130 Girl Names That Start With B: For Beautiful Babies

These brilliant girl names that start with B are breathtakingly beautiful!

Bright, blessed, bold, and beloved – these girl names that start with B really are the bee’s knees!

We have gathered this bountiful list of B names for bright-eyed baby girls to show off the brilliant initial to parents. With biblical, botanical, and even badass influences ahead, your daughter will shine as beautifully as can be with this initial.

Keep reading to discover the best B names for girls, alongside their breathtaking meanings, origins, and more.

46 Beautiful Girl Names That Start With B

These are the best B names for beautiful baby girls.

  1. Babs – a cute, short form of Barbara, makes a friendly-sounding girl name.
  2. Baby – an adorably basic name; just don’t put her in the corner!
  3. Bailey – a classic unisex name from Old English, taken from the “bailiff” occupation.
  4. Bambi – a unique Disney name for a doe-eyed daughter.
  5. Bảo – a delightful Sino-Vietnamese girl name meaning “treasure.”
  6. Barbara – an outdated Victorian girl name with the edgy meaning of “strange, foreign.”
  7. Becca – a short form of the Hebrew name Rebecca, meaning “to tie, to bind.”
  8. Bee – you could use this as a nickname for any B name; it’s certainly worth “buzzing” about!
  9. Beibhinn – pronounced “be-veen,” this Irish name is fit for a “fair lady.”
  10. Belinda – a melodic name meaning “beautiful” in Italian, but also “bright snake” as a Germanic name.
  11. Bella – another “beautiful” choice, also short for Isabella or Annabella.
  12. Belle – perhaps the most “beautiful” among these names, starting with B for girls.
  13. Bellini – a gorgeous Italian last name with the adorable meaning of “little beautiful one.”
  14. Berfin – a rugged name of Kurdish origin, meaning “snow.”
  15. Beryl – an old-fashioned name from “beryllium,” after the precious green gemstone.
  16. Betânia – a gorgeously rhythmic Brazilian variant of Bethany.
  17. Beth – a beautiful short form of names such as Elizabeth or Bethany, full of positivity and sweetness.
  18. Bethan – one among a stunning selection of “Beth” names for beautiful babies.
  19. Bethany – a youthful and attractive name with the unusual meaning of “house of figs.”
  20. Beverly – combining elements meaning “beaver” and “stream,” this is a cute, rugged name of English origin.
  21. Bian – meaning “woman with secrets,” this Chinese and Vietnamese name is rather alluring.
  22. Billie – the singer Billie Eilish has given feminine life to this nickname from the male William.
  23. Bindi – a magical Australian girl’s name meaning “butterfly.”
  24. Birdie – a sweet pet name originally, now a spectacular, animal-inspired moniker.
  25. Birget – a gorgeous, Viking-rooted variant of Bridget.
  26. Blair – or Blaire, both delightfully inspiring Scottish Gaelic names meaning “plain, meadow.”
  27. Braith – a cute-as-can-be choice for a “freckled” little girl.
  28. Brandi – a typically American name for a girl, after the warming alcoholic drink.
  29. Branna – meaning “raven,” a dark yet exciting Gaelic name for a girl.
  30. Brea – an old name meaning “hill, tar” for an elevated little lady.
  31. Bree – as a nickname or a standalone name, this gorgeously sweet option is full of meaning.
  32. Breena – as an Irish name, this holds the adorably dainty meaning of “fairy palace.”
  33. Brianne – or Brianna, are both pretty Celtic names for “strong, noble” ladies.
  34. Bridget – this common Gaelic saint’s name is dazzling with “power, strength, and virtue.”
  35. Brigitta – a sassy Germanic form of Bridget, thus a cool and colorful B name for women.
  36. Britney – a pop-princess name, especially perfect for a lady “from Britain.”
  37. Britt – a Britney nickname that’s also fantastically patriotic for a British gal.
  38. Brody – the “ditch” meaning isn’t the cutest, but we love the Irish vibe of this unisex name.
  39. Bronia – a simple Polish name for girls meaning “protector.”
  40. Brontë – with Gaelic and Greek influences, this literary name could mean both “bestower” and “thunder.”
  41. Brooke – an earthy name describing a “small stream,” sounding full of adventure.
  42. Bruna – meaning “brown,” this Portuguese name is earthy and confident.
  43. Brydie – a pretty, magical-sounding Gaelic name for an “exalted one.”
  44. Bryn – a unisex Welsh name meaning “hill.”
  45. Bunny – fluffy and fun, this animal-inspired name will make you smile.
  46. Bushra – bring “good news” to your family using this adorable name for your new arrival.

