100 Beautiful Finnish Girl Names: With Meanings

Find the perfect Finnish female name for your beautiful new baby, alongside it’s magical meanings, nicknames, namesakes, and more!

From the mighty to the mythological, there are so many Finnish female names to discover.

Here are some of the most beautiful choices we know of, and they are sure to help you find the perfect Finnish girl name for your adorable new baby daughter!

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100 Beautiful Finnish Girl Names

Read on to discover the perfect Finnish name for your new little warrior, along with all the meanings, origins, and fun facts to help you make that all-important choice…


Aada is a pretty and soft Finnish feminine name. “A-” names are always popular, so why not choose one which is three-quarters full of that letter? Aada is derived from names such as Adele or Adelaide, which are rooted in a Germanic stem meaning “noble.”

  • Origin: Finnish
  • Meaning: Noble
  • Pronunciation: AH-dah
  • Variations: Adele, Ada
Pretty, Unique, Sweet


Aamu is a delightful Finnish word name for a fresh and beautiful little girl. Meaning “morning,” Aamu signifies a brand new chapter full of hope, adventure, and possibility – a great way to capture the wonder of a new little girl.

  • Origin: Finnish
  • Meaning: Morning
Earthy, Pretty, Nature-inspired


Aino is a very popular Finnish girl name in Finland at the moment, and we can see why! Its easy spelling and short but sweet pronunciation make it accessible and charming, both as Aino and its variant Aina. In Finnish mythology, Aino was the name of a beautiful but tragic heroine of the Kalevala epic, who chose to drown herself rather than marry against her will. Aino holds the meaning of “the only one,” giving the name a heartfelt, special feel to it. The only irony is that, due to the name’s popularity lately, your daughter may not be “the only one” named Aino in her school!

  • Origin: Finnish, Estonian
  • Meaning: The only one
  • Pronunciation: IE-no
  • Variations: Aina
  • Namesakes: Aino Kallas, a Finnish-Estonian writer. Aino Taube, a Swedish actress. Aino Aalto, a Finnish architect and designer.
  • Popularity: Aino is one of the most popular girls’ names in Finland at the moment, having commanded the top of the popularity charts in recent years.
Mythological, Pretty, Popular


In Finnish mythology, Akka is the goddess of fertility, married to Ukko, the god of thunder. A personification of nature and new life, Akka holds a gorgeous sentiment to bestow upon a little girl. It should also be noted, however, that “akka” translates from Finnish to mean “old woman” or “hag,” which is the exact opposite of your beautiful baby girl, but don’t let that bother you!

  • Origin: Finnish, Sami
  • Meaning: Old woman, hag, or female spirit
Mythological, Cool


A name popular all around the world, Ana is used as a very popular variant on the universally-adored Anna. In Finnish, Ana may also be used as a nickname on sweet, longer variations such as Anneli, Anella, or Anita, all of which are simply beautiful.

  • Origin: Finnish
  • Meaning: Full of grace
  • Variations: Anna, Hannah
Popular, Sweet


Anneli is a gorgeous Finnish name derived from the popular Ann stem, meaning “grace.” Anneli is a pretty, soft, and beautifully feminine version of the name, perfectly marrying up the popular “Ann” and “Ellie” name styles. If you like names like Annabelle or Amelia, this name could be a stunning, not to mention unique, alternative.

  • Origin: Finnish, Swedish, German
  • Meaning: Grace
  • Variations: Annelie
Pretty, Sweet


Auri is a pretty and magical-sounding name for a little princess. It is a rarer-heard variant on the name Aura, which is taken from Greek origin, meaning “breeze.” This airy meaning gives the name all the softness of a whisper, while the sweet “-i” ending adds a kind of hip, trendy style to the short name.

  • Origin: Finnish, Greek
  • Meaning: Breeze
  • Variations: Aura, Aurelia
Nature-inspired, Sweet, Pretty


Aurinko is a stellar name for a baby, meaning “sun” in Finnish. A unisex name, Aurinko shines warmly over those who hear it and is a great choice if you’re looking for a slightly longer name that still sounds perfectly sweet on the tongue.

  • Origin: Finnish
  • Meaning: Sun
Nature-inspired, Cool, Sweet


Earthy, sweet, and autumnal, Eevi is a dazzling Finnish unisex name. As a girl’s name, Eevi makes for a cute variation on the name Eve. For a boy, Eevi would work as a variation on Edvin. With the meaning of “life,” Eevi feels fresh and prosperous, full of opportunity and magic.

  • Origin: Finnish
  • Meaning: Life
  • Variations: Eve, Edvin
Earthy, Sweet


Elea is a popular girl name throughout Scandinavia, and with such a radiant meaning, we can see why. This short form of Eleanor holds the brilliant meaning of “bright, shining light,” casting a warm glow upon its bearer. Alternative versions to consider are Ela or Ele.

  • Origin: Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish
  • Meaning: Bright, shining light
  • Variations: Eleanor, Ela, Ele
Popular, Pretty
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Eliisa is a simply adorable short form of the Finnish girl name Elisabet which, of course, is derived from the beautifully regal name Elizabeth. With the meaning of “promise of God,” Eliisa is true and noble, with a sweet and upbeat spelling and pronunciation to match.

  • Origin: Finnish
  • Meaning: Promise of God
  • Variations: Elisabet
Heavenly, Pretty


Enni is a cute choice of Finnish girl name to consider and a perfect choice if you can’t settle on just one meaning in a name. As well as holding the feisty, warrior-like meaning of “she who fights with a sword,” Enni may also actually be a pet form of longer Scandinavian names beginning with that “En-” syllable. In this case, its meaning would be variable depending on its longer form, but we think it works perfectly as an independent name, too. Enni sounds curious and lively and is matched by its masculine equivalent Eino.

