100 Beautiful Hebrew Girl Names: and Meanings

Find the best name for your baby girl with the amazing names from this top list of Hebrew girl names.

Picking a name that is symbolic of how much love and affection you have for your little one is no easy task. We know you only want the best and will never settle for less. We are here to help.

We have the best Hebrew girl names of all time for you, complete with profound meanings and colorful cultural backgrounds. Read the story behind every name and what they signify. Find the best Jewish, Yiddish, or biblical name that speaks to you or inspires you the most.

But most significantly, find the one for the biggest blessing of your life – your beautiful baby girl.

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100 Beautiful Hebrew Names for Girls

The Yiddish and Israeli cultures are rich in pretty and meaningful names. Find the best Hebrew name for your baby girl today!



If you’re looking for a name that stands out in a crowd and symbolizes complete surrender to something far more significant than oneself, then Abiah is an excellent choice. The cute nicknames we suggest are Abi and Aya.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: God is my Father
  • Pronunciation: A-BY-a, A-BEE-a
  • Variations: Avia, Aviah, Abijah
  • Namesakes: Abiah, wife of Hezron and mother of Ashur of the tribe of Judah. Abiah Folger Franklin, the mother of Benjamin Franklin, a founding father of the United States.
Classic, Unusual, Unique


Abigail is a name that denotes how parents feel about the arrival of their healthy baby girl: grateful and happy. If you’re looking for a name to celebrate the cause of your joy, Abigail is a good choice. The most popular nicknames for Abigail are Abby and Gail.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Cause of joy
  • Namesakes: Abigail Cowen, an actress known for Fate: The Winx Saga.
  • Popularity: Abigail has secured a spot in the Top 20 Global List of popular Hebrew female names since the 2000s, ranking #13 in 2020.
Sweet, Cute, Popular


Abilene visually represents a meadow, a symbol of a horizon of endless fruitful possibilities. If you’re on the lookout for a name that can inspire your baby girl to be the brightest and best she can be, then naming her Abilene is a great start. A great nickname to pair with this name is Abi.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Land of meadows
  • Pronunciation: A-bile-ne, Abi-lene
  • Namesakes: Abilene Tulane, a character in The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane. 17 in Abilene, a song by country music singer Katie Armiger.
Unusual, Unique


If you’re looking for a Yiddish name that envelopes, in meaning, how much you treasure your little one like a jewel, then Adi is an excellent choice for you. Adi is already a short and memorable name, but we suggest Dee if you want an even shorter and cuter nickname.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Jewel
  • Pronunciation: Ad-thee
  • Namesakes: Adi Ashkenazi, Israeli actress. Adi Himelbloy, Israeli actress.
  • Popularity: As of 2021, Adi is one of the more uncommon Hebrew girl names in the US, ranking #8547.
Unusual, Unique, Cool


Adiah in Jewish culture means treasure – an ornament of the higher being. Adiya appeals most to parents looking for a unique name to describe how much they treasure their baby girl. Adiya also has a cute nickname we suggest – Adi.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Jewel, God’s treasure
  • Pronunciation: Aa-DIY-YAA, Ah-dee-YAH
  • Variations: Adiah, Adiyah, Aadiya, Adeya
  • Popularity: Adiya is becoming popular worldwide. In 2021, it ranked #10,899 – a nearly 6000-step increase from 2020!
Vintage, Unique, Pretty


If you’re looking for a name that symbolizes the warmth of love, friendship, and community, then Ahuva is the name you’re looking for. It’s sweet, cute, and meaningful – all at the same time!

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Beloved, friendship
  • Pronunciation: A-huva
  • Variations: Ahouva
  • Namesakes: Ahuva Ozeri, a singer, songwriter, and composer referred to by The Times of Israel, as “a pioneer of Israeli music.”
  • Popularity: Ahuva is a reasonably popular name, ranked #1596 in the US’s Hebrew girl names popularity list in 2021.
Sweet, Cute, Unique


Aliza is a name that exudes happiness and joy. If you wish that your beautiful baby girl’s life be filled with positivity, then naming her Aliza would be an excellent start for you. Liza is a cute short version of this name.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Joy, great happiness
  • Variations: Aliz, Alize, Alyza
  • Namesakes: Aliza Vellani, a television actress known for Sweet Tooth.
  • Popularity: Aliza began its rise to the top of Hebrew female names in 1967, peaking in 2017 at #640.
Vintage, Classic, Sweet


Alya in Yiddish symbolizes brightness and innate spiritual strength. If you’re looking for a name that wishes success like no other for your baby, then Alya is an excellent choice for you.

  • Origin: Arabic, Hebrew
  • Meaning: Moonlight, oak tree
  • Variations: Aalya, Ala, Alea, Alia, Aliya
  • Namesakes: Alya Manasa, an Indian TV actress famous for Raja Rani.
  • Popularity: Alya is somewhat a popular name in the US, ranking #1564 in the top Hebrew names for girls in 2020.
Cool, Trendy, Pretty


Amirah in Yiddish is a royal name for a highborn girl or princess. It is a name that exudes confidence and unquestionable beauty. If you wish your girl strength and independence, then Amirah is an excellent choice for you.

  • Origin: Hebrew, Arabic
  • Meaning: Princess, high born girl
  • Variations: Amira, Amerah, Amyra
  • Namesakes: Amirah Charline Vann, an American actress, singer, and known for How to Get Away with Murder.
  • Popularity: Amirah has been a popular name since the 1980s. It peaked in 2020 at position #539.
Traditional, Vintage, Trendy


If you adore the virtue of graciousness, then Anais is a perfect name for your baby girl to inspire her to be gentle and kind. A modern and chic nickname we highly suggest to pair with this name is Ana.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Graciousness
  • Variations: Anis, Annais, Annis
  • Namesakes: Anais Mitchell, an American singer-songwriter, musician, playwright, and one of Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People of 2020.
  • Popularity: Anais is a reasonably popular name, ranking #905 in the 2020s most popular Jewish names for girls in the USA.
Classic, Popular, Unique
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Anna is a well-seasoned name that has endured the test of time. It remains as beautiful as it once was, as its meaning of graciousness never fades away. If you’re looking for a timeless classic name, then Anna is an excellent choice for your baby girl. Also, your little one gets to share the name with a very famous and successful woman in Hollywood, Anna Kendrick.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Gracious
  • Namesakes: Anna Kendrick, an American actress, singer, and famous for Pitch Perfect.
  • Popularity: Anna has been a very famous name since the early 90s and is still is at #68 of the top Jewish girl names in 2020.
Vintage, Classic, Popular


Anya is a light name that is great for parents looking for a classic name to symbolize how much they love their baby girl and how thankful they are to have her.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Jehovah’s cloud
  • Pronunciation: A-nya, An-ya
  • Variations: Asya, Anja, Anka
  • Namesakes: Anya Taylor-Joy, an American-born Argentinian-British actress and model.
  • Popularity: Anya placed #671 in 2020 most popular Hebrew girl names worldwide.
Classic, Vintage, Pretty


Ariel has a mighty biblical meaning, “the strong and courageous lion of God.” If you dream of seeing your baby grow up into a strong and courageous lady, then Ariel is the name we suggest for you.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Strength, courage, a lion of God
  • Pronunciation: Air-ee-ell, Arr-ee-ell
  • Namesakes: Ariel, a fictional character in The Little Mermaid.
  • Popularity: Ariel started trending in 1968, ranking #1718 and peaking as Top 66 in 1991. As of 2020, Ariel ranks 199th in the top Hebrew girl names.
Trendy, Pretty, Cute


If you think of your baby girl as the princess of your kingdom of life, then naming her Atara would be the grandest crown you can give her. Atara in Yiddish means “blessed like royalty.” Close family and friends can call her Ara as an endearment.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: A crown worn as royalty, blessed
  • Variations: Atera, Ateret
  • Namesakes: Atara Barzilay, Miss Israel 1957.
  • Popularity: Atara is an uncommon name, ranking #2720 in 2020 of the USA’s most popular Hebrew female names.
Traditional, Unique, Pretty


Ava is a musically harmonious name for a baby girl. If you’re musically inclined or an admirer of birds, Ava is a great name to represent and share that with your little one.

