100 Unique Hindi Boy Names: With Meanings

Find the best Hindi male name for your new little prince, and learn all you need to know about its meaning, origins, cultural significance, and more!

Choosing a Hindi male name for your new arrival can be a beautiful way to introduce the light, spirit, and values of Hindu culture into his life. From the heavenly to the heroic, the charming to the cool, all of these unique Hindi names for boys hold the perfect blend of divinity and style to suit your new little son perfectly.

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100 Unique Hindi Names for Boys

Read on to discover the most stunning selection of unique Hindi names for boys, and find the one whose meaning fits your new little prince to perfection.


Aakav is a cool choice of Hindi boy name, which holds the rather unique meaning of “shape” or “form.” This is an intriguing meaning which is totally open to your own interpretation, but we can think of some cute ideas. After all, if your little boy was a shape, we think he’d be a star!

  • Origin: Hindi
  • Meaning: Shape, form
Cool, Fun


Aarav is a serene and melodic example of a Hindi boy name, whose meaning is said to connote a peaceful sound or calm music. Also connoting wisdom, Aarav has recently gained popularity in the US, too, making it a fine choice indeed if you are hunting for a stylish name that beautifully represents Hindi values.

  • Origin: Hindi
  • Meaning: Peaceful sound, calm music
  • Variations: Arav
  • Popularity: As well as being a favorite choice amongst Hindus, Aarav has recently broken into the US top 1000 most popular baby names charts, where it hit its peak so far at rank 523 in 2014.
Pure, Heavenly


You’d be hard-pressed to find a Hindi boy name as brave as Abhay, as this confident choice translates from Sanskrit to hold the heroic meaning of “fearless!” Although an amount of care and trepidation is advised, “fearlessness” is certainly a strong choice of virtue to bestow upon your son in the hopes that he will never be weary of taking leaps and achieving whatever goals he sets his mind to. For adventure, might, and curiosity, choose Abhay as a handsome name for your new little explorer.

  • Origin: Hindi, Indian, Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Fearless
Strong, Heroic, Cool


Aditya is a very popular Hindi boy name, and we can see why! According to the Hindu religion, Aditya is the name of the seven sons borne by the supreme goddess Aditi, each of which is a celestial deity himself. From its charming sound to divine meaning, Aditya is a handsome choice for any new little ruler.

  • Origin: Hindi, Indian, Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Belonging to Aditi
  • Variations: Adithya
  • Popularity: Aditya is one of the most popular boy names in India at the moment, consistently reaching the top of the popularity charts.
Divine, Popular


Advik holds the awesome meaning of “unique,” making it a brilliant choice Hindi boy name for your one-of-a-kind little guy. With a snappy sound and stylish flair, Advik is a fun yet confident name, a wonderful option for a lad whose excellence is unparalleled by any!

  • Origin: Hindi, Indian
  • Meaning: Unique
Smart, Handsome, Cool


With the meaning of “fire”, Agni is feisty, sparky, yet full of warmth and passion! In Hinduism, Agni is the name of the god of fire, who is also recognized as the guardian deity of the southeast direction, which could add unique meaning to the name if you live in the southeastern region of your state or country. As a name, Agni is short and punchy, and makes a great choice for your “fiery” little warrior.

  • Origin: Hindi, Sanskrit, Indian
  • Meaning: Fire
Strong, Short, Cool


Akshay is a charming and sophisticated-sounding choice of Hindi boy name to choose for your “fresh,” new arrival. With the meaning of “eternal,” Akshay is a brilliant name to consider for a son whose legend is sure to last forever, or perhaps as a way to symbolize your everlasting love for your new pride and joy. Throughout history, there have been a handful of Indian writers and actors bearing this name, but Akshay sounds sure to pave his own pathway to greatness.

  • Origin: Indian, Hindi
  • Meaning: Fresh, eternal
Strong, Stylish


Amrit is a brilliant Hindi boy name to bestow upon your new little legend! With the meaning of “immortality,” choosing the name Amrit will ensure your son’s legacy will last a lifetime and then some. Many ancient Indian texts refer to Amrit or Amrita as the name of an elixir of life, a kind of ambrosia sought after by the gods to bring eternal life to those who consume it.

  • Origin: Hindi, Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Immortality
Handsome, Divine


As well as being a popular masculine given name and surname, Anand is a radiant Sanskrit noun that holds the most positive of meanings! Connoting joy, liveliness, and bliss, Anand carries the upbeat meaning of “happiness,” making it a beautiful choice to bestow upon a little lad born with a beaming smile on his face.

  • Origin: Indian, Hindi, Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Happiness
  • Variations: Aanand
Fun, Strong


This handsome Hindi boy’s name Arhaan is believed to hold the powerful meaning of “ruler” in a way that is full of respect and elegance as much as power and might. “A-” names are always popular choices amongst parents, so we think that the triple usage of the letter in Arhaan makes it all the more awesome.

  • Origin: Hindi, Indian
  • Meaning: Ruler
Strong, Handsome, Pure
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Bold and masculine yet with the brilliantly pure meanings of “white” and “clear,” Arjun is a stunning choice of Hindi name for boys. The name is a form of Arjuna, also a masculine name, borne by a hero in various Hindu texts, including the ancient epic Mahabharata. Outside of India, Arjun has also grown to become fairly popular in the US in recent years, making it a well-known and admired choice to consider for your own little legend.

  • Origin: Hindi, Sanskrit, Indian
  • Meaning: White, clear
  • Variations: Arjuna
  • Popularity: In the US, Arjun entered the baby name charts in 2001 at rank 980. It rose steadily to reach its peak at rank 454 in 2014 and has remained in the top 600 names since, making it a fairly popular choice of Hindi boy name in the US.
Pure, Divine


Arnav is a smart choice of Hindi boy name, whose meaning is inspired by the vast expanse of the ocean. Tranquil at times and feisty in others, with depths full of wonder, adventure, and life, the ocean creates a beautiful metaphor for the strength of a son, with boundless possibilities ahead of him.

