115 Incredible Badass Baby Names: for Kids With Attitude

Kids with attitude and strong minds deserve one of these badass baby names.

Some people conform and fit right in, while others do things their way. Give your kids badass baby names if you want them to follow suit. Set the tone for the rest of their lives and give them the freedom to live on the edge.

We are delighted to help by compiling a comprehensive list of 55 badass boy names and 60 badass girl names. So, strike a daring pose, and weave your way through the selection below until you find your favorite.

55 Incredible Badass Boy Names

Some kids exude attitude, and what better way to celebrate their individualism than by giving them the best among badass boy names? Let’s get on with it (we like the attitude!)

  1. Apollo – this Greek superstar god is the son of Zeus and the god of medicine and poetry.
  2. Atlas – any child with the strength to carry the world on their shoulders is formidable.
  3. Audie – of Irish origin; Audie means “rich guard” and belonged to the movie star Audie Murphy.
  4. Axel – your “sweet child of mine” deserves to bear the moniker of Guns ‘n’ Roses frontman Axel Rose.
  5. Ayrton – hardcore racing driver Ayrton Senna was a legendary risk-taker.
  6. Azriel – beware of some badass baby names because this one is the Angel of Death (cheery thought!).
  7. Bear – big and cuddly, like a teddy bear, or fierce and dangerous like a grizzly bear.
  8. Bjorn – Old Norse for “bear” and the name of the Viking king, Bjorn Ironside.
  9. Boris – possibly from Slavic meaning “wolf,” Boris is the name of the former British Prime Minister.
  10. Bowie – from Gaelic and a double-edged blade, pop rebel David Bowie was unique.
  11. Brick – the English have a term called “be a good brick” – a unique name for your golden child.
  12. Bruce – a Norman name for the boy “born in the USA” (all hail the boss, Bruce Springsteen).
  13. Camazotz – a Mayan man with bat wings, it’s uncommon but was the inspiration for Bruce Wayne’s alter-ego “Batman.”
  14. Christopher – your kid will be “anointed” with this name; Christopher Reeves was also the Superman actor.
  15. Colt – is also associated with the weapon, making it one of the best badass baby names.
  16. Cooper – an English name, Cooper is one of the coolest first names meaning “barrel maker.”
  17. Damon – from Greek mythology, Damon is also the name of Gorillaz’s frontman Damon Albarn.
  18. Dex – an edgy baby name that’s popular in the Netherlands and short for Dexter.
  19. Donovan – of Irish descent; Donovan is the name of the hippy 60s folk singer.
  20. Draco – from “dragon,” Draco is the arch-enemy of Harry Potter.
  21. Enzo – no one is as badass as Enzo Ferrari, the legendary maker of epic supercars.
  22. Faust Latin for “auspicious,” and the name of the magician who sold his soul to the devil.
  23. Ferris – a name closely related to Fergus, belonging to the super-cool Ferris Beuller.
  24. Flynn – another Irish boy name, Flynn is a strong choice for descendants from the Emerald Isle.
  25. Ghengis – a feared and powerful military ruler and one of the cruelest men in history.
  26. Gibson – no self-respecting guitarist should be without the coolest guitar in the world.
  27. Gotz – short for Gottfried, meaning “peace of God,” and a famous German mercenary called Iron Hand.
  28. Griffin – from the Welsh meaning “strong lord” and a part-lion, part-eagle mythical creature.
  29. Holden – means “deep valley,” and one of the characters in the novel, Catcher in the Rye.
  30. Hugh – is English for “heart, mind, and spirit” and is also one of the best middle names.
  31. Ignatius means “fire” in Latin; Ignatius can be shortened to Iggy (after the punk superstar Iggy Pop).
  32. Ivar – if your boy is a child warrior, Ivar is apt because it means “warrior” in Old Norse.
  33. Jack – there are many powerful Jacks, from the Ripper to Captain Jack Sparrow.
  34. Jax – is short for Jackson, and we all know how tough Samual L. Jackson is in the movies.
  35. Jett – an unusual and rare example of an alpha name, Jett is also the son of John Travolta.
  36. Jonas – polio was a scourge until Jonas Salk gave the cure to the world for free.
  37. Joseph – aside from being Jesus’s stepfather, there have been plenty of gangster Joe’s in Mafia history.
  38. Kurt – from the German meaning “brave counsel” and the name of the cool frontman, Kurt Cobain.
  39. Kyle – is of French origin and the badass name of Kyle Beerbohm, the mixed martial artist.
  40. Leif – means “descendent” in Old Norse, and the name of Leif Erikson, the first European in America.
  41. Leo – Badass baby names don’t come any more aggressive than this Latin word meaning “lion.”
  42. Logan – is Wolverine’s name, and he’s about as rugged and intimidating as they come.
  43. Lucifer – it doesn’t get any darker than Lucifer, but some might choose it for its meaning (“bringing light”).
  44. Magnus – many powerful badass boy names come from Norse, and Magnus is a prime example.
  45. Max – short for Maximus and the main character in the hit movie, Gladiator.
  46. Ragnar – name your brave hero Ragnar (“judgment”), after Viking warrior Ragnar Lodbrok, and he’s in esteemed company.
  47. Roald – means “famous ruler” and is the name of the celebrated children’s author, Roald Dahl.
  48. Slade – the British glam-rock band Slade, meaning “valley” in Old English.
  49. Thomas – with so many distinguished Thomas’s in history, your boy is sure to achieve greatness.
  50. Tycho – in Norse, it means “Thor” and is a unique alternative to this aggressive, macho name.
  51. Tyson – Iron Mike was his generation’s most feared and aggressive boxer.
  52. Vlad – the inspiration for Dracula, the Impaler himself.
  53. Wilder – when “wild” is the main component of Wilder, it’s one of the best badass boy names.
  54. Zane – meaning “God is gracious,” Zane is one of the trendiest badass boy names.
  55. Zephyr – another Greek god, this one means “gentle breeze” and is the god of the west wind.

