150 Elegant Girl Names: for Classy Daughters

Your name says a lot about you, so give your baby girl a head start with an elegant name.

Imagine posh champagne receptions, expensive houses, and chauffeur-driven cars. If your baby daughter deserves a life of high society parties, you’d better choose the right one among elegant girl names.

Doris and Deirdre don’t do it for us, but Veronica and Victoria add a little va-va-voom. So, it’s time to lift your champagne glass and raise a toast to these amazing elegant female names fit for any debutante’s ball.

150 Classy and Elegant Names for Girls

Some girls have it, and some don’t, so give them a helping hand and check out these elegant names for girls for your princess on the way.

  1. Abigail – make her daddy proud with this Hebrew girl name, meaning “my father’s joy?”
  2. Adele – this trendy Germanic name means “nobility.”
  3. Adriana – means “ from Hadria” or “dark one” in Latin.
  4. Alana – an elegant Irish name meaning “handsome.”
  5. Alexandra – she may enjoy a life “defending men” or being the “defender of mankind.”
  6. Anastasia – a popular Russian female name meaning “resurrection.”
  7. Angelica – from the Latin “Angelicus,” meaning “angelic.”
  8. Annabeth – means “gracious, and “God is my oath” in Hebrew.
  9. Annalisa – a Latin debutante’s name, meaning “graced with God’s bounty.”
  10. Annamaria – means “graceful, drop of the sea, or bitterness.”
  11. Antoinette – means either “flower, highly praiseworthy, or priceless one.”
  12. Arabella – a Latin prep-school name meaning “prayerful.”
  13. Aria – is a solo opera performance; this intriguing Italian word means “air.”
  14. Ariadne – a Greek girl name meaning “most holy,” perfect for innocent daughters.
  15. Audrey – this Anglo-Saxon name describes your daughter’s “noble strength.”
  16. Bastiana – a glamorous Greek name meaning “revered.”
  17. Bernadette – a long French name for a brave daughter, meaning “courage of a bear.”
  18. Bianca – dripping in “society-girl” chic, meaning “white” in Italian.
  19. Blair – a hip name from Scotland meaning “meadow, plain, and battlefield.”
  20. Camilla – meaning “priest’s helper” Camilla is the most queenly of elegant girl names.
  21. Caroline – a popular French name meaning “free woman.”
  22. Cassandra – of Greek origin, Cassandra means “to shine upon man.”
  23. Catiana – a stylish name derived from Catherine, meaning “pure.”
  24. Celeste – a Latin word meaning “heavenly,” we all think our kids are miracles.
  25. Celine – an exquisite French name meaning “heavenly,” Celine could be perfect for your child.
  26. Charlotte – the French female form of Charles, meaning “free man.”
  27. Clara – meaning “bright and clear,” this Latin name is ideal for daughters.
  28. Claudette – a classy name, but “lame” is a less-glamorous meaning.
  29. Colette – another fancy French name meaning “people of victory.”
  30. Constance – meaning “constant,” your baby girl is a constant source of joy.
  31. Delphine – in Latin, it means “woman from Delph.”
  32. Eleanora – if your baby is a “shining light,” this Greek name is apt.
  33. Elizabeth – means “God is my oath,” and the former Queen of England.
  34. Eloise – from French and English, meaning “healthy.”
  35. Esmerelda – others will be green with envy that this name means “emerald.”
  36. Esther – is an exotic Persian feminine name meaning “ star.”
  37. Evangeline – this extravagant name means “messenger of good news” in Greek.
  38. Evelyn means “life” in Hebrew and “bird” in Latin.
  39. Faith – a beautiful Latin name that means “to trust.”
  40. Faye – give your little princess a precious Middle-English name meaning “fairy.”
  41. Felicity – every child should experience the “happiness” this Latin name delivers.
  42. Fenella – of Irish and Gaelic descent, meaning “white shoulder.”
  43. Fern – from the shade-loving plant and an earthy name for your hippy child.
  44. Fiona – a lovely Scottish female name meaning “fair or white.”
  45. Flaviana – is derived from Roman and Latin meaning “golden blond.”
  46. Fleur – a delicate and elegant French name meaning “flower.”
  47. Flora – what could be prettier than the Latin word for “flower?”
