175 Futuristic Baby Names for Tiny Star Lords and Ladies

Go galactic and choose a futuristic baby name that’s out of this world.

Set the coordinates for the center of the sun as we shine a light on these awesome futuristic baby names. If you think names that mean future are where it’s at, check out this list of dystopian examples for time-traveling tots.

Strap in for the ride of your life as we navigate the universe of future names for your techy toddlers.

88 Galaxy-Busting Futuristic Girl Names

Forget cute and cuddly; we want sassy and cyberpunk futuristic girl names, so let’s dive right in.

  1. Alessa – your sci-fi princess, could be the “noble defender” of the universe.
  2. Annora – meaning “honor,” this futuristic Latin name is perfect for tiny tots.
  3. Ariana – this Latin name meaning “pious or holy” is perfect for saintly space girls.
  4. Ariella – meaning “lion of God,” who wouldn’t want a lion in your corner?
  5. Arvilla – a Germanic name meaning “eagle ruler.”
  6. Arwen – a Welsh girl’s name meaning “noble maiden,” and an elvin princess in LOTR.
  7. Arya – this Latin name for musical kids means “song” and “melody.”
  8. Astoria – from Old English, meaning “like a hawk.”
  9. Astra – meaning “star,” futuristic girl names don’t get any better than this.
  10. Astrid – a Scandinavian name meaning “one who is divinely beautiful.”
  11. Ayalet – a retro-futuristic Hebrew name meaning “gazelle” or “deer.”
  12. Azura – is of Spanish origin for “blue sky.”
  13. Baila – means “dance” in Spanish, which is ideal for footloose kids.
  14. Barbarella – from the classic sci-fi film, meaning “foreign woman.”
  15. Caia – meaning “celebrate and rejoice” Caia is a happy Latin name.
  16. Calla – naming your pretty daughter Calla is ideal because it means “beautiful.”
  17. Callista – means “most attractive” and can be shortened to Callie.
  18. Candela – the Spanish for “Candlemas” has a futuristic girly feel.
  19. Carabelle – this Latin name, meaning “dear one,” may be perfect for your child.
  20. Ceres – is of Latin origin, Ceres was the goddess of agriculture.
  21. Charolet – a futuristic-sounding name of French origin, meaning “free man.”
  22. Colma – meaning “dove,” many future names come from Latin.
  23. Cosima – meaning “harmony and order;” the universe needs stability!
  24. Crescentia – a delightful German girl’s name meaning “to grow and increase.”
  25. Dael – a futuristic Hebrew name meaning “knowledge of God.”
  26. Daenerys – the mother of dragons in Game of Thrones and queen of the Dothraki.
  27. Dawnelle – meaning “the first appearance of dawn,” Dawnelle is beautifully majestic like your child.
  28. Deanna – a classic Star Trek name for your little technology freaks, meaning “divine.”
  29. Drea – meaning “one who is courageous” in Greek, Drea is ideal for space warriors.
  30. Effie – a Greek name meaning “well-spoken” and image-conscious Effie Trinket in The Hunger Games?
  31. Eila – the Hebrew for “tree”- makes a perfect sci-fi name.
  32. Eliette – from Hebrew, meaning “my God has answered.”
  33. Elowen – this majestic Cornish name meaning “elm” is traditional yet futuristic.
  34. Elya – from Slavic meaning “the Lord is my God.”
  35. Ensley – an Old English name meaning “one’s meadow.”
  36. Erinna – if you come from “an island to the west,” this Irish name fits perfectly.
  37. Etta – in Scotland, Etta is an “estate ruler.”
  38. Evrim – our first Turkish girl name meaning “evolution.”
  39. Evuska – a futuristic Hebrew word that represents “life.”
  40. Falynn – meaning “leader” in Irish, perfect for future rulers of the universe.
  41. Fantasia – an evocative name for your techy baby, meaning “imagination.”
  42. Gamora – a kickass character from Guardians of the Galaxy, meaning “sheaf.”
  43. Haley – after the famous comet, your girl lights up your life like a shooting star.
  44. Harley – a sassy character in the movies, meaning “hare’s meadow.”
  45. Harper – for musically gifted kids who “play the harp.”
  46. Ilaria – meaning “happy and cheerful” in Italian, perfect for smiley kids.
  47. Imelda – from German, Spanish, and Italian, ideal for your little “woman warrior.”
  48. Ivara – of Germanic origin, meaning “archer.”
  49. Jada – this cool-sounding Spanish name means “jade.”
  50. Junia – ideal for kids “born in June.”
  51. Juno – meaning “queen of heaven,” what’s wrong with a little divine luck?
  52. Jyn – a badass character from Star Wars, meaning “bright and beautiful.”
  53. Kara – meaning “pure,”after Supergirl herself, Kara Jor-El!
  54. Karis – a great name if your daughter, meaning “grace, kindness, and mercy.”
  55. Katniss – badass winner of the Hunger Games, meaning “pure.”
  56. Khaleesi – a favorite GOT character who was a “queen” and mother of dragons.
  57. Kiska – from a Russian word meaning “pure.”
  58. Leia – the ultimate cyber princess, Leia means “weary” in Hebrew.
  59. Leta – meaning “joyful,” happy kids deserve this Latin name.
  60. Lilium – names that mean future aren’t any prettier than the Latin word for “lily.”
  61. Luna – in Roman mythology, Luna represents the moon.
  62. Lyra – refers to the musical instrument “lyre,” but it’s also a constellation.
  63. Malone – a unisex name derived from the Irish for “disciple of Saint John.”
  64. Minerva – the stern professor from Hogwarts; Minerva means “intellect” in Latin.
  65. Morena – means “brown-haired” and is a stunning name for auburn daughters.
  66. Natania – an elegant Hebrew name meaning “gift of God.”
  67. Nebula – from Guardians of the Galaxy, Nebula means “mist” in Latin.
  68. Neriah – meaning “lamp of the Lord,” your little miracle will brighten your life.
  69. Nolwenn – a Welsh name meaning “something pious.”
  70. Nova – a classic science fiction name meaning “new” in Latin.
  71. Novelia – a derivative of Nova, with the same meaning.
  72. Orsa – meaning “little female bear” Orsa is a fantastic name for your space cadet.
  73. Persephone – the daughter of the Greek god Zeus.
  74. Quinn – nicknames don’t come any cooler than Harley Quinn.
  75. Rey – means “king” in Spanish and Rey Skywalker from Star Wars.
  76. Riella – meaning “God is your strength,” your girl could pack a punch with this Hebrew name.
  77. Ripley – is Anglo-Saxon for “strip of land” and a character from the movie Alien.
  78. Saretta – little star cadets can rule the galaxy with this Hebrew name, meaning “princess.”
  79. Secora – meaning “likes to help others,” this name is apt for a kind girl.
  80. Selene – the Greek goddess of the moon, Selene should suit your star child.
  81. Thyra – the “goddess of thunder,” this one means your daughter is all-powerful.
  82. Tove – meaning “beautiful” in Scandinavian, your little cyberpunk is bound to suit this name.
  83. Vania – a Latin name meaning “bringer of good news.”
  84. Wynn – an Old English name meaning “a friend.”
  85. Zelda – this Old German name, meaning “dark battle,” sounds futuristic.
  86. Zeline – a Latin girl name meaning “dignified and solemn.”
  87. Zoe – a Greek sci-fi name meaning “life.”
  88. Zosia – this Greek word meaning “wisdom” is perfect for wise kids.

