100 Modern Hindi Girl Names: With Meanings

Find the best Hindi girl name for your radiant new daughter, including its meanings, origins, and more!

Finding the perfect name for your little girl is a beautiful, rewarding, yet often challenging experience. But it can be hard!

So, we’re here to help with this collection of stylish, spiritual, and strong Hindi names for girls, alongside all their meanings and origins, to help inspire you to select the best one to suit your new little goddess!

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100 Modern Hindi Girl Names

Read on to discover some of the most magical Hindi girl names, alongside all the meanings, variations, origins, and more to each one.


In Hinduism, Aarti is the name of a Hindu ritual of worship, during which light from candles or lamps is offered to various deities. From this root, Aarti has become recognized as a gorgeous choice of Hindi name for girls, offering a soft spirituality and radiant warmth to the already pretty-sounding name. There are many alternative spelling variations to choose from, to ensure you pick the one most perfect for your daughter. Aarti ensures she’ll always be top of the register alphabetically, whereas you could add an extra syllable of sweetness and opt for Aarati, or Arathi. Which is your favorite?

  • Origin: Hindi
  • Meaning: Referring to the Hindu ritual of Arti
  • Variations: Arti, Arathi, Aarati, Arthie
Divine, Sweet


Not only will choosing the name Aashvi for your little girl ensure she is always at the top of many alphabetical registers, but its meaning implies that she’ll be the champion of many other feats in her life, too! With the meanings of “blessed” and “victorious,” Aashvi has a heroic and triumphant ring to it, as well as being cool in spelling and pretty in style. Plus, with the option to use Ash as a nickname, this sweet Hindi girl name is a winner all-around in our eyes!

  • Origin: Hindi, Indian, Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Blessed, victorious
Sweet, Heroic, Strong


If you’re looking for the perfect name to match the gorgeous spirit radiating from your new baby angel, Abha might just be the one! With the meanings of “aura,” “light,” and “splendor” from Sanskrit, Abha is luminous and shimmering, almost as if it were colored in gold. Separately, Abha is also the name of a provincial capital in Saudi Arabia, making it a cool locational name if you have family ties to that particular area.

  • Origin: Hindi, Indian, Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Aura, light, splendor
Sweet, Short


In Hinduism, Aditi is the goddess of motherhood, unconsciousness, and fertility. As well as this, the pretty, petite-sounding name Aditi holds the boundless meaning of “limitless,” making it an epic choice to bestow upon a little girl who has the world at her feet, and infinite possibilities ahead of her.

  • Origin: Hindi, Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Limitless
Divine, Pretty, Sweet


Although Ahalya holds the unique and unusual meaning of “unploughed,” this charming name is so full of beauty that it would make a fantastic choice for any little goddess. In Hinduism, Ahalya was the name of a cursed heroine who was created by the god Brahma to be the most beautiful woman in existence. Would you argue that your little daughter is the most beautiful girl in existence? Then maybe Ahalya is her name!

  • Origin: Hindi, Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Unploughed
Pretty, Unique


Ananya is such a sweet-sounding name, with a gorgeously rhythmic lilt that is truly unmatchable. So, it’s really no surprise that Annanya holds the meaning of “unique,” and it would make a delightful name for any one-of-a-kind little legend! Ananya is a unisex name, however, it’s feminine style and similarity to the female name Anya make us think it’s a particularly gorgeous choice for superstar little girls.

  • Origin: Hindi, Indian
  • Meaning: Unique
Sweet, Pretty


As well as being a pretty-sounding and cute name for a little girl, Anjali is the name given to the greeting ritual made between Hindus, involving hands folded together as if in prayer. Derived from Sanskrit, Anjali actually holds the meaning of “salutation,” making it a particularly sweet choice for a baby born during the beautiful early hours of daybreak.

  • Origin: Hindi, Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Divine offering, salutation
Sweet, Pretty, Divine


There’s nothing quite like that feeling of holding your baby girl for the first time, and Anupama is a gorgeous Hindi girl name that captures that magic perfectly. Meaning “incomparable,” Anupama not only lets your daughter know that she is one of a kind, but also that she should not compare herself to others. After all, she is beautiful, wonderful, and perfect just as she is!

  • Origin: Hindi, Indian
  • Meaning: Incomparable
Sweet, Unique


Avanti was the name of a realm in ancient India and has today become a pretty and charming given name for sweet little girls. If you are from the Malwa region of India, where Avanti was said to have lain, this could make for a unique and historical locational name for your daughter. If not, we still love the sweet, stylish flair which radiates from this Hindi name for girls and wonder if you’ll choose it for your new little goddess.

  • Origin: Hindi, Indian, Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Relating to the kingdom of Avanti
Pretty, Unique


Bhavana is a unique yet strong name that holds the meanings of “producing” and “manifesting,” which is also the name of a concept in Buddhism. Bhavana carries a sensual spirituality to it and would make a stand-out choice for any little girl on a pathway to great things.

  • Origin: Hindi, Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Producing, manifesting
Unique, Strong
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In Hinduism, Bhumi is the name of the goddess of the Earth, a powerful force who captures all the beauty of the land around us. This makes Bhumi an earthy and pure choice of name for a little girl, seeming almost as though it is beckoning her towards a life of wonder, exploration, and adventure.

  • Origin: Hindi
  • Meaning: Earth, land
Divine, Nature-inspired


Bodhi is a beautiful term that relates to the Buddhist concept of transformation, with the meanings of “enlightenment” and “awakening” to truly set it apart as a radiant unisex name. Although Bodhi is a unique name, it has a familiar warmth to it that is truly appealing, as though Bodhi casts a joyous tranquility over its bearer and all those she or he might meet.

