125 Girl Names That Start With C: for Charming Daughters

Consider the cutest girl names that start with C for your captivating new child!

We love the idea of choosing the letter C when naming your children – especially for daughters, as these girl names that start with C are all as charming as cherry pie!

Whether C is your favorite letter or a traditional family initial, we have gathered over a hundred cool, cute, and unique C names for girls for you to choose from. Plus, with many international influences and origins, you’re sure to find one you adore.

So keep reading, and “C” what you discover!

29 Captivating Girl Names That Start With C

These are clearly the top, most enchanting choices among C names for girls!

  1. Cae – means “feminine,” a gorgeous and alluring pick among Vietnamese girl names starting with C.
  2. Calisa – a Greek name to be bestowed upon the “most beautiful” little girl.
  3. Calliope – this badass name belonged to one of the Muses in Greek mythology, meaning “beautiful voice.”
  4. Cambrie – was coined from the Latin Cymru, the Welsh name for their country.
  5. Caoilfhionn – meaning “slender” and “fair,” this Irish girl’s name is pronounced, “kee-lin.”
  6. Capri – a rare 5-letter name, yet gorgeous if you’ve vacationed in Italy.
  7. Carolina – a melodic, ultra-feminine variation of Caroline.
  8. Caroline – there’s no messing with anyone named Caroline, meaning “free woman.”
  9. Cassandra – a strong and fearless name for a badass baby who “shines” and “excels” over the rest.
  10. Catriona – a rhythmic name with Gaelic roots, meaning “pure.”
  11. Cecette – a sassy name from Old Welsh, meaning “sixth.”
  12. Cel – an Etruscan earth goddess whose name was used for September.
  13. Celeste – from Latin, this luminous, starry name means “celestial.”
  14. Celestyna – a spectacular Polish variant of Celeste for an out-of-this-world baby girl.
  15. Celine – like my heart, this “heavenly” French popstar name is sure to go on.
  16. Ceren – a gorgeously earthy Turkish girl’s name meaning “gazelle.”
  17. Cerridwen – this spellbinding name means “blessed poetry” and features in medieval Welsh legend.
  18. Chandrakanta – an ethereal Hindi name for a daughter “beloved by the moon.”
  19. Chasina – a “strong, mighty” choice among Aramic C names for girls.
  20. Cherith – a Hebrew name with the icy yet tranquil meaning of “winter stream.”
  21. Chike – a strong African name for a daughter, meaning “God of strength” in Igbo.
  22. Christabel – or Christobel, these dazzling Latin names signify a “beautiful Christian” daughter.
  23. Cillín – a rare yet spectacular Gaelic unisex name, meaning “strife” or “from a brilliant mind.”
  24. Cliodhna – another Irish name with a standout spelling, meaning “shapely,” and pronounced, “KLEE-oo-na.”
  25. Colette – interestingly a French form of Nicole, this name triumphantly means “people of victory.”
  26. Cragen – an uncommon yet captivating name for a mermaid girl, after the Welsh word for “shell.”
  27. Croía – a romantic, Gaelic pick among names for girls that start with C, meaning “heart.”
  28. Crystal – your daughter will dazzle like a gem with this captivating choice of female names that start with C.
  29. Cybele – the most majestically earthy name, after an Anatolian mother goddess.

17 Caring C Names for Girls

These gentle and gorgeous names that start with C for girls all radiate the most love and light.

  1. Cadhla – pronounced like “ky-la,” this unisex Irish name shines in its meaning of “beautiful.”
  2. Caireann – the meanings of “little beloved” and “little friend” are too cute to handle in this Irish name.
  3. Cairistiona – this special Gaelic girl’s name shows a beautiful association with the Christian faith.
  4. Caitlin – meaning “pure,” Caitlin has various spellings, but we adore this gorgeous Gaelic version.
  5. Cara – from the Latin word “cārus,” this adorable 4-letter name means “friend.”
  6. Carita – from the Latin word “caritas,” this endearing C name means “beloved.”
  7. Catherine – a regal and charming name for an innocent little girl, meaning “pure.”
  8. Cecilia – a saintly name with the unusual meaning of “blind.”
  9. Chamomile – a wholesome yet rare choice for a girl, meaning “earth apple.”
  10. Charity – a significant virtue name for a humble and caring little lady.
  11. Chastity – another strong virtue name that would go great with Charity as a twin name.
  12. Cheryl – meaning “dear, beloved,” this French feminine name seems pretty vintage now.
  13. Christina – or Christine, both devout girl names for a “follower of Christ.”
  14. Constance – another great virtue name, promoting “steadfastness, consistency” morals.
  15. Cora – an awesome, clean-white alternative to Cara, meaning “maiden” in Greek.
  16. Cosette – musical theater fans will want to sing this name, meaning “little thing” in French.
  17. Cothi – a soft, rare name that captures all the scenic beauty of the Welsh River.