  • Origin: Indian, Hindi
  • Meaning: Sea, ocean, wave
  • Variations: Arnavi
Nature-inspired, Pure


Arun is a short yet stylish choice of Hindi boy name, which is related to the Hindi god Aruna, the driver of the immense chariot rode by Surya, god of the sun. If you are wondering about the relevance of the unique meaning of the name Arun, it is actually related to how Aruna is perceived as the divine personification of the light given by the rising sun at dawn, casting that beautifully serene, reddish glow over the land. Particularly if you are looking to name a handsome son born in the morning light, Arun would be a truly lovely choice to consider!

  • Origin: Hindi, Indian
  • Meaning: Red, reddish-brown
  • Variations: Aruna
Short, Cool, Divine


With the powerful meanings of “limitless” and “infinite,” Aseem is a brilliant choice of Hindi male name to bestow upon a boy whose legacy deserves to last a lifetime. Aseem, and its smart variants Asim and Aashim, connote eternal freedom and prosperity, beautiful sentiments to bestow upon your new little love.

  • Origin: Hindi, Indian, Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Limitless, infinite
  • Variations: Asim, Aashim
Strong, Cool, Handsome


In Indian religions, Aum (or Om) is considered to be a sacred, spiritual syllable and mantra. This makes it an unusual choice for a masculine name, but the depth it possesses is unparalleled and admirable. Despite being so short, Aum is rhythmic and unique, and if you think your son can pull it off as a name, we say go for it!

  • Origin: Indian, Hindi
  • Meaning: Relating to the Indian mantra
  • Variations: Om
Divine, Unique, Short


The Hindi male name Balaram is a variation of Balarama, itself the name of the Hindu god who was also the elder brother of Krishna. Balaram has a fun, upbeat-sounding ring to it, which pairs nicely with the religious associations of the name. Balarama would be a fine choice, yet Balaram seems to have a more modern appeal which you may prefer instead.

  • Origin: Hindi
  • Meaning: Relating to the Hindu god Balarama
  • Variations: Balarama
Divine, Fun, Unique


Bhaskar is a beautiful Hindi boy name to consider for your new little angel, full of light and heavenly power. Bhaskar is derived from Sanskrit elements that hold the radiant meanings of “shining” or “maker of light,” thus giving Bhaskar that brilliant meaning of “the sun.” This meaning offers warmth, positivity, and life to Bhaskar, making it a delightful choice for your own little “star!”

  • Origin: Hindi, Indian, Sanskrit
  • Meaning: The sun, shining
  • Variations: Bhāskara
  • Namesakes: Bhāskara I, a 7th-century Indian mathematician and astronomer.
Heavenly, Nature-inspired


For a name as spiritual as it is beautiful, choose Bodhi for your new little boy. This gorgeous, unisex name holds the vibrant meanings of “enlightenment” and “awakening” from Sanskrit and relates to a Buddhist concept of transformation. Short and sweet in form yet with an admirable depth and beauty, we love Bodhi as a choice of name for your new arrival.

  • Origin: Indian, Sanskrit, Buddhist, Hindi
  • Meaning: Enlightenment, awakening
Handsome, Heavenly, Pure


Meaning both “shining” and “moon,” Chandran is a shimmering, out-of-this-world choice of Hindi male name for any young dreamer. Full of inspiration and possibility, the name Chandran sounds like an achievement in itself and would make an especially gorgeous choice for a little boy who started his story by being born in the middle of a crisp, clear night.

  • Origin: Hindi, Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Shining, Moon
  • Variations: Chandra
Heavenly, Unique


Choosing the Hindi male name Chiranjeevi for your son is a perfect way to ensure his legend lives on forever. With the meanings of “infinite” and “immortal,” Chiranjeevi sounds loyal and true, as well as serving as a beautiful metaphor to capture the unfaltering love you feel for your new baby boy. If you love Chiranjeevi but think it might be a bit long for everyday use, we’re sure you could find a suitable and stylish nickname to use instead, such as Chiran, Ranj, or even Jeevi.

  • Origin: Indian, Hindi, Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Infinite, immortal
  • Variations: Chiranjivi
Strong, Heavenly
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“Darpan” is a Hindi word meaning “mirror” and makes for a cool name for your new little prince. You could use this meaning metaphorically, for instance, if you see your own personal hopes, dreams, and light reflected in your new son’s eyes each time you look at him. The simple spelling and pronunciation of Darpan add a sleek effortlessness to it, a stylish choice if ever we heard one!

  • Origin: Hindi
  • Meaning: Mirror
  • Namesakes: Darpan Inani, a prolific Indian chess player.
Stylish, Unique


Short and stylish yet full of divine power, Dev is a beautiful choice of Hindi boy names to bestow upon your new arrival. Dev holds the mighty meaning of “god,” which could be seen as a hefty weight of meaning to live up to, but we think it would be perfectly suited to any kind, caring, and noble leader. Deo is another cool alternative to Dev, carrying the same meaning but with a unique spelling we adore.

  • Origin: Hindi
  • Meaning: God
  • Variations: Deo
  • Namesakes: Dev Anand, an Indian actor. Dev Patel, a British actor.
Short, Cool, Divine


Devadas is a beautifully spiritual Hindi boy name to consider for your son. With the meanings of “servant to the gods” or “follower of the gods,” Devadas is loyal and true, making it a particularly meaningful option if you are a religious family. Dev makes a stylish nickname to Devadas, itself meaning “god.”

  • Origin: Hindi, Indian
  • Meaning: Servant to the gods, follower of the gods
  • Variations: Devdas
Heavenly, Pure


If you’d love to bestow the virtues of poise, grit, and composure upon your precious little son, Dhairya is a brilliant option to consider. A name of Hindi origin, Dhairya holds the powerful meanings of “patience” and “courage,” making it a perfect choice for a wise and confident warrior.

  • Origin: Hindi
  • Meaning: Patience, courage
Pure, Heroic


All you astronomers out there might like to consider the Hindi male name Dhruv for your new little guy! This out-of-this-world choice may be given in reference to the pole star, a shining beacon for your little voyager and all the light he brings to your life. Furthermore, in Hindu mythology, Dhruva is heard as the name of a devotee of Vishnu and makes a meaningful alternative spelling to the streetwise-sounding Dhruv.

