100 Free-spirited Hippie Names: For Your Earthy Babe

These hippie names are as groovy as the disco era!

Finding a name for your baby should be stress-free. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best hippie names to ease your mind.

These free-spirited hippie names for boys and girls are all about peace, love, and nature, while their namesakes are often found in the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame.

You’ll be smitten by these bohemian hippie baby names for your little hipster in the making!

37 Botanical Hippie Names

Let’s explore the strongest botanical hippie names for boys and girls!


  1. Arden – a strong, gender-neutral option meaning “valley of the eagle” or “high” in English.
  2. Ash – meaning “ash tree,” this English name works well for boys and girls.
  3. Ashby – a unisex hippie baby name meaning “ash tree farm” in English.
  4. Aspen – a nature-related place name meaning “shaking tree” in English.
  5. Ayla – meaning “oak tree,” “moonlight,” or “halo,” this Hebrew and Turkish choice is a popular hippie name.
  6. Clementine – a vibrant hippie name for girls known as citrus fruit and a flower meaning “mild” or “merciful.”
  7. Daisy – means “day’s eye” in English, referring to the time of day the flowers would awaken.
  8. Dara – has an earthy style meaning “oak tree,” “pearl of wisdom,” or “gift.”
  9. Eden – a beautiful Hebrew biblical female name meaning “place of pleasure” or “delight.”
  10. Elodie – a pink lily flower meaning “foreign riches” in French.
  11. Ginger – has a sassy personality despite its wholesome English “virginal” or “pure” definition.
  12. Hazel – one of the most popular hippie baby names, meaning “hazelnut tree.”
  13. Ivy – meaning “climbing vine,” this hippie name for girls will surely grow on you!
  14. Juniper – a Latin name meaning “tiny shrub” or “young.”
  15. Lacey – meaning “from Lassy” in English, this hippie name is also a delicate flower.
  16. Meadow – is a pretty, vintage hippie name meaning “grass or vegetation.”
  17. Oakley – this outdoorsy name means “oak wood or clearing” in English.
  18. Olive – an English and Latin hippie name for girls meaning “olive tree.”
  19. Pepper – an unorthodox choice known as a spice or berry in English and Latin.
  20. Poppy – a fun-loving hippie name for girls meaning “red flower” in Latin.
  21. Rosie – this cheeky floral name means “rose” in English.
  22. Tansy – symbolizes a bright, yellow flower with the Greek meaning of “immortality.”
  23. Zara – has Hebrew and Arabic origins, meaning “blossoming flower” or “God remembers.”
  24. Zetta – this hippie baby name meaning “olive” in Hebrew could make a fantastic boho choice.


  1. Asher – of Hebrew origin meaning “ash tree” or “happy and blessed.”
  2. Aster – a stunning hippie name for boys representing a daisy-like flower, meaning star in Greek.
  3. Bud – a free-spirited nickname for “buddy” and the beginning stages of a flower.
  4. Carver – this hippie boy’s name means “wood carver” in English.
  5. Forrest – an English and Scottish name meaning “dweller of the woods.”
  6. Hollis – an English hippie name for boys meaning “of the holly tree.”
  7. Huck – a whimsical diminutive of Huckleberry, belonging to “a fruit” and a fairytale character.
  8. Miller – has a rugged style though it symbolizes a flower and means “grinder of grain.”
  9. Reed – a fiery choice meaning “red-haired” in English.
  10. Ren – a Japanese diminutive of René meaning “lotus flower.”
  11. Rhodes – a masculine hippie baby name meaning “where roses grow” in Greek.
  12. Rosen – a common Jewish surname meaning “rose” or “burning bush” in Bulgarian and German.
  13. Rowan – meaning “little redhead,” this Scottish and Irish hippie name represents a reddish-brown tree.

28 Nature-Inspired Hippie Baby Names

Relishing the beauty of these nature-inspired hippie baby names.


  1. Alba – a lovely Latin name meaning “sunrise,” “dawn,” or “white.”
  2. Embry – this hippie name for girls means “flat-topped hill” in English.
  3. Enya – meaning “fire” or “grain,” this Irish hippie baby name has strength and character.
  4. Gemma – a sparkling hippie name meaning “precious stone” in Italian.
  5. Goldie – a hippie name for girls meaning “golden” in Yiddish and shared by actress Goldie Hawn.
  6. Honey – a rare and sticky, sweet choice meaning “nectar” and the perfect pet name for your little one.
  7. Lana – an English girl’s name meaning “little rock” symbolizes a small, mighty kid.
  8. Rai – a different spelling of Ray meaning “ray of light” and “next child” in Japanese.
  9. Sierra – a pretty Spanish girl’s name meaning “mountain range.”
  10. Terra – meaning “earth,” this Latin hippie name represents the Roman earth goddess.
  11. Tula – means “mountain peak” and “tranquility” in Hindi, Kiswahili, and Choctaw.
  12. Zia – a beautifully unique Latin hippie girl’s name meaning “light” or “splendor.”
  13. Zola – meaning “ball of earth” in Latin, Zola is also a fictional character in Grey’s Anatomy.
  14. Zora – a bold Arabic, Slavic, and African girl name meaning “dawn.”