87 Time-Traveling Futuristic Boy Names

From a budding Buck Rogers to a hopeful Han Solo, futuristic boy names are as varied as they are fun.

  1. Adlai – a Hebrew boy’s name with a futuristic feel, meaning “God is just.”
  2. Alaric – meaning “all-powerful ruler,” this Germanic name has a strong presence.
  3. Anakin – give your badass boy the king of futuristic baby names from Star Wars.
  4. Arsenio – is of Spanish origin, meaning “strong and virile.”
  5. Artemis – a Greek word meaning “safe and protected,” referring to the moon.
  6. Auryn – from Welsh and Celtic origins, meaning “gold.”
  7. Azriel – from the Hebrew name meaning “God is my help.”
  8. Beckett – a badass character from Star Wars, meaning “beehive” in Old English.
  9. Ben – meaning “son of,” Ben Kenobi was the Jedi hero in Star wars.
  10. Buck – a “young deer,” and Buck Rogers of the 25th century.
  11. Cael – of Irish origin, meaning “slender,” and one of the best futuristic boy names.
  12. Calihan – this Irish name means “one who loves churches.”
  13. Carrew – the first of Welsh futuristic baby names, meaning “fort close to a hill.”
  14. Cashel – this Irish name meaning “stone castle” has a sci-fi ring.
  15. Caspian – from the Caspian sea and a hero in C.S. Lewis’s Narnia novels.
  16. Cassian – a Latin name meaning “hollow,” and Star wars character Cassian Andor.
  17. Cedro – a Spanish name meaning “strong gift” would fit a budding seer.
  18. Cian – of Irish origin, meaning “ancient.”
  19. Cillian – another cool Irish name meaning “church,” and the actor Cillian Murphy.
  20. Clay – meaning “one who works with clay,” offering a space cowboy feel.
  21. Crispin – ideal for children with a mop of hair; this Latin name means “curly-haired one.”
  22. Data – sounds futuristic because it comes from Star Trek: The Next Generation.
  23. Deckard – is of German origin, meaning “dolphin,” and the hero in Blade Runner.
  24. Derry – from the place in Ireland, meaning “like an oak.”
  25. Drake – from the Greek word “draca,” meaning “dragon.”
  26. Drax – an ideal English name for smart kids; Drax means “thinker.”
  27. Edsel – from Old English, meaning ”wealthy man’s estate” or “noble and bright.”
  28. Elwyn – in English, Elwyn means “friend of elves” and “bright” in Welsh.
  29. Esai – a Spanish boy’s name meaning “God is my salvation.”
  30. Espen – your little man deserves this Scandinavian name, meaning “God’s bear.”
  31. Evander – from Scotland, meaning “bow warrior.”
  32. Everard – this Old English name meaning “hardy” is perfect for budding star lords.
  33. Finian – another Irish variant of Finn, meaning “fair.”
  34. Finn – a badass Star Wars character, Finn means “white and fair.”
  35. Fio – means “flowering” in Italian, with a catchy sci-fi feel.
  36. Han – of English origin meaning “God is gracious,” and Han Solo from Star Wars.
  37. Harlin – from Old English meaning “rocky land,” Harlin is a quirky name for space heroes.
  38. James – from Hebrew, meaning “supplanter,” and James T. Kirk.
  39. Jax – from Old English, meaning “God shows favor,” names that end in “x” are super cool.
  40. Jed – meaning “beloved of the Lord” in Hebrew, Jed sounds a lot like Jedi.
  41. Jonas – another Hebrew name meaning “God is gracious,” ideal for little heroes.
  42. Kalel – from Arabic, Kalel means “friend” and is none other than Superman.
  43. Kasper – of Persian origin, meaning “treasurer,” Kasper is a cute cyberpunk name.
  44. Khan – a Muslim boy’s name meaning “prince” and a Star Trek character.
  45. Kirk – a Scottish name meaning “church,” and the legendary Captain Kirk.
  46. Knox – means “round hill” in Scottish; a superb example as futuristic boy names go.