  • Origin: Indian, Sanskrit, Hindi, Buddhist
  • Meaning: Enlightenment, awakening
Sweet, Heavenly


Chanda is a melodic and charming Hindi name for girls, which has a few different meanings associated with it for you to consider when selecting it for your daughter. As well as being a name relating to the poetic meter of Sanskrit prosody, Chanda is also a Buddhist concept of desire, a genus of fish, and is also said to hold the meaning of “fire” and “passion.” Intriguingly, Chanda is also the name of a mythical monster in Hinduism, which could be interpreted as a cool or alarming namesake, depending on how you look at it.

  • Origin: Hindi, Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Various meanings
Sweet, Regal


Derived from Sanskrit, Chandrakanta holds the dreamiest meaning of “beloved by the moon.” If you think the name is a tad on the long side, Chandrakanta can be shortened to the nicknames Chandra or Chand, although why you would want to shorten a name with such a heavenly, romantic meaning is beyond us! Chandrakanta is also the name of a late-1800s epic fantasy Hindi novel by Devaki Nandan Khatri, which may be intriguing reading if you select this name for your daughter!

  • Origin: Hindi, Indian, Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Beloved by the moon
Heavenly, Sweet, Unique


If your new daughter is already the light of your life, consider Deepali as a lovely choice of name for her. This sweet option has two radiant meanings, the first being “joy” or “happiness,” making it a lovely choice for a little girl who brings joy wherever she goes. Alternatively, Deepali may be interpreted to mean “a row of lamps,” which we see as a sign of guiding light and comfort during any darker times!

  • Origin: Hindi, Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Joy, happiness, or a row of lamps
  • Variations: Dipali
Pretty, Sweet, Fun


As well as sounding pretty and petite, the Hindi girl name Deepika holds the vibrant meanings of “lantern,” “light,” or “flame,” making it a luminous choice that will cast sunlight wherever she goes. Deepika may be spelled Dipika if you prefer, or you may like to consider Deepali for another option with a “glowing” meaning.

  • Origin: Indian, Hindi
  • Meaning: Lantern, flame
  • Variations: Dipika
Pretty, Sweet


What cuter name could there be for your new little goddess than a name that literally means “little goddess?” Derived from Sanskrit, this adorable Hindi girl’s name is as pretty as a petal, with a friendly sound that’s sure to bring a smile to all those who hear it.

  • Origin: Hindi, Sanskrit, Indian
  • Meaning: Little goddess
Pretty, Sweet, Regal


Although the meaning of “divine, heavenly brilliance” is a rather strong one to attach to a little girl’s name, we’re sure your sweet daughter can live up to it. If your newborn seems as though she was sent from the angels themselves, Divya is a gorgeous name to select for her, with its enchanting meaning and enticing sound to match.

  • Origin: Indian, Hindi, Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Divine, heavenly brilliance
Heavenly, Stylish, Divine


Diya is a magical choice of girl’s name which shines across the globe, being used in multiple languages and cultures, with an array of stunning meanings. As a Hindi girl name, Diya holds the meaning of “light” or “lamp,” a shimmering flame which provides warmth and clarity even in the darkest of times. In Hinduism, a “diya” is also a special type of lamp which can be used in ceremonies and rituals, offering a spiritual symbolism to the glowing name which we adore.

  • Origin: Hindi, Indian, Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Lamp, light
Sweet, Short, Pretty


In Hinduism, Durga is worshiped as a major goddess, a super-powerful force of nature who is associated with strength, motherhood, and protection, as well as wars and destruction. If your little girl grows up to hold even half of these qualities, she is certainly the kind of kid you’d want on your team! Due to it also being the name of such a revered goddess, selecting Durga as the name for your daughter is not a choice that should be taken lightly. But, if you think she can handle it, then there’s nothing stopping you!

  • Origin: Hindi, Indian, Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Relating to the Hindu goddess Durga
Strong, Divine, Cool
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Esha is a lovely name to give to your daughter, especially if its meaning of “wish” captures the feeling you felt when longing for that perfect little baby girl! Esha is a gorgeously soft whisper of a name, a truly cute choice for a gentle child. As well as being a Hindu-derived name, Esha is also recognized to mean “night prayer” in Islam, making it a beautiful option for a baby born of different faiths or cultures.

  • Origin: Hindi, Indian, Islam
  • Meaning: Wish, desire
Pretty, Cool


Meaning “white” or “bright,” the Hindi girl name Gauri would suit your radiant little bundle of sunshine beautifully. This unique choice is also recognized as another name for the Hindu goddess Parvati, a powerful association to have linked to your daughter’s name. If you like this style but would prefer a different spelling, Gauri may also be changed to Gowri or Gouri, although all these names are likely to be cool, stand-out choices, in our opinion!

  • Origin: Indian, Hindi
  • Meaning: White, bright
  • Variations: Gowri, Gouri
Unique, Sweet


Gayatri is a unique choice of Hindi girl name, yet a beautiful one to consider for a little girl who is destined to be musically or eloquently gifted. The term “Gayatri” refers to a song, a hymn, or a type of poetic meter used in Vedic literature. There is also a Hindu goddess named Gayatri, recognized as the personification of the Hindu Gayatri Mantra. Melodic, divine, and unusual – if these are the qualities you’re looking for in a name for your daughter, Gayatri may be the one for you!

  • Origin: Hindi
  • Meaning: Hymn, poetry, song
Unique, Pretty


Harshada is the pretty feminine form of the Hindi boy’s name Harshad, which holds the joyful meaning of “happiness.” This meaning radiates beautifully from all those who bear this name, making it a glorious choice for a baby girl who is born beaming.

  • Origin: Hindi, Indian, Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Happiness
Fun, Pretty


Meaning “one full of happiness,” Harshita is a beautifully joyous name to bestow upon your new little munchkin. It is a wonderful thing to share joy and excitement with your daughter, and the pretty, feminine-sounding name Harshita captures that sentiment perfectly!

