200 Boy Names That Start With A: With Awesome Meanings

Behold, an absolute A-list of awesome and attractive boy names with A initials.

Only the coolest kids have A names, shining like superstars at the top of the alphabet!

If your amazing little lad deserves to be on that A-list, we have assembled this list of adorable, attractive, and artistic boy names that start with A for you to admire.

Full of astonishing meanings, origins, inspirations, and more, you’re sure to agree that each of these A names for boys is truly awesome.

70 Amazing Guy Names That Start With A

These awesome boy names that start with A will send your little man right to the top!

  1. Aarav – is a Hindi name meaning “peaceful sound,” just like your baby’s soft breath.
  2. Abbas – a significant Arabic name meaning “stern, austere.”
  3. Abbott – meaning “priest,” this holy surname and given name should be worn with pride.
  4. Abdel – is a shorter form of Abdullah and a holy Islamic name choice.
  5. Abdullah – a famous and devout Muslim name meaning “servant of God.”
  6. Abel – fresh and airy, this biblical boy’s name means “breath.”
  7. Abondio – a Latin name meaning “abundance, riches,” sure to bestow luck upon any bearer.
  8. Abram – a shorter variation of Abraham, with the beloved meaning of “exalted father.”
  9. Achilles – a badass name to consider if you’ve got a Trojan hero on your hands.
  10. Achippos – a rare and unusual Greek name for a lad who’s a “friend of horses.”
  11. Adam – arguably the most iconic of A names, meaning “earth, soil,” in Hebrew.
  12. Adare – a Gaelic name meaning “from the oak grove,” connoting fresh, majestic imagery of the outdoors.
  13. Adir – a Hebrew male name meaning “strong, majestic.”
  14. Adnan – a popular Arabic name meaning “settler.”
  15. Aepeli – unique in style yet perfect in significance, this Finnish name means “breath.”
  16. Aftab – one of the most radiant names with A for boys, meaning “sunshine,” from Palestinian.
  17. Agni – a short Hindi name with the epic meaning of “fire.”
  18. Ahmed – a common and handsome Arabic given name and surname, meaning “to thank, praise.”
  19. Ahsan – could this be “the best” among male names that start with A, meaning “perfection.”
  20. Ahti – a name belonging to the Finnish god of oceans, rivers, and lakes.
  21. Ajax – a hot, badass name meaning “of the land,” designed for Greek heroes.
  22. Ajay – it could be the initials AJ or an Indian name meaning “unconquered” in Sanskrit.
  23. Akamu – a Hawaiian form of Adam, for a lad “of the earth.”
  24. Alan – with meanings including “handsome and cheerful,” you’ll love this classic A name for boys.
  25. Alastair – any “defender of man” would be proud to show off this typically Scottish A name.
  26. Alban – meaning “white” and “from Alba,” Alban is a beautifully rich and saintly A name.
  27. Albus – even Muggles would love this name, meaning “white, bright.”
  28. Alcaeus – rare yet badass, this Latin male name oozes “strength” and A-list manhood.
  29. Aleck – a sharp-sounding diminutive of Alexander, making a fresh variant of Alex.
  30. Alejandro – a Hispanic Alexander variant, as sung about by Lady Gaga.
  31. Alex – a typical yet beloved pick among boy names that start with A derived from the Greek Alexander.
  32. Alexander – confident and eternal, this Greek name meaning “defender of man” is never going out of style.
  33. Alexis – another cool diminutive from the “defender” Alexander root.
  34. Alfonso – meaning “ready for battle,” with Alfie as a cute nickname.
  35. Alfred – with Anglo-Saxon roots, this name meaning “wise elf counsel” is a timeless classic.
  36. Ali – one of the most common surnames, middle names, and first names for boys that start with A.
  37. Allison – perhaps more recognized as a girl name, yet usable for boys with this “noble” meaning.
  38. Almas – a gender-neutral Arabic name with the glittering meaning of “diamond.”
  39. Alonso – a cool Spanish name for a man who is “noble” and “ready” for anything.
  40. Amadeus – an awesome Latin name, meaning “one who loves God” or “one who is loved by God.”
  41. Amir – meaning “prince,” a royal choice among popular names for boys that start with A.
  42. Anastazy – a typically Slavic name with the spiritual meaning of “resurrection.”
  43. Anatoly – a Russian name meaning “sunrise,” perfect for a morning-born baby.
  44. Anderson – originally a surname for a “son of Andrew,” sound modern as a given name.
  45. Andrew – meaning “manly,” this super-masculine pick is delightfully rugged and attractive.
  46. Andrzej – a Polish form of Andrew with a spicy-looking spelling variation.
  47. Angus – another cool Scottish name, meaning “one strength, one choice.”
  48. Anselmo – this Portuguese name meaning “divine protection” is spectacular.
  49. Antoine – a sexy French alternative to Anthony for cultured chaps.
  50. Anwir – a deceptively smart Welsh male name, holding the shady meaning of “liar.”
  51. Aodhan – meaning “little fiery one,” this hot Gaelic name suits a new little spark of joy.
  52. Archiband – from Germanic elements meaning “genuine, bold,” this name is strong and steadfast.
  53. Archie – this Archibald diminutive has recently become hugely popular among parents.
  54. Ares – another hot Greek god name, after the chaotic ruler of war.
  55. Argus – you’ll always be safe with an Argus around, meaning “vigilant guardian” in Greek.
  56. Argyros – a shining Greek pick among boy names starting with A, meaning “silver.”
  57. Arhaan – a powerful Hindi boy name destined for a “ruler.”
  58. Ariel – a unisex name meaning “lion of God,” as used by Disney and Shakespeare characters.
  59. Arjun – meaning “white, clear,” a pure and popular Hindu boy name.
  60. Arran – a cool Aaron alternative, yet refers to the spectacular Scottish island.
  61. Art – a cool, feisty, yet short nickname for a sassy little lad.
  62. Asem – an Arabic name also seen as Assem or Asim, meaning “savior, protector.”
  63. Athall – great if you have Scottish heritage; this Old Irish name refers to the ancient “New Ireland” settlement.
  64. Atticus – a great literary name, meaning “one from Attica” after the region in ancient Greece.
  65. August – a beautiful month name for a summer-born baby boy.
  66. Axel – one for rockstars, Axel means “father of peace” as a Swedish boy’s name.
  67. Ayawamat – a longer name for “one who follows orders,” of Native American (Hopi) origin.
  68. Ayaz – this “frosty” Turkish choice sure is cool for a winter baby.
  69. Azazel – meaning “scapegoat,” after an Islamic angel of death.
  70. Aziz – a far from basic, strong Arabic name with the hefty meaning of “all-powerful.”