  48. Fran – is derived from Latin, meaning “French.”
  49. Francesca – an ideal Latin name for girls “from France.”
  50. Frederica – associated with the Germanic name Frederick meaning “peaceful ruler.”
  51. Gabriella – a beautiful name for kids with “the strength of God.”
  52. Georgia – means “farmer,” a stylish Greek name with a simple and charming definition.
  53. Giovanna – a sophisticated Italian girl’s name meaning “God is gracious.”
  54. Harper – a cool English name meaning “harp player.”
  55. Harriet – a female form of Harry, meaning “home-ruler.”
  56. Helen – calling your little bundle Helen may help her “to shine.”
  57. Henrietta – a variation of Harriet with the same meaning.
  58. Ignatia – is perfect for daughters with a “fiery” spirit.
  59. Imelda – is from Old German and Italian, meaning “universal battle.”
  60. Imogen – meaning “maiden,” this Celtic name is perfect for your little cherub.
  61. India – after the country and one of the best elegant names for girls.
  62. Ingrid – from Old Norse, meaning “Ing’s beauty.”
  63. Isabella – meaning “devoted to God,” Isabella is such a pretty name.
  64. Ivanna – of Ukrainian and Hebrew origin, meaning “God is gracious.”
  65. Jacqueline – the female form of Jack and John, meaning “supplanter.”
  66. Josephine – of French and Hebrew origins, meaning “Jehovah increases.”
  67. Julia – meaning “youthful,” Julia is an apt name for your bundle of energy.
  68. Juliette – a French name meaning “little Julia” and “youthful.”
  69. Karina – of German, Russian, and Scandinavian origin, meaning “pure.”
  70. Kay – meaning “happy and rejoice,” Kay is perfect for a happy kid.
  71. Kimberley – has several meanings, from “Cynburga’s wood” to “wood of the royal forest.”
  72. Kirsten – a unique Danish girl name meaning “Christian.”
  73. Kristiana – the perfect name if your daughter becomes a “follower of Christ.”
  74. Lacey – a noble name from Old French, meaning “lace-like.”
  75. Lana – meaning “little rock,” your daughter deserves a beautiful name.
  76. Liliana – is of Italian and Spanish origin, meaning “lily flower.”
  77. Lilibeth – derived from Elizabeth, meaning “promise of God.”
  78. Lilith – an ideal name for kids with a darker side, meaning “night monster.”
  79. Lorna – invented by R.D Blackmore for the novel “Lorna Doone.”
  80. Luciana – an exquisite Italian name meaning “light” for your little star.
  81. Lucille – another name associated with “light” from France.
  82. Madeline – a Hebrew and Greek name that translates as “woman from Magdala.”
  83. Magdalene – a derivative of Madeline with the same meaning.
  84. Margaret – means “pearl,” when shortened to Margo, it sounds more elegant.
  85. Martha – she’ll grow up classy with this Aramaic moniker meaning “lady.”
  86. Meredith – an Old Welsh name meaning “great and noted ruler.”
  87. Mirabella – of Italian origin, meaning “wonderful,” just like your baby girl.
  88. Miriam – has multiple meanings, including “star of the sea” and “rebellion.”
  89. Natalia – a great name for girls born on Christmas day, meaning “birthday.”
  90. Natasha – relates to the birth of Christ and translates as “birthday.”
  91. Nicollete – is derived from the French name Nicole, meaning “victory of the people.”
  92. Nina – a short and sweet Spanish girl’s name meaning “little girl.”
  93. Noelle – ideal for girls born on Christmas day, referring to “the Lord’s birthday.”
  94. Octavia – the most prestigious of elegant female names, meaning “eighth” in Latin.
  95. Odette – if you want your kid to grow up rich, give them a name meaning “wealthy.”
  96. Olivia – is a Latin name that translates as “olive tree.”
  97. Ophelia – from Hamlet’s tragic heroine, Ophelia means “help.”
  98. Oriana – signifying “new beginnings” and “dawn,” Oriana is an uncommon name.
  99. Orla – your little darling will love this Irish name meaning “golden princess.”
  100. Paloma – a Spanish derivative of a Latin word meaning “dove.”
  101. Paris – the capital of France, this name has a bougie feel.
  102. Pasha – meaning “small,” the best things come in tiny packages.
