160 Incredible Gypsy Names: for Cute Traveling Tots

Don’t tie your kids down with mundane monikers when nomadic Romani names are more exotic.

If you feel like a free spirit and yearn for a nomadic lifestyle, you may have gypsy blood. Gypsy derives from the Middle English word “gypcian,” meaning “Egyptian, after the belief that Egypt was where they originated from.

Choosing Romani names could be your best option when naming your traveling tots. We list 160 gypsy names, including their meanings and origin, to help fire your imagination.

64 Hard-Core Gypsy Boy Names

Let’s kick off with the most exotic, unusual, and romantic gypsy names for your little traveler.

  1. Abraham – this Hebrew male name meaning “father of a multitude” makes a great middle name.
  2. Alafair – this Germanic name means “elf warrior” and “all true.”
  3. Alfonso – this exotic Spanish and Italian name means “noble and ready.”
  4. Amberline – meaning “analytical mind and peace,” gypsy boy names don’t get any more exotic.
  5. Bartalan – this Hungarian gypsy name means “farmer.”
  6. Bartley – derives from Old English and Scottish, meaning “birch tree meadow.”
  7. Barthol – is Aramaic, meaning “son of Talmai” (the farmer).
  8. Bohemia – this carefree artistic name means “gypsy of society.”
  9. Credi – is an unusual and rare Italian boy’s name meaning “just.”
  10. Danior – an Old English gypsy name meaning “born with teeth.”
  11. Django – gypsy names like Django mean “I awake.”
  12. Duke – is of Anglo-Norman origin, meaning “leader.”
  13. Elijah – this Hebrew name means “Yahweh is my God.”
  14. Elwood – an Old English name meaning “elder tree forest.”
  15. Ephraim – a Latinized version of the Hebrew Efrayim, meaning “fruitful.”
  16. Ezra – is a classic Hebrew name meaning “help.”
  17. Fenix – this Greek alternative for “phoenix” means “dark red.”
  18. Gallius – from the Greek male name “Gallus,” it means “from Gaul” and “rooster.”
  19. Golden – with Old English roots, meaning “little golden one.”
  20. Goliath – this biblical Hebrew name means “exile.”
  21. Hanzi – of Roma/Romani origin, meaning “God is gracious.”
  22. Hezekiah – this cool Hebrew name means “Yahweh strengthens” and “Yahweh is my strength.”
  23. Isaac – another Hebrew name meaning “he will laugh” or “laughter.”
  24. Israel – named after the country, meaning “God contends.”
  25. Iza – is of Polish and Dutch origin, meaning “God is my oath.”
  26. Jessekiah – similar to Hezekiah with the same meaning of “Yahweh strengthens.”.
  27. Job – the name of a prophet, meaning “persecuted.”
  28. Kashi – from the holy Indian city dedicated to the Hindu god, Shiva, meaning “shining.”
  29. Kaven – an Irish derivative of Kevin, meaning “handsome.”
  30. Kelly – is of Irish and Scandinavian origin, meaning “war, warrior, and defender.”
  31. Kier – a diminutive of Kieran, meaning “little dark one.”
  32. Kieran – a long form of Kier with the same meaning.
  33. Lash – from the Anglo-Saxon for “leaches,” and a common nickname for medieval doctors.
  34. Leander – straight from Greek mythology, Leander means “lion man.”
  35. Llewellyn – this Welsh boy’s name means “like a lion,” “oath of Belenus,” and “leader.”
  36. Manfri – possibly meaning “leadership and fairness,” this Germanic name also means “man of peace.”
  37. Marik – of Czech and Romanian origin, meaning “warlike.”
  38. Marley – is of Old English origin, meaning “meadow near the lake.”
  39. Marlon – possibly derived from Old French, meaning “little hawk.”
  40. Menowin – this unique Germanic male name means “strength.”
  41. Merivel – is derived from a Latin word meaning “star of the sea, beautiful, and wonderful.”
  42. Moses – this classic biblical Hebrew name means “to pull out/draw out.”
  43. Murphy – of Irish and Gaelic origin, meaning “sea warrior.”
  44. Nehemiah – an ancient Hebrew name meaning “God has comforted.”
  45. Neptune – the Roman god of the sea, meaning “wet, damp, clouds.”
  46. Nero – this Latin and Roman name means “powerful.”
  47. Onas – derived from the Greek name “Jonas,” meaning “dove.”
  48. Patrick – of Scottish, Irish, and Gaelic roots, meaning “nobleman.”
  49. Patrin – this pretty Romani name means “leaf trail.”
  50. Pyramus – this Greek name means “lover of Thisbe.”
  51. Raven – a common bird species, Raven means “dark-haired or wise.”
  52. Riley – this English/Irish name means “rye clearing.”
  53. Roman – this Latin boy’s name translates as “citizen of Rome.”
  54. Romulus – is Remus’s brother and the founder of Rome, meaning “man of Rome.”
  55. Seth – derived from the Hebrew word “sheth,” meaning “placed and appointed.”
  56. Shipton – from the Old English habitational name meaning “sheep enclosure.”
  57. Sidney – a common Old English name for boys, meaning “wide island.”
  58. Silvanus – a classic Roman and Latin name meaning “of the woods.”
  59. Sirius – a male name of Greek origin, meaning “burning brightly.”
  60. Sylfesta – the Romani form of Sylvester, meaning “wooded, wild, and forested.”
  61. Uriah – an ancient Hebrew name meaning “God is my light.”
  62. Vano – this habitational name stems from the Italian province of Frosinone.
  63. Windsor – derived from Old English, meaning “riverbank with a winch.”
  64. Wisdom – this Old English word means “knowing and knowledge.”