  • Origin: Hindi, Sanskrit
  • Meaning: One full of happiness
Fun, Sweet


Harsika is a Hindi girl name said to hold the meanings of “happiness” and “laughter,” making it a lively, fun, and bouncy choice for your new little bundle of joy. A unique choice, Harsika sounds particularly stylish and angelic, sure to bring light and wonder to all those who meet her.

  • Origin: Hindi, Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Happiness, laughter
Unique, Fun, Pretty


With the meaning of “golden,” Hema is positively angelic in style, with an aura that radiates light and cozy warmth everywhere it goes. If you have a sneaking suspicion that your daughter is made of glitter and gold dust, Hema is an adorable name to select for her, as it will truly bring out her magical, inner sparkle.

  • Origin: Hindi, Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Golden
Short, Pretty


Hira makes a beautiful choice of Hindi girl name for your new little gem of a daughter! Meaning “diamond,” this sparkling option is a name of South Asian influences, which would shine upon both male and female holders. If you like Hira, you may also consider the spelling variant Heera, which also radiates that same pretty, “heroic”-sounding appeal.

  • Origin: Hindi, Indian, Sanskrit, Urdu
  • Meaning: Diamond
  • Variations: Heera
Strong, Pretty


With the meanings of “beauty” and “splendid,” Indira is an elegant choice of Hindi girl name to bestow upon a pretty little princess. As well as being another name for the Hindu goddess Lakshmi, Indira is a charming-sounding name whose spelling makes it look almost like the country name India itself. India makes a beautiful choice of name, but Indira is a lovely way to mix it up a little, creating an “endearing” name that is fit for royalty and goddesses alike.

  • Origin: Hindi, Indian, Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Beauty, splendid
  • Namesakes: Indira Gandhi, former Indian Prime Minister.
Pretty, Sweet


In Hinduism, Indra is the name borne by the ancient deity who rules over the sky and weather, and this powerful association is reflected in the name’s unique meanings of “controller of the rain” or “possessor of the rain.” Traditionally, Indra is used primarily as a masculine name in India. However, since it may also be heard as an unrelated female name in Latvia, and its “-a” ending adds a feminine lilt, we think it’s safe to class this one as a gorgeous, unisex choice of Hindi name to consider for your new little whirlwind.

  • Origin: Hindi, Indian, Latvian
  • Meaning: Controller of the rain, possessor of the rain
Nature-inspired, Cool, Divine
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If your daughter was born with an ethereal, out-of-this-world glow about her that is both mystical and comforting, Indu is a stunning name to pick for her. As well as being completely adorable in sound, Indu holds the meaning of “moon,” making it a lovely choice for a little stargazer or a baby born during the most magical of nights.

  • Origin: Hindi, Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Moon
Sweet, Nature-inspired, Unique


Jesminder is a unique yet stunning Hindi girl name, said to hold the truly spectacular meaning of “flower queen.” Like the similar-sounding feminine name Jasmine, Jesminder is floral and delicate, yet with regal undertones that prove its bearer is not one to be underestimated!

  • Origin: Hindi, Indian, Punjabi
  • Meaning: Flower queen
Regal, Unique, Nature-inspired


For a little girl full of fire and passion, Jyoti is a gorgeous Hindi name to bestow upon her! This stylish, unisex choice holds the luminous meanings of “light” and “flame,” making it certain to cast a warming glow over all those who bear it. Jyothi is a spelling variant you could also consider, which benefits from the soft addition of the “h,” and both these names could even be used as fun nicknames for longer choices, such as Jyotsana.

  • Origin: Hindi, Indian
  • Meaning: Light, flame
  • Variations: Jyothi
Cool, Sweet


With the meaning of “moonlight,” Jyotsana is a magical, mystical Hindi girl name that would work perfectly for a baby girl born during the nighttime. Jyotsana has a unique spelling that will always look cool; however, if you feel like it, you could always drop half the vowels and spell it Jyotsna instead.

  • Origin: Hindi, Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Moonlight
  • Variations: Jyotsna, Jyoshna
Cool, Pretty, Nature-inspired


You could say that the Hindi girl name Kalpana has come straight from your wildest dreams! With the meanings of “imagination” and “fantasy,” the pretty-sounding Kalpana oozes creativity and adventure, making it the ideal choice for a little girl who always seems to reside in a world much more exciting than our own. We’re sure Kalpana will be the star of her own fantastical stories, and you’ll no doubt have fun hearing about them all along the way.

  • Origin: Hindi, Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Imagination, fantasy
Fun, Stylish, Cool


Kamakshi is another name of a Hindu supreme goddess, making it a powerful name for the most worthy of little girls. Kamakshi has a sassy, stylish appeal to it, presumably down to its double-”k” spelling, yet also because it just sounds so incredibly cool.

  • Origin: Hindi
  • Meaning: Relating to the Hindu goddess
Divine, Cool, Pretty


Karishma is a beautiful, sweet-sounding choice of Hindi girl name beginning with K. However, its meaning of “miracle” could be especially meaningful to you, particularly if your baby was unexpected or conceived against the odds, a truly remarkable gift for her parents.

  • Origin: Hindi, Indian, Persian
  • Meaning: Miracle
Unique, Sweet


There is a major river in India named the Kaveri, and this pretty title would make a beautiful name for a little girl. Rivers are scenic, tranquil, and often homely land features that serve as unique yet striking namesakes, and Kaveri would make an especially gorgeous choice if your family has sentimental links to the towns and cities which lie along its banks.

