200 Girl Names That Start With A: for Awesome A-Listers

Find the best names from the start of the alphabet with these amazing girl names that start with A!

Why search the entire alphabet when the most awesome, attractive, and adorable names start with A?

Blessing your daughter with one of these gorgeous A names for girls will give them a pretty title and start them off for success at the top of every register. So, we’ve prepared this A-list of names exclusively for your little leading lady, and we hope you enjoy admiring them as much as we did.

With inspiration from across the world, get ready to be astounded, amazed, and awe-struck!

59 Amazing Girl Names That Start With A

A collection of some of the most amazing and adorable A names for girls.

  1. Aamu – for a daughter born at daybreak, we love this Finnish female name meaning “morning.”
  2. Acacia – after the type of tree, this is a rare yet outdoorsy kind of name.
  3. Ada – great for math whizzes, this Hebrew name means “adornment.”
  4. Adamina – an unusual feminine form of Adam, meaning “earth.”
  5. Addison – it may mean “son of Adam,” but we think it suits your daughter, too.
  6. Adele – with German roots, this “noble” name is one for music lovers.
  7. Adeline – means “noble,” a great if you like Madeleine, but there are just too many letters.
  8. Adina – a musical name from Hebrew, with the careful meanings of “gentle, delicate.”
  9. Aditi – after the Hindu goddess of motherhood, is a gloriously “limitless” name.
  10. Africa – a cool cultural name if you have ties to this vast continent.
  11. Agatha – simply meaning “good,” you could also drop the “h” for the more continental-looking Agata.
  12. Aggie – a cute nickname from monikers such as Agatha or August, making a sweet standalone name.
  13. Aida – a “happy” name for opera fans.
  14. Áine – an Irish entry among girls’ names that start with A full of “radiance, brilliance.”
  15. Akane – a rich color name from Japanese, meaning “deep red.”
  16. Akilah – an Arabic name for a “bright, intelligent” little angel.
  17. Alanis – one for music fans, Alanis has the upbeat meaning of “cheerful.”
  18. Alanza – means “eager, ready,” perfect for a girl bubbling with energy.
  19. Alberta – the feminine form of Albert makes a “noble, bright” choice for a baby scholar.
  20. Albinka – a Polish pick meaning “white, bright,” perhaps for a snow baby girl?
  21. Alcott – a gorgeous literary name for Little Women, meaning “from the old cottage.”
  22. Alda – meaning “wise, elder,” this German name is one to grow into.
  23. Alex – a basic, gender-neutral name for a “defender.”
  24. Alfreda – the lesser-heard feminine variant of Alfred, meaning “wise elf counsel.”
  25. Alice – from French, this “noble” name is straight out of Wonderland.
  26. Alison – for a child, “of nobility,” to which you can add as many I’s or S’s as you like to the name!
  27. Allegra – a stylish Italian choice for a “happy, lively” little lady.
  28. Allie – this playful Alison nickname sounds vibrant as a standalone name.
  29. Alma – a strong, international name with various meanings, including “soul,” “maiden,” and “kind.”
  30. Alohi – if your daughter’s mind is “shining, brilliant,” this Hawaiian name would suit her perfectly.
  31. Altansarnai – a Mongolian jewel with a name meaning “golden rose.”
  32. Aluma – parents looking for Hebrew names will love this “strong, brave” option.
  33. Amal – a powerful and popular Arabic A name meaning “hope, longing, desire.”
  34. Amaryllis – a rare yet fabulous flower name for your new little petal.
  35. Amelia – of Germanic roots, this common name would suit a hardworking “industrious one.”
  36. America – a patriotic pick for a daughter from any state.
  37. Ananya – if you’re looking for something “unique,” consider this gorgeous Indian girl’s name.
  38. Anat – a unique entry among girl names with A initials, meaning “to sing, to answer.”
  39. Andy – stand up to the patriarchy, and choose this “manly” name for your little girl.
  40. Anemone – a beautiful, breezy girl’s name after the flower.
  41. Anh – a pretty Vietnamese name with wonderful meanings: “flower,” “hero,” and “brave.”
  42. Anita – for a “graceful” baby, Anita is a stylish pick.
  43. Ann – or Anna, an old-fashioned female name meaning “grace, favor,” especially popular as a middle name.
  44. Annette – an even longer variant of Ann, with a vintage-sounding twist we love.
  45. Annie – this Ann variant is a timeless classic, sounding youthful and pretty.
  46. Ann Marie – a perfect example of how Ann can be double-barrelled beautifully.
  47. Anya – a sexy Russian form of Anna, also meaning “grace.”
  48. Apphia – a biblical girl name meaning “productive, bountiful,” offering high aspirations upon its bearer.
  49. Aranka – another “golden” name, this one from Hungary.
  50. Asha – radiates “hope” and “life” in Swahili.
  51. Ashanti – from Ghana, this gorgeous African name means “gratitude.”
  52. Asia – a pretty, geographical name full of culture and adventure.
  53. Asma – meaning “supreme,” this Arabic name is one of the greatest!
  54. Aster – after the beautiful flower, meaning “star” in Greek.
  55. Astilbe – a very rare name after the lush and fluffy flower genus.
  56. Aura – meaning “wind, breeze,” Aura seems to glow.
  57. Australia – yet another continental name, which may be rare but sure is pretty.
  58. Avril – the French for April makes a sweet name for a baby born in a springtime shower.
  59. Azalea – another cute flower name, although its Greek translation is “dry.”

