100 Beautiful Brazilian Girl Names: With Meanings

These Brazilian names for girls are as beautiful and alluring as the Amazon itself!

Delving into Brazilian culture and tradition can be a beautiful way of honoring your baby’s heritage, but choosing the right name can be tricky with so many gorgeous options!

Here, we have gathered a range of stunning Brazilian girl names for your new little goddess, including popular picks, uncommon gems, and unique ideas you may not have considered.

With all the fascinating Brazilian female names available at your fingertips, you’re bound to find the best fit for your cutest bundle of joy in no time!

100 Beautiful Brazilian Female Names for Baby Girls

Read on to discover the dreamiest Brazilian girl names to bestow upon your new little princess.

  1. Adelaide – meaning “noble,” the typical Brazilian pronunciation of this would be a-de-LIE-dee.
  2. Adriana – a popular choice amongst women in Brazil, meaning “from Hadria.”
  3. Adriene – a gorgeously alluring Brazilian form of Adriana, meaning “from Hadria.”
  4. Agata – a snappy form of the Greek Agatha, meaning “good.”
  5. Alanza – a fun pick for a bubbly little girl, meaning “eager or ready.”
  6. Alemoa – a blonde, ghostly, seductive female figure in Brazilian mythology.
  7. Alexia – meaning “defender,” Alexia is the one you’d want by your side in battle!
  8. Alicia – a Latin form of the Germanic Alice, Alicia means “kind, noble.”
  9. Aline – meaning “noble,” Aline is pretty, wise, and soft as a whisper.
  10. Amanda – derived from Latin, Amanda is a popular pick meaning “lovable.”
  11. Amor – the Portuguese for “love,” Amor makes a romantic option among Brazilian girl names.
  12. Ana – Ana is a classic first and middle name in Brazil, meaning “grace.”
  13. Anabela – a gorgeous take on Ana, meaning “grace and beauty.”
  14. Andréia – a Brazilian feminine form of Andrew, which traditionally means “manly.”
  15. Angra – the feisty name for the goddess of fire in indigenous Tupi-Guarani mythology.
  16. Antônia – a pretty feminine form of Anthony, meaning “priceless and praiseworthy.”
  17. Antonieta – an adorably feminine form of the Roman Anton, meaning “praiseworthy.”
  18. Aparecida – a spiritual name meaning “appeared” in Portuguese, given when referring to the Blessed Virgin Mary.
  19. Apolônia – a dreamy Brazilian female name derived from the Greek god Apollo, meaning “destroyer.”
  20. Augustina – meaning “exalted,” this makes a beautiful name for a summer-born baby.
  21. Aurora – is Latin for “dawn,” belonging to a Roman goddess and Disney Princess.
  22. Beatriz – meaning “bringer of happiness,” Beatriz is ideal for a new bundle of joy.
  23. Belinha – a unique variant to Isabel, meaning “pledged to God.”
  24. Betânia – a sweet Brazilian variant of Bethany, meaning “house of figs.”
  25. Bosalicia – meaning “a noble rose,” this Brazilian pick is delightfully floral.
  26. Brasília -referring to Brazil’s capital city, this would make a sweet choice among Brazilian names for girls.
  27. Bruna – a popular choice derived from Latin, Bruna means “brown.”
  28. Camila – a Portuguese feminine variant of the Roman-rooted Camillus, meaning “religious attendant.”
  29. Carla – a common pick amongst Brazilian Americans, meaning “free woman.”
  30. Cristina – a form of the masculine Christian, making a loyal, spiritual name for a Christian.
  31. Cruz – meaning “cross” in Portuguese, Cruz makes a beautiful, spiritual name choice.
  32. Cuca – meaning “cruel,” Cuca was an evil, supernatural hag in native Brazilian mythology.
  33. Daiane – a gorgeous Brazilian form of Diana, meaning “divine.”
  34. Daniela – meaning “God is my judge,” Daniela is a pretty feminine form of Daniel.
  35. Diolinda – composed of separate elements “dio” and “linda,” meaning “beautiful god.”
  36. Dora – a sweet short form of names such as Isadora, Theodora, or Delores.
  37. Dorotéia – from the Greek-rooted Dorothy, Dorotéia is a gorgeous Brazilian girl’s name that begins with the letter D.
  38. Dulce – the Portuguese word for “sweet,” Dulce is a name as cute-as-can-be!
  39. Edite – a stylish form of the old-fashioned-sounding Edith, meaning “riches.”
  40. Eliza – a popular diminutive of Elizabeth, Eliza means “pledged to God.”
  41. Eloá – a gorgeous, short Brazilian girl name, meaning “goddess.”
  42. Emília – from the Latin Aemilius, Emília means “to excel.”
  43. Eneida – a pretty and unique find among Brazilian female names from the Greek Aeneas, meaning “praise.”
  44. Fabiana – ultimately derived from Roman, with the cute meaning of “bean.”
  45. Faren – a unique, unisex, Amazonian choice, meaning “handsome.”
  46. Fernanda – meaning “adventurous,” Fernanda sounds ready for anything!