17 Cheerful Women’s Names That Start With C

These C names for girls are all happy and upbeat, just like your daughter’s radiant smile.

  1. Cadence – a “rhythmic” Latin name for babies who come out swinging.
  2. Camellia – a cute flower name for the brightest petal.
  3. Carey – with various origins, this surname makes a delightful name for a sweet girl.
  4. Carla – a feminine form of the male name Carl, meaning “free man.”
  5. Carly – sounds full of possibility, with the upbeat and fun meaning of “free woman.”
  6. Caron – if you love Karen but aren’t comfortable with it being a meme, consider this Welsh alternative instead.
  7. Cassidy – an Irish-rooted first name and surname for bouncy babies with “curly hair!”
  8. Cathy – a soft, gentle short form of Catherine.
  9. Ceirios – a Welsh girl’s name meaning “cherry,” also like the river.
  10. Charisma – a standout choice among virtue girl names with C initials for one with the bubbliest personality.
  11. Chelsea – sophisticated and confident, this English name comes from a famous London district.
  12. Claire – an upbeat French name meaning “clear, bright,” often heard as a middle name.
  13. Clarabelle – this Latin name translates to mean all things “bright” and “beautiful!”
  14. Clarissa – an ultra-feminine take on Clara, meaning “bright, clear,” with all that sass.
  15. Clodagh – great if you have Irish roots; inspired by a river, and pronounced “CLOH-dah.”
  16. Clover – a summery name for a girl who loves dancing through the meadows.
  17. Colby – an easy-going entry among C names for boys and girls, meaning “coal town” or “dark.”

22 Cool Girl Names With C Initials

Your little lady will sound cool as a cucumber with one of these awesome girl names that start with C.

  1. Cailleach – straight out of Gaelic mythology and folklore, after various chilling “hag”-like figures.
  2. Callie – meaning “beautiful,” this Greek name sparkles and shimmers.
  3. Callisto – meaning “most beautiful” in Greek, this name belongs to the moon of Jupiter.
  4. Calytrix – a rare and cheeky Latin name meaning “star flower.”
  5. Cameron – with the hilarious meaning of “crooked nose,” this name is commonly chosen for boys.
  6. Carrigan – a fun name for an Irish warrior princess, meaning “pointed spear.”
  7. Casey – another gender-neutral C name for girls and boys, meaning “watchful, brave,” from Gaelic roots.
  8. Cassiopeia – lovers of Greek mythology and star gazing will be spellbound by this epic C name.
  9. Ceres – an awesome mythological name after the Roman goddess of agriculture, crops, and fertility.
  10. Chanel – a great name for a luxury designer baby, with the rather basic meaning of “pipe.”
  11. Charlize – a cool take on the Charlotte stem, meaning “free man,” with a more modern flair.
  12. Cheyenne – a Native American female name, best if you hail from the capital city of Wyoming.
  13. China – a beautiful country-inspired name, full of culture and grace.
  14. Chiwa – it looks like a cute name, but this African choice means “death!”
  15. Chu’si – a unique Native American choice, with the unusually inspiring meaning of “snake flower.”
  16. Circe – a smart baby name from Greek mythology that means “bird” for high-flyers.
  17. Cleo – sounds endlessly fun, meaning “celebrate, praise, glory.”
  18. Clothilde – with the epic meaning of “famous in battle,” this smart French name is pronounced “claw-teeld.”
  19. Coral – dive under the sea to find this awesome name after the marine reef invertebrates.
  20. Cruz – a trendy Portuguese option meaning “cross.”
  21. Cydney – an uncommon yet cool spelling of Sydney, meaning “wide watered land.”
  22. Cynthia – a strong name for a moon goddess from Greek mythology, meaning “from Mount Kynthos.”