60 Edgy Badass Girl Names

Now it’s the female’s turn to get their own list of badass girl names. Some monikers may be unisex, but that’s down to personal choice. So, let’s kick off with the first name on the list.

  1. Aella – when your kid is a “whirlwind” of energy, Aella is one of the best female names.
  2. Agnes – an old-fashioned name meaning “pure,” Agnes has all the hallmarks of strict aunts and grandmothers.
  3. Alexandra – is the female version of Alexander, meaning to “protect man.”
  4. Alexia – when your name means the “defender of mankind,” you have the swag to fulfill the role.
  5. Alice – one pill makes you smaller to chase white rabbits down holes; Alice means “noble.”
  6. Amelia – from feminists to female pioneer aviators, badass girl names like Amelia (“industrious”) are cool.
  7. Amy – several badass women like Amy Johnson, the pioneer aviator, bear this name.
  8. Angelina – from “angel,” many Angelinas in the public eye are far from angelic.
  9. Azima – an Arabic girl name meaning “powerful, great, and magnificent” and a hardcore girl’s name.
  10. Beretta – not just a gun, Beretta is also a hat worn by Catholic priests and a feisty name for your daughter.
  11. Bertha – from the Germanic word meaning “bright and famous,” could shine a light on your daughter’s talents.
  12. Bessie – a shortened version of Elizabeth (“God is my oath”), the longest-serving monarch on the British throne.
  13. Blaze – means “lisp” in Latin, but Blaze has attitude and is one of the best badass baby names.
  14. Buffy – not so much cute and dainty, but more kickass; Buffy was the cheerleader vampire slayer.
  15. Carrie – Stephen King’s dark fantasy about a girl moving objects via thought coined a badass name.
  16. Cassandra – if a disaster is never far away, Cassandra, meaning “bringer of doom,” is an appropriate name.
  17. Cleo – short for Cleopatra, and we know she beguiled powerful men.
  18. Coco – after Coco Chanel, who dominated the fashion and fragrance industry.
  19. Delilah – meaning “delicate,” Delilah was the seductress of Samson in the Bible and a first-class girl name.
  20. Diana – the Princess of Wales, Diana (meaning “divine”) did her own thing and caused ripples among British royalty.
  21. Edith – an old-fashioned name with powerful meaning, Edith represents “wealth and war.”
  22. Ember – if the light shines brightly within your child, choose Ember because it means “glowing fragment.”
  23. Emma – Harry Potter actor Emma Watson is a female rights activist with attitude in spades.
  24. Faiza – “victory is mine;” well, that’s what Faiza means in Arabic.
  25. Finley – a unisex name, Finley comes from Scottish and Irish descent and means “fair warrior.”
  26. Florence – meaning “prosperous,” some women leave their mark, like Florence Nightingale, who revolutionized nursing.
  27. Frankie – badass girl names have changed, with Frankie (“free man” or “from France”) being less popular now.
  28. Harley – a popular girl’s name and an iconic motorcycle; also belonging to the badass Harley Quinn.
  29. Hattie – short for Harriett and means “leader of armies,” Hattie is a confident moniker for your warrior princess.
  30. Heddy – a Germanic word that represents “war and battles,” also associated with glamorous movie stars.
  31. Ida – means “work” in German, associated with the celebrated journalist Ida B. Wells, who was originally born into slavery.
  32. Irena – means “peace” and is the name of brave WWII resistance fighter Irena Sendler.