  • Origin: Latin, Hebrew
  • Meaning: A fulfilling voice, like a bird
  • Pronunciation: Ay-vah
  • Variations: Eva, Eve
  • Namesakes: Ava Max, an American singer and songwriter.
  • Popularity: From 1985 to 2020, Ava has sat in the US Top 10 most popular Hebrew names for girls. In 2020, it was in the top 3.
Pretty, Popular, Trendy


A baby girl can feel like the sun, giving life and symbolizing a new beginning for many parents. If this is exactly how you feel about your little one, then Avi is a great name choice for you!

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Sun, god, strength
  • Pronunciation: Ah-vi
  • Variations: Avigail
  • Namesakes: Avi Lake, an American actress known for A Series of Unfortunate Events.
  • Popularity: In 2020, Avi ranked #3566 making it a rare Jewish name for girls in the USA.
Vintage, Unusual, Unique


Aviva means spring in Yiddish. If you want to name your baby girl after the fresh and dewy season filled with new life, then Aviva is a great unique choice for you! Because of the meaning of Aviva, it symbolizes new beginnings and great things to come. Nicknames we suggest are Avi, Vee, and Viv.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Springlike, fresh, dewy
  • Pronunciation: Ah-vee-vah
  • Variations: Aviv, Avivah
  • Namesakes: Aviva Mongillo, a Canadian actress, and singer.
  • Popularity: As of 2021, Aviva was one of the more unique Jewish girl names and not listed in the top 1,000 since discovery.
Sweet, Cute, Unique


In Jewish culture, gazelles and deers symbolize innocence and purity. If you want to celebrate the youthfulness of your baby girl, then Ayala is an excellent choice for you! A cute and chic nickname we suggest is Aya.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Gazelle, deer
  • Pronunciation: Ah-yah-lah
  • Variations: Ayalla, Ayalah
  • Namesakes: Ayala Hasson-Nesher, an Israeli television personality and journalist.
  • Popularity: Ayala ranked 2,217 in 2020’s list of top Hebrew girl names in the US, making this an uncommon name.
Vintage, Unusual, Cute


Beth symbolizes how your baby is a sworn blessing to you and your community’s lives. So, if you intend to name your little one as a dedication of your gratefulness to the glory of God, then Beth is an excellent choice for you.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: God has sworn
  • Variations: Bethanny, Elizabeth
  • Namesakes: Elizabeth “Beth” Behrs, an American actress, comedienne, and writer.
  • Popularity: As of 2021, Beth was one of the common Hebrew female names used worldwide, ranking #1,471.
Traditional, Classic, Unique


Blythe is a light name that symbolizes joy and happiness. If you want to name your baby girl after the happiness you feel for her, then Blythe is an excellent choice for you to call her.

  • Origin: Hebrew, Old English
  • Meaning: Happy, joyous
  • Variations: Blith
  • Namesakes: Blythe Katherine Danner, an American actress and an Emmy award holder for her role as Izzy Huffstodt on Huff.
  • Popularity: Blythe is a somewhat rare name placed at #2211 of popular Hebrew female names in 2020.
Traditional, Vintage, Cool
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If you are inspired to name your baby according to how you feel about her being a blessing from God, Bracha is a perfect name for her. You can then give her a more modern nickname – Cha.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Blessing
  • Variations: Barucha, Berucha
  • Namesakes: Bracha Jaffe, a well-known musical star among Jewish audiences, producers, and musicians across the globe.
  • Popularity: Bracha is a common name placed at #1769 in 2020s list of most popular Jewish names for girls.
Vintage, Unique, Sweet


Branice is a feminine name that celebrates the greatness and graciousness of a higher being. If you’re looking for a name dedicated to the grace you are blessed with in the form of your baby girl, then Branice is the perfect name for you! Parents who call their baby girls Branice often use the nickname Ani.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: God is gracious
  • Pronunciation: B-rani-ce, Bra-nice
  • Variations: Branyce, Branyse, Brandice, Brandyce
  • Namesakes: Branice McKenzie, an internationally acclaimed and award-winning composer, vocalist, and educator in the United States.
Vintage, Unusual, Cool


Brina is a noble name fitting for a protector. If you’re looking forward to seeing your baby girl grow up into becoming her best self, ready to conquer the world and protect her loved ones, then naming your daughter Brina is a great start.

  • Origin: Hebrew, Slovene, Yiddish
  • Meaning: Protector, noble
  • Pronunciation: BREE-Nah
  • Variations: Bryna, Brinna, Sabrina
  • Namesakes: Brina Palencia, an American voice and television actress.
  • Popularity: In 2018, Brina ranked #7401 in the US name popularity list of Hebrew names for girls making this a very rare name.
Traditional, Unusual, Unique


Chani is a new name rooted in an ancient sentiment. Chani in Hebrew means “one favored by God.” It is a perfect name for parents who emphasize saying thanks to the higher being and having solid faith.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: God has favored me
  • Variations: Chania, Chanah, Chanha, Channa
  • Namesakes: Chani Nicholas, a Canadian astrologer.
  • Popularity: Chani is a rare yet known name that ranked #3876 in the 2020s most popular Jewish girl names worldwide.
Modern, Unique, Cute


Chaya is a festive Yiddish name that celebrates life and all its bounty. Many parents adore the positivity of the name and name their baby girl Chaya in hopes of a good life filled with joy and success. Plus, you can give your little one the nickname Aya.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Life
  • Pronunciation: CHYE-ah
  • Namesakes: Chaya Singh, an Indian film and television actress.
  • Popularity: Chaya is pretty common, ranked at #664 in the US most popular Hebrew girl names in 2021.
Traditional, Classic, Cool


Danielle is a down-to-earth name perfect for parents looking for a confident yet straightforward name. If that’s you, then Danielle may be the name you’re looking for. Danielle also has many creative nicknames to choose from, including Dani and Elle.