  • Origin: Finnish
  • Meaning: She who fights with a sword
  • Variations: Eine
Strong, Pretty


Erika is the Finnish feminine form of the Scandinavian Erik, derived from the Old Norse Eiríkr, meaning “mighty, eternal ruler.” This is a brilliant choice for your newest little leader in life, offering power and might alongside a feisty spelling.

  • Origin: Scandinavian
  • Meaning: Mighty, eternal ruler
  • Variations: Erica, Eryka
Strong, Cool, Stylish


Esteri is a beautifully ethereal choice of a Finnish girl name. It is the Finnish form of the pretty name Esther, who was the Queen of Persia in the Old Testament. With the meaning of “star,” Esteri shines brightly and loyally, sounding just as though she is destined for great things.

  • Origin: Finnish
  • Meaning: Star
  • Variations: Esther
Nature-inspired, Sweet, Heavenly


Eveliina is such a pretty name for a precious little girl. It is the Finnish form of Evelina, which comes from the same stem as the Norman French name Aveline, or Avelina. There is a dispute over the true meaning of this name, with theories including that “aveline” translates to “hazelnut” from French, or perhaps that the name is rooted in the biblical girl’s name Eve, which means “to live.” However you choose to interpret the Finnish girl name Eveliina, it is sure to be adored and admired.

  • Origin: Finnish
  • Meaning: Meaning unknown
  • Variations: Evelina, Eve, Aveline, Evelyn
Pretty, Unique, Earthy


Evena is a pretty and wholesome Finnish girl name, and a feminine variant on the Norwegian masculine name Even. The root of this name comes from the Old Norse Eyvindr, which holds the triumphant meaning of “victor, winner.” Evena is an uncommon but sweet name, which manages to sound modern and sophisticated, as well as “even” or level-headed, perhaps.

  • Origin: Finnish, Norwegian
  • Meaning: Winner
  • Variations: Eyvindr
Unique, Cool


Hannele is the gorgeous Finnish form of the Hebrew feminine name Hannah, which holds the pure and wholesome meanings of “favor” and “grace.” Both names are beloved in their own right, yet Hannele is rarely heard in English-speaking countries, despite being so popular in Finland. Hannah, on the other hand, is very common in the USA and UK, so mix it up a bit and opt for the sweet, charming Hannele.

  • Origin: Finnish
  • Meaning: Favor, grace
  • Variations: Hannah
  • Popularity: Hannele is a very popular name in Finland and has featured regularly in the list of top ten most popular Finnish girl names over the past few decades.
Popular, Pretty


Heleena is a Finnish variation of the adorable name Helena, which is rooted in Greek and holds the brilliant meaning of “bright, shining light.” Heleena is a pretty alternative and would make a lovely tribute if used in honor of a family member named Helen, perhaps.

  • Origin: Finnish, Greek
  • Meaning: Bright, shining light
  • Variations: Helena, Helen
Sweet, Pretty


Helka is a fun Finnish variant on the Scandinavian name Helga, which was ultimately derived from an Old Norse word meaning “holy” or “blessed.” There are quite a few similar-sounding variations to this name, but we like how the sharper “k” adds feistiness to the Helka form.

  • Origin: Finnish
  • Meaning: Holy, blessed
  • Variations: Helga, Helge, Helgi
Sweet, Heavenly, Cool


Meaning “loving” or “affectionate,” Hellä is a beautifully wholesome Finnish girl name for your precious baby daughter. You could even say it’s “hella adorable.”

  • Origin: Finnish
  • Meaning: Loving, affectionate
Pretty, Unique, Sweet
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A precious gem of a name, the cute Helmi means “pearl” in Finnish. Alternatively, Helmi could be a short form of the Finnish girl name Vilhelmiina, which is a feminine variant on the popular and regal masculine name William, which holds the powerful meaning of “vehement protector.” Both meanings are strong and positive, making Helmi an all-around great choice of name for a sweet girl.

  • Origin: Finnish, Estonian
  • Meaning: Pearl, or vehement protector
  • Variations: Vilhelmiina
Strong, Nature-inspired, Sweet


Although Henna shares a striking resemblance to the ever-popular feminine name Hannah, this Finnish girl name is actually derived from the same root as the masculine Henry. From this, Henna holds the sweet, regal meaning of “home-ruler,” perfect for your new center of attention. Henna is also the name of a plant-based dye, used traditionally in South Asia as a gorgeous and symbolic form of body art known as Mehndi, but also as a dye for fabrics, hair, and skin since the time of ancient Egypt.

  • Origin: Finnish
  • Meaning: Home ruler
  • Variations: Henrietta
Earthy, Cool


Hilla is a cute Finnish girl name that holds the sweet meaning of “cloudberry.” These unique plants bear peculiar, cloud-shaped berries (hence the name) and are associated with northern and Scandinavian countries, making Hilla a great nature-inspired name from that region. Hilla may also be used as a shortened form or nickname for longer names beginning with that “Hil-” or “Hel-” syllable – sweet and soft.

  • Origin: Finnish
  • Meaning: Cloudberry
Sweet, Nature-inspired


Hulta is a Finnish form of the Scandinavian girl name Hulda, holding the same meaning but with a bit more bite. Hulda is an Old Norse name with the intriguing meaning of “secrecy” and was also the name of a powerful enchantress in Norse mythology. In Swedish, Hulda may hold the adorable meanings of “sweet” or “loveable.” The Finnish form, Hulta, maybe less common, yet we love it as a cool, unique variant. There are also a handful of towns and settlements across Sweden named Hulta, so this might be a cute choice of locational name if you have family ties to one of those areas!

  • Origin: Finnish, Old Norse, Swedish
  • Meaning: Secrecy, or sweet, lovable
  • Variations: Hulda, Hulra
Unique, Mythological, Sweet


Fresh, breezy, and full of opportunity, Ilma is a beautiful choice of Finnish girl name to consider for your beautiful new daughter. Ilma holds the lush meaning of “air” and has some powerful ties to folklore you may be eager to hear about. According to Finnish mythology, Ilmatar was the beautiful goddess of the heavens and the mother of Ilmarinen, who was said to be the legendary creator of the sky itself. Aren’t these the most glorious legendary namesakes to learn about with your pretty little air-fairy as she grows up?

