165 Adorably Cute Boy Names: for Tiny Charmers

Dial up the cute factor with these incredibly cute names for boys.

Our little princes deserve the best cute boy names, especially if they want a moniker to match their personality. Cute male names are fun, cheeky, and sometimes silly, but they reflect your child’s personality rather than making a profound statement.

We’ve gone ahead and done the hard work, compiling the best cute baby boy names, so you don’t have to break a sweat making your choice.

165 Adorably Cute Boy Names

Don’t compromise on your child’s super-cute personality when there are so many cute names for boys to choose from.

  1. Aaron – was Elvis’s middle name and means “high mountain” in Hebrew.
  2. Ace – is Old English, loosely meaning “the best” or “high achiever.”
  3. Adam – the first man in the bible, meaning “son of the red earth” in Hebrew.
  4. Aiden means “little fire” for kids with burning ambition.
  5. Ajani – a unique African boy’s name meaning “he who wins the struggle.”
  6. Alexander – means “defender of man,” and the name of Alexander the Great.
  7. Alfie – is a cheeky name derived from Alfred, meaning “elf counsel.”
  8. Amani – meaning “wish,” your cute child might need a few to achieve success.
  9. Amir – an Arabic word meaning “prince” and the perfect title for your child.
  10. Anderson – if dad is called Andrew, “son of Andrew” is the perfect name.
  11. Andrew – meaning “manly and powerful,” when shortened to Andy, it sounds cuter.
  12. Angel – you’ll love this Greek male name meaning “messenger of God.”
  13. Ario – a short and sweet English word meaning “armed hill.”
  14. Arthur – a Celtic boy name meaning “bear,” Arthur is a legendary King.
  15. Asa – is Hebrew for “doctor or healer,” ideal for those with a medical background.
  16. Ash – an English word meaning “of the ash tree,” it also means “happy” in Hebrew.
  17. Asher – means “happy and blessed” in Hebrew and is Jacob’s second son.
  18. Austin – is of Latin and French origin, meaning “great and magnificent.”
  19. Avery – means “elf counsel” and plays to your boy’s mystical side.
  20. Axel – from the Scandinavian for “my father is peace.”
  21. Bailey – has several meanings, including “bailiff, berry clearing, and fortification.”
  22. Beau – dripping in French charm, Beau means “handsome.”
  23. Beckett – unusual as cute boy names go, Beckett is Old English for “beehive.”
  24. Beckham – means “beck’s homestead” and belongs to the super-cute David Beckham.
  25. Benjamin – from the Hebrew meaning “a favorite son,” and U.S. President Benjamin Franklin.
  26. Bennet – from the Latin Benedictus, meaning “blessed.”
  27. Bentley – a cool car and a cute name; Bentley means “bent grass clearing.”
  28. Bertie – of French and German origin, meaning “intelligent, glorious raven.”
  29. Blair – of Scottish and English origin, meaning “plain, meadow, or field.”
  30. Blake – from Old English, meaning “black” and “white.”
  31. Bowie – a cute name meaning “blond,” best associated with the rockstar David Bowie.
  32. Brady – an Irish name meaning “descendent of Bradach,” and football player Tom Brady.
  33. Bram – of Irish/Scottish/Gaelic origin, meaning “bramble or raven” and author of Dracula, Bram Stoker.
  34. Brody – of Irish and Gaelic origin, meaning “ditch,” cute male names are typically more glamorous.
  35. Brogan – is derived from a Gaelic word meaning “shoe” and a cute alternative to Logan.
  36. Brooks – is Old English for “small stream,” Brook is a unisex name.
  37. Buck – this English word meaning “male deer” has dipped in popularity.
  38. Caleb – is Hebrew for “whole heart” and has a relaxed, old-fashioned feel.
  39. Camden – meaning “winding valley, Camden is of Scottish origin.
  40. Cameron – from good Scottish stock, Cameron means “crooked nose.”
  41. Carson – meaning “son of Carr,” this Scottish boy’s name has the ring of a sophisticated butler.
  42. Cash – of Latin origin meaning “hollow,” who can forget the great Johnny Cash?
  43. Charlie – a playful derivative of Charles, meaning “free man.”
  44. Chase – a classic American-sounding name meaning “hunter” in Old English.
  45. Christian – an adorable name meaning “follower of Christ” from the Latin, Christianus.
  46. Clem – short for Clemment, meaning “gentle and merciful” in Latin.
  47. Clyde – is of Scottish origin, meaning “from the riverbank.”
  48. Cody – this Irish name meaning “helpful” is also the cutest boy name.
  49. Cole – is typically a surname of English heritage, meaning “charcoal, swarthy.”
  50. Colt – other than the famous gun, Colt is an English word meaning “young horse.”
  51. Connor – pet lovers deserve Connor as a name because it means “dog lover.”
  52. Cooper – means “barrel maker” in Old English and is the surname of Bradley Cooper.
