100 Enchanting Elf Names For Babies: With Cool Meanings

These unique elven names are as captivating and magical as medieval folklore!

Whether you are a fan of J.R.R. Tolkien’s fantasy epics, love the festive toy-makers from the North Pole, or adore learning about medieval folklore, there are plenty of fantastic elven names to choose from for your baby.

After all, you may recognize an elf’s mischievous and spritely qualities in your own newborn.

Some are whimsical and legendary, while Tolkien even created others in his fictional languages! But all of these elf names for babies shimmer with enchantment, and we’re sure you’ll find the perfect one for your adorable new arrival.

42 Enchanting Elvish Names for Girls

Your fairy princess will dazzle with one of these beautiful elven names for girls.

  1. Aafje – a Dutch feminine name meaning “elf, magical being,” with a cool spelling.
  2. Afsaneh – this Muslim girl’s name meaning “fairy tale” is a gorgeous pick among elf names for babies.
  3. Agada – a pretty name, taken from “aggadah,” the Hebrew word for “fairy tales, lore.”
  4. Ailsa – a triumphant Scottish name meaning “elf victory,” also relating to a rocky island.
  5. Alba – derived from the Germanic “Alf-” stem meaning “elf,” but also a luminous Spanish girl name meaning “dawn.”
  6. Albrun – an enchanting elven name composed of Germanic elements meaning “elf magic” or “elf secret.”
  7. Alfsol – a Swedish girl’s name meaning “elf sun,” offering a radiant beam over your magic baby.
  8. Alva – a dainty choice among names that mean “elf,” derived from the Old Norse “alfr.”
  9. Älva – the Swedish word for “fairy, elf” makes a magical elf name for a baby.
  10. Alvgjerd – a complicated one to spell, this Norwegian girl’s name means “elf garden.”
  11. Alvilde – a name from Norwegian legend, with the warrior meaning of “elf army.”
  12. Alwine – a unique name from the same Germanic stem as the masculine Alvin, meaning “elf friend.”
  13. Aredhel – a pure and honest Tolkien elf name, meaning “noble elf.”
  14. Arwen – an elven character in Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, similar to the Welsh Arwyn, meaning “fair.”
  15. Barig – a unique Armenian girl’s name meaning “fairy.”
  16. Elbereth – great for a royal elf queen, this Tolkien name means “star queen” in Sindarin.
  17. Elfa – a pretty feminine form of Alf and a softer variant of Alva.
  18. Elfriede – dating back to the middle ages, this English and German girl’s name means “elf strength.”
  19. Faye – this pretty pick from English means “fairy,” sounding very elven and magical.
  20. Galadriel – a fictional name belonging to the beautiful elven princess from Lord of the Rings.
  21. Glóredhel – a glowing pick among Tolkien’s elf names for babies, meaning “golden elf.”
  22. Gunnalf – a feisty Norse girl’s name for a “battle elf.”
  23. Houria – an Arabic girl’s name for your precious little “fairy, nymph.”
  24. Jennifer – a very popular girl’s name from Cornish, meaning “white fairy.”
  25. Lamina – a beautiful mythical water nymph from Basque, great for a little mermaid princess.
  26. Lefaye – meaning “the fairy,” this French name is mystical and alluring all at once.
  27. Míriel – a romantic female elf name from Tolkien, meaning “jewel daughter” from the fictional Quenya language.
  28. Nerissa – a Greek-rooted feminine name meaning “sea nymph,” used by Shakespeare in The Merchant of Venice.
  29. Olivia – a popular English name meaning “olive branch,” but also a feminine form of Oliver, meaning “elf army.”
  30. Parineeti – a sweet and dainty Hindi girl’s name meaning “beautiful, fairy.”
  31. Parisa – a delicate Persian feminine name meaning “fairy-like.”
  32. Pixie – a sweet, spritely name taken from the English word for a type of fairy.
  33. Quenya – this feminine-sounding word is a fictional elven language created by Tolkien.
  34. Sheelin – a gorgeous name full of wonder and mystique, after a lake in Ireland known as the “fairy pool.”
  35. Síofra – pronounced “shee-fra,” this standout Gaelic female name holds the mysterious meaning of “fairy, changeling.”
  36. Soni – an elfin pick from Japanese, possibly meaning “fairy princess.”
  37. Sylph – in English, a sylph is a type of mythical air spirit, adding an aura of ghostly beauty to your new elf princess.
  38. Tiên – a Vietnamese girl’s name pronounced “teen,” with the magical meanings of “fairy, celestial being.”
  39. Tinuviel – an elvish princess in Tolkien’s works, with the melodic meaning of “nightingale.”
  40. Tünde – a pretty elf name for girls, derived from the Hungarian word for “fairy.”
  41. Vilde – a sassy diminutive of the Norse name Alvilde, meaning “elf battle.”
  42. Winky – after the female house elf in Harry Potter, perfect for a little helper.

53 Edgy Elvish Names for Boys

Mischievous and magical, these elven names for boys are sure to enthrall.