40 Cute C Names for Girls

Cute as cherry pie, these C names for girls are all extra lovely.

  1. Cais – a vibrant name that’s full of life, meaning “rejoicer” in Vietnamese.
  2. Camilla – a fantastic name for a new queen, meaning “religious attendant.”
  3. Candace – a Latin name full of “clarity, pureness,” perfect for admirable women.
  4. Candy – sweet as chocolate, this adorable name sounds fizzy and pink.
  5. Caoimhe – this “gentle, precious, beautiful” Irish name has surged in popularity recently, pronounced “KEE-va” or “KWEE-va.”
  6. Caramel – another sugary-sweet option among girl names that start with C.
  7. Carina – an Italian name with the affectionate meaning of “dear, or beloved little one.”
  8. Carlotta – a French variation of Charlotte, with that sassy, confident sound we adore.
  9. Carmella – meaning “garden, orchard,” this Hebrew name sounds sweet, like dessert.
  10. Carmen – with various international origins, this name has different meanings, such as “poetry,” “truthful,” and “garden.”
  11. Carmila – like Carmella, this is an adventurous Hebrew name meaning “garden, orchard.”
  12. Carol – this melodic English name makes us think of singing hymns at Christmas.
  13. Carolyn – a variant of Caroline, sounding more mature and important, somehow.
  14. Carrie – meaning “free,” this vibrant name does have scary undertones among Stephen King fans.
  15. Carys – a beautifully delicate Welsh name from the word “caru,” meaning “to love.”
  16. Cassia – a spicy Greek name with the autumnal meaning of “cinnamon.”
  17. Cat – a feminine feline name or a nickname for Catherine and Katya.
  18. Cerise – is the French word for “cherry,” so it’s beautifully sweet and summery.
  19. Charlie – an adorable, gender-neutral short form of Charlotte for happy babies.
  20. Charlotte – meaning “free,” one of the most popular women’s names that start with C.
  21. Cherry – red, delicious, and fruity, this is a cute-as-pie choice for a sweet little girl.
  22. Chloe – a popular, soft name with the vibrant, springtime meaning of “blooming.”
  23. Chontel – it sounds modern, but this name meaning “stone,” is rooted in Old French.
  24. Chris – a basic, gender-neutral nickname, great as a short form of Christina.
  25. Ciara – a softer way of spelling Keira with that beautiful letter C, meaning “dark-haired.”
  26. Cinderella – a powerful name that stands out after the legendary Disney princess.
  27. Cindy – a sweet nickname from Cynthia, sounding fresh and modern independently.
  28. Citlali – a unique Aztec entry among girl names that start with C, meaning “star.”
  29. Citrine – after the precious gemstone and shade of yellow.
  30. Clara – soft and delicate, we think this Latin girl’s name offers a “bright, clear” future!
  31. Claudia – is from an ancient Roman family name with the interesting meaning of “lame, crippled.”
  32. Clementine – fruity and French, this orange name has quite the tang to it.
  33. Coco – nutty yet sweet as chocolate; Coco is a cool name for any kid.
  34. Colleen – after an Irish term, literally meaning “girl.”
  35. Connie – a friendly English name derived as a nickname from Constance.
  36. Cordelia – meaning “heart,” this gorgeous name isn’t heard as much today as it used to be.
  37. Cornelia – very similar to Cordelia, but this Roman female name holds the unusual meaning of “horn.”
  38. Courtney – a pretty pick for a girl, rooted in a Norman locational surname.
  39. Csilla – a Hungarian name for a super “star,” pronounced “CHEEL-la.”
  40. Cúc – a unique, floral Vietnamese name meaning “chrysanthemum.”

Girl Names That Start With C FAQs

What Are Rare Names That Start With C for Girls?

While C is a popular letter for girls, there are also plenty of rare and uncommon choices among these names. Cinderella is an especially unique pick, while Greek-inspired choices such as Cassiopeia, Ceres, and Calliope are also rare. Calytrix is a gorgeously unique C name, including Cragan, Chamomile, and Chu’si.

What British Name Starts With C For Girls?

Many C names for girls are popular in Britain, with some of the most common picks being Charlotte, Caitlin, Cara, and Chloe. Chelsea’s association with London makes it a great British C name, and there are plenty of beautiful Welsh and Gaelic names too, such as Carys, Cambrie, Cothi, and Catriona.

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