  53. Cosmo – from the Greek word “cosmos,” meaning “order, beauty, and organization.”
  54. Cristo – derived from Christian, this sweet Spanish version means “follower of Christ.”
  55. Cruz – of Spanish or Portuguese origin, Cruz is a simple name meaning “cross.”
  56. Damian – meaning “to tame or subdue” this Irish name is of Greek origin.
  57. Daniel – an ancient Hebrew name meaning “God is my judge,” it’s always been popular.
  58. David – to be “beloved” is all we can wish for our beautiful children.
  59. Dawson – a great name if dad is called David, meaning “son of David.”
  60. Dean – meaning “valley,” from the Old English word “denu.”
  61. Declan – is an Irish name meaning “full of goodness.”
  62. Devin – an Irish name meaning “from dark-haired ones.”
  63. Diego – this Spanish name for Saint James means “the supplanter.”
  64. Drake – from “dragon,” this Old English word comes with Nordic roots.
  65. Dylan – the first Welsh entry on the list, Dylan means “son of the sea.”
  66. Elias – another Hebrew name meaning “my god is Yahwah.”
  67. Elijah – from the same Hebrew form as Elias, with the same meaning.
  68. Elliot – means “Jehovah is God” in Hebrew and Greek.
  69. Emmett – from Hebrew, German, and Old English, meaning “universal.”
  70. Enzo – an Italian male name meaning “ruler of the house,” made famous by Enzo Ferrari.
  71. Ethan – is of Hebrew origin, meaning “enduring and strong,” a pretty name for a guy.
  72. Evan – has several meanings, including “rock, good man, and good messenger.”
  73. Evander – a charming Greek name meaning “good messenger.”
  74. Everett – a powerful German and English name meaning “brave, strong boar.”
  75. Ezra – some cute baby boy names, like Ezra, are traditional and mean “help” in Hebrew.
  76. Fender – not just a cool guitar; Fender means “defender and protector” in English and Scottish.
  77. Finn – of Irish origins, Finn is one of the best cute boy names, meaning “fair.”
  78. Flynn – a Gaelic name meaning “son of Flann (red),” which is ideal for redheads.
  79. Fox – from the animal, Fox derives from English and Irish.
  80. Frank – this old-fashioned boy’s name meaning “Frenchman” sounds cuter, shortened to Frankie.
  81. Fred – a diminutive of Frederick, meaning “peaceful ruler,” it sounds far cuter when shortened.
  82. Gabe – is short for the Hebrew name Gabriel, meaning “God is my strength.”
  83. Gage – an Old French name meaning “pledge or oath.”
  84. George – cool and old-fashioned, meaning “farmer or earth worker” in Greek.
  85. Grayson – an Old English name meaning “son of a steward.”
  86. Gus – from Roman hierarchy, short for Augustus, meaning “the dignified.”
  87. Harrison – means “son of Harry,” associated with the movie star Harrison Ford.
  88. Hartley – an Old English name meaning “stag meadow,” works better as a surname.
  89. Heath – an Old English word for “wasteland,” made popular by actor Heath Ledger.
  90. Henry – a regal name beginning with H, meaning “ruler of the home,” originates from German and English.
  91. Hudson – meaning “son of Hudd;” Hudson may also mean “mind or spirit” in German.
  92. Hugo – If your son has “heart, mind, and spirit,” Hugo is a great choice.
  93. Isaac – a classic biblical boy’s name meaning “he will laugh” in Hebrew.
  94. Isaiah – another classic Hebrew name, meaning “salvation of the Lord.”
  95. Jack – an Old English name derived from John, meaning “God is gracious.”
  96. Jacob – meaning “supplanter,” Jacob is another cute Hebrew biblical name.
  97. James – the English variation of the Hebrew name Jacob, meaning “supplanter.”
  98. Jasper – of Persian origin meaning “treasurer,” Jasper is one of the poshest cute boy names.
  99. Jett – a super-cool title meaning “black” after the semi-precious stone.
  100. Joe – is short for Joseph, meaning “God will increase” in Hebrew.
  101. Johnny – a cuter version of John, meaning “God is gracious.”
  102. Jonah – after the bird of peace, meaning “dove” in Hebrew.
  103. Jordan – a symbolic river and a unisex baby name meaning “flowing down.”
  104. Jude – means “praised,” Jude Law is an attractive actor with a cute name.
  105. Jules – meaning “down-bearded youths,” hairy kids will love this Latin name.
  106. Kai – means “sea” in Polynesian, “forgiveness” in Japanese, and “food” in Maori.
  107. Kayden – from the Irish word Cathan, meaning “battle.”
  108. Kiko – this Japanese boy’s name meaning “be happy” is ideal for the Kawaii culture.
  109. Kirby – if you live in a “village with a church,” Kirby would make a great choice.
  110. Knox – of Scottish origin, meaning “round hill,” Knox has a catchy appeal.
  111. Koda – a native American boy’s name meaning “friend,” also “rice paddy of happiness” in Japanese.
  112. Landon – if you live on a “long hill,” Landon is a great pick.
