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Beautiful little girl in red dress picking flowers in the park

165 Pretty Girl Middle Names (for Deserving Daughters)

Cute little happy girl on the meadow

170 Exotic Names for Girls

Elegant little wearing pink dress and stylish hat in bright summer day

150 Fashionably Elegant Female Names (for Sophisticated Girls)

Portrait of attractive little girl against garden with roses in the background

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Cute adorable girl sitting in the park

150 Cute Baby Girl Names

Strong adorable baby girl playing on swing at autumn park

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Victorian little adorable girl walking in autumn park

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Muslim little girl on meadow before sunset

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Short cute girl standing on wood in the park

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Brazilian young girl with curly hair wearing sun protective clothing on the beach

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Scottish little girl wearing white dress standing on bench in the park smiling brightly on sunny day

100 Traditional Scottish Names For Girls

Thai adorable little girl on wooden swing smiling brightly

110 Popular Thai Girl Names (with Meanings)

Hindi little girl sitting on soil in the farm

100 Heavenly Hindi Names for Girls

Slavic little girl sitting on the grass in a yoga pose

100 Ancient Slavic Female Names (For Beautiful Warriors)

Persian sisters playing in the park with mother

99 Beautiful Persian Girl Names (With Meanings)

Danish little girl smiling on a swing

100 Pretty Danish Female Names Danish Girl Names (Nordic & Scandinavian Names)

European little girl running in country field in summer

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Two portuguese girls playing in the garden

100 Unique Portuguese Girl Names (With Beautiful Meanings)

Polish girl child in white dress and jacket standing in lavender field

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Celtic girl kid standing at the summer field

100 Beautiful Celtic Female Names (for Little Goddesses)

Indian mother giving piggyback ride to her daughter

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Smiling egyptian girl in the meadow

100 Popular Egyptian Female Names

Adorable little blonde girl wearing blue dress in a field on a sunny day

100 Unique International Female Names (Ethnic Names From Around The World)

Finnish little girl and mother enjoying beautiful winter day outdoors

100 Cool Finnish Female Names (Popular, Traditional, & Cute Names)

Norwegian little cute girl in the snow

100 Popular Norwegian Girl Names (With Meanings)

Roman sisters sitting in front of Fountain of Trevi in Rome

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Australian girl playing and spraying water in swimming pool

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Swedish adorable little girl wearing a red coat in the park

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Two British sisters sitting on a big log in a forest

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Welsh girl playing in the field

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German mother and daughter playing in the park

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Irish girl standing outdoors looking down

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Dutch girl in stylish jacket having fun in the park on autumn day

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Turkish toddler girl running in the flower field

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Cute Gaelic baby girl sitting on grass

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Hawaiian baby girl sitting on green meadow in sunny spring day

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Two Native American sisters sitting on grass

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Latin girl in pink dress sitting on log

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Greek girl and father enjoying outdoors at Mykonos Island in Greece

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Arabic girl in black hijab sitting on grass planting flowers in a pot

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Russian girl sitting on autumn leaves

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Adorable girl in old-fashioned clothes and red beret on a walk in the fall

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hinese girl and mother having fun in front of China Town Temple

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Jewish girl eating a matzo in passover Hebrew holiday

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Korean girl sitting on the train

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French girl in front of the Eiffel Tower

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Cute japanese girl wearing glasses

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Hispanic girl playing on a swing in the park

100 Gorgeous Hispanic Girl Names (and Meanings)

Italian girl and mother overlooking Italian city

100 Beautiful and Traditional Italian Baby Girl Names

portrait of a cute young black african girl smiling

100 Unique Female African Names

Young girl reading the bible

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