100 Popular Danish Boy Names: with Meanings

These ancient Danish names for boys are perfect for a little warrior.

Picking a name for your little one doesn’t have to be stressful with the right resource. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of popular Danish boy names and their meanings for your looking pleasure!

You’ll discover cute Danish names for boys that are powerful, inspiring, and full of Denmark’s rich history. See which ancient Danish male names still top popularity charts and find one that could be the best choice for your little boy.

100 Popular Danish Boy Names

Look no further for the most popular Danish boy names with traditional meanings and more!

  1. Aksel – an old Danish male name meaning “father of peace.”
  2. Alfred – is a brilliant English choice meaning “wise counselor.”
  3. Anders – meaning “strong and manly,” Anders is the Scandinavian form of Andrew.
  4. Anker – is stylish, meaning “stability” or “harvester” in Scandinavian and English.
  5. Anton – the German version of Anthony meaning “worthy” or “priceless.”
  6. Aren – means “eagle” in German and “mountain of strength” in Irish.
  7. Arthur – has the cuddly, Celtic meaning of “bear.”
  8. ​​Asger – meaning “spear of God, Asger is a traditional Danish form of Oscar.
  9. Asmund – a powerful, Scandinavian name meaning “God is protector.”
  10. August – meaning “great” or “magnificent, this German boy name has become popular for babies.
  11. Baldur – meaning “prince,” this Norse mythological god of the sun was also Odin’s son.
  12. Bendt – is the Danish diminutive of Benedict, meaning “blessed.”
  13. Birger – has a heroic appeal with its Scandinavian meaning of “rescue” or “save.”
  14. Birk – has the earthy, French meaning “from the fortress” and is a Danish variant of Bjørk.
  15. Bjarke – meaning “bear,” this Danish male name is heartwarming.
  16. Bo – a simple Danish boy name with Norse roots meaning “to live.”
  17. Casper – a playful Scandinavian option, meaning “bringer of treasure.”
  18. Christer – a religious pick among Danish boy names meaning “Christian.”
  19. Dag – a dazzling, abbreviated Scandinavian name meaning “daylight.”
  20. Edvard – this Scandinavian diminutive of Edward means “wealthy guard.”
  21. Edvin – the exotic, Scandinavian name for Edwin meaning “rich friend.”
  22. Einar – the courageous, Old Norse name meaning “bold warrior.”
  23. Emil – a noble Latin boy’s name meaning “industrious.”
  24. Erling – a strong, Danish boy name with a Norwegian origin meaning “the chief’s descendant.”
  25. Felix – offers a cheerful outlook with its meaning of “happy” or “lucky.”
  26. Folke – offers a comforting feel with its Scandinavian meaning: “people’s guardian.”
  27. Franz – a punchy, German version of Francis meaning “free man” or “Frenchman.”
  28. Frederik – meaning “peaceful ruler,” this German name symbolizes fairness.
  29. Frode – a pleasant Norse choice, meaning “wise.”
  30. Georg – the unique Danish spelling for George, meaning “farmer.”
  31. Gregers – a beautiful Danish boy name, meaning “awake” or “watchful.”
  32. Gunnar – a hot Scandinavian name for Gunther, meaning “bold warrior.”
  33. Hagen – displays a sentimental side with the Scandinavian meaning of “highest son.”
  34. Halfdan – a Danish boy name embracing one’s heritage with the meaning “half Dane.”
  35. Hans – a common Danish boy name for John, meaning “God is gracious.”
  36. Harald – reflects a leader with the Scandinavian meaning: “army” or “ruler.”
  37. Helge – a Scandinavian spiritual option meaning “holy.”
  38. Hemming – a stunning Swedish and Scandinavian variant of Henry meaning “home-ruler” or “shape changer.”
  39. Heremod – a royal, Danish male name meaning “historic King of Denmark.”
  40. Holger – has a rugged look and sound with its Nordic meaning “island spear.”
  41. Hugo – has German, Spanish, and Portuguese roots with the stimulating meaning of “intellect.”
  42. Jens – is the Scandinavian version of Johan with the spiritual meaning “God is gracious.”
  43. Jesper – a gem of a Danish male name meaning “treasurer.”
  44. Jorgen – meaning “farmer,” this Scandinavian diminutive of George has a country appeal.
  45. Jory – a Cornish name for George or Jordan, meaning “farmer” or “flowing down.”
  46. Kaj – a scientific Danish boy name meaning “earth.”
  47. Kåre – an adorable name meaning “curly-haired” in Scandinavian.
  48. Karl – is a hopeful Danish boy name with Nordic origins meaning “free man.”
  49. Keld – a witchy, Swedish name meaning “cauldron” for your Halloween-born baby.
  50. Knud – meaning “knot,” this Danish name for boys is truly masculine.