  113. Lane – an Old English word meaning “small roadway or path.”
  114. Layton – a unique name meaning “meadow settlement,” also spelled Leighton.
  115. Lee – a “pasture or meadow,” Lee is also a cute name for boys.
  116. Lennox – of Scottish or Gaelic origin, meaning “with many elm trees.”
  117. Leo – the Latin word for “lion,” and a strong contender for your little one.
  118. Leon – a derivative of Leo, also meaning “lion.”
  119. Levi – from the Old Testament, a Hebrew name meaning “joined or attached.”
  120. Liam – is of Irish and German origin, meaning “determined protector.”
  121. Lincoln – a great first or last name, meaning “lake colony,” from English and Latin.
  122. Logan – meaning “small hollow,” and the name of Wolverine.
  123. Lucas – the Latin form of a Greek name meaning “bringer of the light.”
  124. Mac – of Scottish and Irish origin, meaning “son of.”
  125. Mason – an Old English word for a “stone worker,” derived from the French “Masson.”
  126. Mateo – a super-cute name meaning “gift of God,” and a lot sexier than Matt.
  127. Max – from the Roman male name Maximus, meaning “greatest.”
  128. Micah – meaning “who is like God” in Hebrew; it appears several times in the bible.
  129. Miles – an ideal Latin name for your little “soldier.”
  130. Morgan – from the Old Welsh name Morcant, meaning “circular sea.”
  131. Nash – another first or last name, meaning “at the ash” or “cliff” in Old English.
  132. Noah – a popular biblical Hebrew name meaning “repose or rest.”
  133. Oakley – means “meadow of trees,” a great contender for cute male names.
  134. Oliver – a posh cute male name; Oliver means “olive tree” in Latin.
  135. Otis – once a German name meaning “wealthy.”
  136. Owen – if your child is of “noble birth,” Owen ticks the boxes.
  137. Parker – from Old English, meaning “park keeper,” and a common surname.
  138. Patrick – derived from Roman meaning “patrician, noble,” and of Irish origin.
  139. Prince – a cool rockstar and a regal Latin name for your boy.
  140. Quincy – from the Latin Quintus meaning “fifth,” ideal for your fifth son.
  141. Ralph – an unimposing name meaning “wolf counsel” in Old English.
  142. Rhett – is of English and Dutch origin, meaning “advice,” linked to Gone With the Wind.
  143. Riley – of Irish and Gaelic origin, Riley means “valiant or rye meadow.”
  144. River – a “flowing body of water” and the name of actor River Phoenix, who tragically died too young.
  145. Roman – meaning “man from Rome,” a little Italian influence is ultra-cute.
  146. Romeo – a famous Shakespeare character, meaning “pilgrim to Rome.”
  147. Ronan – meaning “little seal,” Ronan is an Irish boy’s name.
  148. Ryan – is Gaelic for “little king,” although some believe it means “illustrious.”
  149. Ryder – is Old English, meaning “horseman and rider.”
  150. Sam – a diminutive of the Hebrew name Samual, meaning “told by God.”
  151. Sebastian – meaning “from Sebastia,” it also means “honorable and venerable.”
  152. Sonny – a popular nickname, Sonny is Old English for “son.”
  153. Spencer – an upper-class name meaning “dispenser of provisions.”
  154. Sully – in Old English, Sully means “south meadow,” but it means “stain” in French.
  155. Theo – a Greek name meaning your bundle of joy is “God’s gift.”
  156. Thomas – from the Hebrew word Ta’om meaning “twin.”
  157. Toby – cute boy names don’t come better than Toby, meaning “God is good.”
  158. Tyler – an Old English word meaning “tiler;” most old names come from professions.
  159. Walt – is short for Walter, meaning “army ruler” in Old German.
  160. Wesley – meaning “western meadow,” Wesley sounds cuter when shortened to Wes.
  161. Will – an Old English and German diminutive of William, meaning “determined protector.”
  162. Xander – pronounced Zan-der, meaning “defending men” in Greek.
  163. Xavier – pronounced Sha-vier, Xavier means “new house” in Arabic and Spanish.
  164. Zade – of Persian descent, Zade is a unisex name meaning “son of.”
  165. Zane – a Hebrew boy’s name meaning “God is gracious,” with a modern feel.

Cute Boy Names FAQs

What are the Cutest Boy Names?

Finding the cutest boy names comes down to preference. Popular names like Toby, Will, Oliver (Ollie), Leo, and Evan are often considered cute, as they have a short, snappy ring that makes them fun and easy to pronounce.

Where do Cute Boy Names Come From?

Cute boy names come from several sources. Many are Old English, German, and French, while others are biblical, from Hebrew and Greek. A large proportion of cute boy names are also Roman and Norse. Cute boy names are typically shortened versions of longer names, like Ollie and Joe, giving them an easy-go-lucky charm.

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