154 Powerful Greek Mythology Names: Boys & Girls

These Greek mythology names are as cool and cultured as the Greek gods themselves.

Greek mythology is full of fascinating warriors, leaders, muses, monsters, and romancers to keep one inspired. Finding the perfect baby name among a myriad of Greek gods and goddesses can sometimes feel as difficult as reaching Mount Olympus!

So, we have gone ahead and explored the ancient Greek legends to find the most powerful and mighty Greek mythology names to suit any baby god or goddess. With all the meanings, divine namesakes, and more to learn behind each one, your little star will have the coolest name in no time.

86 Greek Mythology Names For Girls

Your little goddess will sound so beautiful with one of these dazzling Greek mythology names for girls.

  1. Achlys – with the eerie meaning of “mist,” Achlys was the personification of sorrow.
  2. Aegle – a luminous-sounding Greek mythology name, meaning “light, glory.”
  3. Aidos – the goddess of “shame” and “respect.”
  4. Alala – a melodic name given to the personification of the “war cry” in mythology.
  5. Alcyone – a variant of Halcyone, this cool mythological name means “kingfisher.”
  6. Althaea – the queen of Calydon, whose name holds the noble meaning of “honest.”
  7. Amaltheia – a tender goddess name, meaning “to soothe.”
  8. Ananke – the mythological personification of “necessity” and “inevitability.”
  9. Antigone – a strong mythological name with the unique meaning of “in place of parents.”
  10. Aphrodite – from the Greek “aphros,” meaning “foam,” Aphrodite was the goddess of love, sex, and beauty.
  11. Arachne – a creepy-crawly Greek myth name meaning “spider.”
  12. Ariadne – a mythical princess with the beautiful meaning of “most holy.”
  13. Arina – meaning “peace,” this is a harmonic goddess name for sure.
  14. Arke – a short yet cool option among Greek mythological goddess names, meaning “swift.”
  15. Artemis – with the unusual meaning of “butcher,” Artemis was the goddess of the hunt.
  16. Astraea – derived from “aster,” meaning “star,” this was the Greek goddess of justice.
  17. Atalanta – meaning “balanced,” this charming heroine name is a gorgeous pick among Greek mythology names.
  18. Athena – meaning “from Athens,” Athena was the goddess of war and wisdom.
  19. Aura – meaning “gentle breeze,” this goddess name would be ideal for a springtime baby girl.
  20. Bia – a short, powerful girl’s name, after the Titan goddess of “force” and “energy.”
  21. Calliope – a stunning Greek goddess name, meaning “beautifully voiced.”
  22. Cassandra – a Trojan prophetess whose name means “to shine,” with Cassie as an adorable nickname.
  23. Chinoa – a fantastical mythological name meaning snow.
  24. Clio – meaning “glory, celebration,” Clio was a delightful mythological muse.
  25. Cressida – a Shakesperian name from Greek mythology, meaning “dear” or “precious.”
  26. Cynthia – a popular, floral-sounding pick, meaning “moon goddess.”
  27. Danae – meaning “she who judges,” this dreamy name belonged to the goddess of music and poetry.
  28. Demeter – the vibrant goddess of agriculture, whose name means “earth mother.”
  29. Diantha – a unique yet whimsical name, meaning “divine flower.”
  30. Eirene – a gorgeously soft and sweet choice, belonging to a goddess of peace.
  31. Elara – with the feisty meaning of “spear,” Elara was a mythical Greek princess.
  32. Electryone – an electric name meaning “amber,” belonging to a goddess of sunrise.
  33. Enyo – a Greek war goddess, making this a name ready for battle.
  34. Eos – a cool and dreamy name meaning “dawn” and the Greek goddess of daybreak.
  35. Erato – meaning “lovely,” Erato was a poetry goddess and muse.
  36. Eris – a bold and daring goddess name, meaning “strife.”
  37. Ersa – the goddess of the morning dew, makes a beautiful namesake for a morning-born little girl.
  38. Europa – meaning “wide-face,” Europa makes a great fantasy name and location name.
  39. Eurydice – a pretty mythology name, meaning “wide justice.”
  40. Gaia meaning earth, Gaia was the personification of the land itself.