  • Origin: French, Hebrew
  • Meaning: God is my judge
  • Variations: Dhanielle, Danyelle, Daniele
  • Namesakes: Danielle Panabaker, an American actress and winner of 3 Young Artist Awards.
  • Popularity: Danielle peaked into the top 20 name lists from 1984 to 1994. In 2020, it ranked #445 of all Hebrew names for girls worldwide.
Vintage, Classic, Popular


Dara is a biblical name for wisdom used in the Old Testament. Dara is a perfect name choice for parents looking for an ancient name with modern relevance.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Nugget of wisdom
  • Pronunciation: Da-rah
  • Variations: Darrah, Darra, Darissa, Darian
  • Namesakes: Dara Torres, an American competitive swimmer, 12-time Olympic medalist, and world record-holder.
  • Popularity: Dara ranked #1277 in 2020’s Hebrew female names list in the US, making this a somewhat popular name.
Traditional, Classic, Trendy


Delilah is a popular delicate name sought after by many parents all around the world. Many parents believe that their baby girl is precious and delicate when she is first born and, as such, wish to protect her all her life. If you feel this way about your daughter, choose this pretty name for her.

  • Origin: Hebrew, Arabic
  • Meaning: Delicate
  • Pronunciation: Dah-lie-lah
  • Variations: Dalila, Delila
  • Namesakes: Delilah DiCrescenzo, an American distance runner.
  • Popularity: Delilah ranked and peaked at the Top 70 list in the US 2020 most popular Jewish names for girls.
Classic, Popular, Pretty


In Hebrew, Devorah means “kindness through words.” So if you’re looking for a vintage girl name that symbolizes the old-fashioned and heart-felt character of speaking gently and kindly, then Devorah is a name we suggest. Devi is a cute nickname you can use with Devorah.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: To speak kind words
  • Pronunciation: De-vo-rah
  • Variations: Devorah, Deborah
  • Popularity: Devorah is a somewhat common name according to the global list of Jewish girl names, ranking #1285 in 2020.
Traditional, Vintage, Trendy


Dinah is a just and fair name that exudes confidence and independence. In Hebrew, the name signifies how God is always fair in how he judges man. If you wish your daughter named after such righteous virtue, then Dinah is the perfect name for her!

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: God will judge
  • Variations: Dinora, Dinorah, Dyna
  • Namesakes: Dinah Hansen, an American singer and former member of Fifth Harmony.
  • Popularity: Dinah is a rare name heard today.
Traditional, Unique, Cool
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Eden is a beautiful name that exudes delight and pleasure. If you are most pleased and feeling blessed for the birth of your baby girl, then Eden is a top pick for parents who share the same sentiment. This pretty and sweet name is the perfect choice for parents who feel immense pleasure spending time with their daughter.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Place of delight, pleasure
  • Pronunciation: Ee-den
  • Variations: Eaden, Eadin, Edin
  • Namesakes: Eden McCain, a character from the American TV series, Heroes.
  • Popularity: Eden ranks #130 in the 2021 most common Jewish names for girls list in the US making this a popular name.
Popular, Pretty, Sweet


In Yiddish, Efrat symbolizes the virtue of being honorable and distinguished. If you’re looking for a formal and refined name for your beautiful little girl, Efrat is our suggestion. For a more relaxed and sweeter nickname, we suggest Effie.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Honored, distinguished
  • Pronunciation: E-frat, Ef-rat
  • Namesakes: Efrat Dorm is an Israeli actress known for portraying Eva McCulloch in the Sci-Fi series The Flash.
  • Popularity: In 2019, Efrat ranked as one of the most popular Jewish girl names in Israel, ranking at #46.
Popular, Trendy, Pretty


Many parents will agree that a healthy baby girl is an answered wish or prayer. If the arrival of your baby girl is a blessing in your life and you wish to treasure her forever, Eliana is a great symbolic name choice. For endearing nicknames, you can use Eli, Liana, or Ana.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: My God has answered
  • Pronunciation: El-ee-ah-Nah
  • Variations: Eleana, Eliane, Elianna
  • Namesakes: Eliana Bezerra, a TV actress, singer, and hostess of the show Eliana.
  • Popularity: The name rose into popularity in 1955, peaking at #53 in 2020.
Modern, Unique, Sweet


Elizabeth echoes unconditional faithfulness and loyalty to loved ones and a higher being. If you’re looking for a famous name with a rich history, then Elizabeth is perfect. Because it means “pledged to God,” parents with strong faith often choose this name. Cute nicknames you can use are Liz, Lizzy, or Beth.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Pledged to God
  • Variations: Elisabet, Elisabeth
  • Namesakes: Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor II, Queen of the United Kingdom and 15 other Commonwealth realms.
  • Popularity: The name Elizabeth has been trendy since the 1960s and is one of the top 20 most famous names in the United States as of 2021.
Classic, Pretty, Popular


Whether you’re an avid fan of the movie (Frozen), relate to the profound meaning of the biblical name, or even better, both, Elsa is a great choice for your baby girl. You can even call her El as a modern nickname. Because the name means “God’s promise,” it’s often chosen by families who feel their baby girl is an answer to their prayers.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: God is my oath, God’s promise
  • Namesakes: Elsa of Arendelle is a character in Disney’s Frozen, voiced by Broadway actress and singer Idina Menzel.
  • Popularity: Elsa owes much of its popularity to its Disney namesake. From being relatively uncommon, Elsa became instantly recognizable, ranking #906 in 2020.
Sweet, Popular, Pretty


Esther is a pretty Israeli name that exudes brightness and clarity, meaning “star.” Esther is a perfect choice for you if you’re looking for a biblical name for your heaven-sent baby girl.

  • Origin: Persian, Hebrew
  • Meaning: Star
  • Pronunciation: Ess-ter
  • Variations: Essie, Estee, Ester, Hesther
  • Namesakes: Esther Povitsky, an actress and the star of the comedy series Alone Together.
  • Popularity: Esther is one of the most consistently popular Hebrew names for girls, maintaining a spot in the Top 300 from 2002 until 2021.
Popular, Pretty, Cool


Eva is one of the top picks for parents looking for a relaxed and popular Yiddish name. Eva in Hebrew means “giver of life” and is a great name to symbolize a renewal of one’s meaning and purpose with a beautiful baby girl’s coming.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Giver of life
  • Pronunciation: E-vah, Ay-vah
  • Variations: Eve, Evie, Evy, Ava, Eeva
  • Popularity: Eva peaked in popularity at #45 in 1910. Since then, Eva has been a popular name, ranking #93 in 2020.
Sweet, Cool, Popular


If you’re looking for a humble name for your baby girl with a meaning that will remind her to stay grounded as much as she can, then Gaby is a name you might want to consider. Gaby in Israel means strength from God that inspires faith like no other. Families with deep religious faith often like the name Gaby.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: God is my strength
  • Pronunciation: Gab-by
  • Variations: Gabbie, Gabbi, Gabi, Gabrielle
  • Namesakes: Gaby López, a Mexican professional golfer. Gaby Hoffman, an American film and TV actress.
Traditional, Vintage, Classic


Gaille is an endearing name that means merry and cheerful in Hebrew. It’s the perfect name for your baby girl if you want to inspire her to be positive and spread love, joy, and peacefulness in the world.

