150 Vibrant Color Baby Names: Of All Shades

Find the most exotic color names for babies to match every rainbow shade!

The most dazzling colors shine around us, so what better place to seek inspiration than the rainbow itself? Choosing among color baby names can be a beautiful way to represent a child’s personality, physical attributes, or heritage, bringing so much vibrancy and magic into their lives.

Was your baby blessed with spectacular green eyes and red locks? Were they born under a picture-perfect blue sky, or did they instantly become the golden apple of your eye? Keep reading, as you’re sure to find the perfect shade to match your babe from the palette of color names below!

85 Fancy Color Names for Girls

Your little gem will sparkle and shine with these pretty and elegant color-inspired names for girls.

  1. Afra – sweet and soft, this Arabic girl’s name refers to a hue of “white-red.”
  2. Ailbhe – a dreamy Old Irish name pronounced “al-va,” meaning white.
  3. Akako – a Japanese color name meaning “red” or “red child.”
  4. Akane – a regal shade of deep red and a popular Japanese girl name.
  5. Alba – means “white, bright” in Latin and “dawn” in Spanish.
  6. Amaranth – a juicy shade of red rose, after the genus of flower.
  7. Amber – a popular English girl’s name after the honey-colored jewel created from fossilized tree sap.
  8. Amethyst – a rare name after the precious gemstone and a shade of purple, meaning “intoxicating.”
  9. Anuenue – a melodic Hawaiian girl’s name for a little “rainbow” girl.
  10. Aurelia – a princess-perfect pick among color names for girls, meaning “golden” in Latin.
  11. Auriane – meaning “gold,” this French option is a dreamy choice among color names for babies.
  12. Azula – a pretty name derived from “azul,” the Spanish word for “blue.”
  13. Blanca – the pretty Spanish word for “white” makes a fresh, clean name.
  14. Blanche – derived from French, this fresh, vintage-sounding female name means “white, fair.”
  15. Bora – meaning “purple” in Korean, Bora is a charming color name for girls.
  16. Bruna – a rustic-sounding Portuguese pick meaning “brown.”
  17. Candy – this sweet word name makes us think of powdery pink.
  18. Capri – a vacation-ready shade of blue and island off the coast of Italy.
  19. Caramel – a sugary shade of orange-brown after the confectionary ingredient – a cute name for a little sweetie.
  20. Cassia – an ultra-feminine name from Greek with the colorful, spicy meaning of “cinnamon.”
  21. Cerise – the French for “cherry” is a cute, pink-red name.
  22. Cherry – a lovely option if you adore fruity color names after the sweetest shade of red.
  23. China – a country name, where red is the national color and a rich shade of pink.
  24. Chloe – a popular and lovely girl name meaning “blooming,” relating to springtime colors of yellow and green.
  25. Citrine – a gemstone and shade of yellow, although it could sound like a cleaning product.
  26. Clementine – an enticing, French-rooted name after the orange fruit and pretty shade.
  27. Coral – an ocean-inspired pinkish hue, after the tiny marine invertebrates forming reefs.
  28. Ebony – a gorgeously deep English name after the dark-colored tree wood.
  29. Emerald – a rich gem name after the May birthstone.
  30. Enfys – a retro-sounding Welsh girl’s name meaning “rainbow.”
  31. Erin – a popular Gaelic name meaning “Ireland” and a luminous spring green shade.
  32. Esmeralda – the Spanish and Portuguese form of Emerald, a dazzling green name.
  33. Fawn – an excellent name for a baby, after the soft brown shade of a young deer.
  34. Fern – or Ferne, after the luscious, green plant.
  35. Fidda – a unique yet pretty Arabic name with the shining meaning of “silver.”
  36. Fuchsia – a vivid purple-red color, after the sweet garden flower.