15 Adorable A Names for Boys

These boy names with A are all fit for absolute cutie-pies.

  1. Abe – a sweet nickname from Abraham, full of joy and hope.
  2. Ailbe – pronounced either like “al-vuh” or “all-bay,” this Gaelic boy’s name means “white.”
  3. Ailen – if your boy is a charmer, consider this Gaelic name meaning “handsome.”
  4. Albie – an adorable nickname from Albert and other “Al-” names.
  5. Albwin – we can’t get over the cute-as-can-be meaning of “elf friend” behind this ancient Germanic name.
  6. Aldo – you’ll love this “old, wise” German name for a lad smart beyond his years.
  7. Alf – we can’t get over how cute this “elf” name is, taken from Nordic folklore.
  8. Alfie – this nickname from “Alf-” names has become popular.
  9. Alvin – means “elf friend,” but really makes us think of that singing chipmunk.
  10. Alwyn – a name after the Welsh river, with the dependable meanings of “friend, generous.”
  11. Andy – a cute Andrew nickname that your son can carry well from baby to adulthood.
  12. Anh – in Vietnamese, this name holds powerful meanings, including “brave,” “hero,” and “flower.”
  13. Arlan – a unique yet charming Gaelic name meaning “oath, pledge.”
  14. Arlo – a cutie-pie name from Old English, meaning “fortified hill.”
  15. Auggie – a smiley, sing-song nickname form of “Aug-” names.