  • Origin: Hindi, Indian
  • Meaning: Relating to the Kaveri river
  • Variations: Cauvery
Nature-inspired, Pretty


Kiran is a stunningly radiant Hindi name that would suit the shining aura of any bright kid, regardless of gender. Meaning “ray of light,” Kiran is warm and inviting, with a familiar appeal we can’t help but smile at. This name does bear a strong resemblance to the popular Gaelic male name Ciaran, which holds the separate meaning of “dark one,” ironically contradicting the vibrant meaning of the Hindi version! Kira makes an adorable alternative or even nickname to Kiran, or you could add a further aura to the name by opting for the ethereal Harkiran instead.

  • Origin: Hindi, Indian, Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Ray of light
  • Variations: Kieran, Kira, Harkiran
Popular, Sweet


One of the most widely-recognized Hindu deities is Lakshmi, a beautiful mother goddess who rules over fortune, power, fertility, and abundance. Feminine and graceful, Lakshmi makes a bold yet stunning choice of a namesake for your own baby goddess, with an elegant aura and strong supremacy which can only be admired.

  • Origin: Hindi
  • Meaning: Relating to the Hindu goddess Lakshmi
  • Variations: Laxmi
Strong, Pretty, Divine
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Lalita is not only a cute choice of Hindi girl name to pick for your precious baby girl, it’s also incredibly fun to say, too! With the meanings of “playful” and “sweet,” Lalita has a childlike curiosity and innocence to it, which we’re sure will grow with your daughter to sound wickedly mischievous and enticing. Lalita’s similarity to the name of the titular character in the 1955 Nabokov novel Lolita may be a positive or a negative mark towards the name, depending on your personal opinions on the book.

  • Origin: Hindi, Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Playful, sweet
  • Variations: Lalitha
Sweet, Pretty, Fun


Yes, floral names are cute and popular, but how about mixing up the idea of a nature-inspired name and choosing Latika for your little girl? This pretty name holds the unique meaning of “vine” or “creeper,” making it an edgy, intriguing name for a daughter who has “crept” into your heart and is there to stay for good!

  • Origin: Hindi, Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Vine, creeper
Pretty, Nature-inspired


Lavanya is a Hindi girl name that’s as elegant as it is beautiful, making it a regal choice for any little princess. With the meanings of “grace” and “beauty,” Lavanya is charming and gentle, yet with that pretty, sassy sound that seems to radiate style and class. Anya may be the cutest nickname for Lavanya. We’d recommend staying away from Lav, although Lava does sound pretty fiery!

  • Origin: Indian, Hindi
  • Meaning: Grace, beauty
Pretty, Stylish, Heavenly


Lochana is the dreamy, feminine version of the Hindi boy name Lochan, whose meaning relates to the eyes. So, if you find yourself enticed by the starry little peepers on your beautiful new daughter, Lochana may just be the name she was destined for!

  • Origin: Indian, Hindi, Sanskrit
  • Meaning: The eyes
Sweet, Unique


Despite its strong sound and confident spelling, Madhur is a Hindi unisex name that holds the most delicate and gentle meaning of “sweet.” Also, the name of a temple town in southern India, Madhur, would make a lovely choice if you have ties to this particular region. Maddie is an adorable choice of nickname for Madhur, or even its variant Madhuri, which sounds even softer with that dainty “-i” ending.

  • Origin: Hindi, Indian, Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Sweet
  • Variations: Madhuri
Sweet, Unique


Mala is a soft, earthy choice of Hindi girl name, which translates from Sanskrit to mean “necklace” or “garland.” This is such a beautiful meaning that you’ll want to decorate your baby girl’s crib in a gorgeous garland of vibrant florals to match! In terms of style, Mala is simple and sweet, although you could upgrade the spelling to the variant Maala for a bit more sass.

  • Origin: Hindi, Indian, Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Garland, necklace
  • Variations: Maala
Pretty, Sweet


Malati is a Hindi girl name that holds the vibrant meaning of “jasmine,” a fragrant, petite flower that is recognized as a symbol of love, purity, sensuality, and positivity. These are all charming virtues to bestow upon your daughter, so we can see why floral names are always so popular internationally. Malati is pretty, yet you could soften this name up even more by opting for the adorably Malathy spelling instead.

  • Origin: Hindi, Indian, Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Jasmine
  • Variations: Malathi, Malathy
  • Namesakes: Malathi, a Sri Lankan rebel who was the first woman fighter to be killed in combat, and is commemorated each year on Women’s Awakening Day.
Pretty, Nature-inspired


Mallika is a pretty, floral Hindi girl name whose meaning translates to mean “jasmine.” This sweet, delicate flower is often viewed as a symbol of love, modesty, and purity, making it a meaningful choice to “pick” for your little girl. Floral names are always well-loved, yet this sweet Hindi option is a unique choice that not only has a beautiful meaning but a beautiful sound and style to match, too.

  • Origin: Hindi, Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Jasmine
Nature-inspired, Pretty


Manju is a unique but fun name to bestow upon your daughter and one which you really can’t say without breaking into a smile at the end. Soft and sweet yet full of playful curiosity, this cute name holds the adorable meanings of “pleasant” and “sweet,” making it a great all-around name for endless positivity.

  • Origin: Hindi, Indian, Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Pleasant, sweet
Sweet, Unique, Fun


The sweet feminine name Meera is best associated with the 16th-century Hindu mystic poet Mirabai. Also known as Meera, Mirabai was a devout follower of Krishna, giving her name a spiritual depth and pride, which you may like to share with your new daughter. Mira is another adorable spelling variation to Meera, another short yet adorable option to consider.

  • Origin: Hindi
  • Meaning: Meaning unknown
  • Variations: Mira
Heavenly, Pretty, Sweet
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Mina is one of those names that is truly international, with origins in multiple different languages and cultures across the globe. As a Hindi name, Mina is said to hold the meanings of “love” and “joyfulness,” however, this pretty choice is also rooted in Arabic, Korean, Persian, and Chinese, to name but a few.