  1. Aegnor – a hot Tolkien elf name meaning “fell fire” in the fictional Sindarin language.
  2. Ailill – a royally-borne name from Old Irish mythology, meaning “elf.”
  3. Ailwi – meaning “ancient, noble, elf battle,” this medieval English name seems full of fantastical history.
  4. Alberic – an ancient Germanic boy name meaning “elf ruler,” after the mythological dwarf king.
  5. Albwin – an ancient Germanic name for your new little “elf friend.”
  6. Alf – meaning “elf,” this name from Nordic folklore is short and sweet, yet full of magic.
  7. Alfarr – meaning “elf army,” this Old Norse name is worthy of the mightiest fighters.
  8. Alfbern – combining elements meaning “elf” and “bear,” this Germanic name is fierce and fantastical.
  9. Alfie – a popular nickname from Alfred that matches the Germanic elf names beautifully.
  10. Alfred – a classic, vintage name from Old English, meaning “elf counsel.”
  11. Álfur – this Icelandic word for “elf” makes a cute yet unique pick among elvish names.
  12. Alfvin – meaning “elf friend,” this sweet baby boy’s name is a gorgeous Old Norse pick.
  13. Algar – meaning “elf spear,” this is a more feisty option among elvish names.
  14. Alvaro – a bold name for your little soldier, meaning “elf warrior.”
  15. Alvin – a variant spelling of the Germanic Albwin, meaning “elf friend,” associated with the singing chipmunk.
  16. Auberon – a power-yielding English variant of the Germanic Alberich, meaning “elf ruler.”
  17. Batī – a Punjabi entry among “elf” names for babies – considered derogatory in some areas.
  18. Bucca – a perky name for an elvish boy, taken from a folkloric Cornish hobgoblin.
  19. Buddy – a pally choice among elvin Christmas names, after the fun-loving main character in the movie Elf.
  20. Cereborn – another enchanting elf name from Tolkien, with the rugged meaning of “silver tree.”
  21. Círdan – one of Tolkien’s elves, whose name has the hardworking meaning of “ship-maker.”
  22. Clurichaun – the name of a mischievous elven character in Irish folklore.
  23. Dobby – a heroic house elf in Harry Potter, great for a cute, magical baby.
  24. Draug – Tolkien’s Sindarin word for “wolf” makes a badass, feisty pick among elf names for boys.
  25. Duende – the Spanish word for “elf” could make a stylish and unique name.
  26. Eitri – borne by a dwarf in Norse mythology, of unknown meaning, but it sure offers a cool sound.
  27. Eldacar – a regal elf name from Tolkien’s world, meaning “elf helm.”
  28. Eldarion – meaning “son of the elves,” this Tolkien name is full of impish family virtue.
  29. Elegast – meaning “elf spirit,” this was the hero’s name in a Middle Dutch epic.
  30. Elrond – the fictional name borne by the elven ruler in Tolkien’s setting of Rivendell.
  31. Fëanor – a mighty character among Tolkien’s elves, Fëanor means “spirit of fire” in Quenya.
  32. Fingolfin – a rhythmic Tolkien male elf name of unknown meaning.
  33. Finwë – a cool, airy pick among Tolkien’s elven names for boys, perhaps meaning “hair.”
  34. Gandalf – borne by Tolkien’s powerful wizard, this Old Norse name means “wand elf.”
  35. Glorfindel – a sunshine-filled name, Glorfindel means “golden-haired” in Sindarin, a fictional Tolkien language.
  36. Ingálvur – a strong Faroese name meaning “elf ancestor.”
  37. Joralf – a Norwegian boy’s name perhaps meaning “king elf,” is full of spirit and joy.
  38. Keijo – a cute name derived from the Finnish word for “fairy, elf.”
  39. Legolas – another fictional elven name from Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings.
  40. Link – a nickname for Lincoln (“lake colony”) – the elvish-looking archer from the video game series The Legend of Zelda.
  41. Loki – the Norse god of mischief and trickery, Loki makes a perfect elf-like namesake, in our opinion!
  42. Maeglin – a handsome Tolkien elf name, meaning “sharp glance” in Sindarin.
  43. Muki – the name of a fabled cave goblin in South American mythology.
  44. Nickel – a possible root of this name comes from German, meaning “goblin, rascal.”
  45. Noralf – a Nordic name meaning “north elf,” great for a winter-born baby.
  46. Oilioll – a handsome variation of the Old Irish “elf” name Ailill.
  47. Oliver – a highly popular name meaning “olive tree,” also derived from Germanic elements meaning “elf army.”
  48. Quant – a cool name from Middle German, with the elvish meaning of “imp” or “prankster.”
  49. Sauron – a Tolkien bad guy, this elf’s name means “the abhorred” in the fictional language of Quenya.
  50. Sennin – a unique Japanese boy’s name after an immortal fairy or elvish being.
  51. Sindri – with the adorable meaning of “sparkle,” this Norse name belonged to a mythological dwarf.
  52. Thranduil – an elven Tolkien character whose name means “vigorous spring” in Sindarin.
  53. Trasgu – a unique name from northern Spanish mythology, after a mythological goblin creature.

5 Great Gender-Neutral Elvish Names for Babies

These unisex elven names would perfectly suit any little warrior sprite.

  1. Aubrey – a pretty and earthy French and English name for your regal little “elf ruler.”
  2. Donsy – a group of gnomes is called a “donsy,” making this a cute elvish name for a happy baby.
  3. Mage – after a type of sorcerer, this magic-filled name would be great for your little elf.
  4. Puck – a mischievous imp from English folklore, featured in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream.
  5. Sindarin – the fictional elven language created by Tolkien makes a unique name for a baby.

Elf Names FAQs

What Are the Most Popular Elf Names?

Oliver and Olivia are some of the most popular names internationally, but did you know they can hold the meaning of “elf army?” Faye, Alvaro, Aubrey, and Jennifer are also popular elf-rooted names to choose from.

What Are Some Tolkien Elvish Names?

There are so many popular names from Tolkien’s elvish worlds! Legolas, Galadriel, Gandalf, and Arwen are perhaps the most well-known among Tolkien’s fantasy fans.

What Is a Christmas Elf Name?

Buddy is a fantastic, gender-neutral name for a Christmas elf, taken from the hit holiday movie Elf. For boys, the Nordic Noralf has a beautifully wintery feeling, as does Tolkein’s Cereborn, meaning “silver tree.” For girls, we love the European beauty and magic of Lefaye, meaning “fairy” in French.

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