42 Adventurous Boy Names With A Initials

Explore, discover, and be amazed by these adventurous A names for boys.

  1. Aamon – be careful with this name; it’s after a Grand Marquis of Hell in demonology.
  2. Abaddon – a Hebrew name meaning “destruction,” for only the cutest of chaos-causers.
  3. Abbas – meaning “stern, lion,” this name is the strongest in the pride.
  4. Abhay – we love the “fearless” attitude behind this brave Hindi name.
  5. Abornazine – meaning “keeper of the flame,” this Native American boy’s name sure is hot!
  6. Ackerley – an Old English name meaning “oak, meadow” – perfect for baby explorers.
  7. Adahy – this Native American (Cherokee) name is fit for a dreamer who “lives in the woods.”
  8. Admiral – a unique name to salute to, after the navy ranking.
  9. Adoeete – meaning “tree,” this Native American (Kiowa) name stands tall and proud.
  10. Aegeus – meaning “protector,” this mighty moniker was born by a Greek mythological king.
  11. Agdulak – a wintery pick among Greenlandic A names for boys, meaning “hole in the ice for fishing.”
  12. ʻAhoʻeitu – a powerful name taken straight from Tongan mythology.
  13. Ailill – from Old Irish mythology, this incredibly magical name means “elf.”
  14. Ailwi – another medieval English name full of magic; Ailwi means “ancient, elf battle.”
  15. Ainsley – a rustic-sounding Scottish name meaning “solitary clearing.”
  16. Aitken – actually a rare form of Adam, this surname and given name means “mean” or “earth.”
  17. Aito – any “warrior” would be proud to bear this badass Hawaiian name.
  18. Akando – meaning “ambush,” this Native American name is ready for battle.
  19. Akuji – is a rather alarming African name meaning “dead and awake.”
  20. Alaois – a standout Irish name with an unusual spelling, meaning “warrior.”
  21. Alberich – one of the coolest mythical A names for boys, meaning “elf ruler.”
  22. Alder – handsomely symbolic of a type of tree believed to offer sacred protection and magic.
  23. Aldhelm – a rare, vintage-sounding English name meaning “old helmet.”
  24. Alfarr – an Old Norse name meaning “elf army,” best for those who use their magic for good.
  25. Alfbern – another “elf” name, combining the magical element with the feisty word for “bear.”
  26. Alojzy – like a “famous warrior,” this Polish boy’s name is praiseworthy.
  27. Aloysius – a hefty name to carry, oozing confidence from its “famous warrior” meaning.
  28. Anakin – one for the Star Wars fans, this name sounds spectacular!
  29. Anri – a unique yet fun Icelandic name with the rather random meaning of “snowshoe.”
  30. Apep – an eyebrow-raising name borne by an Egyptian deity of evil, darkness, and chaos.
  31. Apollo – after the handsome Greek god of knowledge and music.
  32. Archer – any little Robin Hood wannabe would love this cool, sporty name.
  33. Armando – ready and raring, this Portuguese male name means “soldier.”
  34. Arnav – meaning “sea, ocean, wave,” this Hindi name sounds fit for a sailor… or a merman.
  35. Arvid – we adore the majestic “forest of eagles,” the meaning behind this Scandi boy’s name.
  36. Ashley – meaning “from the ash tree meadow,” this Old English name is full of rustic appeal.
  37. Ashton – a cute alternative to Ashley, meaning “town of the ash tree.”
  38. Astaroth – a rather badass and rare entry among A names for boys, taken straight from demonology.
  39. Atlas – means “to endure,” inspired by the mythological Titan who carried the world on his shoulders.
  40. Aubrey – a gender-neutral name that sounds fresh and adventurous, meaning “elf ruler.”
  41. Avalon – mythology fans will love this unique island name, straight from Arthurian legend.
  42. Avery – meaning “elf ruler,” this gender-neutral name is shining and airy.