  • Origin: Hindi, Indian, Arabic
  • Meaning: Joyful, love
  • Variations: Meena
Sweet, Short


With a gentle, rhythmic sound that washes over a gorgeously alluring meaning, Mohana is a brilliant choice of Hindi female name to carry your baby girl through to womanhood. Meaning “attractive” and “infatuating,” Moahana captures your daughter’s unique magic with an earthy lilt that rolls off the tongue beautifully. Mohana – or Mohan – is also recognized as another name for the Hindu god Krishna adding a layer of divinity to this already-awesome pick.

  • Origin: Hindi, Indian
  • Meaning: Attractive, infatuating
Cool, Stylish


Mrinalini is a unique yet stunning choice of Hindi girl name, with a spelling that’s sure to stand out and be admired! Mrinalini is said to relate to the lotus flower, a beautiful specimen that is recognized as a symbol of resilience and purity. This makes Mrinalini delightfully inspired by nature, with a pronunciation that sounds as pretty as a flower itself.

  • Origin: Hindi
  • Meaning: Lotus
Sweet, Nature-inspired, Unique


Floral names are always popular “picks” for little girls, and Nalini is a beautiful option you must consider if you are looking for something pretty yet powerful for your new daughter. Nalini holds the meaning of “lotus,” a flower recognized as a symbol of purity and resilience, making it a lovely reminder of enlightenment and inner strength for your baby girl to carry with her as she grows through her own challenges and transforms into the beautiful young woman she is destined to be.

  • Origin: Hindi, Indian, Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Lotus
Nature-inspired, Pretty


Meaning “sapphire,” Neelam is an absolute gem of a Hindi unisex name that you should definitely consider for your precious new arrival. Sapphires are enchanting stones that are often considered symbols of wisdom and royalty, colored in the most regal shades of blue that instantly makes us think of the cool depths of the ocean. Neelam is sweet and amicable in sound, with Nilam being an alternative spelling variation to consider, too.

  • Origin: Hindi, Indian
  • Meaning: Sapphire
  • Variations: Nilam
Regal, Sweet, Pretty


With the meanings of “love” and “affection,” Neha is a beautifully romantic Hindi girl name. If you do choose this short but sweet pick for your daughter, it would be a touching reminder of your eternal love for her, which will no doubt shine through and be reflected in her future relationships. Adorable and soft, we love to think that Neha is a perfect name equivalent to a big, squishy hug from a loved one!

  • Origin: Indian, Hindi, Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Love, affection
Sweet, Heavenly


As well as having a stylish, spiky spelling, Niketa holds a meaning so pure and comforting that it feels almost as good as a hug from a loved one. Meaning “house” or “home,” Niketa is friendly and loving, an adorable choice for your newest addition to the family. Nikita is another form of Niketa you might like to consider, which can be used as a unisex name, too. Like all good “Nic-” names, Niketa benefits from the popular nickname of “Niki,” a name so familiar that it will likely become the default for new acquaintances!

  • Origin: Hindi, Indian
  • Meaning: House, home
  • Variations: Nikita, Nikitha
Sweet, Stylish


“Nisha” means “night” in Sanskrit, which adds an aura of mystery, possibility, and magic to this pretty Hindi female name. Nisha’s sound is cute and stylish, so if your little girl was born with stars in her eyes, you should definitely consider this beautiful choice of name to bestow upon her.

  • Origin: Hindi, Indian, Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Night
Cool, Fun, Stylish


Nyrah is a stunning feminine name that is often given in relation to Saraswati, the Hindu goddess of knowledge, wisdom, and learning. Nyrah has a fresh, earthy appeal to it, but the beauty of this name is that there are so many different spelling variations you can choose the one that matches the spirit of your daughter most perfectly.

  • Origin: Hindi
  • Meaning: Relating to the Hindu goddess Saraswati
  • Variations: Nyra, Naira, Nira
Pretty, Stylish, Divine


Parvati is the Hindu goddess of power, harmony, and devotion, a truly elegant and graceful namesake for a daughter to have. Both spiritual and feminist, this gorgeous choice is a great way to remind your daughter of her inner strength, calm, and potential, making it a beautiful option for a baby girl born with a clear, wise head on her shoulders.

  • Origin: Hindi
  • Meaning: Relating to the Hindu goddess Parvati
Strong, Divine, Regal
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Not only does the Hindi girl name Priti sound as “pretty” as a flower, but it also holds an array of gorgeous meanings, which really set it apart as an especially beautiful name indeed! Priti, which may also be spelled like Preethi or Preety, translates from Sanskrit origins to mean “love,” “kindness,” “pleasure,” and “joy,” making it an all-around ray of positivity and charm.

  • Origin: Hindi, Indian, Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Love, pleasure, kindness
  • Variations: Preeti, Preethi, Preety
Sweet, Pretty


The name Priya is simply stunning, sounding petite and feminine yet with a streetwise style that’s sure to stand out from the crowd! Meaning “beloved” and “dear,” any girl named Priya will be able to carry around the reminder of her family’s eternal pride and belief in her. If that isn’t a touching sentiment to hold within such a beautiful name, we don’t know what is!

  • Origin: Indian, Hindi, Bengali, Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Beloved, dear
  • Variations: Pria, Priyanka
Sweet, Pretty, Stylish


Not only is Priyanka a pretty and stylish-sounding choice of Hindi girl name to bestow upon a princess, but it also holds the cutest of meanings that represent a gorgeous, gurgly baby perfectly. Derived from Sanskrit, Priyanka holds the meanings of “amiable” and “loveable,” as in someone who brings happiness and kindness to all those they encounter – a charming, regal quality indeed.