  • Origin: Irish, Hebrew
  • Meaning: Merry, cheerful
  • Pronunciation: GEY-L
  • Variations: Gaile, Gail
  • Namesakes: Gaille Heidemann, an American voice actress, singer, songwriter, and known as the voice of Myriam the Mystic in Diablo III and Tempesta in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
Traditional, Vintage, Unique


Galia is an ancient name in Yiddish culture that means “one born in waves and redeemed by God.” If you’re a lover of the sea with a strong faith in a higher power, then Galia is a perfect name for you to give your baby girl. A nickname we excitedly suggest is Lia or Lea.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Born in waves, God shall redeem
  • Pronunciation: Gah-lyah
  • Variations: Gilia, Gala, Galea
  • Namesakes: Galia Lahav, founder of bridal and evening wear fashion company Galia Lahav in Tel Aviv, Israel.
Traditional, Vintage, Unusual
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If you’re looking for a light and happy biblical name for your youthful baby girl, then Gayle may be an interesting one for you. Gayle, in Hebrew, symbolizes liveliness, which is perfect for your healthy little one. If you’re welcoming a cheerful baby girl into the world and wish for her to remain as lively and cheerful as the day she was born, Gayle is a great name for her.

  • Origin: Hebrew, Anglo-Saxon
  • Meaning: Cheerful, lively
  • Pronunciation: GAYL
  • Variations: Gail, Gale
  • Namesakes: Gayle King, an American television personality, author, and broadcast journalist for CBS News.
  • Popularity: Gayle peaked at #124 in the 1951 most popular girl names in the US.
Trendy, Cute, Sweet


Gayora, in Hebrew means, “valley of light.” So if you feel that your newborn baby girl is the light that shines upon your life, gives you clarity, and you want to name her in honor of that, then Gayora may be an exciting name for you. A cute and unique nickname we suggest is Ora.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Valley of light
  • Pronunciation: Gaa-Yow-Raa, Gah-yo-rah
  • Variations: Gayorea, Gayoria, Gaura, Gora
  • Popularity: As of 2021, Gayora is one of the uncommon Hebrew female names.
Traditional, Unusual, Unique


Gila is an upbeat and joyous name that exudes positivity. If you’re looking for a name that perfectly describes your thankfulness for your new baby girl, then you can name her Gila, and she’ll know it soon enough. Gila also has a cute nickname – Gee.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Eternal joy, the joy of the Lord
  • Pronunciation: GI-LUH
  • Variations: GIlla, Gilah, Ghilad
  • Namesakes: Gila Katsav, wife of former Israeli president Moshe Katsav, the First Lady of Israel from 2000 to 2007.
Unique, Sweet, Pretty


Hadah means radiating joy and praising the higher being or God. Hadah is the name for you if you’re searching for a biblical name for your beautiful baby girl that compliments, affirms, and gives joy all at the same time. The name is somewhat unusual, making your baby girl stand out from the crowd.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: She who radiates joy, Yahwah is God
  • Pronunciation: HHAAD-AH
  • Variations: Hada, Haydah
Traditional, Unusual, Unique


In Jewish culture, the fruit of the Hadar tree is one of the four species of Sukkot and is considered a holy fruit. Hadar represents Jewish culture and expresses goodness, splendidness, and glory. It is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a name that celebrates the heart. For families with a deep Jewish faith, this is a great choice.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Good, splendid, glorious
  • Pronunciation: Had-DAHR
  • Variations: Hader, Hadaar
  • Popularity: In 2019, Hadar ranked in Israel’s Top 100 most popular names for girls at position #69.
Classic, Popular, Cool


Haggith is a name with biblical history, so it’s a perfect choice for you if you’re looking for a name that stands out and has a colorful meaning behind it. Aggi is a cute nickname you can use with Haggith. If you have a deep religious faith and want to bring traditional appeal to your daughter’s name, Haggith is a fine choice.

  • Origin: Hebrew, Jewish, English
  • Meaning: Festive, joyful
  • Pronunciation: HHAE-JHihTh
  • Namesakes: Haggith, a wife of King David in the Hebrew Bible. Hagit, the protagonist in Abraham Mapu’s 1853 historical novel, “Ahavat Tzion.”
Traditional, Vintage, Unusual


Hannah is a sweet name that highlights the favor and grace of a newborn baby girl as a blessing from God. Hannah is a perfect choice for you if you’re looking for a name that gives justice to the blessedness you feel for your sweet girl’s arrival. It is also quite common, making it easy for others to pronounce and spell.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Favor, grace
  • Pronunciation: Hah-Nah
  • Variations: Hana, Hanna, Channah
  • Popularity: As of 2021, Hannah was one of the most famous Jewish girl names, gaining increasing familiarity as Hannah Montana remains a worldwide kids and teens movie and television sensation.
Popular, Trendy, Sweet


Hedy is a sweet name and a fitting choice for parents who want a rare name that expresses delight. Parents who are looking for a sweet and pretty name for their baby girl will find Hedy a good choice.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Delightful, sweet
  • Variations: Hediah, Hedyla, Hedia
  • Namesakes: Hedy Wong, an American actress and producer known for her starring role in Take-Out Girl.
  • Popularity: Hedy is not one of the mainstream Hebrew girl names, ranking #3411 in 2018. Its popularity peaked in 1942, hitting #717 worldwide.
Unique, Cute, Pretty


If you’re in search of a unique Hebrew name that praises God and honors the blessing of your little angel, Hodaya is an excellent choice for you. It’s an excellent choice for Jewish families with deep faith and dedication to God. Aya is a cute name you can use with Hodaya.

  • Origin: Hebrew, Jewish
  • Meaning: Praise God, the splendor of Yahweh
  • Pronunciation: Ho-dah-yah
  • Variations: Hudaya
  • Popularity: Hodaya is one of the most popular Hebrew names for girls in Israel, consistently ranking within the top 30 for the entire decade leading to 2021.
Unique, Popular, Sweet


If you feel delighted, grateful, and think your baby girl is a little angel sent from the heavens above, naming her Iva is an excellent way of showing her and the whole world that. Iva is also a short and striking name that is easy to pronounce. Families who believe their daughter is a true gift will find this a good choice.

  • Origin: Hebrew, Slavic
  • Meaning: Gift from God
  • Variations: Eva
  • Namesakes: Iva Bittová, Czech avant-garde violinist, singer, and composer.
  • Popularity: Iva was a crowd favorite during the early 1900s, peaking then at position #192.
Vintage, Cool, Pretty
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Janis is a prime example of how Jewish culture dedicates much gratitude to the higher being. If you believe that God is gracious and has blessed you with your bundle of joy, Janis is a good name to gift your daughter with.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: God (Yahweh) is gracious
  • Pronunciation: DYA-nis
  • Variations: Janice
  • Namesakes: Janis Page, American actress and singer, one of the last surviving stars from the Golden age of Hollywood as of 2021.
  • Popularity: Janis peaked in popularity in 1947, ranking #108.
Traditional, Unique, Sweet


Jemima means “little dove.” In most cultures, especially the Jewish culture, the dove symbolizes peace, humanity, and empathy. In the Christian faith, it is a symbol of the Holy Spirit and peace. If you’re looking for a humble name for your innocent baby girl, Jemima is a fantastic choice. Cute nicknames for Jemima are Jem and Mimah.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Little dove
  • Variations: Jamina, Jemimah, Jeminah, Jemmie
  • Namesakes: Jemima Kirke, English-American artist, actress, and director.
  • Popularity: Jemima ranked globally as the 231st most popular Hebrew girl name in 2017.
Classic, Popular, Pretty


Jessy is a name dedicated to the grace and mercy of God. It is an excellent choice for you if you wish to thank Him for blessing you with a beautiful baby girl. If you feel that God has been gracious in giving you a precious daughter, naming her Jessy is a good way to give thanks to God. A cute nickname for the already-cute name of Jessy is Jess.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: He sees, God is gracious
  • Variations: Jessi, Jessye, Jessica
  • Popularity: Jessy was an uncommon girl’s name in 2021 but was a slightly popular Hebrew female name in 1994, ranking at #1790 worldwide.
Unique, Pretty, Cute


Kayla is an angelic name that you might find an exciting choice if you’re looking for a fitting name for your little angel and bringer of light. Because the name means laurel or crown, it’s symbolic of royalty, making it a great choice for your little princess. Kay or Lala are cute nicknames you can use with Kayla.