  • Origin: Hindi, Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Pole star
  • Variations: Dhruva
Nature-inspired, Dreamy


Dilip and it’s variant Dileep are both forms of the Hindi male name Dilipa, which holds great power in this culture. In Hindu mythology, Dilipa was the name of a legendary king, also known as Khaṭvāṅga. Known for being especially righteous and generous, Dilipa’s tales are fascinating to explore and would make valuable learning for your son. Therefore, Dilip (or Dileep) is a charming and handsome name to consider and would make a perfect choice for a noble little leader.

  • Origin: Hindi
  • Meaning: Meaning unknown
  • Variations: Dileep, Dilipa
Handsome, Heroic, Divine


Divit is a gorgeously airy and romantic name for your new little charmer. Its divine meanings of “immortal” and “heavenly” make it a great choice of Hindi male name if you are looking for something spiritual and glowing, letting your son know that your love for him will last eternally.

  • Origin: Hindi, Indian
  • Meaning: Immortal, heavenly
Pure, Heavenly


For a name as uplifting as the morning sunshine, look no further than the ray of positivity that is Farhan. This adorable name holds the meaning of “cheerful,” making it a glorious choice for a happy chappy born with a smile on his face and a bright future ahead of him.

  • Origin: Indian, Arabic, Bengali
  • Meaning: Cheerful
Fun, Cool


If you could translate the feeling of a warm hug into a name, Hardik may just be the outcome. This adorable Hindi boy name holds the meanings of “heartfelt” and “warmhearted,” making it cozy and pure, a great ‘tough on the outside, warm on the inside’ choice for your new little smush.

  • Origin: Hindi, Indian
  • Meaning: Heartfelt, warmhearted
Sweet, Pure, Dreamy


Hari is a fantastic choice of Hindi boy name to consider for your handsome little arrival, being not only handsome and familiar in tone but also deeply symbolic in the Hindu religion. An adjective meaning “dark” or “tawny,” Hari is mysterious and enchanting, with the extended meaning of “lion” to truly demonstrate its power. Furthermore, Hari is another name of the god Vishnu, adding even more spiritual depth and honor to the name. Especially as Harry is such a popular choice of a masculine name amongst English-speaking countries, Hari holds international appeal and is sure to be admired and loved by all.

  • Origin: Hindi
  • Meaning: Dark, tawny, or lion
Strong, Divine
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If you are looking for a cool, unisex name of South Asian influence, consider Hira for your new little gem. With the meaning of “diamond,” Hira offers connotations of shining wonder, supported by the strength and a powerful worth. The name Hira not only makes a beautiful sound, yet its gender-neutral use makes it a gorgeous and familiar option all-round.

  • Origin: Hindi, Indian, Sanskrit, Urdu
  • Meaning: Diamond
  • Variations: Heera
Pure, Cool


Indra is a charming Hindi male name, which holds the magical meaning of “possessor of the rain.” In Hinduism, Indra is an ancient deity who rules over the sky and weather, adding a powerful divinity that is simply irresistible. Traditionally, Indra is used as a masculine name in India. However, it is also an unrelated feminine pick over in Latvia. Whether you choose Indra for your son or daughter, it has a beautiful ring to it, and will no doubt cast sunshine amidst the rain!

  • Origin: Hindi, Indian, Latvian
  • Meaning: Controller of the rain, possessor of the rain
Regal, Divine


Ishan is a powerful Hindi male name, which not only holds the radiant meanings of “lord, master” or “sun,” but is also the name of a Hindu god, sometimes considered to be a form of Shiva. Ishan, or Ishana, is associated with the northeast direction, making this a fun and unique namesake to commemorate your hometown if it lies in the northeastern area of your country or state. Ishan is soft and sweet in tone, yet regal and divine in spirit, a lovely choice to bestow upon the new center of your universe.

  • Origin: Hindi
  • Meaning: Lord, or sun
  • Variations: Ishaan, Ishana
Divine, Heavenly, Regal


If your little lad looks like a winner, Jai could be the perfect name to give him! This short choice is not only a cool nickname for longer names such as Jaiyush or Jaiden, but it also works as an awesome independent name, with the heroic meaning of “victory.” By choosing Jai for your son, you’d be putting all the faith and good vibes into his successes, and we’re sure the name will encourage him to strive for greatness every step of the way!

  • Origin: Indian, Hindi
  • Meaning: Victory
  • Variations: Jay
Short, Cool, Heroic


Jeet is a unique choice of Hindi boy name, but one which will suit a little champion beautifully! Meaning “victory,” Jeet is a brilliant name to bestow upon your greatest achievement while also setting him up with the virtue of success. Jeet has an unusual ring to it, but this makes it all the more awesome, in our opinion. A total winner of a name.

  • Origin: Hindi
  • Meaning: Victory
Heroic, Cool, Unique


Jyoti is a gorgeous choice of Hindi male name to select for the new light of your life! With a unique spelling and the luminous meanings of “light” and “flame,” Jyoti radiates awesome energy and is sure to stand out from the crowd. Jyoti is a unisex name so works as a good, gender-neutral option to suit any bright, beautiful baby.

  • Origin: Hindi, Indian
  • Meaning: Light, flame
  • Variations: Jyothi
Sweet, Pure, Cool


If your new baby boy is being born into a literature-loving family, Kavi is a great name to choose for him. Not only does Kavi sound slick and adventurous in style, but it also holds the meaning of “poet,” making it a beautiful choice for a wise little dreamer.

  • Origin: Hindi, Indian, Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Poet, sage


If your gorgeous new arrival has burst into your life like the morning sunshine, Kiran is a beautiful name to choose for them! This unisex Hindi name holds the meaning of “ray of light,” which can be seen as both enchanting and assuring amidst any darkness. As well as having these Sanskrit-derived roots, Kiran also bears a striking resemblance to the independent Gaelic male name Ciaran, which holds the separate, mysterious meaning of “dark one.” Both are stunning options, but the spiky boldness of Kiran’s spelling sets it aside as a sparkly choice in our opinion!