  • Origin: Indian, Hindi
  • Meaning: Amiable, loveable, bringer of happiness
  • Variations: Priya
  • Namesakes: Priyanka Chopra, Indian actress, celebrity, and Miss World 2000.
Sweet, Stylish


Puja is the name of a type of worship ritual that is performed by Hindus as a way of offering prayer to the gods. The word “puja” itself means “honor,” “worship,” and “adoration,” giving it the purest of spiritual senses, which translates gorgeously to become a Hindi name for girls. Although the spelling may not be the most charming to English speakers, Pooja is another spelling you may like to consider, however, we think that Puja is delightfully soft and sweet and a great choice for your heavenly new arrival.

  • Origin: Hindi, Indian, Buddhist
  • Meaning: Honor, prayer, worship
  • Variations: Pooja
Heavenly, Pretty


Floral names are always well-loved for little girls, but why settle on just one genus when you could have them all? Pushpa literally translates to mean “flower,” thus capturing the symbolism of a lotus, the beauty of a lily, and the fragrant sweetness of honeysuckle all in one. A cutesy-sounding name with the prettiest of meanings, Pushpa makes a delightful choice for your own little petal.

  • Origin: Hindi, Indian, Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Flower
Sweet, Nature-inspired


Radiant and feminine, Rahi is a gorgeous choice of Hindi girl name for any little princess. This short yet spiritual name is associated with the Hindu goddess Radha, making the name extra-heavenly and powerful. Rahi itself sounds warm and tranquil, just like a beautiful summer in the sun.

  • Origin: Hindi
  • Meaning: Relating to the Hindu goddess Rahi
Pretty, Divine


With the meaning of “dark one,” Rajani has such an enticing intrigue, everyone will want to know more! This rich choice of unisex Hindi name is also another name of the goddess Kali, adding a divine spirituality we simply adore. The meaning of “dark one” can be interpreted as you like, whether it’s for a baby born during the nighttime, a little girl born with beautiful dark locks of hair, or perhaps just for a child who looks ready for a lifetime of magic and mischief!

  • Origin: Hindi, Indian
  • Meaning: Dark one
  • Variations: Rajini
Cool, Stylish


The meaning of the name Ramya almost sounds like the definition of a ray of sunshine: “beautiful,” “delightful,” and “charming!” This adorable name is full of warmth and grace, making it a lovely choice for a bubbly little girl who brings a smile to all she meets. If you like Ramya but prefer longer names, you can add in an extra syllable to create the gorgeous Ramaiya, or perhaps just alter the spelling to get the cool variant Ramyaa instead. All of these choices are stunning, just like your sweet girl herself!

  • Origin: Hindi
  • Meaning: Beautiful, charming, delightful
  • Variations: Ramyaa, Ramaiya
Pretty, Sweet


If your daughter is born with an aura of wisdom and regality about her, Rani may just be the perfect name to choose for her! As well as being short, sleek, and stylish in sound, the Hindi female name Rani holds the meaning of “queen.” If it’s fit for royalty, then it will certainly suit beautiful little girls too, and it sure does make a charming choice for any little princess.

  • Origin: Hindi, Indian, Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Queen
  • Variations: Ranee, Raani
Regal, Pretty, Stylish


Different sources will tell you that Reva holds different meanings, however, we just see that as a wonderful excuse to associate your own, more personal story with the name! Reva is a charming Hindi girl’s name that is full of earthy energy, a beautiful choice for a little girl who is paving her own pathway, one adventure at a time. Reva is also another name for the Narmada River, one of the seven holy rivers in India, and it is believed in Hinduism that a swim in its waters will wash any sins away, adding further values of forgiveness, repentance, and spirituality to this beautiful name beginning with R.

  • Origin: Hindi
  • Meaning: Meaning unknown
  • Variations: Reeva, Riva
Short, Pretty, Unique
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You could say that the Hindi girl name Richa is “rich” in both style and spirituality! In Sanskrit, “richa” refers to a mantra or verse found in the religious scriptures known as the Vedas. As well as offering this divine association of worship, the powerful name also offers sentiments of wisdom and loyalty, making it a strong choice for a devout daughter.

  • Origin: Hindi, Sanskrit
  • Meaning: From the religious texts
  • Variations: Rucha
Heavenly, Pretty


Roopa would make a gorgeous name for any gorgeous girl, as it holds the lovely meanings of “beautiful” or “blessed with beauty.” Rupa is another cute variation in spelling to this stylish name, however, we can’t help but think that Roo makes the most adorable nickname from Roopa! Although, there is a lake in Nepal named Rupa Tal (Rupa Lake,) this could be a fresh, nature-inspired take on the name if you hold family memories in this beautiful area.

  • Origin: Indian, Hindi
  • Meaning: Beautiful, blessed with beauty
  • Variations: Rupa
Pretty, Strong


Saanvi may be another name for the Hindu goddess Lakshmi, or perhaps it is best given in reference to a follower of this beautiful goddess. Either way, the Hindi female name Saanvi is associated with the mother goddess herself, who rules over fortune, power, love, and beauty. What better namesake could you choose for your daughter?

  • Origin: Hindi
  • Meaning: Relating to the Hindu goddess Lakshmi
Strong, Divine, Pretty


The Hindi girl name Saloni has a gorgeously alluring sound to it, which rolls off the tongue beautifully and will always make you smile. With the meanings of “beautiful” and “charming,” Saloni is a name fit for a princess, especially one who is not only pretty but also polite and honorable in every way.

  • Origin: Hindi, Indian
  • Meaning: Beautiful, charming
Pretty, Unique, Stylish


Sarika is a sweet and delicate Hindi girl name, which is also the title of a small type of bird native to Asia, also known as the myna. This cute, nature-inspired meaning gives Sarika a flighty yet friendly aura, as though her grace and curiosity will help her reach great heights in life.

