123 Cool Sci-Fi and Fantasy Baby Names for Boys & Girls

Reach for the stars with this incredible list of fantasy and sci-fi baby names.

The countdown is on, so fire up the rockets and set the coordinates to Mars. You’ve come to the right place for the ultimate list of fantasy baby names. From futuristic to unique monikers that fire the imagination, there’s something here for your little space-traveling warrior.

So, strap in as we go where no man or woman has gone before in our search for the galaxy’s best fantasy and sci-fi baby names.

72 Powerful Fantasy Boy Names

We look to infinity and beyond for the best fantasy boy names. From Star Trek to Star Wars, the feeding ground is rich with magic, myth, and badass names for your little Luke Skywalker.

  1. Abraham – move over Buffy and Blade, Abraham Van Helsing was the original vampire slayer.
  2. Albus – meaning “light,” Albus Dumbledore is a kind yet powerful wizard and Hogwarts headmaster.
  3. Ambrose – meaning “immortal,” Ambrose is an apt moniker for your youngest star trooper.
  4. Anakin – give in to your “warrior” dark side because Anakin is none other than Darth Vader.
  5. Angel – yes, it is unisex and an ideal name for your celestial baby boy, meaning “spiritual being.”
  6. Artemis – from the fantasy series Artemis Fowl and the Greek goddess of the moon and hunting.
  7. Arthur – a great anti-hero, meaning “bear hero,” who appears in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.
  8. Atreyu – from The Never Ending Story, pronounced Ah-trey-u and means “son of all.”
  9. Bastian – means “fortification” and is a classic Germanic boy’s name and a character in The Never Ending Story.
  10. Ben – who can forget Obi-Wan-Kenobi, or Ben, meaning “mountain peak” for short, from Star Wars?
  11. Blade – an unbelievably sharp name for budding vampire slayers with that super-human edge.
  12. Bowie – meaning “double-edged knife,” David Bowie was the “Star Man” in the famous song.
  13. Buck – if your kid’s from the 25th-century, Buck meaning “young male deer,” is apt.
  14. Buzz – the second man on the moon, Buzz Aldrin inspired the animated character Buzz Lightyear.
  15. Connor – John Conner, meaning “hound lover,” is the future of the resistance in The Terminator movies.
  16. Cullen – means “holly,” the most famous Cullens are the family in Twilight.
  17. Davy – means “beloved;” Davy Jones is the underwater spirit from the Pirates of the Caribbean.
  18. Deckard – the cult hero in the influential science-fiction masterpiece Blade Runner.
  19. Drax – try Drax (“open-minded”) from The Guardians of the Galaxy if your kid takes everything literally.
  20. Emmett – meaning “universal,” you need to generate 1.21 gigawatts of electricity to send your kid Back to the Future.
  21. Faramir – from the Lord of the Rings, Faramir, meaning “sufficient jewel,” is dark and badass.
  22. Fox – the truth is out there; Fox is the first name of X-Files FBI superstar Fox Mulder.
  23. Gandalf – meaning “wand elf,” Gandalf battles Sauron in The Lord of the Rings.
  24. Gaius – means “happy,” a brilliant scientist in the Sci-Fi series Battle Star Galactica.
  25. Geordi – meaning “farmer;” the next generation gets a cool name from Star Trek: The Next Generation.
  26. Grant – meaning “great,” this strong-sounding name is a cool character in Doctor Who.
  27. Han – means “regret” and is one of the coolest fantasy and sci-fi baby names from Star Wars.
  28. Harrison – meaning “son of Harry,” with so many sci-fi hits, Harrison Ford is a stellar name.
  29. Harry – meaning “home-ruler;” ten points to Gryffindor if you name your boy after the wizard Harry Potter.
  30. Hugo – after Hugo Cabret from the fantasy novel The Invention of Hugo Cabret, meaning “bright mind.”
  31. Idris – means “ardent lord,” known as one of the coolest male actors and the Captain in Prometheus.
  32. Jack – from Jack the Giant Killer to Captain Jack Sparrow – get inspired by this name meaning “energy.”