  • Origin: Finnish
  • Meaning: Air
  • Variations: Ilmi, Ilme
Pretty, Nature-inspired, Mythological


In Finnish, “ilo” means “joy,” and Ilona makes a gorgeously bright and positive feminine name derived from that stem. However, not only is Ilona a pretty Finnish name for girls, but it is also popular internationally too. Some consider Ilona to be a variation on the Greek Helen, a shining torch of a name. More magical still, in Hungary, Ilona is a pretty name of folkloric influence, as Ilona is the Queen of the Fairies in Hungarian mythology.

  • Origin: Finnish, Hungarian
  • Meaning: Bringer of joy
Sweet, Pretty


“Ilta” is the Finnish word for “evening,” making it a gorgeously dreamy choice of given name for a pretty little girl. Whether she was born in the evening, has magically deep blue eyes, or just reminds you of the calm serenity of dusk, Ilta would suit any little girl beautifully. Ilta has a sweet lilt and, although it may sound like it’s an acronym for something, its uniqueness is sure to be admired.

  • Origin: Finnish
  • Meaning: Evening
Sweet, Pretty


If you are looking for a name as pure and sweet as your beautiful newborn, Impi may be the choice for you. The name translates from Finnish to mean “maiden” or “virgin,” so wholesome and chaste. However, it may be worth noting that “impi” has quite the opposite meaning in Zulu, connoting war and battle from its definition of “army.” But please don’t let this factor deter you from the name, as the delicate, pixie-like sound of the name Impi is sure to spread positivity and light wherever it is heard.

  • Origin: Finnish
  • Meaning: Maiden, virgin
Sweet, Unique


Inka is a sharp yet pretty Finnish form of the Scandinavian name Inga, which in turn is derived from Inge. Inge may be a short form or nickname for longer names that contain that “ing” syllable, such as Ingrid or Inkeri. Alternatively, “Ing” could be used in reference to a Germanic God of fertility, which could be a fun avenue to take when looking for a name. Overall, Inka is short and spicy, and its lack of specific definition just means she can write her own story instead!

  • Origin: Finnish, Scandinavian, Germanic
  • Meaning: Meaning unknown
  • Variations: Inga, Inge
Sweet, Unique, Cool


“Joulu” means “Christmas” in Finnish, making it an especially joyful name for a festive little baby! Joulu works as a merry choice for both boys and girls and is a short form of Joulupukki, the name of a beloved Christmas figure. Spark festive cheer year-round, and choose Joulu as a festive name for your little Christmas pudding.

  • Origin: Finnish
  • Meaning: Christmas
Sweet, Pretty
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Julie is a beautiful name for a girl. Anna is also a pretty choice. Juliana combines both stunningly, but Juljana takes it up to a whole new level of gorgeous! Juljana is a Finnish and Swedish form of Juliana, which may be traced back to the ancient Roman name Julius. With the meaning of “youthful,” Juljana sounds fun and trendy and would make an especially fine choice for a baby born during the glorious month of June. If you like the Finnish flair to the name but aren’t keen on the extra “j,” you could always opt for Juliaana instead, which is equally as special.

  • Origin: Finnish, Swedish, Roman
  • Meaning: Youthful
  • Variations: Juliaana, Juliana
Pretty, Unique


Kaarina is a gorgeous and popular Finnish name for a girl, with the simple yet wholesome meaning of “pure.” Kaarina is a Finnish variant of the name Katherine, which was derived from a Greek word. Katherine, Catherine, and its variants are popular internationally, having been borne by various saints and noblewomen. Kaarina is a great variant, with a trendy spelling and fresh, hopeful connotations. There is a town in Finland named Kaarina, too, making it a fun locational name if you have familiar links to that area.

  • Origin: Finnish
  • Meaning: Pure
  • Variations: Katherine, Katariina, Katja
  • Namesakes: Kaarina Goldberg, a Finnish author.
  • Popularity: Kaarina is one of the most popular Finnish girl names ever in Finland, particularly through the mid-1900s.
Pretty, Popular, Locational


Kerttu is a brilliant Finnish feminine “K” name to consider if you want to inspire a strong or fighting spirit in your new arrival. Kerttu is a Finnish form of the Germanic name Gertrude, yet sounding somehow cooler and very pretty. With the powerful meaning of “strength of a spear,” Kerttu always sounds strong, confident, and ready for battle!

  • Origin: Finnish, Germanic
  • Meaning: Strength of a spear
  • Variations: Gertrude, Trude
  • Namesakes: Kerttu Kauniskangas, a Finnish writer. Kerttu Vuolab, a Finnish Sámi author, illustrator, translator, and songwriter.
Cool, Strong


Kielo is the Finnish name of the beautiful lily-of-the-valley plant and makes a gorgeously dreamy, nature-inspired name for any pretty little girl. The tiny white flowers on this stunning plant represent all things pure and chaste, bringing a smile to those who see it. We’re sure your daughter will do the same and that everyone will love this delicate, fairy-like name if you choose to bless it upon her.

  • Origin: Finnish
  • Meaning: Lily-of-the-valley
Pretty, Floral, Nature-inspired


Kirsi is a great and popular Finnish name with a couple of adorable meanings to choose from. To begin with, “kirsi” means “frost” in Finnish, which would be a great meaning to have in the name of a winter-born baby girl. Alternatively, Kirsi could be a short form of Kirsikka, another sweet Finnish girl name that holds the meaning of “cherry.” However, Kirsi originated as a form of the name Kristiina, the Finnish form of the popular, holy, and beautiful name Christine, or Christina. From this root, Kirsi takes the heavenly meaning of “Christian” or “follower of Christ.”

