100 Popular Flower Names For Girls and Boys: With Meanings

These popular flower names for girls and boys will surely grow on you!

Do you want a precious name for your little one related to nature? Look over our list of popular flower names for girls and boys that are bright, elegant, and full of meaning.

See where these beautiful flower names originated, learn interesting facts about them, and get acquainted with the right one for your baby-to-be. There are so many cool flower names just waiting to be discovered!

70 Popular Flower Girl Names

Take a look at the sweetest flower names for your baby girl on the way!

  1. Acacia – an edgy Greek girl’s name meaning “thorny” or “tree.”
  2. Alyssa – an English name derived from the dainty, alyssum flower meaning “the noble one.”
  3. Amapola – is an Arabic flower-inspired name meaning “poppy.”
  4. Amaranth – an elegant flower name with the meaning “herb.”
  5. Amaryllis – a flower indigenous to South Africa with a Greek meaning of “to sparkle.”
  6. Ambrosia – has the Greek meaning “immortal” and is native to Central and South America.
  7. Azalea – of English and Greek origin meaning “dry” or “a flower” that blooms in Spring.
  8. Bellerose – an inspired French and English floral name meaning “beautiful rose.”
  9. Blossom – a feminine flower name of English origin meaning “to bloom.”
  10. Briar – a trending English name meaning “thorny patch.”
  11. Camellia – a rare Asian flower meaning “Kamel’s flower” or “helper to the priest.”
  12. Carmel – an extra sweet flower name meaning “garden” in Hebrew.
  13. Cassia – of Greek origin, Cassia is a unique, golden flower meaning “cinnamon” in Latin.
  14. Chamomile – is most recognized as a calming tea with the meaning “earth apple.”
  15. Clementine – a frilly flower that feels fancy with its French and Latin meaning of “merciful” or “mild.”
  16. Clover – meaning “key” in English, this warm spice and floral name is perfect for a Fall baby.
  17. Coral – a flower that’s native to Mexico and the Caribbean, meaning “coralbush.”
  18. Dahlia – a bushy flower of Scandinavian origin, meaning “Dahl’s flower.”
  19. Daisy – an adorable flower that awakens at daybreak, perfectly reflected in its English meaning of “day’s eye.”
  20. Daphne – a pale-pink flower meaning “laurel” or “bay tree” in Greek.
  21. Diantha – a whimsical Greek name with a mythological connection to Zeus, meaning “divine flower.”
  22. Fern – an unusual English plant name, free of flowers or seeds, that reproduces like humans.
  23. Fleur – has a classy aesthetic with its French “flower” definition.”
  24. Flora – a flirty Latin and Scottish name for girls meaning “flower.”
  25. Ginger – a strong herb and English diminutive of Virginia meaning “virginal” or “pure.”
  26. Hazel – an old-fashioned yet popular flower name meaning “hazelnut tree.”
  27. Heather – a pretty name of English origin meaning “branching shrub.”
  28. Hinata – an uncommon Japanese name meaning “sunflower” or “sunny place.”
  29. Holly – an ideal name for December babies meaning “holly tree” or “holy day.”
  30. Hyacinth – a gorgeous flower name meaning “blue larkspur” or “precious stone” in Greek.
  31. Iris – an attractive flower name meaning “rainbow” in Greek.
  32. Ivy – of English and Latin origin meaning “vine,” this plant is notorious for its poisonous leaves.
  33. Jacinta – a cool, Spanish variant of the Hyacinth flower.
  34. Jasmine – a common flower name for girls meaning “gift from God” in Persian.
  35. Laurel – meaning “laurel tree,” this Latin girl’s name symbolizes nature.
  36. Lavender – a dainty flower with a gentle scent meaning “purple flower” in English.
  37. Leilani – a popular Hawaiian feminine name meaning “heavenly flower.”
  38. Liana – a French flower name meaning “to climb like a vine.”
  39. Lilac – meaning “bluish” or “lilac” in English and Persian, this flower name symbolizes softness.
  40. Lillian – a sweet, baby girl flower name meaning “lily” or “pledged to God” in English.
  41. Lily – means “purity” or “flower” and makes a beautiful nickname for Lillian and Elizabeth.
  42. Magnolia – is derived from a French surname meaning “Magnol’s flower.”
  43. Malti – a tropical, Indian name derived from the “madhumalti plant.”
  44. Marigold – a bright option among flower-inspired names, meaning “golden flower” in English.
  45. Meadow – a fresh, flower name for girls meaning “grass” or “vegetation.”
  46. Myrtle – a dated shrub meaning “love,” “peace,” “youth,” and “fertility” in Greek.
  47. Nanala – a pleasant-sounding Hawaiian flower name meaning “sunflower.”
  48. Nasrin – is an international stunner with its Persian “wild rose” definition.
  49. Petunia – an English name with the playful meaning of “trumpet-shaped flower.”
  50. Poppy – a popular wildflower meaning “red flower” in English.
  51. Posy – of English origin with a super cute meaning: a “bunch of flowers.”
  52. Primrose – a colorful flower meaning “first rose” in English.
  53. Prunella – is known for its medicinal benefits with a Latin origin meaning “small plum.”
  54. Raisa – a multicultural name meaning “rose,” “easygoing,” or “leader” in Russian, Yiddish, and Arabic.
  55. Ren – the Japanese form of Rene meaning “water lily” or “lotus.”
  56. Rose – a one-syllable girl name meaning “rose flower” in Latin.
  57. Rosemary – has Latin and English roots meaning “dew of the sea” or “fragrant herb.”
  58. Rue – a chart-topping pick for a baby, meaning “herb” or “regret.”
  59. Sage – a short pick among flower names for girls and a well-known herb meaning “wise” in Latin.
  60. Shoshana – a Hebrew version of Susannah with the precious meaning “lily.”
  61. Tulip – a delicate pick among floral names for girls, meaning “turban” in Turkish.
  62. Veronica – a slender flower also known as “speedwell” with the Latin meaning “true image.”
  63. Viola – a spunky, Italian diminutive of Violet, meaning “purple.”
  64. Violet – a frequently used floral girl name meaning “purple” in English and Latin.
  65. Willow – a popular flower name for girls meaning “willow tree.”
  66. Yolanda – of Spanish and Greek origin, meaning ”violet.”
  67. Zahara – a stunning Hebrew and Swahili term for “flowering.”
  68. Zaria – an ethnic flower name with Arabic roots meaning “rose.”
  69. Zaynab – an Arabic girl name meaning “fragrant flower.”
  70. Zinnia – of German and Latin origin, meaning “Zinn’s flower.”