7 Biblical Female Names That Start With B

Religious parents will adore these gorgeous girl names that start with B from the bible.

  1. Basemath – if your daughter has a beautiful aroma, consider this “fragrant” Hebrew female name.
  2. Bathsheba – a bold name meaning “daughter of the oath,” full of honest, devoted vibes we adore.
  3. Belén – this is the Spanish form of Bethlehem, making for a soft, homely name.
  4. Berenice – or Bernice, these names sound outdated, but their meaning of “she who brings victory” still shines.
  5. Beulah – a devoted name from Hebrew, meaning “married.”
  6. Bilhah – a rosy pick among biblical girl names starting with B, meaning “bashful.”
  7. Bithiah – any “daughter of God” should be proud to wear this beautifully blessed Old Testament name.

25 Bold B Names for Girls

Help your daughter stand out from the crowd with these feisty B names for girls.

  1. Bacia – one of the more alarming B names, meaning “family deaths ruined the home,” from Uganda.
  2. Baldey – a standout Icelandic choice among names for girls that start with B, meaning “strong island.”
  3. Barbie – a perfect name for a doll-like little heroine.
  4. Barig – a unique, 5-letter Armenian entry among women’s names that start with B, meaning “fairy.”
  5. Bast – a cool 4-letter name after the ancient Egyptian goddess of cats and the sun.
  6. Bedelia – meaning “strength,” Bedelia would be great twinned with Amelia!
  7. Bellicent – this unique spin on Millicent makes a bold, Arthurian-inspired option.
  8. Bergljot – meaning “protection,” this Norwegian name is a bit of a mouthful but worth it.
  9. Beyonce – using this music sensation as a namesake sure would empower any little lady.
  10. Blaise – or Blaze, this sparky choice is derived from Latin, traditionally for a person “with a lisp.”
  11. Blake – a gender-neutral name from Old English, simultaneously meaning “black” and “pale.”
  12. Blancanieves – fit for a princess, this is the Spanish form of Snow White.
  13. Blondie – this fun popstar name would have made this list One Way Or Another!
  14. Blue – a dreamy yet vivid choice of color name, sounding especially great as a middle name.
  15. Bobby – a short form of the vintage Roberta, sounding upbeat and fun independently today.
  16. Bolesława – meaning “great glory,” this Slavic name is positively aflame with triumph.
  17. Bora – a short name with various meanings, including “storm” in Turkish and “purple” in Korean.
  18. Brangaine – rooted in Gaelic legend, this name is one to admire.
  19. Brasília – after Brazil’s capital city, a rare addition to locational girl names that start with the letter B.
  20. Brígh – another Gaelic form of Bridget, a “powerful” option to pick.
  21. Britannia – an especially patriotic pick for babies from the United Kingdom.
  22. Brónach – ignore its meanings of “sorrowful, sad,” as we think this Celtic girl’s name is full of hope.
  23. Brooklyn – a celebrity baby name for a cool New Yorker.
  24. Bryce – a hot unisex name meaning “freckled” for sparky little babies.
  25. Burglinde – a hefty German name with the protective meaning “shield of lime wood.”

10 Badass Girl Names With B Initials

These astounding B names for warrior girls should be worn with pride.

  1. Banshee – for a Celtic wailer, this mythological name could be a huge hit.
  2. Bellona – the bloodthirsty Roman goddess of war, makes the most incredible namesake for a warrior baby.
  3. Bernadette – you wouldn’t want to mess with a girl whose name means “strong as a bear!”
  4. Boudicca – a triumphant name for Roman champions, meaning “victorious.”
  5. Branka – meaning “to protect, to defend,” a feisty Slavic “A” name for girls.
  6. Brenda – with Scandinavian origins, this vintage name has the spicy meaning of “sword.”
  7. Bronisława – names for girls that start with B aren’t as powerful as this Slavic pick, meaning “protector of glory.”
  8. Bryndis – is there a more badass meaning to a name than “armored goddess?”
  9. Buddug – meaning “victorious,” this fiery Welsh girl’s name may be pronounced “bee-th-ig,” or “bu-th-ig.”
  10. Buffy – watch out, vampires, any girl named Buffy is sure to take them down!