  • Origin: Finnish
  • Meaning: Follower of Christ
  • Variations: Kirsikka, Kristiina
Heavenly, Popular, Nature-inspired


“Kirsikka” is the Finnish word for “cherry,” making it a fun, sweet, and fruity Finnish name for a girl. Cherries are often perceived as sensual fruits and an image of beauty, not to mention an ingredient in some of the most comforting and homely dishes! For a nature-themed name inspired by something a little different, choose Kirsikka as a brilliant name for your sweet-as-pie little girl.

  • Origin: Finnish
  • Meaning: Cherry
Sweet, Nature-inspired, Fun


Kristiina is the Finnish form of the name Christina or Christine. The root of these popular names is ultimately found in the Latin Christianus, holding the meaning of “Christian” or “a follower of Christ.” This name has stemmed new variations in many different languages all across the world, both for males and females, but this stylish Finnish feminine form of the name is a beautiful choice. Nicknames from Kristiina include Tiina or Kirsi, both of which are equally as adorable!

  • Origin: Finnish, Estonian
  • Meaning: Follower of Christ
  • Variations: Christina, Tiina, Kirsi
Heavenly, Popular


“Kukka” is the Finnish word for “flower,” and may be used as a sweet name for pretty girls. If you’re hoping to find the perfect nature-inspired name for your daughter, one which literally means “flower” could be the option for you, as the floral sentiment offers a delicate, sweet, and gentle aura to the name, which will reflect a pretty glow on its owner. Kukka is a brilliant option, with all the beauty of a flower, yet with a unique, quirky, yet trendy sound and spelling to enjoy.

  • Origin: Finnish
  • Meaning: Flower
Floral, Unique, Nature-inspired


Kuu is a dazzling choice of name for a little girl, especially one born in the light of the moon! Kuu is the name of a mythological Finnish moon goddess, offering a mystical, magical aura of intrigue to this unique but pretty name.

  • Origin: Finnish
  • Meaning: Moon
Nature-inspired, Mythological, Unique


Having a daughter is one of the most special gifts in life, so why not choose a name for her which sums up this sentiment perfectly? Lahja is a sweet Finnish girl’s name that literally means “gift” in Finnish and sounds like a soft, pretty name itself. Lahja may also be a fun idea for a Christmas-inspired baby name, too.

  • Origin: Finnish
  • Meaning: Gift
Fun, Sweet
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Lemmitty is an adorably precious, unisex Finnish name. It is derived from the word “lempi,” which means “love” in Old Finnish. Lempi makes a gorgeous name for a girl in itself, but the soft, bitty style of Lemmitty is so sweet that it’s simply irresistible.

  • Origin: Finnish
  • Meaning: Beloved
  • Variations: Lempi
Cool, Sweet


Lempi may be the sweetest of all Finnish names, with the word meaning “love” in Old Finnish. As a name, Lempi sounds soft and gentle yet with a bit of a cheeky side, and we love its stylish simplicity in sound. For your precious little daughter, Lempi is a simply adorable choice to name her, and one we’re sure she will “love” just as much as you!

  • Origin: Finnish
  • Meaning: Love
  • Style: Sweet, Pretty
  • Variations: Lemmitty


Lenni is a sweet unisex Finnish name, inspired by the roar of a strong, mighty, “brave lion.” Although more popularly used for boys, the soft lilt and modern “-i” spelling make Lenni an adorable choice for girls, too. Especially those who are destined to be the leader of the pack!

  • Origin: Finnish
  • Meaning: Brave lion
Strong, Sweet, Animals


Liekki is a feisty and hot Finnish girl name indeed! Liekki is a word name with the translation of “flame.” Ignite an exciting new life full of warmth and brilliance with this adorable choice.

  • Origin: Finnish
  • Meaning: Flame
Sweet, Cool, Strong


Lilja is a pretty Finnish and Icelandic form of the gorgeously popular name Lily. Floral names are always a hit, and Lilja provides a sweet Finnish twist to a flower adored by many. In terms of pronunciation, you can choose whether to say the first syllable of Lilja like “lil” or “leel,” but both are as beautiful as a lily itself!

  • Origin: Finnish, Icelandic
  • Meaning: Lily
  • Pronunciation: leel-yah, lil-ya
  • Variations: Lilli, Lily
Floral, Pretty


Linnea is the Finnish form of the Swedish girl’s name Linnéa, after the Linnaea twinflower. This flower was named after the Swedish scientist Carl Linnaeus, and Linnéa has gone on to become one of the most popular Swedish girl names in recent years. Thanks to the delicate nature of the linnea plant, which buds two “twinned” flower heads on each stem, Linnea could make an especially beautiful name for one of your newborn twin girls.

  • Origin: Finnish, Swedish
  • Meaning: Linnaea flower
  • Variations: Linnéa
  • Namesakes: Carl Linnaeus, a Swedish scientist.
Nature-inspired, Sweet, Floral


Loja is a unique and feisty name for a girl, being a Finnish form of the popular name Louise. From Louise, Loja carries the brilliant meaning of “famous warrior,” which will hopefully offer strength and confidence to those who bear it.

  • Origin: Finnish
  • Meaning: Famous warrior
  • Variations: Louise
  • Namesakes: Loja Saarinen, a Finnish-American artist and sculptor.
Strong, Unique, Cool


If you adore the name Charlotte but would like to choose something a little more uncommon, Lotta is a gorgeous option to consider. Lotta is the Finnish and Swedish short form of Charlotta, which of course, is a derivative of the ever-beautiful Charlotte. This name comes from the same stem as the masculine Charles, which holds the triumphant and rich meaning of “free man.” So, Lotta is an adorable name with a powerful meaning. So, shower a whole “lotta” love onto your daughter, and choose Lotta to be her name!