14 Affectionate Names for Boys That Start With A

Gush over your little love with these charmingly sweet A names for boy beauties.

  1. Aayan – meaning “God’s gift, blessing,” this name shines with not one, but two A’s!
  2. Abban – from Irish, a rather holy name for an “abbot, saint.”
  3. Abu – meaning “father,” thus a perfectly ironic name for your son.
  4. Aesop – ignite your child’s imagination, using this name after the legendary Greek fable writer.
  5. Afan – humble and delicate, this youthful name means “chaste, modest.”
  6. Ái – a Chinese and Vietnamese name meaning “affectionate, sentimental love.”
  7. Åke – meaning “ancestry,” this Swedish name honors your family perfectly.
  8. Akshay – this Hindi name means “fresh, eternal,” just like the beauty of a newborn son.
  9. An – soft, sweet, and loving, this Sino-Vietnamese and Chinese boy’s name means “safe, peace.”
  10. Anas – full of “love” and “affection,” Anas sounds like a warm hug.
  11. Angel – the most angelic of boy names with A – for perfect cherubs.
  12. Anthony – gush over your little one by giving him this “priceless, praiseworthy” moniker.
  13. Aqib – let your new namesake follow in your footsteps with this name meaning “successor.”
  14. Atif – if your lad has caring eyes, consider this virtuous name meaning “kind one.”

18 Animal-Inspired Male Names That Start With A

Take inspiration from the animal kingdom with these roar-some names for boys that start with A!

  1. Adolphus – a Latin and German-rooted name meaning “noble wolf,” will have you howling at the moon.
  2. Adriel – meaning “beaver” as a Native American name, also “God is my master” in Hebrew.
  3. Aetius – a mighty Roman boy’s name with the brave meaning of “eagle.”
  4. Aghavni – a pure and romantic Armenian name meaning “dove.”
  5. Altair – an Arabic boy’s name full of the grace of a “flying eagle.”
  6. Amaru – a Native American name with the cool, no-nonsense meaning of “snake.”
  7. Ant – short for Anthony, but also after the strong little critters.
  8. Ari – an international animal-inspired name, meaning “lion” in Hebrew and “eagle” in Norse.
  9. Aries – a starry mythological Roman name, like the “ram” zodiac sign.
  10. Arne – a smart Old Norse name meaning “eagle” may swoop into your hearts.
  11. Arnold – for little high-flyers, this name holds all kinds of “eagle power.”
  12. Arthur – a name of medieval British legend, with all the power of a “bear.”
  13. Artis – a Scottish name for cuddly baby “bears.”
  14. Artturi – a Finnish cousin to Arthur, also meaning “bear.”
  15. Asad – roar if you love this Arabic name meaning lion.
  16. Aslan – any literary fans will love this “lion” name, originally from Turkic.
  17. Atsadi – fresh and full of life, this Native American (Cherokee) name means “fish.”
  18. Azio – meaning “owl,” this Italian boy’s name is worth hooting about.

17 Aspirational A Names for Boys

Leaders, thinkers, and high-flyers can all aim for the stars with these aspirational boy names that start with A.