  103. Patricia – the female form of Patrick, meaning “noble” and ideal for your child.
  104. Payton – from Old English, meaning “fighter’s estate.”
  105. Pearl – from the gemstone and a precious name for little darlings.
  106. Penelope – a proper upper-class name meaning “weaver.”
  107. Penny – is derived from Penelope, with the same meaning.
  108. Persephone – from Greek mythology meaning “bringer of destruction.”
  109. Philippa – meaning “lover of horses,” Philippa is a name straight out of prep school.
  110. Philomena – meaning “lover of strength,” a soft name with a strong meaning.
  111. Phoebe – meaning “bright,” this Greek name is perfect for intelligent kids.
  112. Priscilla – this Latin name means “ancient and venerable.”
  113. Prunella – from the Latin for “little plum” with a unique formal feel.
  114. Poppy – after the flower, meaning “ red,” which is ideal for redheads.
  115. Posy – after the small bunch of flowers, with whimsical elegance.
  116. Queenie – an old-fashioned nickname derived from Queen.
  117. Quincey – is of Irish origins, Quincy translates as “fifth.”
  118. Raine – your princess will take the throne with this regal name meaning “queen.”
  119. Ramona – meaning “wise protector,” your child deserves a strong name.
  120. Rebecca – a Hebrew name meaning “to bind,” associated with modesty, kindness, and beauty.
  121. Rhiannon – giving your daughter this name ensures she’ll become her own little “great queen.”
  122. Rochelle – has French and German roots, meaning “little rock and rest.”
  123. Rosalind – your princess will blossom with this German name meaning “beautiful rose.”
  124. Rose – after the flower, which is as pretty as it sounds.
  125. Rosemary – from the Latin “Rosemarinus,” meaning “dew of the sea.”
  126. Ruby – after the precious stone, representing red; ideal for July babies.
  127. Sahara – comes from the Arabic for “desert.”
  128. Salma – meaning “safe,” your child needs your protection.
  129. Sara – an elegant Hebrew name meaning “princess.”
  130. Samantha – possibly from Samuel, meaning “name of God, God has heard, and blossom.”
  131. Sasha – means “defender of mankind,” those are big boots to fill.
  132. Scarlett – is Old French, meaning “dark shade of red.”
  133. Selene – meaning “light and brightness,” Selene is the goddess of the moon.
  134. Sienna – an Italian name of uncertain meaning, but possibly from the color.
  135. Sloane – an elegant London square, meaning “raider” in Irish.
  136. Susannah – a classic alternative to Suzanne, meaning “lily.”
  137. Sylvia – meaning “forest or woods,” many classic elegant girl names come from Latin.
  138. Tabitha – bestow your child with this magical name, meaning “gazelle.”
  139. Tatiana – is popular in Russia, meaning “from the house of Tatius.”
  140. Thelma – means “will and volition,” Thelma is perfect for strong-willed girls.
  141. Theodora – your child is a “gift of God,” and so is this name.
  142. Valentina – this exotic-sounding name means “strong and healthy.”
  143. Vanessa – means “of Venus,” after the goddess of love.
  144. Vanna – meaning “God is gracious,” and so is your child.
  145. Veronica – is of Latin origin meaning “victory bearer” or “true image.”
  146. Victoria – a regal name meaning “victory.”
  147. Violetta – is Latin and Italian from the flower, meaning purple.
  148. Virginia – of Latin, Germanic, and Roman origin, meaning “maiden.”
  149. Vivienne – of French origin, meaning “life.”
  150. Zara – celebrates femininity with this Hebrew and Arabic name meaning “blossoming flower.”

Elegant Girl Names FAQs

What are the Most Popular Elegant Girl Names?

The most popular elegant girl names include Natasha, Penelope, Adele, Lucy, Elizabeth, and Susannah. Other winning choices are Vanessa, Scarlett, Olivia, Helen, and Victoria.

What are the Most Exotic Elegant Girl Names?

The most exotic elegant girl names tend to be Italian, French, Spanish, or Eastern European. Examples include Antoinette, Juliette, Anastasia, Catiana, Paloma, and Tatiana. However, many exotic-sounding English and Latin names exist, such as Faye, Arabella, and Veronica.

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