  • Origin: Finnish, Swedish
  • Meaning: Free
  • Variations: Charlotta, Charlotte, Lottie
Pretty, Strong, Sweet


Louhi is an extremely epic choice of Finnish girl name, taken straight out of popular folklore. According to Finnish mythology, Louhi was the name of a wicked witch who ruled the land of Pohjola. Louhi is also an alternate name of Loviatar, the goddess of death and disease. Although not the most positive of role models to use as a namesake for your little girl, Louhi is undeniably badass, and the name itself is cool and unique, too.

  • Origin: Finnish
  • Meaning: Referring to the Finnish mythological personality Louhi
Cool, Strong, Mythological


In Finnish mythology, Loviatar is the name of the goddess of death and disease. You may think this is a somewhat morbid choice of name for your precious little angel, but we think the cool name is full of stories and adventure, not to mention badass and unique! Loviatar may also be known as Louhi, which is a softer name in some senses, but people are sure to admire that “lovely” first syllable in Loviatar, which sounds just like love itself!

  • Origin: Finnish
  • Meaning: Relating to the Finnish Goddess Loviatar
  • Variations: Louhi, Lovetar
Strong, Unique, Mythological
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“Lumi” means “snow” in Finnish, making this cozy name particularly brilliant for a baby born during the beautiful wintertime. Lumi works for both boys and girls, and its “luminous” sound makes it cast a warm, shining glow over all who bear it.

  • Origin: Finnish
  • Meaning: Snow
Sweet, Nature-inspired


For a unique name that’s simply brimming with all things sparkly and positive, choose Lykke for your baby girl. This adorable feminine name and family name is used throughout Scandinavia and is derived from the Norwegian noun “lykke,” which literally means “happiness.” If you could capture the feeling of holding your perfect newborn daughter for the first time and translate it into a beautiful name, Lykke might just be it!

  • Origin: Scandinavian
  • Meaning: Happiness
Unique, Cool, Pretty


Maaria is the pretty Finnish form of the ever-popular name Maria or Mary. Maaria was also the name of a former municipality in Finland. Maaria sounds fresh and pretty, like the gentle waves of a calm, enticing ocean.

  • Origin: Finnish
  • Meaning: Beloved
  • Variations: Maria, Marja
Sweet, Pretty


Marja is a cute Finnish and Sámi variant of the popular name Maria, from the same stem as Mary, which gives it the wholesome meaning of “beloved.” However, “marja” also means “berry” in Finnish, giving the name a sweet, nature-inspired tang that would be especially gorgeous for a baby born during the rich late summertime. For English speakers, it is worth noting that the “j” in Marja is pronounced as though it were a “y,” so you don’t need to worry about it sounding too much like a nickname for a brand of butter substitute.

  • Origin: Finnish, Sámi
  • Meaning: Berry, or beloved
  • Pronunciation: mahr-yah
  • Variations: Maria, Mari, Marjatta
Nature-inspired, Pretty, Sweet


Marjatta is a simply adorable diminutive of the Finnish girl name Marja, which itself is a form of Maria. Adding that extra “-tta” on the end of the name not only elongates it but also sweetens it up considerably, and Marjatta is a brilliant choice if you like Marja, but want something a bit more fluffy. Its popularity throughout Finland assures us that the name will be adored by many.

  • Origin: Finnish
  • Meaning: Berry, or beloved
  • Variations: Marja
  • Popularity: Marjatta is a very popular Finnish female name, said to be one of the highest-ranking female names ever in Finland.
Nature-inspired, Sweet, Popular


“Meri” is the Finnish word for “sea,” making a delightfully fresh and positive choice of name for your new little mermaid. Short and sweet, the ocean-inspired Meri sounds ready for adventure, full of tranquility but ready to be firm when needed. In other languages, Meri may also be used as a variation on the name Mary, which may also be another meaningful reason to introduce the name into your family.

  • Origin: Finnish
  • Meaning: Sea
Short, Pretty, Nature-inspired


In Finnish mythology, Mielikki is the name of the goddess of forests and the hunt, said to be the wife of the forest god, Tapio. Her name is derived from the Finnish noun “mieli,” which holds the abstract yet deep meanings of “mind,” “heart,” “mood,” or “spirit.” Both the divine namesake and these spiritual meanings add a tranquil, earthy feel to this name, making Mielikki a brilliant choice if you are looking for something wholesome yet spiky for your precious little girl.

  • Origin: Finnish
  • Meaning: Mind, spirit, heart
Mythological, Earthy


Minna is a fun and frilly Germanic feminine name, which has grown to be particularly popular in both Sweden and Finland. Minna may be used as a short form of the name Wilhelmina, in which case it would hold the feisty and powerful meaning of “resolute protector.” Alternatively, Minna holds the meaning of courtly love in German, which is a beautifully romantic sentiment for a girl to carry with her as she grows up.

  • Origin: Germanic, Finnish, Swedish
  • Meaning: Resolute protector, or love
  • Variations: Wilhelmina
  • Namesakes: Minna Canth, a Finnish writer and activist.
Sweet, Pretty, Fun


Minttu is the Finnish word for “mint,” which surprisingly translates beautifully as a clean, fresh name for a little girl. The name has a sweet sound and a pretty, earthy feel which is sure to be adored.

  • Origin: Finnish
  • Meaning: Mint
  • Pronunciation: MEEN-too
Earthy, Nature-inspired, Unique


Simple, short, and stylish, Nea is a gorgeous Swedish and Finnish name for a girl. Nea is a shortened form of the pretty name Linnea, which beautifully symbolizes the delicate Linnaea flower.

  • Origin: Finnish, Swedish
  • Meaning: Linnaea flower
  • Variations: Linnea, Neea
Floral, Pretty, Short
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Noora is a lovely and dainty Finnish girl name, which originated as a short form of names such as Honora or Eleanora. It would make a gorgeous yet different tribute to a namesake of those names and manages to work as a strong, independent given name despite its origins as a nickname.