  • Origin: Hebrew, Latin
  • Meaning: Laurel, crown
  • Variations: Kyla, Keyla
  • Popularity: Kayla suddenly became a trendy name in the 1980s, thanks to the soap opera Days of Our Lives. As of 2021, Kayla is in the top 200 list of most popular Hebrew female names worldwide.
Modern, Trendy, Pretty


In Christianity, frankincense, the meaning of Levona, is a symbol of Christ’s birth. Frankincense is also a rare and expensive oil, much valued in the past and even now. So if you’re looking for a precious name for your baby girl, Levona is a great one! We also suggest Levi and Lili as cute nicknames.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Frankincense
  • Pronunciation: Lah-vo-na
  • Variations: Lavona, Levana, Levonna
  • Namesakes: Levona Lewis, international cricketer.
  • Popularity: Levona is yet to become a popular and common name beyond its Hebrew origins, ranking #5454 as of 2021 worldwide.
Vintage, Unique, Cool


Lily is a festive Hebrew name for the blessing of abundance. If you’re looking for a short, simple, and memorable name with such inspiring meaning for your cute baby girl, Lily is an easy choice to make. This is a great name choice for parents who believe in the glory of God and in his ability to provide.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: God is an abundance
  • Variations: Lili, Lillie, Lilly
  • Namesakes: Lily Jane Collins, a British-American actress.
  • Popularity: Lily has held steady to its position in top 50 lists and has been one of the most popular Jewish names for girls since 2005.
Classic, Cute, Popular


Liora is a delightful name that celebrates life and bounty. If you’re looking for a name to symbolize the immense happiness and the bright light your baby girl shines on your life, Liora is an excellent pick for you! You can also use Lia or Lili as endearing nicknames for Liora.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: God’s gift of light to me
  • Pronunciation: Lee-or-ahh
  • Variations: Leora, Liorah
  • Popularity: As of 2021, Liora is rising in the ranks of popular Jewish girl names but is still a very rare name.
Vintage, Unusual, Unique


Lonni is a name of strength and confidence. If you want to give your beautiful baby girl a name that inspires her inner fire like a lion and strength like an oak tree, Lonni may be the strong and classic name you’re looking for.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Lion’s strength, oak tree
  • Pronunciation: Lah-nee
  • Variations: Lonnie, Lonna, Lonie
  • Popularity: Compared to its other variants, Lonni takes the lead in the most popular lists of Hebrew girl names worldwide, at #1115 in 2021.
Classic, Pretty, Popular


If you wish to inspire your baby girl to grow up to be graceful and confident, naming her Malka would be a great start. Malka means Queen in Jewish culture and is a popular choice for parents who want a traditional name for their baby with a modern twist. A creative nickname for Malka is Mal.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Queen
  • Pronunciation: Mall-Kuh
  • Variations: Malika, Malena, Malaika
  • Namesakes: Malka Spigel, Israeli-British musician.
  • Popularity: Malka is famous in its land of origin and globally. In 2020, Malka placed as the 41st most famous name in Israel and #272 worldwide.
Sweet, Traditional, Modern


Mariah is a beautiful name that’s ebbed and flowed in popularity over the years. Because of the name’s meanings, it is a good choice for families with a deep faith in God. While this name is considered vintage, it has a trendy appeal. A cute nickname for baby girls named Mariah is Mari.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: The Lord is my teacher, Flower of God
  • Pronunciation: Ma-ra-yah
  • Variations: Mariyah, Myriah
  • Namesakes: Mariah Carey, an American singer known for the five-octave vocal range and melismatic singing style.
Vintage, Classic, Popular
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As Mary means, “the most beloved drop of the sea,” it is the perfect name to call your one and only beautiful newborn baby girl. If your baby girl is going to be the most important person in the world to you, Mary is a good name choice.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Beloved, beloved drop of the sea
  • Variations: Maria, Marie
  • Namesakes: Mary Louise “Meryl” Streep, an American actress.
  • Popularity: Mary was the most popular out of the adored Hebrew female names in the US for over sixty years, from the 1880s until 1946. As of 2021, Mary ranks No. 124.
Classic, Popular, Pretty


Maya is a name that celebrates all the bounty and blessings given to one’s life. It celebrates water, a vital element to our physical sustenance, and thus an excellent choice for parents who believe their baby is an essential part of their life’s path.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Water, From God
  • Variations: Maia, Maiya, Meya
  • Namesakes: Maya Angelou, American poet and memoirist. Maya Hawke, American actress, model, and daughter of actor Ethan Hawke.
  • Popularity: Ranking #61 in 2021, Maya is a trendy Hebrew name worldwide.
Classic, Pretty, Popular


Mazal is a name known in Jewish culture as the bringer of luck and fortune. Mazal is an excellent choice for parents who feel blessed for the birth of their baby girl and that she is a true treasure in your life. Cute nicknames for Mazal are Mas, Maz, or Az.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Lucky, the fortunate one, blessing
  • Variations: Moselle, Mazel
  • Popularity: Mazal is most used in France, where 79 girls were born into it from 1900-2019. Next in line is in the US, where 74 girls were named Mazal from 1880-2019. It’s a very rare name.
Vintage, Unique, Unusual


Simple yet completely enveloped in elegance, Meira is a name that symbolizes illumination, learning, and growth. It is an excellent choice for parents who value being a shining example for others to look to.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: The one who gives light and illuminates
  • Variations: Meyra, Meera, Maira
  • Namesakes: Meira Kumar, Indian politician.
  • Popularity: As of 2021, Meira ranks #1918 in the US’s most popular Jewish girl names list, making this name uncommon.
Vintage, Unique, Cute


Meaning, “the one who resembles God,” Micah is a mighty traditional name whose appeal never fades. It is an excellent choice for parents who emphasize following the footsteps of God. If you believe your baby girl is made in the image of God and destined to follow the path of righteousness, Micah is a great name choice.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: The one who resembles God
  • Variations: Myka
  • Namesakes: Micah of Moresheth, a Bible prophet who predicted the collapse of the Kingdom of Jerusalem. Micah Moore, American film cinematographer.
  • Popularity: As of 2020, Micah ranks #107 as one of the most popular Hebrew girl names worldwide.
Traditional, Vintage, Popular


