100 Boy Names That Start With B: Bold and Brilliant

These brilliant boy names that start with B are the bee's knees.

Baby boy with eyes of brilliant blue… have we got the cutest male names that start with B for you!

It’s easy to see why B names are the best for boys, with brave, bold, brilliant, and badass options to really bring out that boyish nature. To prove this point, we’ve gathered some of the top B names for boys, including details of all their breathtaking meanings, origins, and more.

Grab a brew, and browse below.

20 Boyish Male Names That Start With B

These names are beautiful for bright-eyed baby boys.

  1. Babar – with Pashto and Persian origins, this loud, animal-inspired name means “tiger.”
  2. Bakr – another animal-inspired name, this Muslim pick means “young camel.”
  3. Barney – a fun nickname for brilliant boys… and purple dinosaurs.
  4. Baumann – an earthy surname to be used as a given name, meaning “farmer.”
  5. Baxter – another surname used as a first name, meaning “baker.”
  6. Bertie – as a nickname derived from Albert, this adorable name means “noble, bright.”
  7. Billy – like a male goat or a common nickname from William.
  8. Bisman – a Sikh color name meaning “dark blue” for a baby boy.
  9. Bleu – the French word for “blue” makes a sexy pick among color names for boys.
  10. Bobby – a nickname from Robert, this name sounds friendly and upbeat.
  11. Bow – a cute petite name, perhaps derived as a Beau variant or just because it looks sweet.
  12. Boyd – for blonde babies, this “fair-haired” Scottish boy’s name shimmers.
  13. Bradan – an old Irish name meaning “salmon,” with that cool, modern lilt.
  14. Brock – another modern-sounding name meaning “badger,” yet with medieval roots.
  15. Bruno – meaning “brown,” this name is one to talk about!
  16. Bryce – its “freckled” meaning gives this name a cutesy baby appeal.
  17. Buck – like a male deer, this one is masculine and adventurous in nature.
  18. Buddy – fun and pally, this youthful pick reminds us of the Christmas movie Elf.
  19. Buster – a cute American nickname, often used for pets and people.
  20. Buzz – any little spaceman will love this sparky baby boy B name!

13 Bold Boy Names That Start With B

These male names that start with B are designed to stand out from the crowd.

  1. Batu – means “prevailing, influential” in Turkish, for little leaders in the making.
  2. Bertram – an uppity-sounding Germanic male name meaning “bright raven.”
  3. Biff – a famous character that could be a given name but perhaps works best as a nickname.
  4. Bjorn – a Swedish boy’s name meaning “bear” for the coolest cubs.
  5. Blaise – or Blaze, these sparky Latin-rooted names for boys that start with B actually mean “lisping.”
  6. Bodaway – a Native American (Apache) name meaning “fire maker,” for a lad that brings warmth.
  7. Bowie – one for music lovers, this cute male name means “blonde.”
  8. Brick – a fun name for a genuinely good guy.
  9. Brooklyn – a stylish celebrity baby name after the New York area.
  10. Bror – a short yet commanding Finnish name, meaning “brother.”
  11. Bruce – meaning “brush, thicket,” this is an earthy and manly choice among male B names.
  12. Bunyan – perhaps not the sexiest of boy names with B initials, describing a “swelling.”
  13. Butch – a macho-man name, also referring to a “butcher.”

48 Brilliant Boy Names With B Initials

These boy names that start with B are all beautiful choices to bestow upon sons.