  • Origin: Finnish
  • Meaning: Honor
  • Pronunciation: no-rah
  • Variations: Nora, Eleanor, Honora
Sweet, Pretty


Oili is a Finnish form of the name Olga, which is rooted in the Old Norse Helgi, which means “holy” or “blessed.” Although Oili sounds more modern and unique than Olga, it may be hard to shake the “oily” feel to the name. Otherwise, its beautifully spiritual meaning and soft sound make it a lovely, different choice for a baby girl.

  • Origin: Finnish
  • Meaning: Holy, blessed, divine
  • Pronunciation: oi-lee
  • Variations: Olga, Helga, Helgi
Heavenly, Unique


“Omena” means “apple” in Finnish and works beautifully as a sweet name for a little girl. Omena would be an especially brilliant choice for a daughter born in the autumn time, connoting the fun of crisp leaves, cozy scarves, and, of course, lots of juicy, sweet, red apples.

  • Origin: Finnish
  • Meaning: Apple
Sweet, Nature-inspired, Earthy


Onneli is a rare but stunning Finnish girl name, derived from the word “onni,” meaning “luck” or “happiness.” We can only hope Onneli casts fortune upon all those who bear this adorably warm name, which is simply perfect if you’re looking for something a bit more unique.

  • Origin: Finnish
  • Meaning: Luck, or happiness
  • Variations: Onni
  • Popularity: Onneli is a rare name, but one which is definitely due to a spike in popularity!
Sweet, Pretty


“Peura” means “reindeer” in Finnish, and what better name to celebrate the birth of a sweet, doe-eyed, festive baby? A unique word name, Peura, would be great not just for a Christmastime little boy or girl, but any baby with purity, beauty, and just a little bit of magic, at their heart.

  • Origin: Finnish
  • Meaning: Reindeer
Unique, Animals, Sweet


Pihla is a stunning Finnish female name, taken from the word “pihlaja,” which translates to mean “rowan tree.” Rowan trees are beautiful deciduous shrubs that bear clusters of scarlet berries in the autumntime, making it an especially gorgeous choice of name for a baby born during the cooler months or with red hair. Around the world, rowans are said to offer protection against evil enchantments and in Norse mythology, it is said that the first woman was created from a rowan tree. Of course, Rowan itself is a beautiful choice of name for a girl, but Pihla is the Finnish option which is just as fiery and adorable.

  • Origin: Finnish
  • Meaning: Rowan tree
  • Pronunciation: pee-lah
  • Variations: Rowan
Nature-inspired, Earthy, Sweet


The Finnish word for “cloud” is “pilvi,” which we think makes the most dreamy of names for a happy little girl. Pilvi is short and sharp as a name, yet its meaning of “cloud” enables it to evoke the most fluffy and breezy of sentiments, just like the feeling of staring up at the sky on a warm summer’s day.

  • Origin: Finnish, Estonian
  • Meaning: Cloud
Nature-inspired, Sweet, Heavenly


Pinja is a pretty Finnish female name that holds the earthy meaning of “stone pine.” The stone pine, also known more colloquially as an “umbrella tree,” are beautiful ornamental evergreens that command their landscapes and are admired by many. For a charming and pretty little girl, Pinja is an awesome name to consider.

  • Origin: Finnish
  • Meaning: Stone pine
  • Pronunciation: peen-yah
Nature-inspired, Cool, Earthy


Raakel is the Finnish form of the popular Hebrew name Rachel, which holds the unique yet comforting meaning of “ewe.” Rachel is a biblical name, having featured in the Old Testament as a wife of Jacob and the mother of Joseph and Benjamin. Raakel is a pretty and sharper alternative to what is already established as a well-loved and popular name for beautiful little girls.

  • Origin: Finnish, Hebrew
  • Meaning: Ewe
  • Variations: Rachel, Rakel
Heavenly, Animals


With both a double “i” and a double “k” in the middle of this name, Riikka sure is a stand-out, funky choice of name for a confident little girl. This Finnish girl name is actually a short form from longer names that contain that “rika” syllable, such as Ulrikka, Fredrika, or Henriikka. However, Riikka works perfectly well as a unique, independent name and a great one to bring some style to your baby daughter’s new life. As it is derived from a nickname, Riikka has no clear meaning, but can carry a meaning over from whichever longer name you would like it to be a short form of!

  • Origin: Finnish
  • Meaning: Meaning unknown
  • Pronunciation: ree-ka
  • Variations: Ulrika, Henriikka, Fredrika
Fun, Stylish, Cool
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Riina is a funky Finnish girl name that is derived from the same stem as the ever-popular name Katherine. This is because Riina works as a short form of the Finnish form of Katherine, which is Katariina, but it may also work as a nickname from names like Kaarina, too. From Katherine, Riina holds the adorably wholesome meaning of “pure,” which seems like it would be a lovely choice for an innocent little newborn with many adventures ahead of her.

  • Origin: Finnish
  • Meaning: Pure
  • Variations: Kaarina, Katariina
Pretty, Sweet


Ritva is a lovely, nature-inspired Finnish girl name, taken from the word “ritva,” which translates to “a hanging branch,” like one would find on a birch tree or a willow. This unique meaning seems to evoke feelings of privacy and protection, yet with all the strength and beauty of a mighty tree itself.

  • Origin: Finnish
  • Meaning: A hanging branch
Earthy, Cool, Nature-inspired


If you’re a lover of literature or passionate about prose, Runo is a glorious choice of name for your new baby. A Finnish unisex name, Runo means “poem,” so offering as much depth, beauty, and complexity as your new little love themselves.

  • Origin: Finnish
  • Meaning: Poem
Sweet, Cool


Floral names are popular choices for little girls all across the world, so why not opt for something a little more special? Rose, Rosie, and Roselyn are all gorgeous options, but we think the Finnish word for “rose” makes just as perfect an option. Ruusu is unique and trendy, with a spelling that’s sure to stand out. Although it may sound a tad more rugged, Ruusu holds all the delicateness, beauty, and perfection of a gorgeous rose flower – what’s not to love?