15 Bright B Names for Girls

Vibrant and fresh, these female names that start with B will light up the room.

  1. Bạc – a shimmering girl name from Vietnamese, meaning “silver.”
  2. Basira – an Arabic name meaning “wise,” as a feminine form of Basir.
  3. Basma – or Bisma, both joyful Muslim names meaning “smile.”
  4. Beatrice – meaning “happy voyager,” this old-fashioned girl’s name is full of exciting adventure.
  5. Bellamy – a French-originating name for a “good friend.”
  6. Beren – for a “smart, strong” baby girl, this Turkish name is a proud one to behold.
  7. Bertha – this Germanic name shines with its meaning of “bright one.”
  8. Bianca – a sweetheart-sounding name meaning “white, fair,” for bright women.
  9. Bích – in Vietnamese, this girl’s name refers to the precious, symbolic “jade” gemstone.
  10. Bituin – a unique yet cosmic choice from Tagalog, meaning “star.”
  11. Blanca – clean and pure, this “white” name sounds almost holy.
  12. Blanche – another “white, pure” name, this one from French.
  13. Blythe – a cheerful, upbeat name from Old English, meaning “happy,” like the word “blithe.”
  14. Bonnie – you’ll love this “bonnie” name (that means “pretty” if you’re Scottish)!
  15. Brie – a cheesy variation in spelling to Bree, perhaps.

13 Botanical Names for Girls That Start With B

  1. Balsam – a rare botanical baby name, but a sweet, flower-inspired option.
  2. Basil – like the herb, or the Greek-rooted male name meaning “royal.”
  3. Begonia – a vibrant garden flower name for your new little petal.
  4. Bhumi – after a Hindu personification of earth and an undeniably spectacular B name for girls.
  5. Blathnaid – an Irish name meaning “little flower,” pronounced “blaw-nid.”
  6. Blodwen – a bold, hefty-sounding spelling, yet with the beautiful Welsh meaning of “white flower.”
  7. Blossom – a beautiful name, especially for a springtime-born flower baby.
  8. Blum – this Middle German surname meaning “flower” makes a fresh entry among girl names with B.
  9. Bosalicia – full of power and beauty, you’ll love this Brazilian pick meaning “noble rose.”
  10. Briallen – is the Welsh word for “primrose” – the prettiest floral pick among girl names with B initials.
  11. Briar – a princessy name with a punch, meaning “thorny patch.”
  12. Bryony – meaning “vine,” this plant-inspired name seems to have “sprouted” up in popularity charts lately.
  13. Buddleia – like the flower, combining popular names Buddy and Leia in one!

14 Blessed Female Names That Start With B

These B girl names radiate spirit and devotion over their bearers beautifully.

  1. Babette – a stunning French girl’s name meaning “God’s promise.”
  2. Bea – a name to be worn like a smile, meaning “bringer of happiness.”
  3. Beata – from the Latin “beatus,” this stylish Polish name means “blessed.”
  4. Beatrix – means “blessed” and “voyager,” and a stylish Beatrice alternative.
  5. Belinha – meaning “pledged to God,” a unique Brazilian variant of Isabel.
  6. Bennet – one for Pride and Prejudice fans, this Latin-rooted surname and first name, means “blessed.”
  7. Bess – another adorable nickname for Elizabeth, associated with Good Queen Bess (Queen Elizabeth I).
  8. Betsy – meaning “God is my oath,” this name was derived as a diminutive of Elizabeth.
  9. Betty – another fun form of Elizabeth, sounding rather old-fashioned now.
  10. Blessing – a lovely and literal name for your perfect new addition.
  11. Bliss – tranquil, beautiful, and sweet; this calming name sounds like a vacation to us.
  12. Bogdana – a firm Slavic-rooted name for a girl “given by God.”
  13. Brielle – meaning “God is my strength,” this French name glows so sweetly.
  14. Bronwen – this charming name is only for the “purest of heart.”

B Names for Girls FAQs

What Is a Popular Name With B for Girls?

Some of the most popular B names for girls include Beth, Bethany, Bella, Becca, and Britney. Blake, Bobby, and Bailey are also popular unisex options.

What Are Some Rare Girl Names That Start With B?

Rare and unusual B girl names include the floral Buddleia, the patriotic Britannia, and the outdated Buddug, Blanche, Blythe, and Beryl. Standout B choices also include names such as Beyonce, Blancanieves, and Boudicca, as well as Banshee, Buffy, and Bambi!

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