reliable,” Yori appears in several anime novels.
  153. Yuichi – the Christian name of famous voice actor Yuichi Nakamura, meaning “great companion and graceful.”
  154. Yukio – from the Marvel anime Wolverine, meaning “snow boy” in Japanese.
  155. Yuri – of Russian and Greek origin, meaning “farmer.”
  156. Yuuki – meaning “ghost spirit, organic, courage, or bravery,” and a protagonist in the Fruits Park series.
  157. Zima – the King of Persecoms, meaning “winter” in Japanese.
  158. Zoro – from the anime series One Piece, meaning “hero of the golden dawn.”

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Are There Gender-Neutral Anime Boy Names?

There are gender-neutral anime boy names like Shinobu, Spike, Sailor, Rio, Hinata, and Aoi. Other unisex names include Etsuko, Archer, Ash, Moon, and Light.

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