  1. Aaron – meaning “mountain of strength” in Hebrew, also spelled Aron or Arron.
  2. Aatos – any critical thinker would shine with this Finnish name meaning “thought, idea.”
  3. Abraham – a presidential Hebrew name meaning “father of a nation, high father.”
  4. Adeel – a vibrantly virtuous name for a lad, meaning “fair, righteous.”
  5. Albert – a dated yet cute Germanic name meaning “noble” and “bright.”
  6. Alim – a Quranic name for boys destined to be “learned, all-knowing.”
  7. Alpha – put your child at the top of the phonetic alphabet with this high-reaching name for superstars.
  8. Amrit – give a legendary name, with this Hindi name meaning “immortality!”
  9. Amvrosiy – means “immortal,” just like your love for your new little cherub.
  10. Anand – this name lights up the room, meaning “happiness” in Sanskrit.
  11. Anatolius – a strong Roman name to behold, yet with the dreamy meaning of “sunrise.”
  12. Anders – a handsome Scandinavian choice among guy names that start with A, meaning “strong, manly.”
  13. Ansgar – the saintly “Apostle of the North” bore this spiritual name, meaning “spear of God.”
  14. Ardan – means “high aspiration,” this Irish boy’s name will have your lad shooting for the stars.
  15. Aum – a unique yet rhythmic name referring to the sacred, spiritual Indian mantra syllable.
  16. Aurelius – a “golden” name that shines brightly, reminding us of Roman emperors.
  17. Aurinko – a gender-neutral Finnish name meaning “sun,” shining bright like the stars.

24 Attractive Boy Names That Start With A

These handsome names are all designed for absolute A-listers.

  1. Ace – set your lad up to excel at anything he does with this superstar name.
  2. Aciano – in Spanish, this vibrant name means “cornflower,” like the soft shade of baby blue.
  3. Adonis – a stellar Greek mythology name for a handsome mortal, meaning “lord.”
  4. Adrian – a handsome name rooted in Latin, capturing the beauty of “sea, water.”
  5. Adriano – popes, saints, and Roman emperors have borne this hot Italian name, meaning “from Adria.”
  6. Advik – meaning “unique,” this attractive Hindi boy’s name stands out from the crowd.
  7. Aidan – a hot name for a brave Scottish warrior, meaning “fiery one.”
  8. Aisi – a chilly name meaning “ice” in Tongan.
  9. Alaric – a smart German name for one considered a “powerful ruler.”
  10. Aleksi – a hot Finnish diminutive from Alexander, full of sassy spark.
  11. Alessio – a slick Italian variant of the manly Alexander.
  12. Alizarin – a rather sexy-sounding, gender-neutral name after a shade of red.
  13. Aljaž – an awesome name of Slovenian origin, with unknown meaning but exceptional style.
  14. Alpin – fresh from the mountains, this Scottish name fits a “fair, blonde” baby.
  15. Alvaro – a hot Spanish name meaning “protector of all.”
  16. Ambrose – a rare yet regal Greek name, meaning “immortal, divine.”
  17. André – a French form of Andrew, which we think looks so much cuter with that “é” accent.
  18. Antero – meaning “manly,” you can think of this as a hot Finnish variant of Andrew.
  19. Armani – a designer name for a fashion-forward fellow, perhaps meaning “warrior.”
  20. Artem – this masculine-sounding name relates to the Greek goddess Artemis.
  21. Asa – a short name with Hebrew and Japanese origins, meaning “doctor” and “morning-born.”
  22. Ash – a nickname from Ashley or Ashton, also cool and unique when used independently.
  23. Austin – a “great, magnificent” name for a lad who knows his U.S. state capitals.
  24. Azaziah – a biblical Hebrew name for a lad holding the “strength of the Lord.”

Boy Names That Start With A FAQs

What Are 4-Letter Boy Names With A Initials?

Adam and Alex are possibly the best-recognized A boy names with four letters, but there are many others to consider, too! We love Abel, Ajay, Ahit, Ajax, Axel, Ares, Aziz, and Arne, but our name list has many others to explore!

What Are the Rarest Boy Names That Start With A?

If you’re looking for rare A names for boys, consider options such as Achippos, Ayawamat, Abaddon, Abornazine, or ‘Aho’eitu. Anakin is also a rare yet stand-out choice among parents, as are Astaroth, Avalon, and Aries.

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