  41. Halcyone – meaning “kingfisher,” an unusual and radiant animal-inspired name.
  42. Hecate – a figure associated with the moon, Hecate means “far-reaching.”
  43. Helen – an internationally popular feminine choice, meaning “light” or “torch.”
  44. Hemera – a vibrant and sunshine-filled mythology girl name meaning “day.”
  45. Hera – meaning “goddess of the hearth,” Hera was the mighty queen of Mount Olympus.
  46. Hermione – a great choice for literature lovers, Hermione is derived from the male name Hermes.
  47. Hestia – a warm choice among mythology names, Hestia refers to the home and hearth goddess.
  48. Hygieia – a squeaky-clean name belonging to the goddess of hygiene, cleanliness, and good health.
  49. Iaso – meaning “healing,” Iaso was the goddess of cures and recuperation.
  50. Ino – a queen in Greek mythology and a short-but-sweet name meaning “white goddess.”
  51. Iris – a classic floral name, meaning “rainbow” in Greek, belonging to the messenger goddess of the rainbow.
  52. Jocasta – meaning “shining moon,” Jocasta was the mother of Oedipus.
  53. Ker – the singular form of Keres, a group of death goddesses in Greek mythology.
  54. Keres – the Keres were female spirits of violent death, offering a potentially cute-sounding name.
  55. Kleio – a cool alternative spelling of Clio, meaning “glory or celebration.”
  56. Leto – a pretty mythological name of unknown meaning, Leto was the mother of Apollo and Artemis.
  57. Leucothea – a dazzling Greek fantasy name, meaning “white goddess.”
  58. Lyssa – a holy pick among Greek goddess names, meaning “blessed” or “God’s promise.”
  59. Macaria – a sweet Spanish and Greek mythology name, meaning “happy, blessed.”
  60. Maya – a sweet, popular choice, referring to the goddess of spring.
  61. Medea – meaning “cunning,” Medea was a crafty sorceress in Greek mythology.
  62. Medusa – meaning “protector or ruler,” legend has it that those who laid eyes upon her were turned to stone.
  63. Melissa – a pretty and popular international name meaning “honeybee,” also from Greek mythology.
  64. Menodora – a dreamy Greek girl’s name meaning “moon.”
  65. Nephele – meaning “cloud,” Nephele is an adorably airy choice to consider.
  66. Nicaea – a mythical nymph with the triumphant meaning of “victory.”
  67. Nike – not the sportswear brand, but the Greek goddess of “victory.”
  68. Niobe – a unique yet stylish pick among female Greek mythology names, believed to mean “fern.”
  69. Nyx – the shadowy personification and goddess of “nighttime.”
  70. Oizys – a stand-out name with a cool spelling, given to the mythological personification of misery and anxiety.
  71. Olympia – inspired by Mount Olympus, the home of the Greek gods, this feminine name is celestially divine!
  72. Ourania – the goddess of astronomy, with the ethereal meaning of “heavenly.”
  73. Pallas – meaning “wisdom” or “youth,” Pallas was another name for the goddess Athena.
  74. Pandia – a playful-sounding pick among mythological names, meaning “brightness.”
  75. Pandora – meaning “all-giving,” Pandora was the first human woman in ancient Greek religion.
  76. Penelope – meaning “weaver,” this sweet name belonging to Odysseus’s wife, with Penny as a cute nickname.
  77. Penia – meaning “deficiency,” Penia was the mythical personification of poverty.
  78. Persephone – meaning “destruction,” Persephone was the queen of the underworld, responsible for changing seasons.
  79. Phaedra – the daughter of King Minos, whose name holds the upbeat meaning of “radiant, happy.”
  80. Phoebe – a Titan associated with the moon, with the celestial meaning of “one who shines brightly.”
  81. Rhea – with the airy meaning of “flowing,” Rhea was a fertility goddess.
  82. Selene – a Titan lunar deity and personification of the moon itself.
  83. Theia – meaning “gift from God,” this mother goddess name is radiant and pure.
  84. Thetis – a spiritual-sounding name belonging to an ocean nymph.
  85. Titaia – meaning “burning,” Titaia was the mother of the Titans.
  86. Tyche – meaning “luck, providence,” Tyche was a goddess of fortune.