  • Origin: Hindi, Indian, Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Ray of light
  • Variations: Kieran, Ciaran, Kira
Sweet, Pure, Popular


With the meaning of “colt” or “cub,” Kishor is a fun and feisty name, which also translates to mean “youth” in English. This makes Kishor a wonderful choice of Hindi boy name to unlock all your little lad’s potential, as though the name itself presents a quest of exploration for him to embark on throughout his life. “K-” names are always cool and catchy, and Kishor’s soft yet confident spirit makes it an attractive choice indeed.

  • Origin: Indian
  • Meaning: Colt, or youth
  • Variations: Kishore


In the Hindu religion, Krishna is the name of a major deity, worshiped as the god of protection, love, and compassion. This association has led to Krishna being a powerful and significant choice of Hindi male name, one which should not be taken lightly, but is full of cultural beauty. Etymologically, Krishna holds the translation of “dark” and “black” from Sanskrit, adding a mysterious allure to the name’s meaning which people are sure to find all the more intriguing!

  • Origin: Hindi, Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Dark, black
  • Variations: Kishan
Strong, Cool, Divine
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Kumar makes a beautifully loving choice of Hindi boy name to bestow upon your newest addition, with the sweetest meanings of “son,” “prince,” or “boy.” While these meanings are very literal, they evoke so much affection and family spirit, offering a lovely welcome into your clan. As Kumar is one of the most commonly-heard surnames in the world, you may also like to choose it as a given name in reference to having Kumar roots in your wider family or as a meaningful namesake to an important figure in your life. Even if Kumar is new to you, its handsome appeal and charming sound are sure to set it apart as a fantastic choice for your son!

  • Origin: Indian, Hindi, Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Son, prince, boy
  • Variations: Kumara
  • Popularity: As well as being a popular Hindi male name, Kumar may be heard used as a middle name or, much more frequently, as a surname.
Sweet, Handsome


Kunal is a strong-sounding Hindi boy name, yet with a soft, nature-inspired meaning we adore. As well as being the name of a crown prince in the ancient, super-powerful Mauryan Empire, Kunal holds the gorgeous meaning of “lotus,” a flower recognized as a symbol of purity and resilience. These are beautiful virtues to bestow upon a little gentleman, making Kunal a fantastic choice for your son.

  • Origin: Indian, Hindi, Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Lotus
  • Variations: Kunala
  • Namesakes: Kunal Basu, an Indian author. Kunal Nayyar, a British actor.
Pure, Nature-inspired


Lakshay is a great choice of Hindi boy name for you to “set your sights on!” Meaning “target” or “aim,” Lakshay offers a brilliant reminder of self-resilience and inner strength and will hopefully instill in your son the confidence to pursue all his goals and challenges. A unique name, Lakshay sounds cool and sassy, yet handsomely charming and a perfect choice for your little legend.

  • Origin: Indian, Hindi
  • Meaning: Target, goal
Cool, Unique


As well as being a short, standout choice, Lal is a gorgeously innocent and playful choice of Hindi boy name to bless upon a baby. Derived from the Sanskrit word “lala,” Lal holds the cutesy meanings of “darling” and “beloved,” making it a perfect choice to shower affection over your new arrival. Alternatively, Lal may also be interpreted to mean “red” in various other Indian languages, a meaning full of passion and fire which will grow admirably as your son ages into a handsome, confident gentleman.

  • Origin: Indian, Hindi
  • Meaning: Darling, or red
Sweet, Unique, Short


Lalit is a charming yet unique choice of Hindi name for boys and one that captures the joyful innocence of youth to perfection. Lalit is a masculine form of the Hindi girl name Lalita, which holds the attractive, enticing meanings of “desirable” and “playful.” Lalit would suit a bubbly baby boy perfectly, yet grow with its bearer to represent the fun yet gentlemanly man he ages up to become.

  • Origin: Hindi, Indian
  • Meaning: Playful, desirable
Sweet, Fun


Lochan is a cool and dreamy-sounding choice of name to bestow upon your new little angel. Lochan’s meaning relates to the eyes, so if you find yourself marveling at the beauty and wisdom radiating from your newborn’s peepers, Lochan would be an especially meaningful choice indeed. Although the two sound similar, the Hindi male name Lochan is not to be confused with Lochlan, an Irish-rooted masculine name that means “from the land of the lakes.”

  • Origin: Indian, Hindi, Sanskrit
  • Meaning: The eyes
Sweet, Handsome, Dreamy


For a little baby who is sweet as honey, choose Madhur for his or her name. This charming unisex choice translates from Sanskrit to mean “sweet,” giving it a pure, gentle feel. As well as being a cute Hindi given name, Madhur is also the name of a temple town in southern India, so if you have roots or ties to this area it could make Madhur all the more of a meaningful choice to consider.

  • Origin: Hindi, Indian, Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Sweet
  • Variations: Madhuri
Pure, Heavenly


Meaning “peacock,” Mayur is a charming and regal choice of animal-inspired name to select for your sassy little king! In Hinduism, peacocks are considered sacred birds, and these beautiful creatures are also the national birds of India. However, the dazzling form of the peacock is recognized internationally for its honorific statue and integrity, making it a fantastic choice of the animal namesake for your son, and the cool softness of the name Mayur compliments this meaning perfectly.

  • Origin: Hindi, Sanskrit, Indian
  • Meaning: Peacock
Stylish, Nature-inspired


Mohan is a popular choice of Hindi male name, and we can see why. Not only does the name have a handsome, bewitching appeal to it, but it literally holds the meanings of “attractive” or “infatuating,” too! The major Hindi god Krishna is also recognized by the name Mohan, which adds a divine spirit to the name’s aura, too. Mohana would be a melodic variant to Mohan, and also a unisex form of the name, which would make a fantastic choice if you are looking for a more gender-neutral choice that is still full of that gorgeous allure.