  33. Jackson – meaning “son of Jack,” boy mage Percy Jackson is a hit with young readers globally.
  34. Jareth – means “descendant,” after David Bowie’s “Goblin King” in Labyrinth.
  35. Jason – a popular name meaning the “Lord is salvation,” and a great warrior in Greek mythology.
  36. Joffrey – the cruel king from Game of Thrones, meaning “peace of a stranger.”
  37. Jon – a simple name meaning “gift of God,” Jon Snow is the charismatic hero in Game of Thrones.
  38. Kael – from the movie Willow, Kael means “uncertain” and is the leader of the Nockmaar army.
  39. Kirk – meaning “church,” some names are legendary and don’t come more Sci-fi than James T. Kirk.
  40. Lando – meaning “long hill,” from Star Wars character Lando Calrissian, played by super-cool Billy Dee Williams.
  41. Lex – meaning “law,” arch-criminal Lex Luther’s first name might suit your little schemer.
  42. Logan – meaning “little hollow,” your little Wolverine needs a standout name to match their X-Men skills.
  43. Ludo – meaning “famous warrior,” a character in Labyrinth and one of the great fantasy boy names.
  44. Luke – meaning “from Lucania,” the greatest Jedi Knight, Luke Skywalker, great for any budding space pilot.
  45. Mace – sticking with the Jedi theme, Mace Windu is a powerful ally of Obi-Wan-Kenobi.
  46. Marty – meaning “dedicated to Mars,” Marty McFly is one of the greatest movie characters.
  47. Max – meaning “the greatest,” Mad Max is from the dystopian movies of the same name.
  48. Milo – a “beloved” fantasy character in books, Milo is a cool, earthy name for your child.
  49. Mulder – meaning “miller,” if your kid loves the truth, Mulder is from the X-files.
  50. Odo – another Middle Earth name; Odo means “way” and is Bilbo Baggins’ sidekick.
  51. Patrick – meaning “nobleman,” they don’t come bigger than Patrick Stewart from Star Trek.
  52. Percy – sounds lame but means “one who pierces the valley,” Percy Jackson is a powerful demi-god.
  53. Peter – means “rock,” your little “Star-lord” can be like Peter Quill from Guardians of the Galaxy.
  54. Ronan – a fearsome character from Guardians of the Galaxy, meaning “Little seal.”
  55. Rory – meaning “red king,” and is Doctor Who’s assistant in the hit British TV series.
  56. Rowan – means “red hair” and is the cool hero from the fantasy book Rowan of Rin.
  57. Rylan – from The Last Starfighter, Rylan is the Star League’s top spy, meaning “rye island.”
  58. Sam – meaning “told by God,” L.O.T.R character Samwise Gamgee is brave beyond his stature.
  59. Sauron – means “the abhorred,” the main antagonist in The Lord of the Rings series.
  60. Scotty – “beam me up, Scotty;” a great choice for your kid, meaning “from Scotland.”
  61. Septimus – as cool fantasy names go, this one is hard to beat and means “seventh son.”
  62. Spike – Buffy the Vampire Slayer had a strong vampire character called Spike, meaning “sharp point.”
  63. Spock – if you think your child is part human-part Vulcan, Spock is a cool fantasy baby name.
  64. Sulu – a cool character from the Star Trek series meaning “sarong,” Sulu is a badass Star Fleet Officer.
  65. Turner – meaning “woodturner,” Will Turner from Pirates of the Caribbean knew how to handle a sword.
  66. Tyrion – from Game of Thrones, meaning “rock,” Tyrion lacked height but was super-smart.
  67. Verne – meaning “alder grove,” after the celebrated father of Sci-fi, Jules Verne.
  68. Victor – Mary Shelley invented the sci-fi genre with her character Victor Frankenstein, meaning “one who defeats.”
  69. Wesley – meaning “western meadow,” what could be cooler than a half vampire-half human slayer?
  70. Westley – means “western meadow” and is from The Princess Bride.
  71. Xavier – meaning “new house” (pronounced Zavier), and the name of Professor X, founder of the X-Men.
  72. Zack – a common name meaning “the Lord has remembered” and a character in the Final Fantasy films.