  33. Isabella – a derivative of Elizabeth, many a badass kid bore this name in history.
  34. Jade – a cool name for a rock star’s daughter, Jade Jagger, after a pretty green gemstone.
  35. Jasmine – the feisty Princess in Aladdin, Jasmine took no prisoners and knew her mind.
  36. Katherine/Catherine – the rebellious character from “Wuthering Heights,” Catherine secretly met her lover Heathcliffe.
  37. Kim – short for Kimball, meaning “chief of war,” with Kimberley as the modern variation.
  38. Leia – the stubborn Princess from Star Wars, Leia (“weary”) gave as good as she got and could shoot a blaster.
  39. Lilith – if your child can sometimes be a monster, Lilith is the perfect name, meaning “night Demon.”
  40. Lillian – whether it’s the arts, politics, or sports, there are famous and rebellious Lillians everywhere.
  41. Lola – a sassy and fun name with a carefree, “showgirl” feel to this moniker.
  42. Lorelei – meaning “murmuring rock,” Lorelei was a German temptress who lured sailors to their death.
  43. Luna means “moon” in Latin and deserves its place on a list of badass baby names.
  44. Lyra – meaning “Lyre,” Lyra is a constellation of stars and a heavenly name for little girls.
  45. Maud – from the Dutch, meaning “strength in battle,” a solid name for your fearless bundle of joy.
  46. Maya – the trailblazer, poet, and civil rights campaigner Maya Angelou is the perfect role model.
  47. Nikita – a Russian girl’s name that gained popularity after Elton John released a song of the same name.
  48. Nila – a modern-sounding name with roots in Sanskrit meaning “dark blue.”
  49. Patti – punk queen and national treasure Patti Smith exudes style and a badass attitude.
  50. Persephone – meaning “the maiden,” is the daughter of the most powerful Greek god, Zeus.
  51. Prudence – from the kings of 60s music, “Dear Prudence” was a Beatle masterpiece and much-covered song.
  52. Rhiannon – in Welsh, Rhiannon means “great queen,” and is also a cool song by Fleetwood Mac.
  53. Ruby – badass African-American activist Ruby Bridges attended an all-white school in the 60s.
  54. Scarlett – you can’t ignore the rebellious Scarlett O’Hara in Gone With the Wind.
  55. Stevie – is a unisex name, but Stevie Nicks evokes the spirit of this ultimate badass name.
  56. Tallulah – another sassy and fun name meaning “leaping water” is Jody Foster’s character in Bugsy Malone.
  57. Tempest – Old English for “storm,” Tempest is one of the best badass girl names out there.
  58. Thora – the female derivative of Thor meaning “thunder,” a traditional girl’s name.
  59. Vivienne – from the Latin “vivus,” meaning “alive,” and the name of style-defining punk fashion designer Vivienne Westwood.
  60. Wednesday – the badass fictional character Wednesday Addams could teach your kid about attitude.

Badass Baby Names FAQs

Does Badass Mean Bad?

Some people think that badass means bad, but it is a common term to define someone with a non-conformist attitude and a willingness to do things their own way. So, rather than badass being a negative word, it can be seen as a compliment.

What Makes a Name Badass?

What makes a name badass is its association with fictional characters or real-life people from history or popular culture who display unique attributes. For example, you can find badass fictional characters in Marvel Universe movies and real-life heroes like Martin Luther King.

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