  • Origin: Hindi, Indian
  • Meaning: Attractive, infatuating
  • Variations: Mohana
  • Popularity: Mohan is a popular choice of Hindi male name, and can be frequently found used as both a masculine given name and surname.
Handsome, Popular, Cool


Meaning “freedom” or “liberation,” Moksh is a vibrant and energetic name that seems to unlock so much potential in its bearer. A unique but stylish choice, this Hindi boy name would be perfect for an explorer, an adventurer, or any kid who is encouraged to dream big. Moksh, or Moksha, may also be recognized as an Indian term regarding the concept of enlightenment, which adds a divine spirituality to the name as well.

  • Origin: Hindi, Indian, Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Freedom, liberation
Unique, Cool
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Floral names are always popular choices for parents of little girls, yet masculine flower names are harder to come by. Mukul is a delightful choice of nature-inspired Hindi male name, which possesses both a strong, masculine lilt and the earthy, delicate meaning of “blossom.” If your new little “bud” was born amidst the beauty of the springtime, Mukul would make a fine name for him indeed.

  • Origin: Hindi, Indian
  • Meaning: Blossom
Nature-inspired, Pure


Nayan is a gorgeously soft and regal-sounding choice of Hindi male name, but perhaps our favorite feature of this unique choice is its interesting meaning of “eyes.” While this is completely open to your own interpretation, we can’t help but think this meaning offers connotations of watchfulness, wisdom, and insight, all of which would suit a little dreamer beautifully. Alternatively, if when you first lay eyes on your son and are enchanted by the handsome little peepers staring back at you, Nayan could make an adorable name to capture that one-in-a-kind moment.

  • Origin: Hindi
  • Meaning: Eyes
Handsome, Unique


Names inspired by gemstones are popular choices internationally, and Neelam is a gorgeous option of Hindi unisex name that translates from Sanskrit to mean “sapphire.” The lusciously deep blue of a sapphire evokes tranquil feelings of the ocean but also implies a noble richness and regality. So, Neelam – or its spelling variant Nilam – makes for a handsome choice of name for your new little prince or princess and a beautiful way to symbolize how much they are loved and valued.

  • Origin: Hindi, Indian
  • Meaning: Sapphire
  • Variations: Nilam
Cool, Handsome


If you like Nicholas or Nicky but would like a name that is a bit more worldly, consider Nikhil as a handsome, Hindi-inspired alternative. This slick name holds the meanings of “whole” and “entire,” making it a wonderful way of “completing” your son’s perfect image! Nikhil is also another name for the divine Vishnu, adding a spiritual and symbolic depth to its stylish, streetwise spelling.

  • Origin: Hindi, Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Whole, complete, entire
  • Popularity: Nikhil is an uncommon choice of name in the US, but did hold a brief stint in the popularity charts between 1997 and 2009, peaking at rank 818 in 1999.


Nirmal is a Hindi male name that’s as fresh as a daisy, with the delightful meanings of “pure” and “clean!” Connotations of innocence and youth are implied by this name, but that’s not to say this name won’t age well as your son grows into a fine man! In fact, Nirmal sounds cool and confident, with a playful, creative side derived from the popularity of traditional “Nirmal toys,” made in the Indian town that bears the same name. You’ll definitely have to take a look at these toys if you choose Nirmal for your little boy!

  • Origin: Indian, Sanskrit, Hindi
  • Meaning: Pure, clean
Fun, Sweet


Nishan is a royal-sounding Hindi male name with a unique meaning you’ll love being able to put your own interpretation to! Meaning “mark” or “symbol,” Nishan would make a great choice for a little boy destined to make his “mark” on the world or one who had left footprints on your heart from the moment you first laid eyes on him. Nishan may also be a unique name to commemorate a particularly cute birthmark or a baby with distinctive features you can’t help but adore.

  • Origin: Indian, Hindi, Arabic
  • Meaning: Mark, symbol
Handsome, Strong, Unique


Nishith would make the most beautiful name for a baby who holds all the magic of midnight. This unique Hindi name for boys holds the meaning of “night,” making it a sweet choice for a baby born in the late hours or perhaps one who has a galaxy of stars in his eyes. Nish makes an adorable nickname from Nishith too, an all-round winner of a dreamy male name.

  • Origin: Hindi
  • Meaning: Night
Unique, Cool, Handsome


Om is a spiritual and sacred syllable in Hinduism and various other religions, often chanted as a mantra during meditation or special ceremonies. It makes a smart and unique choice of Hindi male name. It could also be a cute nickname for longer names containing this element, such as Omkara or Omar. Short but mighty and full of religious depth, Om makes a fine name indeed.

  • Origin: Indian, Hindi
  • Meaning: Relating to the Indian mantra
  • Variations: Aum
Short, Divine, Unique


As well as sounding modern and stylish, Pavan is a heavenly choice of Hindi male name, with a meaning that is bound to sweep you off your feet! Pavan holds the meaning of “wind” or “breeze” and is especially poignant as the Hindi primary deity Vayu – god of the air, wind, and breath – is also recognized by this name. Pure and cool with an airy, comforting feel, Pavan is a name that almost sounds like it was whispered to us by the breeze itself!

  • Origin: Hindi, Indian, Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Wind, breeze
Cool, Nature-inspired, Divine
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Prabhakar is a radiant masculine given name of Hindi origin, although it may be heard used as a family name, too. This standout option is derived from Sanskrit elements which give it the luminous meaning of “maker of light,” allowing it to be a wonderful choice for your new little ray of sunshine. Prabhakar may be on the longer side as far as names go, but this one rolls off the tongue beautifully, making it a worthwhile choice that is sure to be admired.

  • Origin: Hindi, Indian
  • Meaning: Maker of light
  • Variations: Prabhakara
Heavenly, Cool, Unique


For a luminous little lad whose spirit seems sure to show you the way, consider Pradip as a handsome Hindi male name. Meaning “light,” Pradip is brilliant and glowing, a perfect choice for a boy full of the brightest ideas.

  • Origin: Indian, Hindi
  • Meaning: Light
  • Variations: Pradeep
Sweet, Pure


Pran is a handsome Hindi male name that is both as soft as a whisper and as mighty as a mountain, and you simply must consider it for your gorgeous new arrival. As well as holding the breezy meaning of “breath” from Sanskrit, Pran is also linked to a philosophical concept of a “life force” in Hinduism. Help inspire your son to unlock his inner potential with this short yet powerful name, full of beauty and possibility!