  51. Kresten – a gorgeous Danish take on the name Christian, meaning “follower of Christ.”
  52. Lars – a common Danish male name meaning “crowned with laurel” or “triumphant.”
  53. Lauge – meaning “fellow” or “partner,” this Danish boy name represents companionship.
  54. Leif – meaning “descendent” or “heir,” this Scandinavian name symbolizes pride.
  55. Liam – the Irish diminutive of William and a hot Danish male name meaning “resolute protection.”
  56. Lucas – this popular Latin name means “bringer of light.”
  57. Madsen – or Mads, it’s the Danish take on Matthew, meaning “gift of God.”
  58. Malthe – is a classic Danish boy name meaning “rule” or “power.”
  59. Mikkel – the Danish diminutive of Michael with the spiritual meaning, “he who is like God.
  60. Milas – is a trendy Danish name for boys, potentially meaning “soldier” or “graceful.”
  61. Morten – a popular Danish name for boys from England, meaning “town near the moor.”
  62. Niels – the Danish version for Nigel meaning “champion.”
  63. Noah – this trendy Hebrew boy name means “rest” or “repose.”
  64. Nohr – an authentic Danish name for boys meaning “north.”
  65. Odin – has the artsy, Norse mythological meaning, “god of frenzy” or “poetic rage.”
  66. Ole – a Norwegian and Danish boy name meaning “ancestor’s descendant.”
  67. Oliver – meaning “olive tree” in Latin, Oliver reigns as a popular choice for boys.
  68. Orn – meaning “eagle,” Orn symbolizes bravery.
  69. Oscar – is a frequently used English and Irish masculine name meaning “God spear,” “deer lover,” or “champion warrior.”
  70. Otto – a German option symbolizing prosperity with its “wealthy” definition.
  71. Palle – the Danish variant of Paul meaning “small” or “petite.”
  72. Pelle – a strong, Nordic variant of Peter meaning “rock.”
  73. Per – a shortened, Scandinavian version of Peter meaning “rock” or “stone.”
  74. Peter – the most popular Danish boy name ranking first in Denmark, meaning “stone” or “rock.”
  75. Rasmus – a sweet Dutch and Finnish variant of Erasmus meaning “beloved.”
  76. Roar – a powerful Norse name meaning “fighter of heaven.”
  77. Rolf – is of German origin, with the brute meaning “famous wolf.”
  78. Rune – has a mysterious feel with its Norse meaning of “secret.”
  79. Salomon – meaning “peace,” this Norwegian male name reflects tranquility.
  80. Saxo – is a medieval Old Norse name meaning “saxon” or “dagger.”
  81. Soren – a no-nonsense option among Danish boy names meaning “stern.”
  82. Stefan – an adorable German name for “crown.”
  83. Sten – a charming Scandinavian variant of Peter meaning “stone.”
  84. Storm – has been lighting up baby name charts with its edgy style meaning “tempest” in British.
  85. Sune – a beautiful Danish form of Sonny meaning “son.”
  86. Svante – a traditional, Scandinavian name meaning “holy people.”
  87. Sven – has the pleasant, Scandinavian meaning of “youthful.”
  88. Thor – a notable Norse god representing “thunder, strength, and rain.”
  89. Tore – a striking Danish variant of Thor, meaning “thunder” or “savior.”
  90. Torsten – meaning “Thor’s stone,” this Swedish choice symbolizes power.
  91. Troels – a rugged, Danish male name representing “Thor’s arrow.”
  92. Trygve – an honorable Scandinavian name meaning “trustworthy.”
  93. Ulf – has a boyish charm with its Scandinavian meaning of “wolf.”
  94. Ulrik – a stunning, Scandinavian name meaning “rich and noble heritage.”
  95. Valdemar – offers a mighty feeling with its Nordic meaning, “ruler of the world.”
  96. Vidar – a mythological name meaning “quiet god” for his muteness.
  97. Viggo – a powerful Scandinavian name meaning “war.”
  98. Villads – meaning “desiring battle,” this Danish male name has grit and confidence.
  99. Villum – the gorgeous Danish boy name for William, meaning “resolute protection.”
  100. William – a popular and strong name with German roots meaning “resolute protection.”

Danish Boy NamesFAQs

What are Popular Boy Names in Denmark?

According to official baby name reports, Denmark has some stunning and culturally inspired Danish boy names that are pretty popular. Many are common names from neighboring countries or a variant of internationally known favorites.

Here are a few of the top 20 most popular boy names in Denmark for 2021 in alphabetical order (1):

  • Anders — “strong and manly.”
  • Jens — “God is gracious.”
  • Jorgen — “farmer.”
  • Lars — “crowned with laurel” or “triumphant.”
  • Mads — “gift of God.”
  • Michael — “he who is like God.”
  • Niels — “champion.”
  • Peter — “stone” or “rock.”
  • Soren — “stern.”
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