58 Greek Mythology Names For Boys

These Greek god names for boys sure are handsome choices.

  1. Adonis – a handsome, romantic pick, meaning “beauty, desire.”
  2. Aegeus – a mighty name meaning “protector” and a mythical, monster-killing king.
  3. Aeolus – a name borne by various mythological figures, meaning “changeable.”
  4. Aether – meaning “brightness,” Aether represented the luminous, highest level of the sky.
  5. Aion – meaning “life” or “age,” Aion was a god associated with time and the zodiac.
  6. Ajax – a warrior in Greek mythology whose name means “free, brave.”
  7. Apollo – the god of the sun, Apollo’s name means “destroyer.”
  8. Ares – the bloodthirsty god of battle, Ares means “ruin” or “battle.”
  9. Atlas – a condemned Titan whose name holds the sweet meaning of “enduring.”
  10. Bacchus – meaning “writer,” Bacchus is a great name for literature lovers, referring to the god Dionysus.
  11. Boreas – meaning “north wind,” this icy name belonged to the god of winter.
  12. Castor – meaning “to excel,” Castor was the mythological twin brother of Pollux.
  13. Chronos meaning “time,” Chronos was the personification of time itself.
  14. Demetrius – meaning “devoted,” a family-oriented, divine name.
  15. Dionysus – meaning “of Zeus,” Dionysus was the god of wine and revelry.
  16. Erebus – the god and personification of “darkness.”
  17. Eros – meaning “love,” Eros is the romantic god of desire.
  18. Hades – the lord of the underworld, whose name has the chilling meaning of “unseen.”
  19. Hector – meaning “steadfast,” this internationally-popular masculine name was borne by a Trojan War hero.
  20. Helios – a stellar choice among Greek myth names relating to the divine personification of the sun.
  21. Heracles – meaning “glory of Hera,” this divine name is fit for an inspiring hero.
  22. Hermes – the messenger to the gods, Hermes’ name may mean “messenger” or “interpreter.”
  23. Hesperos – meaning “evening star,” this would make a lovely choice for a nighttime-born baby.
  24. Hyperion – an all-powerful name meaning “high, supreme one,” Hyperion was a Titan in Greek mythology.
  25. Hypnos – meaning “sleep,” this sweet mythology name sure is dreamy.
  26. Iapetus – meaning “the piercer,” you could say this is a “sharp” name from Greek mythology.
  27. Icarus – meaning “follower,” after the figure who flew too close to the sun.
  28. Ikelos – a stylish-sounding Greek myth name referring to the god of nightmares.
  29. Jason – meaning “healer” or “leader,” this popular choice belonged to the leader of the Argonauts.
  30. Koalemos – the god of stupidity, thus an unusual pick for a mischievous baby.
  31. Kratos – the mythological personification of strength, Kratos makes a solid namesake for your tough little lad.
  32. Linus – a wise-sounding mythological pick, meaning “flax” or “blonde.”
  33. Minos – a unique mythology name with the regal meaning of “king.”
  34. Moros – meaning “doom, ” Moros is perhaps a morbid choice amongst Greek god names.
  35. Morpheus – a soothing choice, belonging to the god of “sleep and dreams.”
  36. Oceanus – meaning “ocean,” Oceanus was the god of seas, streams, and water.
  37. Odysseus – an all-powerful, classic Greek male name meaning “anger, pain.”
  38. Olympus – a sturdy, masculine name inspired by Mount Olympus itself.
  39. Orion – a mythological huntsman and constellation that’s visible worldwide.
  40. Orpheus – said to mean “darkness of night,” Orpheus was a legendary lyre-playing prophet.
  41. Ouranos – another name for Uranus, the god of the heavens, meaning “sky.”
  42. Pan – a Greek god of shepherds, whose name serves as a prefix to mean “all.”
  43. Perses – meaning “destroyer,” Perses is a powerful pick among Greek god names.
  44. Perseus – like Perses, Perseus means “destroyer” and is pronounced PUR-see-us or PER-SEWS.
  45. Phoebus – meaning “pure, bright,” this dashing pick was another name for the god Apollo.
  46. Pollux – meaning “sweet,” Pollux was the mythological twin brother of Castor.
  47. Pontus – meaning “sea,” Pontus was a pre-Olympian god of the oceans.
  48. Poseidon – with the cool meaning of “lord of the Earth,” Poseidon was the mighty sea god.
  49. Potamoi – the Potamoi are a group of river and stream gods in Greek mythology.
  50. Prometheus – a Titan god of fire, whose rare name sure does sound legendary.
  51. Proteus – meaning “first,” this sea god name would be an excellent choice for a first-born son.
  52. Tartarus – a morbid name referring to the deepest part of the underworld.
  53. Titan – in Greek mythology, the Titans were the pre-Olympian gods.
  54. Triton – a mythological sea god whose name would be perfect for a little water baby.
  55. Typhon – a deadly serpentine monster in Greek mythology, thus a name to be feared!
  56. Uranus – a cool space name meaning “sky,” and the god of the heavens.
  57. Zelos – with the meaning of “zeal or jealousy,” Zelos may be sour, yet it sounds super stylish.
  58. Zeus – meaning “sky father,” Zeus was the supreme king of the gods on Mount Olympus.

10 Unisex Greek Mythology Names

Your little demigod will shine brighter than the stars with one of these great, gender-neutral Greek names!

  1. Anemoi – the name of a group of wind gods in ancient Greek mythology.
  2. Athens – Greece’s capital city, makes a fantastic locational name, especially for mythology fans.
  3. Chaos – the personification of nothingness, like the void in eternity, makes an unusual greek name.
  4. Griffin – a cool mythical creature with the head of an eagle and the body of a lion.
  5. Hymen – female anatomy aside, Hymen was an ancient Greek god of marriage and hymns.
  6. Nemesis – as well as being a synonym for “archenemy,” Nemesis was a Greek goddess of retribution.
  7. Oneiroi – meaning “dreams,” Oneiroi is a cute name not to be slept on!
  8. Phoenix – a mythical bird that catches on fire and rebirths itself from the ashes.
  9. Pistis – the personification of “faith” and “trust” makes an honest namesake for your new angel.
  10. Styx – in Greek mythology, the River Styx runs the boundary between the living world and the underworld.

Greek Mythology Names FAQs

What Are Some Greek Warrior Names?

Greek mythology warrior names include Ajax and Perses for boys and Athena, Bia, or Artemis for girls.

What Is The Prettiest Goddess Name?

We think all Greek goddess names are beautiful, but some with the prettiest meanings include Aphrodite, Calliope, Dianthe, and Ariadne.

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