  47. Flávia – meaning “yellow-haired,” Flávia is an excellent choice for a baby girl born with golden locks.
  48. Flor – a beautifully earthy choice, meaning “flower.”
  49. Florinda – if Flor’s floral beauty isn’t enough, consider the elaborate alternative Florinda instead.
  50. Francisca – meaning “one who comes from France,” Francisca is a lovely way to recognize your daughter’s dual heritage.
  51. Gabriela – meaning “God is my strength,” this gorgeous name is practically angelic.
  52. Gisele – a Brazilian girl name of Germanic origin, meaning “pledge.”
  53. Iara – a majestic name from Tupi folklore, Iara means “lady of the water.”
  54. Iracema – meaning “sweet, honey,” Iracema is a dainty Tupi name for a sweet girl.
  55. Isadora – a perfectly poetic-sounding female name meaning “gift of Isis,” as in the goddess.
  56. Ivana – charming, spicy, and popular worldwide, Ivana means “God is gracious.”
  57. Izabel – a cool Brazilian form of Isabel, meaning “pledged to God.”
  58. Jacira – a sweet, dreamy Tupi name meaning “honeymoon.”
  59. Jana – a fun, upbeat diminutive form of Janaina.
  60. Janaina – meaning “queen of the seas,” Janaina is a stylish Afro-Brazilian choice.
  61. Juci – a sweet, ethereal Tupi choice, meaning “moon.”
  62. Julia – meaning “youthful,” Julia is a popular choice in Brazil and beyond.
  63. Juliana – meaning “youthful,” Juliana is a cute form of Julia and an elegant Latin pick.
  64. Julieta – another take on Julia, Julieta is a sweet, affectionate diminutive.
  65. Julinha – a cute, unusual Portuguese feminine variant of Julia, meaning “youthful.”
  66. Kiania – a unique, vibrant choice, meaning “dawn.”
  67. Larissa – meaning “citadel,” Larissa is a Greek name that’s popular in Brazil.
  68. Letícia – rooted in Latin, this upbeat name means “joyful.”
  69. Lívia – an earthy-sounding choice, meaning “to envy.”
  70. Luiza – meaning “famous warrior,” Luiza is a powerful choice for a fighter.
  71. Maiara – an adorable Tupi choice, meaning “a clever, intelligent girl.”
  72. Manoela – from the Hebrew Emanuel, Manoela means “God is with us.”
  73. Márcia – a girly choice meaning “dedicated to Mars,” the Roman god of war.
  74. Margarida – a melodic Portuguese form of Margaret, meaning “pearl.”
  75. Maria – a consistently popular choice internationally, Maria means “beloved.”
  76. Maya – a popular name internationally, meaning “mother” in Tupi.
  77. Moema – a rare but gorgeous Tupi feminine name of disputed meaning.
  78. Mônica – the Brazilian form of Monica, meaning “advisor.”
  79. Noêmia – a Brazilian Portuguese variant of Naomi, meaning “pleasantness.”
  80. Paola – meaning “small,” Paola could be a cute name for your bundle of joy!
  81. Patrícia – a popular pick, meaning “noble.”
  82. Paulinha – an adorable diminutive of Paula or Paola, meaning “small.”
  83. Pedrina – a feminine variant from the same root as the masculine Peter, meaning “rock.”
  84. Potira – meaning “flower” in Tupi, Potira is earthy and floral.
  85. Raquel – a spicy Portuguese form of the Hebrew Rachel, meaning “ewe.”
  86. Rio – a popular locational name from Brazil, “rio” means “river.”
  87. Rita – a rhythmic choice, often used as a nickname from Margarita, meaning “pearl.”
  88. Rosa – a popular Latin form of the fragrant, floral name Rose.
  89. Samara – a Hebrew girl’s name meaning “protected by God,” Samara is a popular choice in Brazil.
  90. Sara – a super-popular international name of Hebrew origin, meaning “princess.”
  91. Sofia – an internationally popular feminine name derived from Greek, meaning “wisdom.”
  92. Sol meaning “sun” in Portuguese, Sol makes a radiant name.
  93. Taina meaning “star” in Tupi, this radiant choice shines brightly.
  94. Talita – a popular and pretty choice from Aramaic, meaning “little girl.”
  95. Teodora – a radiant name meaning “gift of God,” related to the male Theodore.
  96. Tereza – an attractive choice among Brazilian girl names that begin with T, meaning “to harvest.”
  97. Thaís – a stylish option, meaning either “beloved” or “bandage.”
  98. Uiara – a standout variant of Iara, meaning “lady of the water.”
  99. Vitória – a charming form of the popular Latin feminine name Victoria meaning “victorious.”
  100. Yara – a variant of Iara, this beautiful folkloric Tupi name means “lady of the water.”

Brazilian Girl Name FAQs

What Is A Popular Brazilian Name for a Girl?

Brazil’s most popular female names include Maria, Ana, Francisca, Adriana, and Fernanda. Other picks like Carla, Gabriela, and Cristina are also popular worldwide.

What Is A Good Brazilian Girl Name?

There are so many beautiful Brazilian girl names to choose from! But our top picks of good Brazilian female names include Janaina, Iara, Daiane, and Adelaide.

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