19 Adventurous Female Names Starting With A

Explorers and warriors will love these adventurous A names.

  1. Adira – a Hebrew name for “strong” girls.
  2. Agrona – for feisty warriors, this Celtic girl’s name means “battle.”
  3. Alala – a melodic Greek name meaning “battle cry” for a girl who’s not to be messed with.
  4. Alaska – if you have ties to this incredible U.S. state, you may adore this name for your girl.
  5. Alessia – from the Alexandra stem, Alessia is a sassy-sounding pick among names for girls that start with A.
  6. Alexandra – an ageless and popular choice for a powerful “defender of men.”
  7. Alexis – another cool Alexandra variant with a more modern appeal.
  8. Alicia – a perky pick for a “noble, exalted” little leader-in-the-making.
  9. Aloisia – a melodic German, tough-girl name meaning “warrior.”
  10. Alta – the Norse goddess of water, makes for an adventurous, sea-faring A name.
  11. Andrea – for a lass who’s “strong” and “brave,” this feminine form of Andrew is ideal.
  12. Andromeda – meaning “ruler of men,” a standout name for a future space explorer.
  13. Aodhnait – meaning “fire,” this Gaelic girl’s name is hot stuff.
  14. Arya – fresh from Game of Thrones, this “honorable” name comes from Sanskrit.
  15. Åsa – meaning “goddess,” Åsa would suit an adventurous little Viking girl.
  16. Ash – like a tree, this short but cool name is peaceful and grand.
  17. Astra – for a baby who’s come “from the stars,” this Latin name is truly magical.
  18. Atlee – a modern-sounding British female name meaning “from the meadow.”
  19. Audrey – from Old English, this name holds the virtue of “noble strength.”

13 Affectionate Girl Names That Start With A

Only the finest will do for your little blessing, and these adorable A names radiate love beautifully.

  1. Abigail – meaning “father’s joy,” this pretty name is a gorgeous gift for a daughter.
  2. Aeres – a Welsh name meaning “heiress” to bestow upon your new namesake.
  3. Ai’ – with Chinese and Vietnamese roots, Ai’ is a beautiful name meaning “love, beloved.”
  4. Aino – a popular Finnish entry among girl names that start with A designed for “the only one.”
  5. Akiko – a sweet pick to bestow upon a “bright child.”
  6. Alannah – literally meaning “little beautiful child,” this is a perfect name.
  7. Altalune – capture that new parenthood feeling with this Latin name meaning “over the moon.”
  8. Amanda – a “loveable” choice full of affection and admiration.
  9. Amy – popular, perfect, and pretty; this French female name means “beloved.”
  10. Angharad – a rare, standout Welsh name, carrying “much love” in its meaning.
  11. Anong – designed for the most “beautiful woman,” this female name comes from Thai.
  12. Antonia – with gushing meanings including “priceless, beautiful, praiseworthy,” it’s hard not to admire this international name.
  13. Anupama – a Hindi name for an “incomparable” little sweetheart.

26 Angelic Girl Names With A Initials

These angelic A girl names are heaven-sent.