  37. Garnet – a deep red gemstone, perfect for a January-born baby.
  38. Ginger – spicy and fun, this word name is the brightest orange-red hue.
  39. Gökçe – pronounced “go-cha,” this Turkish girl’s name means “blue.”
  40. Goldie – a sparkling English nickname for a glimmering gold baby.
  41. Hazel – a nutty shade of brown, perfect for a baby girl with dazzling eyes.
  42. Honey – a sweet and sickly word name that dazzles in gold.
  43. Hyacinth – a vintage-feeling name after the gorgeous blue of the garden flower.
  44. Ianthe – a fairytale name meaning “violet flower,” belonging to a Greek mythological nymph.
  45. Iris – a flower, a Greek goddess, and a gorgeous name meaning rainbow.
  46. Ivory – an English word name that makes us think of the crisp, white shade.
  47. Jade – another popular gemstone name and a dazzling shade of green.
  48. Kahukura – a radiant Maori pick among color names for babies, meaning “rainbow.”
  49. Kaltrina – a hot name meaning “blue” in Albanian.
  50. Lavender – a warm and fragrant pick among floral, purple color names.
  51. Lilac – a delicate shade of purple taken from the sweet flower.
  52. Magenta – a deep, purple-red shade and a surprisingly superhero-like name.
  53. Mauve – a purple color that works as a name thanks to its similarity to the Gaelic Maeve.
  54. Mazarine – a rich shade of deep blue and a sweet-sounding name in French.
  55. Olive – derived from Latin, this earthy tree’s name makes us think of that thick, green hue.
  56. Opal – a technicolor name after the milky-white gemstone with streaks of pinks, blues, yellows, and greens.
  57. Peach – sweet and fruity, this adorable color name makes us feel all fuzzy inside.
  58. Pearl – a precious white name for a baby who’s like your own ocean gem.
  59. Pembe – a perky name meaning “pink” in Turkish.
  60. Periwinkle – a standout choice from Middle English, after the blue-purple flower.
  61. Rainbow – a dazzling and gorgeous name when one color just won’t do!
  62. Rosa – a delicate Spanish word name meaning “rose” or “pink.”
  63. Rosaura – a rare Spanish name combining the colorful elements of “rose” and “golden.”
  64. Rose – the perfect name for a romantically red little flower.
  65. Rosie – an adorable alternative to Rose, ideal for a baby with a rosy complexion.
  66. Ruby – a shade of red and a popular gemstone name for your vivid little treasure.
  67. Sable – after a dark shade of black and an amusing-looking mammal.
  68. Saffron – a golden name after the hot spice and sweet flower.
  69. Sage – a rustic, green name that’s also a herb, meaning “wise.”
  70. Sapphire – a rich blue color name after the beautiful gemstone.
  71. Scarlett – a gorgeous, passionate shade of red and a popular English girl name.
  72. Shyamala – a feminine form of the Sanskrit Shyamal, meaning “black, blue.”
  73. Sienna – an orange-red hue named after the clay-rich Italian city of Siena.
  74. Simin – a pretty Persian girl’s name, referring to a silvery shade.
  75. Sini – a Finnish girl’s name meaning “blue.”
  76. Solongo – a melodic Mongolian name meaning “rainbow.”
  77. Sorrel – perfect for a fall-born baby, meaning “reddish-brown.”
  78. Tawny – a gorgeous name for a night-born baby, meaning “light brown.”
  79. Teal – an oceanic blue-green shade and a unique girl name.
  80. Topaz – a cool gemstone name for your little treasure, describing shades of blue or yellow.
  81. Turquoise – a green-blue shade, also a French name meaning “Turkish.”
  82. Vaiva – a pretty Lithuanian-derived name meaning “rainbow.”
  83. Violet – a delicate flower name that shines in deep purple.
  84. Violetta – a sassy and sweet European form of Violet.
  85. Ziazan – upbeat and fabulous, this colorful Armenian name means “rainbow.”