  • Origin: Finnish
  • Meaning: Rose
  • Variations: Rose
Nature-inspired, Pretty, Unique


Ethereal and luminous, Säde is a beautiful Finnish girl name to choose for your newest addition. Meaning “ray of light,” Säde perfectly captures that brilliant joy brought by the presence of a new child, and we think you’ll agree this unique name option is simply magical.

  • Origin: Finnish
  • Meaning: Ray of light
  • Pronunciation: sa-deh
Sweet, Nature-inspired


Salla and Salli are both Finnish forms of the adorable English girl name Sally which, in turn, was derived from Sarah. Salla holds the regal and charming meaning of “princess,” which is a lovely meaning to associate with your royal little lady. As well as this, Salla is the name of a municipality in Lapland, Finland, so could be a nice locational name if you have family from that area.

  • Origin: Finnish
  • Meaning: Princess
  • Variations: Salli, Sally


Meaning “fairy tale,” the Finnish girl name Satu is wondrously enchanting, simply full of magic and possibility. There are endless fables and fairy tales to explore with your new daughter, but she will be starring in her own beautiful tale with this incredibly mystical name.

  • Origin: Finnish
  • Meaning: Fairy tale
  • Pronunciation: sah-too
  • Popularity: Satu is a common name in Finland, which was especially popular during the mid-late 1900s.
Pretty, Sweet, Mythological


Seela is a unique given name for a girl in Finland, but one you should consider for your daughter nonetheless. Seela is the Finnish form of the Hebrew name Sela, which holds the sturdy and proper meaning of “rock.” In the bible, Sela was the name of a city that featured in the Old Testament, giving it good strength as a spiritual name, too.

  • Origin: Finnish, Hebrew
  • Meaning: Rock
Nature-inspired, Unique, Heavenly


Seppänen, or Seppä, are Finnish occupational surnames derived from the role of a blacksmith, like the English surname of Smith. Although they are much more commonly heard as surnames, we think Seppä or Seppänen would make cool choices of given names, too. Perhaps if you have this name in your family, choosing Seppänen for your daughter would be an especially lovely, touching tribute to that namesake.

  • Origin: Finnish
  • Meaning: Blacksmith
  • Variations: Seppä
Cool, Unique


Sigrid is a name popular throughout Scandinavia, derived from the Old Norse name Sigríðr, which is composed of elements meaning “victory” and “beautiful,” giving Sigrid the most wonderful of transferred meanings indeed! For a little girl who is both beautiful and destined to be victorious, Sigrid is a lovely option to consider as a name to bless upon her.

  • Origin: Scandinavian
  • Meaning: Victorious, beautiful
  • Variations: Sigrath, Sigríðr, Siiri
  • Namesakes: Sigrid, a Norwegian singer. Sigrid Hjertén, a Swedish modernist painter. Sigrid Undset, a Norwegian Nobel Prize-winning novelist.
Strong, Cool
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Siiri is a sweet short form of the Scandinavian name Sigrid. It looks cute and funky as a name for a fun little girl, but perhaps be aware that she may be constantly reminded about her name sounding similar to the Apple virtual assistant who seems to be chirping up everywhere these days!

  • Origin: Finnish, Estonian
  • Meaning: Victorious, beautiful
  • Pronunciation: see-ree
  • Variations: Sigrid
Fun, Strong, Cool


Sini is a pretty Finnish girl name meaning “blue.” The brilliant thing about choosing a color name is that you can use it metaphorically for whatever best suits your baby, and “blue” is a gorgeous shade to consider. Maybe your daughter was born on a sunny day underneath the clearest of skies, or perhaps her eyes are as blue as the ocean? This poetic meaning is completely up to you, so enjoy it!

  • Origin: Finnish
  • Meaning: Blue
  • Variations: Sininen, Sinikka
Pretty, Sweet


Sirpa is a Finnish feminine word name derived from the noun “sirpale,” which may be translated to mean “fragment,” “shard,” or “a small piece.” For a tiny, new baby, this is a sweet sentiment to hold, although your daughter may not want to be associated with soft, delicate things as she grows up to be a confident young woman!

  • Origin: Finnish
  • Meaning: Fragment, small piece
  • Variations: Siri
Sweet, Unique


“Sisko” means “sister” in Finnish, so it would be an adorable choice of name to bless the newest little lady in your family. Despite being a literally-translated word name, Sisko is a cool, friendly, and upbeat name to give a girl, and one we’re sure she’ll wear with pride.

  • Origin: Finnish
  • Meaning: Sister
  • Pronunciation: sees-ko
Sweet, Pretty


Traditionally, Sulo was used as a unisex name throughout Finland, however, it is much more commonly used for little boys. Why not reverse that trend and choose it for your beautiful new daughter? With the pure and adorable meanings of “grace” or “charm,” Sulo is delightfully wholesome in nature, perfect for both gracious little ladies and gentlemen.

  • Origin: Finnish
  • Meaning: Grace, charm
Unique, Earthy


Suoma is a unique Finnish girl name derived from “Suomi,” which is the Finnish-language word for “Finland.” As a way of ensuring your daughter is always reminded of her Finnish roots, Suoma could be a powerful and meaningful choice of name to consider. In Finland, it is more commonly used as a middle name or a surname, but we aren’t going to stop you from choosing it as a given name instead!

  • Origin: Finnish
  • Meaning: Finland
Locational, Unique, Strong


Suvi is a gorgeously luminous Finnish word name for a girl, holding the translated meaning of “summer.” So, if your beautiful little daughter was born during the glorious sunshine months, Suvi could be a wonderful option to consider! Like the summer, Suvi is bright and upbeat, yet a unique choice amongst English-speaking countries.

  • Origin: Finnish
  • Meaning: Summer
Nature-inspired, Sweet


Meaning “star,” Tähti is a Finnish girl name that shines brighter than all the rest! Perfect for your newest little superstar, Tähti is pretty and strong, with a unique pronunciation and gorgeous, ethereal aura.