  1. Aafje – an exciting Dutch girl’s name for an “elf, magical being,” full of angelic connotations.
  2. Aaliyah – if you adore A names for girls, choose this “exalted” one, as it starts with two!
  3. Abby – meaning “a father’s joy” from Abigail, which may be spiritual if you spell it, Abbey.
  4. Abhinoor – few female names starting with A are as “angelic” as this Indian name.
  5. Adwen – belonging to the Cornish patron saint of sweethearts; a “blessed” woman’s name beginning with a
  6. Afsaneh – a Muslim girl’s name that sounds straight from a “fairy tale.”
  7. Agnes – rooted in Greek, this old-fashioned name is “pure” and “holy.”
  8. Alora – meaning both “dreamer” and “the Lord is my light,” this name is a truly special choice.
  9. Älva – a magical name taken from the Swedish word for “fairy, elf.”
  10. Ambrosia – a delectable name for a baby straight from the gods.
  11. Anahera – a Maori girl’s name meaning “angel” – perfect if you’re looking for something a little different.
  12. Anaïs – a French twist on Anna, meaning “grace, holy.”
  13. Anela – meaning “angel,” this Hawaiian name is holy and dazzling.
  14. Angel – what could be more angelic than the name Angel itself?
  15. Angela – one of the most commonly-heard angelic A names for girls.
  16. Angelica – an even longer Angela variant with all the sass you’ll adore.
  17. Aniela – a melodic Polish variant of Angela.
  18. Anjali – derived from Sanskrit, this glorious name represents a “salutation, divine offering.”
  19. Anneli – meaning “grace,” a pretty Finnish alternative to the Ann or Anna stems.
  20. Aparecida – referring to the Blessed Virgin Mary, this Portuguese name means “appeared.”
  21. Apsara – a unique yet spectacular Sanskrit name for an angel who “moves among clouds.”
  22. Arabella – meaning “prayerful,” this makes a romantic alternative to Annabel.
  23. Araceli – with Spanish and Mexican roots, Araceli represents an “altar of the sky.”
  24. Aracely – a Spanish girl’s name referring to an elevated “altar of heaven.”
  25. Arianwen – sounding perfectly spiritual, this Welsh name glitters with “holy silver.”
  26. Atarah – a lesser-heard biblical A name, to be worn just like a “crown.”

10 Animal-Inspired A Names for Girls

Take inspiration from the animal kingdom with these gorgeous A girl names!

  1. Aderyn – a romantic Welsh name meaning “bird.”
  2. Aghavni – meaning “dove,” this Armenian name is pure and sweet.
  3. Ainara – dainty and cute, this Basque name means “swallow,” as in the bird.
  4. Alondra – meaning “lark,” a pretty Spanish entry among A names for women.
  5. Alouette – full of French femininity, this name means “skylark.”
  6. Ari – meaning “lion” in Hebrew and “eagle” in Old Norse, Ari is like the Griffin of names!
  7. Audette – another beautiful “bird” name from French.
  8. Ava – a short name that may be interpreted as a diminutive of “avis,” the Latin for “bird.”
  9. Avaley – if your daughter is as “pretty as a bird,” consider this charming Persian female name.
  10. Ayelet – a graceful Hebrew name meaning “gazelle, deer.”

39 Attractive Female Names Starting With A

For the most beautiful babies, these A names for girls sure are special.

  1. Adelaide – after the Australian city and a Germanic name root meaning “noble.”
  2. Adriana – a Roman girl’s name meaning “from Hadria,” like the masculine variant Adrian.
  3. Aila – a rare yet charming Scottish girl’s name meaning “from the strong place.”
  4. Ailsa – a day-dreamy choice for a girl who sat upon a “fairy rock.”
  5. Ainsley – a gender-neutral, nature-inspired name meaning “one’s own meadow” in Gaelic.
  6. Aisha – a womanly Arabic name with the vibrant meaning of “alive, well.”
  7. Aisling – pronounced “ASH-lin,” this Gaelic name is a “dream.”
  8. Alana – a super-sweet choice with many beautiful meanings across its international origins.
  9. Alivia – Olivia is such a popular name internationally, so mix it up with this unique spelling.
  10. Alizarin – after a shade of red, this name is undeniably sexy.
  11. Alwine – meaning “elf friend,” Alwine sounds like it’s been picked from a fairy garden.
  12. Amani – designer-sounding, this Arabic option means “wishes, aspirations.”
  13. Amina – a beautiful Arabic girl’s name meaning “devoted, faithful, trustworthy.”
  14. Anastasia – a princessy name of Greek origin, meaning “resurrection.”
  15. Anika – an internationally-heard name for a girl who’s “sweet-faced.”
  16. Annabel – everyone loves this sweet name, meaning “beauty, grace, loveable.”
  17. Annalise – an enviably pretty name meaning “graced by God.”
  18. Anouk – meaning “grace, favor,” this Dutch name elevates the familiar Ann.
  19. Aoibhe – the prettiest Gaelic name beginning with the letter A, meaning “beauty,” pronounced “EE-vah.”
  20. Aoibheann – one of the longest to spell, this “beauty” of a name is pronounced, “AY-veen.”
  21. April – a beautiful month name for a fresh, springtime beauty.
  22. Aquamarine – a gemstone name fit for a mermaid, combining Latin words for “water” and “sea.”
  23. Arely – this unique name has both biblical Hebrew and Latin roots.
  24. Ariana – a beautiful and popular celebrity name of different origins and meanings internationally.
  25. Ariel – meaning “lion of God” in Hebrew, Ariel was used by Shakespeare and Disney.
  26. Ashley – a popular, unisex name from Old English, meaning “from the ash tree meadow.”
  27. Astrid – a Scandinavian girl’s name meaning “divine beauty.”
  28. Aubrey – we love this dainty-sounding name meaning “elf ruler.”
  29. August – a hot choice for a summer-born daughter.
  30. Aurelia – shimmering like a princess, this Latin girl’s name means “golden.”
  31. Aurélie – a “golden” French name for movie lovers.
  32. Auriane – another “golden” entry among names beginning with a for women.
  33. Aurora – a gorgeous Disney Princess name, meaning “dawn” in Latin.
  34. Autumn – full of cinnamon spice and all things nice, just like the fall season.
  35. Avery – meaning “ruler of elves” – not a place for birds to live.
  36. Ayleen – a “luminous” name for a “bright, shining” little sunbeam.
  37. Aylin – meaning “of the moon,” this beautiful Turkish name is out-of-this-world.
  38. Aysel – meaning “a flood of moonlight,” this Turkish name is honestly spectacular.
  39. Azula – for a baby with striking blue eyes, this Spanish color name would be divine.