Moriah is a humbling name that means divine providence. It is an excellent choice for parents whose faith was tested and solidified, like Abraham in the Bible. For parents who respect their faith and are looking for a Biblical name that speaks to the lessons taught by God, this name is a good choice.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: God is my teacher, divine providence
  • Pronunciation: Mo-ra-yah
  • Variations: Moriera, Mariah, Myriah
  • Namesakes: Moriah, the place where God tested Abraham’s faith according to the Bible. Moriah Rose Pereira, an American singer, songwriter, musician, and YouTuber.
  • Popularity: Moriah is somewhat a popular name, ranked #1240 in the US in 2021.
Traditional, Popular, Cool


Naamah is a name deeply rooted in the Jewish culture because of its famous namesakes in the Hebrew Bible. The meaning of Naamah (sweetness, beauty, and grace) makes it an excellent choice for parents who put a high value on these qualities.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Sweetness, beauty, grace
  • Pronunciation: Nah-ah-MAH, NAY-ah-mah
  • Variations: Naama, Nammah
  • Namesakes: Naamah, daughter of Lamech the Cainite. Naamah, wife of Solomon. Naamah, wife of Noah according to some Jewish texts. Naamah Kelman, Israel’s first female rabbi.
Traditional, Classic, Unusual


Naomi is a beautiful biblical name that, when given to your daughter, means she is the most beautiful of them all. It is an excellent choice for parents who want to praise their baby girl’s beauty both inside and out. Mi is a pretty nickname you can pair with Noami.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Beauty above all
  • Pronunciation: Nay-Oh-mee
  • Namesakes: Naomi Campbell, one of the most recognizable and in-demand models since the late 1980s.
  • Popularity: Naomi was most used in the 20th-century, ranking 52nd in the US list of most popular Jewish girl names in 2020.
Traditional, Pretty, Sweet


Nechama is a calm name that symbolizes solace. It is an excellent choice for parents who have gone through tough times and been comforted by God and their faith. Some cute nicknames for Nechama include Chummy, Chemi, and Nechi.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Solace, comforted by God
  • Pronunciation: Neh-SHAH-mah, Neh-KAH-mah
  • Variations: Nechama, Nechamah, Nechuma, Nahamah
  • Popularity: Nechama is a traditional name that has never entered the American mainstream. Adored by Hasidic parents, Nechama is a quirky favorite in New Jersey.
Traditional, Vintage, Unusual


Nizana means to blossom like a flower bud. It indicates spring, a season of growth and change. Nizana evokes a pleasant fizz and effervescent feeling in celebration of life’s new beginning. Nizana is a perfect choice for parents rejoicing in the birth of their beautiful baby girl as it’s sure to bring on new beginnings. Cute nickname suggestions for Nizana are Niz and Zana.

  • Origin: Hebrew, Christian, Judaism
  • Meaning: Flower bud, blossom
  • Pronunciation: Nee-za-Nah
  • Variations: Nitzana, Nitzanah, Nitzan
  • Popularity: As of 2021, Nizana is a rare name not belonging to any popularity list for top Hebrew female names.
Traditional, Vintage, Unique
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Noa is a beautiful and rhythmic Hebrew name that means motion or movement. If you appreciate hymns of praise and worship, Noa may be a great choice to name your baby girl.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Motion, movement
  • Namesakes: Noa, one of the five daughters of Zelophehad in the Hebrew Bible. Noa, Israeli pop singer-songwriter, percussionist, poet, and composer.
  • Popularity: Noa is a popular Hebrew female name, ranking #3 in Israel and #466 in the US as of 2021.
Vintage, Pretty, Popular


Noya is a modern name for everlasting beauty and perfection. It is an excellent choice for parents looking for a non-mainstream name with cultural substance. Famous nicknames for Noya include Noy and Noi.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Divine, God-like beauty, ornament
  • Variations: Noyah, Noye
  • Popularity: Discovered in 2006, only 1 in 176,656 baby girls were born to have Noya as her name. As of 2021, Noya is one of the few unique Jewish names for girls yet to rise into popularity.
Modern, Cool, Unique


Orna means pine or cedar tree; both represent strength, kinship, growth, and wisdom in the Jewish culture. Thus, Orna is an excellent choice for parents who believe that in wisdom and compassion lies greatness.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Pine tree, cedar tree
  • Pronunciation: O-rna, Or-na
  • Variations: Ornah
  • Popularity: Orna is a hidden gem. Since the 1900s, Orna remains an uncommon and unique name, never a part of any popular Jewish girl’s name list.
Traditional, Unusual, Unique


Orpah is an ancient Hebrew name that passes back at least ten generations and symbolizes the innocence and purity of youth. Orpah is excellent for parents with high regard for virtue and youthfulness.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Young deer, fawn
  • Pronunciation: AWR-pah
  • Variations: Orphie
  • Namesakes: Orpah Winfrey (known as Oprah, a mispronunciation that stuck), an American talk show host, television producer, actress, author, and philanthropist.
  • Popularity: As of 2021, Orpah does not sit within the top 1000 most famous names in the US or worldwide.
Vintage, Popular, Cool


Raanana symbolizes and exudes a unique kind of freshness, lush, and beauty. It is an excellent choice for parents looking for a creative name that is second to none. Cute nicknames for Raanana are Rara, Nana, and Anna.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Fresh, luscious, beautiful
  • Pronunciation: Ray-ah-NA-na, Rah-ah-nah-nah, Raa-nah-na
  • Variations: Ranana, Raana
  • Namesakes: Ra’anana, a city in Israel.
  • Popularity: As of 2021, Raanana is deep in the background of most well-known names, remaining a rarely found gem to the rest of the world.
Traditional, Unusual, Unique


Rebecca describes how one can keep families and communities together. It is a perfect choice for parents who consider their new baby girl the long-lasting glue that solidifies their family even more. Rebecca can also have the nicknames Becca, Becky, or Becks.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Servant of God, to tie and bind
  • Variations: Rebekah
  • Popularity: As of 2021, Rebecca is most famous in Italy, hitting #26 in their list of Hebrew names for girls while ranking #162 in the US. A very popular name.
Traditional, Classic, Pretty


Jewish tradition teaches that the pomegranate is a symbol of righteousness, knowledge, and wisdom. Romina reflects this sentiment and is a perfect choice for parents looking for a poetic Jewish name for their baby girl. Romina can also have the cute nicknames, Mina or Romy.

  • Origin: Hebrew, Jewish
  • Meaning: Pomegranate
  • Variations: Rominah
  • Namesakes: Romina Francesca Power, actress, singer, and daughter of Tyrone Power.
  • Popularity: Romina first joined the US Top 1000 names in 2015 and ranked 664th in the US most popular list of Hebrew girl names in 2020.
Cute, Trendy


Ruth is a wholesome and compassionate name. It is an excellent choice for parents who value and instill the value of long-lasting friendships in their baby girl.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Compassionate friend
  • Variations: Ruthie, Ruti, Tuti
  • Namesakes: Ruth Wilson, a British actress known for JaneEyre and Luther. Ruth Negga, Ethiopian-Irish actress known for Preacher and Loving.
  • Popularity: Ruth is on the list of most beloved Jewish names for girls, ranking 25th in Israel and 22nd globally as of 2021.
Classic, Pretty, Sweet


Samantha is a virtuous name that expresses the goodness of being obedient and listening well. It is a perfect choice for parents with high regard for caring for others and being inclusive. Famous nicknames for Samantha include Mimi, Sammi, and Sam.