51 Out of This World Fantasy Girl Names

Discover a variety of fantasy girl names, from the cute and pretty to the unusual and peculiar. Whether you prefer feisty royal princesses battling evil or superwomen, we’ve got you covered.

  1. Alia – meaning “supreme,” a beautiful title worthy of being on our list of fantasy girl names.
  2. Amelia – a memorable character from the British TV show Doctor Who, Amelia means “industrious.”
  3. Anastasia – a Russian girl name meaning “resurrection,” Anastasia is a key character in Battle Star Galactica.
  4. Annabeth – meaning “grace and favor,” Annabeth is a demi-god from the Percy Jackson novels.
  5. Arabella – from the Harry Potter series, Arabella is also Latin for “yielding to prayer.”
  6. Ariel – was famous in the 90s as The Little Mermaid, meaning “lioness of God.”
  7. Arya – they don’t come any tougher than the “noble” Princess Arya Stark from Game of Thrones.
  8. Aurra – a minor character in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace and a pretty name meaning “energy.”
  9. Avalon – in Arthurian legend, Avalon is his final resting place, meaning “island of apples.”
  10. Belle – meaning “attractive woman,” Belle is the main female character in Beauty and the Beast.
  11. Brienne – meaning “noble,” Lady Brienne of Tarth was as tough as they come in G.O.T.
  12. Buttercup – a sweet name meaning “lightness and joy,” Buttercup was kidnapped in The Princess Bride.
  13. Claire – means “bright,” there’s nothing ethereal about this character in the Outlander series.
  14. Clara – meaning “famous and bright” Clara was also a sidekick in the British series Doctor Who.
  15. Clarisse – possibly the classiest of the fantasy baby names, meaning the same as Clara.
  16. Coraline – from the fantasy movie, Coraline means “heart” and is perfect for shortening to Cora.
  17. Dana – means “mother of gods,” Dana Scully was Fox Mulder’s brilliant partner.
  18. Diana – means “divine,” belonging to the beloved, late Princess of Wales and the powerful Wonder Woman.
  19. Elektra – such a stunning name, meaning “amber,” Elektra has a strong superhero feel.
  20. Elizabeth – meaning “God is my oath,” Elizabeth is the female lead in Pirates of the Caribbean.
  21. Ellen – means “ light;” Ellen Ripleyand is possibly the toughest sci-fi character from Alien.
  22. Elora – has an ethereal feel, meaning “foreign,” and was a character in the film Willow.
  23. Eowyn – is Old English for “horse of joy,” Eowyn features in Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings.
  24. Fleur – a French name meaning “flower” and an elegant character in the Harry Potter series.
  25. Freya – means “noblewoman” in Norse and is a popular name in the United States.
  26. Galadriel – meaning “maiden crowned with a radiant garland,” a character in The Lord of the Rings.
  27. Harker – this English name meaning “deer marshland” appeared in Dracula as his love interest, Mina Harker.
  28. Harley – meaning “hare’s meadow,” the ultimate wild child, Harley Quinn is deadly and funny.
  29. Jules – from the French Sci-fi godfather Jules Verne meaning “down-bearded youth,” practically invented the genre.
  30. Jyn – Mans “gold,” Jyn Erso, was a formidable character in Star Wars: Rogue One.
  31. Kara – is your own supergirl as “beloved” as Kara Danvers and her alter-ego, Supergirl?
  32. Kathryn – a legendary Star Trek Captain of the USS Voyager and a female role model meaning “pure.”
  33. Katniss – we had to include Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games because she’s badass and “pure.”
  34. Lara – cool fantasy names don’t come any better than Lara Croft from Tomb Raider, meaning “protection.”
  35. Lucy – means “light,” and a Pevensie sibling from The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis.
  36. Luna means “moon” in Latin, and a quirky character from Harry Potter called Luna Lovegood.
  37. Lyra – meaning “lyre,” Lyra Belacqua saves the world in the TV series His Dark Materials.
  38. Mina – the “love” interest of Jonathan Harker and ancient vampire Count Dracula.
  39. Morgana – a cool witchy name meaning “circling sea;” Morgana was Arthur’s evil enemy in Arthurian legend.
  40. Nova – meaning “new,” fantasy names don’t get any better than Nova from Guardians of the Galaxy.
  41. Padme – an iconic princess and senator in Star Wars with killer makeup, meaning “lotus.”
  42. Quinn – after Harley Quinn, the badass anti-hero cheerleader with kickass moves, meaning “counsel.”
  43. Ravenna – meaning “raven,” and an iconic evil character from Snow White and the Huntsman.
  44. Rey – meaning “king,” is a strong Star Wars female character, perfect for your daughter.
  45. Ripley – Sigourney Weaver’s iconic character meaning “strip of clearing in the woods.”
  46. Sonya – from the Mortal Combat series, Sonya means “wisdom” and was one tough female.
  47. Valerian – means “strong and healthy” and is featured in the Dragonslayer.
  48. Valerie – a memorable name from The Princess Bride, meaning “healthy and strong.”
  49. Willow – scores ten on the “flower child” scale, meaning “freedom,” and a favorite with bohemian parents.
  50. Xena – pronounced “Zena,” meaning “hospitable,” this Warrior Princess is one of the great fantasy girl names.
  51. Zoe – from trendy actors in Guardians of the Galaxy to rockstar daughters, meaning “life.”

Fantasy and Sci-Fi Baby Names FAQs

What are the Most Popular Fantasy and Sci-Fi Baby Names?

The most popular fantasy and sci-fi baby names for girls include Amelia, Kathryn, Lara, Lucy, and Diana. Popular choices for boys include Harry, Buck, Davy, Arthur, and Jason. Most fantasy baby names come from popular books and films like The Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and Harry Potter.

What are the Most Powerful Fantasy and Sci-Fi Baby Names?

The most powerful fantasy and sci-fi baby names include Sauron, Ronan, Harry (from Harry Potter), and Gandalf. Other names to consider are Ripley, Harley, Lyra, and Brienne (from Game of Thrones).

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