96 Classic Gypsy Girl Names

Now it’s the turn of the females, as we focus on nicknames and other Romani examples.

  1. Acorn – a sweet nature name from the Gothic “akran,” meaning “fruit of the unenclosed land.”
  2. Adara – this Hebrew girl’s name means “exalted and praised.”
  3. Adria – a Latin name meaning “from Adria.”
  4. Agnesa – this Albanian name derives from Agnes and means “pure.”
  5. Alba – this Latin name meaning “white” is popular in Spain.
  6. Analetta – this lovely Romani, Hebrew, and German name means “favor.”
  7. Betsy – a blend of Hebrew and English meaning “God is my oath.”
  8. Britannia – a powerful Latin name that represents Britain.
  9. Callista – another Latin name meaning “cup, fairest,” and “most beautiful.”
  10. Carnation – in English and French, it means “complexion, coronation,” and “flesh” in Latin.
  11. Charity – is from the Latin “caritus,” meaning “dear and beloved.”
  12. Cinderella – a classic fairytale first name meaning “little ashes.”
  13. Clementina – a female derivative of Clement, meaning “merciful” in Latin.
  14. Cora – this Greek girl’s name means “maiden.”
  15. Dana – an Old English name meaning “from Denmark.”
  16. Defiance – a powerful French name meaning “resistance.”
  17. Dorelia – a variant of Dora, this Greek name means “gift.”
  18. Drina – a short version of Alexandrina, meaning “defender of mankind.”
  19. Elderia – this unusual Romani name has an unspecified meaning, although it may mean “destiny.”
  20. Ephraim – from the Hebrew “Efrayim,” meaning “fruitful.”
  21. Esmerelda – a famous Spanish girl’s name from classic literature, meaning “emerald.”
  22. Ethelinda – derived from Old English and German, meaning “noble serpent.”
  23. Eva – this short and sweet Armenian name means “life” or “living one.”
  24. Fiance – derived from the Latin word “fidare,” meaning “to trust.”
  25. Fion – this Scottish and Gaelic word means “white and fair.”
  26. Flora – meaning “flower” in Latin, Flora is the goddess of spring.
  27. Florence – an ancient Italian city, Florence means “blossoming.”
  28. Freedom – this name is associated with free speech and will.
  29. Gillie – derived from Old German and Latin, meaning “bright promise and youthful.”
  30. Gypsy – this generic English name for travelers means “wanderer.”
  31. Hester – a biblical girl name of Hebrew and Persian origin, meaning “ star.”
  32. Katarina – a Greek variant of Katherine, meaning “pure.”
  33. Kezia – of Hebrew origin, meaning “cassia tree.”
  34. Lavinia – a cool name with an even cooler meaning of “legendary mother of the Roman people.”
  35. Leander – this traditional Greek name means “lion man.”
  36. Leonora – is of Greek origin, meaning “compassion and light.”
  37. Leorable – is of Romani and English origin, meaning “clearing.”
  38. Leviathan – from the Old Testament, meaning “sea monster.”
  39. Limantana – possibly from the small, aromatic flower and the Romani form of Clementina.
  40. Lovina – this Latin name means “wife of Trojan hero Aeneas.”
  41. Lula – an Arabic female name with the precious meaning of “pearl.”
  42. Madonna – this Old Italian name means “my lady.”
  43. Mahala – a popular name during the gold rush meaning “tender” in Hebrew.
  44. Malika – this regal Arabic name means “queen.”
  45. Malina – our first Hawaiian entry, meaning “peace.”
  46. Mara – meaning “bitter” in Hebrew, Mara also means “of the sea” in Latin.
  47. Margaret – is of Latin and French origin, meaning “pearl.”
  48. Marissa – a longer version of Mara with the same meaning, “of the sea.”
  49. Mercy – a traditional English word meaning “compassion.”
  50. Mika – of Japanese origin, meaning “beautiful aroma” and “beautiful increase.”
  51. Mina – derived from Old German, meaning “ love.”