  • Origin: Finnish
  • Meaning: Star
  • Pronunciation: takh-ti
Nature-inspired, Pretty, Strong


Taika is a name fit for a fairytale enchantress, sweet and snappy but holding the adorable translated meaning of “magic.” This cute option is certain to cast a spell over anyone who hears it!

  • Origin: Finnish
  • Meaning: Magic
Pretty, Mythological


Translated from Finnish, Taimi holds the meaning of “seedling” or “young tree,” making it a glorious name to bless upon a baby with great power and potential. Taimi is a sweet-sounding yet earthy word name, which might even make you want to plant a seedling in honor of your daughter and watch them grow up to be beautiful together!

  • Origin: Finnish
  • Meaning: Seedling
Sweet, Nature-inspired, Earthy
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Although it originated as a short form of longer names such as Dorothea, Teresa, or Theodora, Tea has become a cute choice of independent given name for girls. Teea is the Finnish form of this name, short and sweet and a lovely choice to consider, despite not having a set meaning. Adding that extra “e” also makes the name look less like a hot beverage, too!

  • Origin: Finnish
  • Meaning: Meaning unknown
  • Variations: Tea
Sweet, Short, Earthy


Terje is a Scandinavian unisex name, simply brimming with coolness. Terje holds the meaning of “Thor’s spear,” with Thor being the all-mighty Norse God of the sky, thunder, and the protection of mankind. Naming your child after Thor’s spear seems sure to promote greatness and strength in your child, as well as giving them the coolest namesake to brag to their friends about!

  • Origin: Scandinavian
  • Meaning: Thor’s spear
  • Variations: Torgeir
Strong, Cool, Mythological


Tove is a sweet Scandinavian unisex name, adapted from the Old Norse name Tófa, which features in Norse mythology. The name is derived from another which contains the elements “Thor” and “beautiful,” offering a powerful meaning of “beautiful Thor” or “Thor is beautiful” for your little warrior goddess.

  • Origin: Scandinavian
  • Meaning: Beautiful Thor
  • Variations: Tófa
  • Namesakes: Tove Jansson, a Finnish artist and author. Tove Lo, a Swedish singer.
Strong, Cool, Mythological


Meaning “wind,” Tuuli is a beautiful and soft Finnish girl name to consider for your new little angel. Whether she was born on a blustery day, or if you just appreciate the gentle coolness of the breeze, Tuuli is a lovely and unique choice. An alternative would be Tuula, which is also adorable.

  • Origin: Finnish, Estonian
  • Meaning: Wind
  • Variations: Tuula
Nature-inspired, Earthy, Pretty


Not only is Tuulikki an adorable diminutive of the Finnish girl name Tuuli, meaning “wind,” it is also a gloriously earthy name rooted in local folklore. According to Finnish mythology, Tuulikki was the name of a goddess of the forest, the daughter of the god Tapio and Mielikki. Rugged, sharp, and full of adventure, Tuulikki is an awesome choice of Finnish female name to consider for your new goddess.

  • Origin: Finnish
  • Meaning: Wind
Mythological, Nature-inspired


Ulla is another Finnish girl’s name beginning with U that began as a short form or diminutive of longer feminine names. So, Ulla may be used as a form of name containing that “ul” syllable, such as Ulrika, Hulda, Ulrikke, or even Ursula, but can also be used as a sweet and fresh independent name, too. Ulla’s fun pronunciation makes it sound sassy and exciting, a great choice for a confident little girl.

  • Origin: Finnish, German
  • Meaning: Meaning unknown
  • Pronunciation: ooo-lah
  • Variations: Ursula, Ulrika, Hulda
Fun, Sweet, Unique


Usko is a cool-sounding Finnish name for girls and boys. With the heartwarming meaning of “faith,” Usko is pure and hopeful in nature, which works stunningly against its trendy spelling and pronunciation.

  • Origin: Finnish
  • Meaning: Faith
  • Pronunciation: oos-ko
Cool, Sweet


In Finnish mythology, Vellamo is the goddess of water, lakes, and seas, making this gorgeous name a wonderful choice for your new little mermaid princess! The name is derived from the Finnish word “velloa,” which refers to the soft, serene, yet sometimes feisty movement of the tides.

  • Origin: Finnish
  • Meaning: Referring to the Finnish goddess of water
Mythological, Earthy, Sweet


Venla is a popular Finnish feminine form of the Germanic name Wendel. The name holds two possible meanings, the first being the chaotic “vandal,” but the second the curious “wanderer.” Venla seems to sound more mystical than its variant Wendla, and its popularity in Finland ensures this pretty name will be a good choice to consider!

  • Origin: Finnish, Germanic
  • Meaning: A vandal, or to wander
  • Variations: Wendla
  • Popularity: Venla is a very popular Finnish girl name, having featured in the top 10 most common names during the 2000s.
Popular, Sweet


Vilja is a pretty Finnish name, meaning “grain” or “cereal.” A good choice for a bright and early morning baby, perhaps? The name is also used in Sweden, where it means “will,” and Hungary, where it means “profitable,” so you could say Vilja is a great, all-around positive name.

  • Origin: Finnish
  • Meaning: Grain, cereal
  • Pronunciation: veel-ya
  • Popularity: Vilja is a popular name throughout Scandinavia, particularly in Finland.
Earthy, Nature-inspired, Popular
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Finnish Names FAQs

What is the Most Common Female Name in Finland?

There are many beautiful Finnish girl names that have become hugely popular in Finland. Our top picks include names such as Aino, Kaarina, Kristiina, or Hannele, whereas international girl names like Maria and Olivia are also popular.

What are the Most Unique Finnish Girl Names?

If you are looking for a Finnish female name that is slightly more unique, we have found many options for you to consider! Why not choose Seppänen, Sulo, or Seela, or perhaps the earthy, sweet Minttu instead?

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