  • Origin: Hindi, Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Breath, life-force
Dreamy, Cool


If you can’t wait to see what amazing feats your little boy accomplishes as he grows up, Pravin could be a lovely choice of name to consider. This stylish-sounding choice holds the meanings of “skilled” and “talented,” just what every parent hopes their little lads will be!

  • Origin: Indian, Sanskrit, Hindi
  • Meaning: Skilled, talented
  • Variations: Praveen
Sweet, Cool


Rahul is a charming and popular masculine name with various inspiring meanings that really set it apart from the crowd. From Sanskrit, Rahul holds the meanings of both “efficient” and “moon,” making it a perfect choice for a dreamy dude who is certain to reach his goals. Other meanings associated with Rahul include the upbeat “conqueror of all miseries,” for a baby who brings a smile to your face, or “bondage,” to represent the unbreakable family ties that bind you.

  • Origin: Hindi, Indian, Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Efficient, moon, bondage, conqueror of miseries
  • Popularity: Although Rahul is a popular name in India, it hasn’t really taken off in the US, peaking only at 818 in the popularity charts in the year 2000.
Popular, Handsome


Raj means “king” or “ruler” from Sanskrit, so you can’t get a much more royal name than that! This handsome Hindi male name is a powerful one to choose for your new little leader, although its short form and familiar spelling add a friendly feel alongside those regal connotations. If you would prefer a slightly longer name, Raj may be extended to names such as Rajesh or Rajani, all of which would be especially charming choices if you have the “Raj” name in your family already.

  • Origin: Hindi, Sanskrit, Indian
  • Meaning: King, ruler
Regal, Short, Strong


Rajani is an undeniably stylish and intriguing choice of Hindi name, holding the mysteriously alluring meaning of “dark one.” Rajani is a unisex name, although is perhaps more frequently used for females, thanks to it being another name of the Hindu goddess Kali. If you like the “Raj-” element in names, Rajani is a cool choice that rolls off the tongue beautifully and is certain to stand out.

  • Origin: Hindi, Indian
  • Meaning: Dark one
  • Variations: Rajini


If you really want to let everyone know who’s boss, consider the Hindi boy’s name Rajeshfor your baby. This regal choice holds the mighty meaning of “ruler of kings,” implying that whoever is noble enough to bear this name is certainly a force to be reckoned with! Heroic and cool, Rajesh is a great choice for the newest little leader in your home.

  • Origin: Indian, Hindi
  • Meaning: Ruler of kings
Regal, Heroic


Ramesh is a beautiful and strong name to consider for your son, with various meanings and origins that all shine as bright as his future. As a Hindi boy name, Ramesh is a shortened form of variants such as Ramesha or Rameshwar, which hold the meaning of “husband of Lakshmi,” the goddess also known as Rama. Divine and spiritual, this association makes Ramesh a popular choice of name, but its shine doesn’t stop there. In fact, Ramesh may also be rooted in Persian origin, holding the meaning of “happiness,” a beautiful virtue to bestow upon any new arrival.

  • Origin: Hindi, Indian, Persian
  • Meaning: Husband of Lakshmi
  • Variations: Romesh, Rameshwar, Ramesha
Divine, Strong, Handsome


Ranjit is a cool and joyous choice if you are looking for a Hindi boy name with positive connotations. With meanings including “victorious” and “delighted,” Rajit is a name that would suit a triumphant little guy who never fails to be proud of his accomplishments. If you like Ranjit, you may also wish to consider the spelling variants Ranjeet or Ranjith, both of which differ only slightly and still hold the same lovely meanings. If you have Sikh roots, the name Ranjit may also be particularly appealing to you, as it was the name borne by the founder and first Maharajah of the Sikh empire.

  • Origin: Indian, Hindi
  • Meaning: Victorious, delighted
  • Variations: Ranjeet, Ranjith
  • Namesakes: Ranjit Singh, the first Maharaja of the Sikh Empire.
Heroic, Cool
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With the meaning of “sun,” Ravi makes a great choice of name for your brightest star! This friendly and familiar Hindi boy name captures all the warmth and brilliance of the sun itself, offering brilliant inspiration for your little boy to truly shine. In Hinduism, Ravi is another name of Surya, the god of the sun, adding a powerful divinity to the already-luminous choice. If your son is full of fire and might, and especially if he was born during the hot summer months, Ravi would make a glorious name for him indeed.

  • Origin: Hindi, Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Sun
Sweet, Heavenly, Divine


If you see your little boy as being the best in the whole world, consider Rishabh as his name. Meaning “superior,” this powerful choice is certainly a confident one and a great way to bestow high esteem upon your family.

  • Origin: Indian, Hindi
  • Meaning: Superior
  • Variations: Rishabha
Strong, Heroic


For a baby boy whose mind holds great power and potential, Rishi is a gorgeously vibrant name to consider. The word “rishi” is used as a term for an enlightened or accomplished person who may have transcribed their realized truths and knowledge into poems or hymns, like a sage. Therefore, the name Rishi shines brightly, and we’re sure that whatever adventures he goes on, they will be successful.

  • Origin: Indian, Hindi
  • Meaning: Accomplished person, sage
Strong, Sweet


Rohan is a smart Hindi boy name, which has grown in popularity to become a commonly-used choice in the US for baby boys of Indian descent. Although Rohan is familiar in usage, its meaning is actually undecided, with three possible roots to the name. The first possible meaning for Rohan is “ascending,” as though you expect your new little lad to keep rising up to become the best he can be in life! Alternatively, Rohan may relate to the themes of “healing” and “medicine,” a lovely choice, especially for a miracle baby or one whose presence is the source of all calm in your life. Finally, similarly to the Irish unisex name Rowan, Rohan may also be used to mean “red-haired,” making it a perfectly feisty choice for your new little warrior.