  52. Miri – a variation of Mira, this English baby name means “mine.”
  53. Mizelli – this classic gypsy name means “adaptable, feeling, and noble.”
  54. Morana – from the Slavic goddess of winter and death.
  55. Nadya – a Slavic female name with the positive meaning of “ hope.”
  56. Nan – an Old English name meaning “grace.”
  57. Naomi – meaning “pleasantness,” Romani names like this pretty pick are popular.
  58. Nataliya – of Latin and Russian origin, meaning “birthday.”
  59. Ocean – this Greek name of the god of the sea, is a cool name for your traveling tot.
  60. Olena – of Slavic and Ukrainian origin, meaning “light.”
  61. Oriana – this cute Latin baby girl’s name means “dawn.”
  62. Patia – a pretty Spanish name meaning “noblewoman.”
  63. Patience – a popular girl name in Africa meaning “to suffer.”
  64. Pavlena – this Latin name possibly means “small” or “master, educated, and cheerful.”
  65. Peanna – gypsy names are so evocative, like Peanna, meaning “sacrifice, innovative, and powerful.”
  66. Penelope – another classic Greek mythological name meaning “weaver.”
  67. Persi – possibly a female gypsy variation of Percy, meaning “to pierce.”
  68. Queenie – derived from the Old English “cwen,” meaning “woman.”
  69. Renie – is an English version of the French name Renee, meaning “peace.”
  70. Rhoda – sticking with the flower theme, this Greek name means “rose.”
  71. Roma – a generic name for Romani gypsies, meaning “from Rome.”
  72. Romilly – is of French and English origin, meaning “from Rome.”
  73. Rose – named after the traditional English flower with delicate petals.
  74. Rosella – meaning “rose,” this Latin and French name has flair.
  75. Sabina – derived from Roman clan names of Latin origin, meaning “Sabine.”
  76. Sage – this classic English earthy name means “wise.”
  77. Sapphira – in Greek, it means “sapphire.”
  78. Selene – taken from Greek mythology as the name of the goddess of the “moon.”
  79. Sinfoy – this pretty Romani name is derived from Cynthia, meaning “from Mount Cynthus.”
  80. Sonia – is of Scandinavian, Russian, and Ukrainian origin, meaning “wisdom.”
  81. Tawny – this beautiful English girl’s name means “golden brown.”
  82. Theodosia – this posh-sounding Greek and Russian name means “giving to God.”
  83. Tillie – this German girl’s name has one of the most powerful meanings of “mighty in battle.”
  84. Tinka – of Latin origin, Tinka means “heavenly.”
  85. Trinity – a pretty name taken from the Latin for “triad.”
  86. Unity – derived from Old English, meaning “oneness.”
  87. Urania – from Latin and Greek origins, meaning “heavenly.”
  88. Vena – with roots in Old Spanish, meaning “vineyard.”
  89. Vita – a short and sweet Latin name meaning “life.”
  90. Wendelle – the perfect name for gypsy girls, meaning “wanderer.”
  91. Yana – meaning “God is gracious,” this Hebrew name sounds Eastern European.
  92. Yelena – of Greek, Russian, and Portuguese origin, meaning “light.”
  93. Yesenia – from Spanish and Arabic roots meaning “palm tree.”
  94. Yula – a great Russian and Latin name meaning “youthful.”
  95. Zanda – derived from the Greek name Alexander, meaning “man’s defender.”
  96. Zina – of Greek origin, meaning “guest and stranger.”

Gypsy Names FAQs

What are the Most Popular Gypsy Names?

The most popular gypsy names include Sonia, Rose, Isaac, Kieran, and Penelope. Other examples like Tawny, Hester, Clementina, and Elijah are more exotic.

Where Do Most Gyspsy Names Come From?

Most Gypsy names come from Latin, Greek mythology, Hebrew, and Old English. Examples of names include Selene, who is a Greek god; Lovina is a Latin name; Mara comes from Hebrew; and Windsor is Old English.

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