  47. Krall – a classic Star Trek character played by Idris Elba, meaning “lively person.”
  48. Kylo – from the Latin for “sky,” and evil Kylo Ren in Star Wars.
  49. Lando – a classic French Star Wars name meaning “dweller of the Laude.”
  50. Luca – from the Latin meaning “bringer of light,” Luca is ideal for little shining stars.
  51. Ludek – of French and German origin, your child could grow into a “famous warrior.”
  52. Luke – of Skywalker fame, in Latin, Luke means “from Luciana.”
  53. Mace – an Old English word meaning “heavy club,” derived from the medieval weapon.
  54. Micah – a Hebrew name meaning “who is like God.”
  55. Mircea – this intriguing Romanian name means “peace.”
  56. Morten – a Scandinavian name meaning “moor town” and “dedicated to mars.”
  57. Noe – this futuristic Spanish and Hebrew name means “peaceful friend.”
  58. Nye – means “honor” in Welsh and “island dweller” in English.
  59. Obadiah – is a Hebrew name meaning “servant or slave of God.”
  60. Oren – means “pine tree” or “laurel” in Hebrew.
  61. Peeta – is from The Hunger Games, meaning “rock.”
  62. Peter – means “rock” in Greek and is the Star Lord himself, Peter Quill.
  63. Raker – a classic Germanic name meaning “advice” and “army.”
  64. Reagan – of Irish origin, this unique future name means “little king.”
  65. Renan – a Hebrew name meaning “luxuriant and fresh.”
  66. Riker – a Germanic name meaning “rich” and a Star Trek character.
  67. Ronan – from Guardians of the Galaxy, Ronan means “little seal.”
  68. Rumer – a Slavic and English name referring to “a gypsy.”
  69. Rune – from the Old Norse for “secret,” Rune is a classic for future names.
  70. Sagan – is the perfect seer name, meaning “wise and knowledgeable” in Latin.
  71. Saylor – it stems from the French for “acrobat or dancer.”
  72. Schyler – is of Danish origin, meaning “scholar” or “one who gives shelter.”
  73. Scotty – is another name from Star Trek, meaning “from Scotland.”
  74. Silas – from the Hebrew name meaning “the youngest,” it also means “forest.”
  75. Stellan – this Scandinavian name meaning “star” is an apt futuristic moniker.
  76. Sven – is another Scandi name, meaning “youth.”
  77. Tallen – a name from Star Trek, meaning “bird of prey claw.”
  78. Theron – this Greek boy’s name means “hunter.”
  79. Torin – is of Gaelic origin, meaning “chief.”
  80. Tyrion – this Irish name translates as “one who is from the land of Eoghan.”
  81. Uriah – a majestic Hebrew name meaning “God is my light.”
  82. Wilbur – from the German word for “resolute” and a classic sci-fi name.
  83. Xander – pronounced Zha-n-der, meaning “defending men” in Greek.
  84. Zaiden – for boys with a bright future, this American name means “fighter” or “lucky.”
  85. Zandar – from Alexander, it’s the twin name of Xander with the same meaning.
  86. Zane – a Hebrew name with a futuristic feel, meaning “God is gracious.”
  87. Zephyr – possibly a unisex name; Zephyr means “west wind” in Greek.

Futuristic Baby Names FAQs

How Many Futuristic Baby Names Come From Movies?

Many futuristic baby names come from the movies. Star Wars, Star Trek, Guardians of the Galaxy, and other franchises have given us great characters like Princess Leia, Drax, Nova, Peter Quill, James T. Kirk, Scotty, Han Solo, and Luke Skywalker.

What are the Most Popular Futuristic Girl Names?

The most popular futuristic girl names come from cinema and fiction. Names like Leia, Quinn, Ripley, Lyra, and Ariana have gained popularity in recent years thanks to modern media. Other notable examples include Harley, Harper, Jada (after Pinkett-Smith), and Kara.

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