  • Origin: Hindi, Indian, Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Ascending, or healing, or red-haired
  • Variations: Rohaan
  • Popularity: Rohan is a Hindi name for boys that has found popularity in the US in recent years. It broke into the top 1000 most popular name charts in 1995 at rank 955, and has peaked at rank 480 so far, back in 2004.
Popular, Cool, Handsome


Rohit is a charming and earthy masculine name that holds the meaning of “red,” specifically the glorious shades which appear in the sky during an early morning sunrise. This makes Rohit an especially gorgeous choice of name for a baby born during the beautiful hours of daybreak, or perhaps even for a boy who is born with luscious, fiery, red locks.

  • Origin: Sanskrit, Indian, Hindi
  • Meaning: Red
Pure, Nature-inspired


Sahil is a gorgeous Hindi boy name inspired by water, which flows as cool and tranquil as its meanings suggest. Relating to the ocean, riverbanks, and seashores, Sahil is soft and beachy, combining playful curiosity with a soft wisdom to be admired.

  • Origin: Hindi
  • Meaning: Ocean, river banks
Nature-inspired, Cool


Sandeep is a brilliant choice of Hindi boy name to consider for the newest ray of sunshine in your life! With the meaning of “shining,” Sandeep dazzles, awes, and beautifully represents that immeasurable joy of first laying eyes on your newborn. Sandeep is breezy and stylish-sounding as a name, and you may also like to consider Sandip as a spelling variation.

  • Origin: Hindi, Indian, Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Shining, light
  • Variations: Sandip


If your son looks like he’s bound to be a winner in life, consider calling him Sanjay. This bright Hindi boy’s name is full of positive vibes, from its sunshine-filled sound to its energetic meaning of “triumphant.” Furthermore, the name Sanjay – or Sanjaya – plays an important part in ancient Indian culture, as this was the name of a significant, royal character in the national epic Mahabharata. Whatever your little boy gets up to, we’re sure his victories will make him worthy of this regal, effervescent name!

  • Origin: Hindi, Indian
  • Meaning: Triumphant, victorious
  • Variations: Sanje, Sanjaya, Sanjai, Sunjay
  • Namesakes: Sanjay Dutt, an Indian actor. Sanjay Mehrotra, an Indian-American business executive.
Heroic, Handsome


Sanjeet is a wonderful name for a little boy destined for success, as this cool choice holds the heroic meaning of “always victorious!” If your new arrival looks like he’ll champion anything he puts his mind to, Sanjit is a great choice of name, or you could opt for the Sanjeet spelling too, should you prefer.

  • Origin: Hindi, Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Always victorious
  • Variations: Sanjeet
Heroic, Cool


Shaan is a stylish and confident choice of Hindi boy name, with the heroic meanings of “pride” and “dignity.” The double -“a” spelling of Shaan gives it a modern appeal, and Shaan may even be used as a shortened form of longer name variants, such as Ishaan or Shantanu.

  • Origin: Hindi, Indian
  • Meaning: Pride, dignity
Heroic, Cool, Short
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If you are looking for a unisex Hindi name for your new little dreamer, Shashi is a truly out-of-this-world choice to consider! This charming name holds the meaning of “moon,” making it a fantastic choice for a nighttime-born baby or one who is destined to reach the stars. Shashi has a fun, fresh sound about it, and we adore this choice for both adventurous little boys and girls.

  • Origin: Hindi, Indian, Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Moon
Nature-inspired, Handsome


Although Shlok makes a unique, punchy-sounding name, the music it gives off is nothing short of beautiful. This is because Shlok, or Shloka, is a poetic form of verse used in Sanskrit. If you are a fan of poetry and literature or the rhythmic beauty of hymns, Shlok would make a gorgeously gentle name to consider for your newest arrival.

  • Origin: Sanskrit, Hindi, Indian
  • Meaning: Hymn, verse
Unique, Divine


As well as being a shortened form of the powerful names Siddharth and Siddhartha, Siddh makes a noble choice of independent name for smart little lads. With the meaning of “proven,” the name Siddh serves as a mark of success and a tribute to all your son will accomplish as he grows.

  • Origin: Hindi, Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Proven
  • Variations: Siddharth, Siddhartha
Divine, Cool


Strong and mighty, Siddharth is a brilliantly masculine choice of name. With the meaning of “one who is accomplished,” the name Siddharth would set any little lad up for success. Perhaps the most significant note for this name is that Siddhartha was the birth name of Gautama Buddha, the ancient founder of Buddhism, making it an especially poignant choice if you are a Buddhist yourself.

  • Origin: Sanskrit, Hindi, Indian
  • Meaning: One who is accomplished, successful
  • Variations: Siddhartha
  • Namesakes: Gautama Buddha, the founder of Buddhism, whose birth name was Siddhartha.
Strong, Heroic


Although it radiates warm, summery vibes from its sunny spelling, Sunil actually possesses a deep, mystical meaning we absolutely adore for a little boy. Derived from Sanskrit, Sunil holds the meaning of “very blue,” making us think of sapphires, the ocean, and the excitement of a stormy night. Especially for a baby born with enchanting blue eyes, Sunil would make a truly special option, although we think this name would suit any brooding little boy beautifully!

  • Origin: Indian, Sanskrit, Hindi
  • Meaning: Very blue


The name Swapnil perfectly captures the innocent peacefulness of a newborn baby deep in a blissful sleep. With the meaning of “dreamy” and a lilt as soft as a lullaby, Swapnil is a heavenly choice of Hindi male name to consider for your new little “dream-come-true.”

  • Origin: Indian, Hindi, Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Dreamy, sleep
Pure, Sweet, Heavenly


Tanmay is a soft and breezy-sounding Hindi name for boys, which holds the rather unique meaning of “engrossed in” or “absorbed in.” You may want to choose this name because you’ll be absorbed in your son, or it could be a way to instill the virtue of wisdom and passion into your son. Either way, Tanmay is a handsome name to consider.

  • Origin: Indian, Hindi
  • Meaning: Engrossed, absorbed in
  • Variations: Tanmaya
Unique, Sweet


Tej is a name that’s full of spark, with the meanings of “light” and “brilliance” to truly cast a shine upon its bearer. Tej may be used as a nickname for the longer Hindi male name Tejas, but we think it works independently as a brilliant, rockstar-style name, which radiates as much awesomeness as its meaning. For a fun fact about this name, “tej” happens to be the Hungarian word for “milk,” and also a type of mead-like honey wine brewed in Ethiopia!