  • Origin: Indian, Sanskrit, Hindi
  • Meaning: Relating to the bird
  • Namesakes: Sarika Thakur, an Indian actress and costume designer.
Animals, Nature-inspired, Pretty


With the meanings of “pride” and “dignity,” Shaan is a beautifully virtuous choice of Hindi girl name to bestow upon a little girl you have high hopes for. Shaan is a unisex name that sounds friendly and familiar, with that cool double “a” spelling to really help it stand out on a register.

  • Origin: Hindi, Indian
  • Meaning: Pride, dignity
Cool, Sweet


The Oxford English Dictionary defines the word “shakti” as “the female principle of divine energy,” and we can’t think of a more feminist association for a name to have than that! With meanings such as “power” and “ability,” Shakti is simultaneously spiritual and kick-ass, not to mention a pretty-sounding and stylish choice of Hindi girl name at that.

  • Origin: Hindi, Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Power, energy
Strong, Divine, Pretty


Not only does the Hindi girl name Shashi sound like a beautiful whisper, yet it also holds the simply heavenly meaning of “moon,” making it a wonderful choice for a new little dreamer. Even if your baby is born during the daytime, Shashi would be a lovely way to ensure she knows you love her “to the moon and back” and that she is destined to reach for the stars and beyond in all her dreams and adventures!

  • Origin: Hindi, Indian, Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Moon
Heavenly, Pretty


With the meaning of “good conduct,” Sheela is a pretty, virtuous name that will set your daughter up to be on her best behavior! But that’s not to say she shouldn’t have fun along the way, and this sweet, sassy choice is sure to make for a well-rounded little adventurer. Sheela is very similar in sound and style to the Irish-rooted feminine name Sheila, although this smart choice actually dates back to the Roman family name Caecilius, meaning “blind.” Whether you prefer the Irish or Indian version better is up to you, but we think both are simply beautiful!

  • Origin: Indian, Hindi
  • Meaning: Good conduct
  • Variations: Shila, Sheila
Pretty, Sweet


Sheethal is a smart Hindi female name meaning “cool.” Whether you interpret that meaning to refer to your daughter’s temperature or temperament is up to you, but we know which one we’d go for! Sheethal, which may also be spelled without the “h” as Sheetal, is unique but stylish, and a perfect choice for a little girl who is truly awesome but always wearing a sweater.

  • Origin: Hindi, Indian, Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Cool
  • Variations: Sheetal
Unique, Cool
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Shoba is a unique Hindi girl name, but one filled with so much charm that you simply must consider it for your daughter. With the meanings of “beauty” and “grace,” Shoba offers powerful virtues to bestow upon your baby, ones that are fit for royalty indeed.

  • Origin: Hindi, Indian
  • Meaning: Beauty, grace
Pretty, Unique


If you like the name Freya but are looking for something a bit more divine for your daughter, consider the Hindi girl name Shreya instead. This pretty choice is associated with the Hindu goddess Lakshmi, taking the meanings of “good fortune,” “beauty,” and “blessed.” Shreya is sophisticated-sounding and noble, with a heavenly aura we can’t help but be wowed by.

  • Origin: Hindi, Indian
  • Meaning: Good fortune, beauty, blessed
Pretty, Divine


The “shy” spelling of the Hindi girl name Shyla may make her sound timid, but we believe this adorable name deserves all the spotlight! Shyla is similar in style to the name Sheela, which means “good conduct,” however, this pretty version is actually associated with the Hindu goddess Parvati. Subtle and sweet, yet with a divine aura, we love this name for your new little superstar – whether she prefers to shine quietly or loudly!

  • Origin: Hindi, Indian
  • Meaning: Meaning unknown
  • Variations: Sheila, Shayla, Sheela
Pretty, Sweet


Simran is a stunning Hindi girl name that holds the meanings of “remembrance,” “meditation,” and “recollection.” As well as giving the name a spiritual aura, these meanings could also be given in memory of a loved one, perhaps someone in the family, or an important family friend who is no longer with us. In terms of style, Simran sounds warm and familiar, making it a lovely choice for a friendly little lady.

  • Origin: Indian, Hindi, Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Remembrance, meditation, recollection
Heavenly, Pretty


Most parents will agree that their children are the best things they have ever made, and Sristi is a lovely choice of Hindi girl name that captures this sentiment beautifully! With the meaning of “creation,” Sristi is spiritual and modest, whilst also shining brightly like the star your daughter is. The spelling of Sristi is particularly outstanding in style, but we’re sure everyone will get used to it in no time!

  • Origin: Hindi, Indian
  • Meaning: Creation
Sweet, Unique


Derived from Sanskrit, Suman is a cool choice of Hindi name for both boys and girls, which holds the meaning of “intelligent.” So, if you feel as though you have given birth to a little scholar-in-the-making, Suman is an attractive yet wise choice to bestow upon him or her, and just wait to see what accomplishments they get up to as they grow!

  • Origin: Hindi, Indian, Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Intelligent, good mind
Strong, Cool


With the meanings of “well-behaved” and “well-conducted,” you can’t go wrong with the name Sunita! Not only that, this adorable Hindi girl’s name sounds pretty and sunshiney, just full of summertime fun. In Buddhism, Sunita was the name of a loyal and accomplished disciple of the Buddha, adding a further spiritual depth to the name.

  • Origin: Indian, Hindi, Sanskrit, Buddhist
  • Meaning: Well-conducted, well-behaved
  • Variations: Sunitha
  • Namesakes: Sunita Williams, a United States Naval officer, and astronaut.
Sweet, Fun


One of the most beautiful features a baby girl can have is a sweet, happy face, and we have a name for her that captures your daughter’s chirpy grin perfectly. Derived from Sanskrit, Susmita holds the meaning of “one with a lovely, radiant smile,” making it a fantastic name for a little ray of sunshine who spreads positivity and good vibes wherever she goes.