  1. Bailey – dating back to Middle English, this was originally an occupational surname for a “bailiff, porter.”
  2. Bandile – a Zulu name popular in South Africa, meaning “they have increased.”
  3. Barak – a famous presidential Hebrew name with the sparky meaning of “lightning.”
  4. Barbar – an Old French name meaning “beard,” perhaps for a whiskered baby.
  5. Barclay – rustic and homely, this English name means “birch tree meadow.”
  6. Barnabas – means “son of consolation,” with Barney as the sweetest nickname.
  7. Baron – like the noble British title, this name is proud to behold.
  8. Barrington – a rather upper-class English place name for the grandest of little lords.
  9. Barry – a short form of various B names for boys, with Baz as a nickname from this nickname!
  10. Bartholomew – one of the longest guy names that start with B, meaning “son of furrows.”
  11. Basil – like the herb, this Greek male name has the upper-class meaning of “royal.”
  12. Basir – meaning “wise” in Arabic; Basir is an Islamic name to be proud of.
  13. Beau – a romantic French name meaning “handsome, beautiful” for a little charmer.
  14. Beckett – romantic and dreamy, this English and Irish name may mean “by the little brook” or “beehive.”
  15. Belial – with rather sad meanings, this “worthless, wicked” name comes from Hebrew.
  16. Bellamy – a gender-neutral French name translating to “good friend.”
  17. Ben – a cute and familiar nickname from Benedict or Benjamin.
  18. Benjamin – means “son of the right hand,” with Benji as the cutest nickname.
  19. Benson – if the father is called Ben, this name works great for a baby who is “Ben’s son!”
  20. Bentley – swish and classy, this British boy’s name signifies a “bent grass lea.”
  21. Berach – a uniquely Irish entry among B names for boys, meaning “sharp.”
  22. Bevis – an old, rare name, perhaps taken from a French region.
  23. Bianco – a male form of Bianca, this Italian pick is pure and sweet, meaning “white, fair.”
  24. Bilal – like a drink of fresh water, this breezy name means “freshness, moisture.”
  25. Blake – an Old English name holding both juxtaposing meanings of “black” and “pale.”
  26. – a common Chinese family name and sweet male name, meaning “like a wave.”
  27. Boaz – a Hebrew name meaning “strength” and “swiftness.”
  28. Bolívar – a Spanish place name that works as a cool given name, meaning “mill at the riverside.”
  29. Bolton – a strong British B name, after various places in the northern UK.
  30. Brad – a Bradley nickname that will carry nicely through adulthood.
  31. Bradley – a popular English B name among parents, meaning “broad meadow.”
  32. Brady – an Irish boy’s name meaning “spirited,” just like the television Bunch!
  33. Bram – short for Abraham, this punchy name means “father of multitudes.”
  34. Branson – originally a patronymic surname meaning “son of Bran,” makes a cool name for a baby businessman.
  35. Braxton – meaning “badger,” Braxton is a fun, animal-inspired B name.
  36. Brendan – a popular Irish name meaning “prince.”
  37. Brett – is great if you have British heritage; this guy’s name means “Briton.”
  38. Brewer – if you like your beer, this cool, crafty name will go down well.
  39. Brian – a dated yet regal Irish and Breton name, meaning “high, noble.”
  40. Brittan – a lesser-heard male version of Britney, meaning “from Britain.”
  41. Brochan – a unique Gaelic boy’s name with the funny breakfast-time meaning of “porridge.”
  42. Brodie – an old Scottish clan name with the unusual meaning of “ditch.”
  43. Brogan – a common Irish surname, makes a standout given name meaning “shoe.”
  44. Bryden – a rugged Scottish name for gruff gents, meaning “headland.”
  45. Bryn – meaning “hill,” this Welsh male name is a cool, elevated name.
  46. Buckley – this upbeat surname-turned-given name consists of elements meaning “buck” and “lea.”
  47. Buford – a strong English name and surname meaning “beautiful fortress.”
  48. Byron – an old surname that works as a cool given name, meaning “cowsheds.”

5 Brave Boy Names That Start With B

Bravery is a brilliant virtue to bestow upon a son, just like these empowered B names for boys.

  1. Baldwin – an Old German given name and surname meaning “brave friend.”
  2. Baran – only a “noble warrior” could be worthy of this admirable Gaelic name.
  3. Barrett – a strong and confident name for a child with “bear-like strength.”
  4. Bernard – “bear-like,” “brave,” and “hardy” are all badass virtues associated with this German name.
  5. Bidziil – meaning “he is strong,” this Native American (Navajo) name sounds like a proud blessing.

7 Blessed Boy Names That Start With B

Beautiful, biblical, and blessed – these B boy names are perfect for parents of faith.

  1. Balthazar – a standout name from the Bible, meaning “God protects the king.”
  2. Beaty – one of the softer-sounding male names that start with B, meaning “blessed” in Latin.
  3. Benedict – meaning “blessed,” Benedict is an honorable name pick for saints, popes, and religious parents.
  4. Benicio – this Spanish “Ben” name is spiritual and humble in its “blessed” meaning.
  5. Blessing -for the luckiest parents to bestow upon their new addition.
  6. Bodhi – meaning “awakening, enlightenment” in Sanskrit; Bodhi sounds like a radiant light being switched on.
  7. Boone – also makes a cute locational name with the beautiful meaning of “good, lucky.”

7 Badass Guy Names That Start With B

These fiery B names for boys just aren’t to be messed with!

  1. Balendin – an uncommon yet powerful Latin boy’s name for a “fierce, brave” warrior.
  2. Bear – cuddly yet fierce, this is a gorgeous, 4 letter, an animal-inspired name for that shortlist.
  3. Beren – in Turkish, this feisty name means “smart, strong.”
  4. Blade – sharp and strong, this badass name sounds battle-ready.
  5. Bond – any spy kid will appreciate this awesome British name, meaning “farmer” of Anglo-Saxon origin.
  6. Bronisław – one of the most triumphant male names with B, meaning “protector of glory.”
  7. Brutus – a gruff Roman male name for a “heavy, masculine” man.

Boy Names That Start With B FAQs

What Are the Most Popular Names That Start With B?

Some of the most popular B names for boys include Benjamin, Bradley, Brendan, Bobby, and Billy.

What Is A Unique Name for A Boy With B?

Unique and unusual B names for boys include Bidziil, Bunyan, Barbar, and Bolton. Nicknames like Buzz, Buster, and Buddy are also less common than other options. There are also many B names commonly heard as surnames, such as Beckett, Brewer, Braxton, and Buckley.

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