  • Origin: Aramaic, Hebrew
  • Meaning: Listens well, as told by God
  • Popularity: Samantha was very popular from 2000 to 2017, remaining in the top 50 for almost two decades, and peaked in the list of Jewish names for girls from 2000-2006 as it hit the Top 10 list.
Classic, Popular, Sweet


Sarah is a classy name of timeless beauty. It is an excellent choice for parents who value a well-seasoned classic name for their little princess. Common nicknames for Sarah include Sadie, Sally, and Sari.

  • Origin: Hebrew, Jewish
  • Meaning: Noblewoman, lady, princess, pure
  • Pronunciation: SEH-ruh
  • Variations: Sara, Saara, Zara
  • Namesakes: Sarah, the biblical wife of Abraham. Sarah Jessica Parker, American actress.
  • Popularity: Sarah peaked in popularity between 1980-1990, consistently hitting positions within the top 5. In 2021, Sarah ranked #87, still a popular name globally.
Classic, Pretty, Popular
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Selah expresses the virtue of listening and self-reflection. It is an excellent choice for parents who emphasize the importance of thinking before doing. A dainty nickname for Selah is Ela.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: To pause and reflect
  • Pronunciation: SEE-lah, SAY-lah
  • Variations: Sela
  • Namesakes: Selah Marley, the daughter of Lauryn Hill and grandchild of Bob Marley.
  • Popularity: As of 2021, Selah ranks #366 in the most famous Jewish girl names worldwide.
Classic, Pretty, Popular


Shaiwho is a beautiful biblical name that describes salvation as a beautiful and precious gift. Shaiwho is a perfect name to express a parent’s joyous feeling as they receive a newborn baby like a miracle sent from above. You can also choose to have close family and friends call her Shai as an endearment.

  • Origin: Hebrew, Aramaic
  • Meaning: Short for Isaiah, salvation, beautiful gift
  • Variations: Shay, Shae
  • Popularity: Shaiwho is one of the most popular Hebrew female names of Denmark, Spain, and Ireland, part of their Top 50 names lists from 2019 to 2021.
Traditional, Pretty, Cute


Shifra in Yiddish means beautiful. Shifra is a perfect name for your little angel if you want to name her after her natural beauty and youthful glow.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Beautiful, lovely, good looking
  • Pronunciation: Shi-FRAH
  • Variations: Shifrah
  • Namesakes: Shifra, one of the two Hebrew midwives who delivered the children of the Israelites during the Egyptian servitude. Shifra Horn, Israeli author and novelist.
Vintage, Pretty, Sweet


The peaceful and tranquil meaning of Shiloh makes it a perfect choice for parents with a wholesome and refined view of life and who would like to pass that on to their baby girl. If you’re looking for a peaceful and humble name with a Hebrew background, Shiloh is a great choice.

  • Origin: Hebrew, Ancient Israel
  • Meaning: His gift, peaceful, tranquil
  • Variations: Shyloh, Shilo
  • Popularity: Shiloh’s popularity began in modern times after American actors Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt named their daughter Shiloh Nouvel in 2006. Shiloh instantly entered the Global Top 1000 list of top Jewish girl names in 2007 and continued until 2021.
Traditional, Popular, Cool


Shoshana is the Hebrew name for purity and innocence through the symbolism of the flowers, lily, and rose. If this parallelism to flowers and nature excites you, you may like to name your baby girl Shoshana and nickname her Shosh or Shoshi.

  • Origin: Hebrew, Jewish
  • Meaning: Lily, rose, pure, innocent
  • Variations: Sousanna, Susanna, Zuzana
  • Namesakes: Shoshanna Shapiro, the youngest member of the group of friends in the TV series Girls. Shoshana Bean, an American singer, songwriter, YouTuber, and stage actress.
Classic, Pretty, Sweet


Talia means to grow and prosper in light of faith or following the steps of a role model. It is an excellent choice for parents who wish to show their baby girl the way to good living through obedience to family and God. Classic nicknames for Talia are Tali and Lia.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Dew of God, lamb, to bloom
  • Pronunciation: Tah-LEE-ah
  • Variations: Taliah, Taaliah, Talya, Taaliyah
  • Popularity: Globally, Talia ranked 120th of the most popular Hebrew names for girls in 2021.
Popular, Trendy, Classic


Talora, with its meaning of morning dew, symbolizes regeneration. Marking a new beginning, Talora shows how even in the middle of a season (or life), new things can grow or happen. If you are starting a new chapter in your life with your baby girl, Talora is an excellent choice for her, and you can give her a more modern nickname like Lora.

  • Origin: Hebrew, Christian
  • Meaning: Morning’s dew
  • Pronunciation: TAH-lo-RUH
  • Variations: Tallorah, Talor, Delora
  • Popularity: Talora was most popular in 2015, ranking #1951, but it’s still on the uncommon side.
Unusual, Sweet, Cute


Tiferet is an unusual name that means adored glory and splendor. Because of its glamorous root in Hebrew culture, it is an excellent name choice for parents who want distinctness in describing how proud they are of their baby girl. For nicknames, we suggest Tif or Tiffy.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Glory, splendor, adornment
  • Pronunciation: TEE-fe-ret
  • Variations: Tifereth, Tyfereth
  • Popularity: Tiferet is a rare and unusual name with only seven baby girls ever been born to the name from 1922 to 2019.
Vintage, Unusual, Pretty


Tikva is a hopeful name that means to hold and bind. Tikva is an excellent choice for parents hoping that their beautiful baby girl grows loyal and cares for her loved ones.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: To hope in something, hold, and bind
  • Variations: Tikvah
  • Namesakes: Tikva Dayan, an Israeli-born actress known for Stockholm (2018).
  • Popularity: Tikva is one of Denmark’s most popular Hebrew female names, with five girls born into the name yearly from 1985-2019.
Unusual, Sweet, Cute


Tirsa is the modern name rendition of the more traditional names, Thirza and Tirzah. Tirsa expresses happiness and the positive aspects of life and how one delights in it. It is an excellent choice for parents in immense joy because their baby girl came into the world. For Tirsa, we suggest the nickname Tir.

  • Origin: Hebrew, Judaism
  • Meaning: Sight of happiness, the joy of life
  • Variations: Thirza, Tirzah
  • Namesakes: Tirzah, one of the five daughters of Zelophehad in the Bible.
Modern, Unique, Cool
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Tova is a newly-fashioned “T” name based on traditional culture. Tova speaks of good virtues like goodness, kindness, and being pleasant. It is an excellent choice for parents who value such a calm character in their baby girl.