33 Exotic Color Names for Boys

Add a pop of color to your little lad’s life with one of these handsome and stylish color-inspired names.

  1. Aciano – meaning “cornflower” in Spanish, after the delicate, floral, baby-blue.
  2. Admiral – a military shade of blue and a badass name after the navy ranking.
  3. Albus – a cute boy name for a white wizard, meaning “white, bright.”
  4. Argyros – a strong, no-nonsense color name meaning “silver” in Greek.
  5. Bisman – meaning “dark blue,” Bisman is a hot Sikh choice among color baby names.
  6. Bruno – meaning “brown,” this is a cute pick among international color names.
  7. Caeso – dating back to Roman times, Caeso means “blue-gray.”
  8. Carmine – a shade of deep red and a handsome Latin name meaning “garden of song.”
  9. Cobalt – a cool shade of gray-blue and a German-rooted male name meaning “goblin.”
  10. Cole – a popular and handsome male name, meaning “coal-black.”
  11. Copper – a rusty-bronze color and metal, also a British nickname for a policeman.
  12. Flint – a cool English word name after the stony gray of the rock.
  13. Grey – or Gray, a cool, slick color name that may also be short for Greyson.
  14. Haku – a cool Japanese boy’s name meaning “white.”
  15. Jalaneel – a watery Indian name meaning “blue.”
  16. Jasper – an orange-red gemstone and Hebrew male name meaning “treasurer.”
  17. Lloyd – derived from Welsh, this charming male name means “gray.”
  18. Morado – the Spanish word for “purple” makes a slick color-inspired name for a lad.
  19. Oro – short and sweet, Oro means “gold” in Spanish.
  20. Qīng – a Chinese boy’s name meaning “blue-green.”
  21. Rua – an Irish name meaning “red,” also meaning “lake” in Maori.
  22. Ruadh – a cool medieval Gaelic masculine name meaning “red.”
  23. Rufus – a funny Latin male name for a baby “redhead.”
  24. Russet – a red-tinged brown hue, makes a cool alternative to Russell as a colorful male name.
  25. Shyamal – a color name from Sanskrit, after deep, dark shades of black and blue.
  26. Slate – tough and ready, this gray-blue shade is a cool, metallic color name.
  27. Smaragdus – a strong Latin Semitic name meaning “emerald.”
  28. Sterling – a slick name for a lad, after the grade of silver, British currency, or Scottish city.
  29. Sunil – from Sanskrit, this handsome name refers to a deep, dark shade of blue.
  30. Tangakwunu – a powerful Native American (Hopi) name with the magnificent, nature-inspired meaning of “rainbow.”
  31. Tunç – a cool Turkish male name meaning “bronze.”
  32. Urre – means “gold” in Basque.
  33. Yahto – a unique Native American pick among color names for boys, meaning “blue.”

32 Unique Unisex Color Names for Babies

Celebrate every rainbow with these dazzling, gender-neutral color baby names.

  1. Alizarin – this unique shade of red would make a sexy, gender-neutral name choice.
  2. Aqua – the Latin word for “water” brings a cool blue ocean to mind.
  3. Ash – either the jet-black fire residue, the woody brown of a tree, or a nickname for Ashley.
  4. Auburn – a sweet autumn name after the brown-red hue of fall.
  5. Azure – a sky-like shade of blue that’s vast and inspiring.
  6. Beige – an uncommon, less-colorful name could make an attractive alternative to the popular girl’s name Paige.
  7. Blake – an Old English unisex given name and surname, meaning “black” or “pale.”
  8. Bleu – a handsome name and French word for “blue.”
  9. Cedar – a rich, woody name after the tree, making us think of calm, autumnal colors.
  10. Cerulean – a lesser-heard color name, after the vast shade of sky blue.
  11. Chartreuse – a French-rooted word for a green-yellow shade, would make an elaborate baby name.
  12. Claret – a deep shade of red, often associated with wine.
  13. Coco – a fashionable, gender-neutral name and the rich brown of chocolate.
  14. Crimson – a fiery and passionate shade of red among baby names that mean colors.
  15. Cyan – this green-blue shade makes a cute alternative to Ryan.
  16. Dior – a luxury, high-fashion name meaning “golden” in French.
  17. Fallow – earthy and rustic, this autumn name refers to a warm shade of light brown.
  18. Indigo – an inky shade of purple-blue.
  19. Jet – rooted in Latin, Jet is a badass name after a pitch-dark shade of black.
  20. Kelly – an Irish-rooted unisex name meaning “bright-headed warrior,” also an intense shade of green.
  21. Keshet – a Hebrew name meaning “rainbow.”
  22. Mavi – a Turkish word for “blue.”
  23. Ochre – derived from Greek, this unique color name is earthy in tone and hue.
  24. Onyx – a badass name with a cool spelling, after the jet-black mineral.
  25. Raven – a popular name that’s a deep black color, after the literary bird.
  26. Rossi – an Italian surname meaning “red,” great for a hot color name.
  27. Roux – a fun name from Old French, meaning “red-haired.”
  28. Rusty – a friendly and familiar nickname for an orange-red color.
  29. Silva – a common Spanish and Portuguese surname meaning “forest” would make a cute, silver-sounding name.
  30. Sky – or Skye, a dreamy shade of blue full of infinite possibilities.
  31. Taupe – the French word for “mole,” lends itself to this shade of gray-brown.
  32. Umber – a burnt brown shade, offers a hot alternative to Amber.

Color Names for Babies FAQs

What is the Best Color Name?

We love all-color names for babies! However, popular options among color names for girls include Emerald, Chloe, Ruby, and Rose, while Cole, Blake, and Ash are popular choices for boys.

What Name Means Rainbow Baby?

Iris is a beautiful and popular girl’s name meaning “rainbow’.” Other sweet options for rainbow babies include Keshet, Anuenue, Solongo, or even Rainbow itself!

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