  • Origin: Hindi, Indian, Sanskrit, Bengali
  • Meaning: One with a lovely, radiant smile
  • Variations: Sushmitha, Sushmithak, Shushmitha
Pretty, Fun, Sweet


If a beautiful little girl is all you have ever hoped for, Tamanna is a wonderful name to pick for her. Meaning “desire” or “wish,” Tamanna is perfectly fairy-like in nature, with a gorgeous, sing-songy rhythm we simply adore. In a way, Tamanna is similar to the perhaps more popular name Tamara. This means it shares that fun, sassy nickname of Tammy, although why you would want to shorten such a charming name is beyond us!

  • Origin: Indian, Hindi, Persian
  • Meaning: Desire, wish
Heavenly, Sweet, Pretty


If your little girl is the epitome of beauty, Tanushree may be a name most worthy to bestow upon her. This unique, vibrant choice holds the meanings of “beautiful,” “radiance,” and “splendor,” making it a name that sounds fit for angels themselves.

  • Origin: Hindi, Indian, Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Beautiful, radiant beauty
Strong, Unique, Pretty
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Tanvi is a lovely Hindi girl name that holds the meaning of “beautiful, feminine one,” making it a fantastic choice for a stunning little lady. With the short spelling and “-i” ending, Tanvi sounds hip and stylish, and this, combined with the name’s graceful meaning, gives Tanvi that truly dazzling appeal that sounds fit for a queen!

  • Origin: Hindi, Indian, Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Beautiful, feminine one
Strong, Pretty, Stylish


Tara means “star” in Sanskrit, and what cuter meaning is there to bestow upon your ethereal little daughter? With the popularity of rhyming names such as Cara, Sara, and Kiara, it’s almost certain that Tara will be met with approval, especially with the out-of-this-world shimmer that accompanies this adorable choice.

  • Origin: Hindi, Indian, Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Star
Heavenly, Sweet, Pretty


Tejal is one of the most luminous Hindi girl names you can find, with meanings including “light,” “brilliance,” “lustrous,” and “energy.” These meanings seem to radiate sparks like electricity, making Tejal a wonderful name for a lively little girl whose aura is unmatched. Tej or Teja makes for cute nicknames for Tejal, offering just as much luminescence despite their shorter forms!

  • Origin: Indian, Sanskrit, Hindi
  • Meaning: Light, lustrous, brilliance
  • Variations: Tej, Teja
Pretty, Heavenly


Udyati is a truly “uplifting” choice of Hindi girl name to bestow upon your daughter – as the name literally holds the meanings of “elevated” and “exalted!” Unique in both style and spelling, Udyati will stand out on any register, yet its pretty pronunciation and spelling make us sure that everyone will love this name as much as we do.

  • Origin: Indian, Sanskrit, Hindi
  • Meaning: Exalted, elevated
Unique, Strong


If you like names that are short and sweet, yet full of sentiment and spirituality, Uma could just be the choice for you. This adorable name holds the radiant meaning of “splendor,” whilst also being another name for the Hindu goddess of power, nourishment, and harmony, Parvati. Although the name originates from Sanskrit in this instance, Uma is used around the world, giving it that friendly, familiar feel wherever you go.

  • Origin: Hindi, Indian, Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Splendor
  • Namesakes: Uma Thurman, an American actress.
Short, Sweet, Divine


Urmika is an unusual but adorable Hindi girl name, said to hold the meaning of “small wave.” This association with the ocean gives a cool, tranquil feel to the name, yet the potential feistiness of the tide is reflected in Urmika’s standout, spiky spelling.

  • Origin: Sanskrit, Hindi, Indian
  • Meaning: Small wave
Nature-inspired, Unique


Full of grace and charm, Vani is a truly stylish choice of Hindi girl name to select for your daughter. “Vani” translates to mean “speech” or “voice,” giving this pretty name the meaning of “eloquent,” a lovely virtue to wish upon your little lady.

  • Origin: Hindi
  • Meaning: Eloquent
  • Variations: Vaani
Cool, Strong, Stylish


If your little girl was born during the wet “Varsha” monsoon season, Varsha would make a great name to choose for her! With the meaning of “rain” or “rainfall,” Vasha gives off that crisp, fresh vibe of the air after a downpour whilst also holding onto an unpredictable feisty nature that you just can’t get in the way of! We love this sweet, unique meaning and hope you’ll consider Varsha for your beautiful new daughter.

  • Origin: Hindi, Sanskrit, Indian
  • Meaning: Rain, rainfall
Cool, Nature-inspired


Vidya holds the meanings of “knowledge” and “learning,” making it a powerful choice to bestow upon a little girl with a bright head on her shoulders! You may interpret these meanings to connote wisdom and intelligence, or perhaps intuition, creativity, and curiosity – all fantastic qualities that can be found in young women on the pathway to success!

  • Origin: Hindi, Sanskrit, Indian
  • Meaning: Knowledge, learning
  • Namesakes: Vijja, an early Sanskrit poet, also known as Vidya.
Strong, Pretty


Yamini is a stunning name that radiates celestial beauty, making it a perfect choice for a starry little girl. Yamini’s meaning relates to the nighttime, meaning it would make a fun choice for a baby born when the moon is up, but especially the concept of light during the darkness. This gives Yamini a dazzling yet reassuring aura, a gorgeous sentiment for when your daughter arrives in your life like the beautiful star she is.

  • Origin: Hindi, Indian
  • Meaning: Nocturnal, light in the dark, starry night
  • Variations: Yamin, Amini
Pretty, Sweet, Heavenly
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