27 Awesome Girl Names That Start With A

This a-list of girl names all have the most show-stopping meanings!

  1. Acantha – from Greek mythology, this is a prickly pick meaning “thorn.”
  2. Afra – this cool Hebrew girl’s name hints at “the color of earth.”
  3. Agada – taken from Hebrew, this name holds all the depth and imagination of “fairy tales, lore.”
  4. Ahsoka – after the Star Wars heroine; an epic name for Jedi warriors.
  5. Aidan – if you’ve got a little “fiery one” on your hands, this Gaelic pick could be her name!
  6. Aiday – meaning “moon child,” this ethereal Kazakh name sounds like a smile.
  7. Akako – a colorful option among A names for girls; Akako means “red, red child” in Japanese.
  8. Akka – belongs to a Finnish earth spirit and fertility goddess, a dreamy choice for girls today.
  9. Akycha – after an Inuit sun goddess worshiped in Alaska.
  10. Alba – meaning “white, bright” in Latin, but also “dawn” in Spanish – a layered pick among A names for girls.
  11. Alvina – a feminine form of Alvin, this adorable name is fit for an “elf friend.”
  12. Amber – just like the honey-colored jewel created from fossilized tree sap.
  13. Amethyst – another gem of a name, after a purple jewel holding the meaning of “intoxicating.”
  14. Amihan – a unique Filipino choice, great for a girl born during a “winter storm.”
  15. Aneira – a rare yet dazzling choice for a girl born in “very snowy” circumstances.
  16. Angra – after a goddess of fire in Tupi-Guarani mythology.
  17. Anuenue – this Hawaiian name means “rainbow,” just like a beautiful blessing.
  18. Apollonia – channel your daughter’s inner goddess with this spectacular Greek name, after the sun god Apollo.
  19. Arizona – a cool state name for a “small spring.”
  20. Artemis – a badass name after the Greek goddess of the moon and the hunt.
  21. Arwen – a beautiful name invented by Tolkien for Lord of the Rings.
  22. Athena – another epic name pick from Greek mythology, after the goddess of war and wisdom.
  23. Aurinko – meaning “sun,” Aurinko is a stellar Finnish entry among A names for women.
  24. Avalon – if you’re up to speed on Welsh mythology, this medieval name is sure to stand out.
  25. Avani – this Sanskrit name is as special as “the earth” itself.
  26. Ayla – this Turkish name describes the aura of light that shines around the moon.
  27. Aysu – a rare yet spectacular Turkish pick with the awesome meaning of “moon water.”

7 Abnormal A Names for Girls

If you’re looking for something unusual, these women’s names that start with A will turn heads.

  1. Abba – this Swedish pop group name sounds pretty enough for a little Dancing Queen.
  2. Achlys – one of the scarier girl’s names beginning with A referring to the “clouding of the eyes after death” in Greek.
  3. Ammit – an alarming extraction from Egyptian mythology, meaning “devourer of the dead.”
  4. Antarctica – we listed America, Australia, Asia, and Africa… so we thought we’d better add this one!
  5. Antigone – a unique-sounding name from Greek, meaning “worthy of one’s parents.”
  6. Apple – if Gwyneth Paltrow can name her daughter after a regular fruit, why can’t you?
  7. Arachne – meaning “spider,” this one has crept straight out of Greek mythology.

A Names for Girls FAQs

What Girl Name Starts With A and Ends With A?

Good question! If you’d love to bookend your baby girl’s name with A, try options such as Anna, Alba, Anya, Aneira, Acantha, Ailsa, Adriana, Ainara, Ava, and many more beautiful examples on our list of A names for girls.

What Are Some Rare Girl Names That Start With A?

While there are plenty of popular A names for girls, there are also many unusual options. Why not go for something international, like Aysu, Anjali, or Akycha? We also love uncommon names inspired by nature, such as Acacia, Amaryllis, and Astilbe, while completely unusual A name options include Antigone, Andromeda, and Antarctica.

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