  • Origin: Indian, Hindi
  • Meaning: Light, brilliance
  • Variations: Tejas
Pure, Fun, Cool


Tejas is a beautiful Hindi boy name to consider for your bouncing baby, full of energetic joy and excitement which radiates everywhere it is heard. Tejas holds the meanings of “brilliance” and “splendor,” which are not only vibrant in connotations but also evoke undertones of regality and stature, making it a lovely choice for your loyal but loud little leader! On another note, “Tejas” is also the Spanish-language name for the state of Texas, meaning it could be used as a sweet namesake nod to your hometown, too!

  • Origin: Indian, Hindi
  • Meaning: Brilliance, splendor
  • Variations: Teja
Sweet, Strong


As well as being adorably cute in sound and style, Tushar makes a great choice of Hindi male names to bestow upon your new arrival. When translated from Sanskrit, “tushar” holds the meanings of “snow” and “frost,” making it a cool choice for a winter-born baby, or a lad born during a dazzling snowstorm. Although its meaning is rather icy, Tushar has a gorgeously warm feel to it, thus incorporating the beauty of a blizzard and the familiar coziness of time spent snuggled up in the winter.

  • Origin: Hindi, Sanskrit, Indian
  • Meaning: Frost, winter, snow
Nature-inspired, Fun, Sweet
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Joyful and luminous, Ujjwal is a lovely shining light of a Hindi boy name for you to choose for your new little lad. With meanings such as “bright,” “clear,” and “radiant,” Ujjwal is full of positivity, just like your gurgling little cherub himself. If you are a fan of this name, you’ll be thrilled to know that Ujjval, Ujjbal, and Ujjal are all also stylish spelling variations for you to consider, too.

  • Origin: Indian, Sanskrit, Hindi
  • Meaning: Bright, clear, radiant
  • Variations: Ujjal, Ujjval, Ujjbal
Pure, Heavenly


With the meanings of “enthusiasm” and “exultation,” Umang is a truly joyful name to bestow upon your new bringer of sunshine! As well as being upbeat and proud, Umang has a melodic lilt to it, perfectly blending masculine charm and an attractive allure to create a stunning choice of Hindi boy name.

  • Origin: Hindi, Indian
  • Meaning: Enthusiasm, exultation


Uttar is a brilliant choice of one-of-a-kind Hindi boy name to consider for your new arrival. Derived from Sanskrit, Uttar holds the cool meaning of “north,” which could be used as a significant nod to your hometown or perhaps in reference to how your little boy is destined for high places!

  • Origin: Hindi
  • Meaning: North
  • Variations: Uttara
  • Popularity: Uttar is a rarely-heard Hindi male name, making it a great choice if you are looking for something a little more unique.
Unique, Cool


With meanings such as “glory,” “power,” and “majesty,” Vaibhav is a truly remarkable name for a man! Furthermore, the strong connotations radiating from Vaibhav are only emphasized by the coolness of having a name that not only starts with a “V” but ends in one too! Vaibhav is truly a standout option to bestow upon your “glorious” little guy, who will be set to impress with both his awesome name and his “powerful might!”

  • Origin: Hindi, Indian, Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Glory, majesty, power
Strong, Unique, Cool


In Hinduism, the Vasus are a group of eight elemental deities, each representing different aspects of nature such as fire, air, or the moon. The word “Vasu” itself means “excellence, brilliance” or “bringers of wealth,” and it is often used as either a surname or divine given name for “brilliant” baby boys. While holding such spiritual beauty and meaning, Vasu’s short yet unique spelling makes it a cool choice of name, making it stylish yet symbolic all at the same time.

  • Origin: Hindi
  • Meaning: Excellence, or bringers of wealth
Divine, Sweet, Short


If you are looking for the perfect name to capture the newborn beauty and potential radiating from your new son’s presence, Vihaan is a lovely choice to consider. Meaning “dawn,” this charming Hindi male name is colorful and dreamy, as well as being attractive in style, particularly with that smart double “a” spelling.

  • Origin: Hindi, Sanskrit, Indian
  • Meaning: Dawn
Pure, Nature-inspired, Handsome


Vikram is a dazzling choice of Hindi boy name beginning with V to bestow upon your new little hero, with a meaning which simply radiates the most wondrous of virtues. Meaning “valorous,” Vikram demonstrates strength, bravery, and wit, making it an ideal choice for a little lad destined to be a winner. Furthermore, this name is deeply rooted in Hindu culture and philosophy, as well as being an alternative title of the god Vishnu himself.

  • Origin: Hindi
  • Meaning: Valorous
  • Variations: Vikrama, Vickrum
Heroic, Strong


Vipin is a sharp-sounding yet earthy choice of Hindi male name, which holds the intriguing meaning of “forest.” This nature-inspired meaning evokes such intriguing connotations, whether they be the rugged adventure of exploration or the tranquil beauty of sunlight breaking through the treetops.

  • Origin: Indian, Hindi
  • Meaning: Forest
  • Variations: Bipin
Cool, Nature-inspired


Yash may be a short name, but it holds so much glory! This Sanskrit word holds powerful, triumphant meanings, including “luxury,” “majesty,” and “fame,” making it a handsome choice of Hindi male name to bestow upon a smart young lad destined for success.

  • Origin: Hindi, Sanskrit, Indian
  • Meaning: Luxury, majesty, fame, glory
Strong, Regal


With the literal translation of “young king,” Yuvraj is a Hindi boy name that evokes youthful curiosity alongside a deep, royal potential. Yuvraj not only has a cool spelling and stylish appeal, yet its traditional usage amongst the eldest sons of Indian kings and Maharajas gives the name a beautifully meaningful, symbolic virtue that we simply adore.

  • Origin: Hindi, Indian Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Crown prince
  • Variations: Yuvaraj, Yuvaraja
Regal, Strong, Handsome
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