30 Cool Flower Boy Names

Uncover male flower names that don’t lack beauty!

  1. Aaron – a beautiful shrub known as Aaron’s beard with a Hebrew meaning of “exalted” or “enlightened.
  2. Aloe – a healing plant with the Greek meaning, “resin.”
  3. Ash – a trendy flower name stemming from the variant Asher, meaning “ash tree” in English.
  4. Basil – a stunning floral boy name and popular herb meaning “royal” in Greek.
  5. Blodwyn – an intriguing Welsh male name meaning “white flowers.”
  6. Bud – carries a youthful appeal as an English nickname, meaning “undeveloped flower” or “blossom.”
  7. Cane – a modern Hebrew boy’s name meaning “spear” or “possessed” taken from the sugar cane plant.
  8. Cedar – an English name representing the pungent “cedar tree.”
  9. Clem – means “climbing vine of flowers” from the flower, Clematis.
  10. Cosmos – a plant from the sunflower family meaning “order” or “beauty” in Greek, Italian, and English.
  11. Crisanto – a Spanish boy’s name for Chrysanthus with an eye-catching “golden flower” meaning.
  12. Cypress – a striking option among male flower names meaning “Cupressus plant.”
  13. Elm – a common tree type with an English, German, and Danish origin meaning “red, brown.”
  14. Fiorello – a gorgeous Italian boy’s name for “little flower.”
  15. Florian – a French variant of Florence meaning “flowering.”
  16. Fox – is traditionally a fierce animal name but is also an abbreviation for Foxglove flowers.
  17. Indigo -refers to the vibrant “Indian dye” from the Indigofera tinctoria plant.
  18. Kamal – a sweet Hindi and Arabic masculine name meaning “lotus” or “perfection.”
  19. Laurence – is derived from a laurel plant, meaning “wreath of laurel” in English.
  20. Liko – an exotic Hawaiian boy name meaning “leaf bud.”
  21. Nalin – has the symbolic meaning of “lotus” in Hinduism and Buddhism.
  22. Oak – offers a masculine feel with its strong English “oak tree” meaning.
  23. Oliver – a highly popular choice among flower names for boys, meaning “olive tree” in Latin.
  24. Pine – is a richly scented flower name meaning “pine tree,” commonly used for Christmas.
  25. Reed – a plant resembling wheat with an English meaning of “red-haired.”
  26. Roosevelt – belonged to a former U.S. president meaning “rose field” in Dutch.
  27. Sorrel – is a leafy vegetable or herb plant, meaning “reddish-brown haired” in French.
  28. Thyme – a common nature-related name meaning “herb.”
  29. Watson – from the Watsonia plant with English and Scottish origin, meaning “son of Wat (Walter).”
  30. Zahar – has an affectionate side with its Arabic meaning, “bloom,” “shine,” or “sparkle.”

Flower NamesFAQs

What is a Unique Flower Name?

Flower names can offer interesting pronunciations with charming meanings. Here are a few unique flower names to consider for your little one on the way:

  • Cassia — “cinnamon.”
  • Carmel — “garden.”
  • Hinata — “sunflower” or “sunny place.”
  • Malti — “madhumalti plant.”
  • Nasrin — “wild rose.”
  • Prunella — “small plum.”

What is a Boy Flower Name?

It may seem unlikely that boy flower names exist, but that’s far from the truth. Here are a few masculine flower names that will complement your baby boy’s sweet side:

  • Ash — “ash tree.”
  • Cane — “spear,” “possessed,” or “sugar cane.”
  • Fiorello — “little flower.”
  • Liko — “leaf bud.”
  • Oliver — “olive tree.”
  • Roosevelt — “rose field.”
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