  • Origin: Hebrew, Swedish
  • Meaning: Good, kind, pleasing
  • Variations: Tovah
  • Namesakes: Tova Traesnaes Borgnine, Norwegian American businesswoman. Tova Dorothea Magnusson, Swedish actress.
  • Popularity: Tova was one of the most famous Jewish names for girls in Sweden, peaking at #55 in 2002.
Modern, Cool, Unique


Yael symbolizes willpower. Because of the persevering mountain goat it’s inspired from, Yael is a perfect name for parents who wish to see their baby girl grow up with strength and conviction. Yael also has a famous cute nickname – Yaya.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Mountain goat, willful to ascend
  • Variations: Jael, Yaeli
  • Namesakes: Yael Stone, an Australian actress known for Orange Is the New Black.
  • Popularity: Yael is one of the somewhat popular Jewish names for girls, at #1,708 in 2021.
Traditional, Unique, Cool


To many Jewish people, Yarden describes River Jordan in Israel. It is referred to by its locals as the source of fertility. In light of its profound meaning, Yarden is a symbol of descent and flowing bounty. It is an excellent name to celebrate the descent of a baby from its maker above.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Descend, to flow down
  • Variations: Yardan, Yardane
  • Namesakes: Yarden Hadad, Israeli-born dancer.
  • Popularity: While still a rare name at #10,777 in 2021, Yarden took a 6,065-step leap from its 2020 popularity rank.
Vintage, Classic, Pretty


In the Bible, Yehudit saves the inhabitants of a besieged fortress. Praised for her kind-heartedness and heroism, she became the name’s inspiration. The name is a perfect choice for parents inspired by the story and wants their baby girl to follow Yehudit’s example. Cute nicknames ideas include Judy and Jodi.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: The praised one
  • Variations: Judith, Yehudis, Yudit
  • Popularity: Yehudit was one of the Top 50 most popular Hebrew names for girls in the US between 1936-1956.
Classic, Cool, Sweet


Because it means all-seeing or foresight, Yiskah is almost a mysterious, if not a mystical, name. It is a wishful gift of seeing beyond, may it be of a situation or person. It is an excellent choice for parents who wish their baby girl to grow up to be intuitive and have good instincts.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: One who beholds, she who sees
  • Variations: Iskah, Yiskoh, Iska, Iske
  • Namesakes: Yiskah, Abraham’s niece in the Bible.
Vintage, Unique, Pretty


Yocheved was a natural do-gooder in the Bible stories, as reflected in the famous meaning of the name. Thus, Yocheved is a perfect name for parents who value how their baby girl brings them honor and how she glorifies God by being in their lives. Yocheved has cute nicknames as well, like Yochie and Chevie.

  • Origin: Hebrew, Jewish
  • Meaning: God’s honor, the glory of God
  • Pronunciation: You-KHEH-ved
  • Variations: Jocheved
  • Namesakes: Yocheved, mother of Moses, Aaron, and Miriam in the Old Testament.
Traditional, Unusual


Zara is a classy name recognizable almost anywhere in the world. It is perfect for parents who want to turn heads and present their baby girl into a world of grace and glam.

  • Origin: Arabic, Hebrew
  • Meaning: Radiance, blooming flower
  • Variations: Zahra, Zahra
  • Popularity: Zara is most beloved in European countries, constantly placing within their Top 100 names. Its popularity was boosted even further in the UK when Princess Anne broke royal tradition and named her daughter the foreign name in 1981.
Classic, Trendy, Cool


Zemil is a harmonic name with only two syllables, making it memorable and easy to share. It is a perfect choice for parents who love music, dancing, singing, or all of the above! Millie and Zemy are only a few of the creative endearments you can use for your cute baby girl.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Joyous melody, song
  • Pronunciation: ZEH-meel
  • Variations: Zimil, Zeemil, Zymil, Zimmel
  • Popularity: Zemil is a rare name. In the U.S. in 2018, only five girls were named Zemil.
Unusual, Traditional, Sweet


Zera celebrates new beginnings and hopeful growth. Zera is an excellent choice for parents looking for a new name that perfectly describes the new blessing in their life – their healthy baby girl. You can also use Zee as a cute and modern nickname!

  • Origin: Hebrew, Swahili
  • Meaning: Seeds, dawn
  • Pronunciation: ZAY-rah, ZEH-rah
  • Namesakes: Zera Lynd, an actress, and producer is known for Empire (2009).
  • Popularity: Zera took the stage of Hebrew names for girls in 1909, ranking then at #1,103.
Vintage, Unique, Pretty


Zissel is a cute traditional Yiddish name. Zissel is a perfect name for parents who adore their baby girl very much, seeing her as the sweetest part of their lives. Zis, Zissy, and Zisse are adorable nicknames for Zissel you can use as well.

  • Origin: Yiddish, Hebrew
  • Meaning: Sweet one
  • Pronunciation: Zee-sul
  • Variations: Sisel, Zissil, Zussya, Zushua
  • Popularity: In 2020, Zissel placed #9677 in the US baby names popularity charts. As of 2021, Zissel is considered one of the rarest Hebrew girl names.
Traditional, Unusual, Sweet
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Hebrew Name FAQs

What Hebrew Girl Name Means Gift From God?

In a very spiritual culture like the Yiddish and Jewish cultures, many names can loosely translate to “one who is a gift from God.” A few of these pretty and feminine names are:

  • Adiya – “God’s treasure.”
  • Elsa – “God’s promise.”
  • Iva – “A gift from God.”
  • Liora – “God’s gift of light.”

There are actually many Hebrew girl names that mean a gift of God for you to choose for your baby girl. The best of them are all right here in our top 100 list of Hebrew names for girls.

What Name Means Beautiful In Hebrew?

In Hebrew, Shifra (also spelled Shifrah or Shiphrah) means beautiful.

According to Jewish history, Shiphrah was one of the two midwives who briefly prevented an Egyptian-led genocide of children, according to Exodus 1:15–21. Later on, the Hebrews dedicated the name to the midwife, saying that her kindheartedness and empathy make her beautiful to the eyes of both men and God (1).

Interested in how much history can be behind one name? Read more about Hebrew names to help you choose one for your little one by perusing our top 100 list of Hebrew girl names!

What are Popular Hebrew Girl Names?

Along with Hannah and Elizabeth, other Hebrew girls’ names in the US top 100 include Abigail, Anna, Eliana, Eva, Maya, Naomi, and Sarah.

You can find their meanings in the Yiddish and Jewish cultures, along with the rest of the top 100 Hebrew girl names in this article. You can also discover the names’ styles, pronunciations, variations, famous namesakes, and popularity status.

What Name Means Pure In Hebrew?

In Hebrew, Shoshana means “like a lily or rose – pure and innocent.” Shoshana is only one of the many names in Hebrew that can represent and imply purity that you can pick for your youthful baby girl. This name appears on our list along with another name, “Sarah,” which also means pure. Pretty Hebrew names that don’t appear on our list that also mean “pure” include Reyna, Ada, and Rina.

What Name Means Gift From God In Hebrew?

“The gift of God” is translatable into many Hebrew names. One example is Maya, which means “from God” in English. Another is Liora, which means “God’s gift.”

The Jewish culture centers on love and devotion to God (2). In this light, many Hebrew names signify gratefulness of blessings showered by God. Naming your baby girl with one of these names will enable you to share such beautiful sentiment with the Jewish people.

If you’re looking for the Hebrew names that mean gift from God you can name your child after, the best of them are right here in this article.

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