  1. Blaze – this English name is all the rage on popularity charts, meaning “fiercely burning fire.”
  2. Clay – a nickname for Clayton, meaning “fine-grained earth” or “boundary with clover” in English.
  3. Cliff – this moniker for Clifford meaning “steep rock,” is a sturdy hippie boy’s name in English.
  4. Denver – a trendy place name for a Colorado city meaning “green valley” in English.
  5. Everest – known as “the world’s tallest mountain,” this natural hippie name is above the rest!
  6. Flint – meaning “stone,” this English hippie name for boys is tough as nails.
  7. Hutton – this hippie name for boys means “a ridge enclosure” in English and Scottish.
  8. Iggy – a free-spirited English boy’s name meaning “fiery one.”
  9. Jasper – means “a colorful gemstone” or “bringer of treasure” in Persian.
  10. Lander – a modern variant of Landon meaning “territory” in German.
  11. Ridge – an outdoorsy choice meaning “long narrow hilltop” or “an elevated strip of land” in English.
  12. Sawyer – a macho English name meaning “woodcutter.”
  13. Soren – this hippie name of Romanian origin will warm your heart with its “sun” meaning.
  14. Stone – a unique alternative to Peter, this hippie name originated in Britain, meaning “dweller by the rocks.”

15 Peaceful Hippie Girl and Boy Names

These peaceful hippie names for girls and boys are so calming.


  1. Daryl – this French baby name meaning “beloved” has a gender-neutral style, which fits the trends nicely.
  2. Dove – a pleasant English hippie name for girls meaning “symbol of peace” and a beautiful white bird.
  3. Mina – of German, Scottish, and Polish origins meaning “child of the red earth” or “love.”
  4. Mira – meaning “peace,” “female ruler,” or “destiny” this Latin girl’s name is powerful!
  5. Nava – a Hebrew name meaning “lovely” or “desirable.”
  6. Noe – a short and sweet Hebrew name meaning “peaceful.”
  7. Shiloh – this serene choice meaning “tranquil” in Hebrew, fits the hippie peace vibes.
  8. Suki – pronounced “soo-kee,” this Japanese girl’s name means “loved one.”
  9. Zuma – a stunning Arabic feminine name meaning “peace.”


  1. Corwin – an unusual name for boys meaning “heart’s friend” or “one who lives near a castle” in English.
  2. Fenmore – a gentle English surname meaning “dear love.”
  3. Fritz – a diminutive of Frederick, meaning “peaceful ruler” in German.
  4. Pax – this unique variant of Paxton means “peace” or “peace town” in Latin.
  5. Salem – meaning “safe” in Arabic, this bewitching hippie name is perfect for a Halloween-born baby!
  6. Ziggy – famously known for Ziggy Marley, meaning “victorious peace” in German.

20 Edgy Hippie Names for Boys and Girls

Take a walk on the wild side with these edgy hippie names for boys and girls!


  1. Abbey – a variant of Abigail, this playful take on The Beatle’s classic song, Abbey Road, means “my father is joyful.”
  2. Indie – derived from Indigo, this hippie baby name meaning “Indian dye” is ultra vibrant!
  3. Joni – is the ultimate hippie girl’s name related to Joni Mitchell, meaning “God is gracious” in English.
  4. Juno – a mythological choice for the Roman goddess meaning “queen of the heavens” in Latin.
  5. Lane – this hippie name for girls meaning “a path” in English, symbolizes heading in the right direction.
  6. Liv – an adorable pet name for Olivia, meaning “life” or “protection” in Norse.
  7. Lucy – a diminutive of Lucille meaning “light” and a Beatles 60s song, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.
  8. Rebel – this hippie girl’s name meaning “a defiant person” in English, has a lot of sass!
  9. Rhiannon – meaning “divine queen” in Welsh and a Fleetwood Mac song from the 70s.
  10. Stevie – this nickname for Stephanie, meaning “garland” or “crown,” belonged to Stevie Nicks, who headlined at Woodstock.


  1. Arrow – this daring hippie baby name means “hunting tool” in English.
  2. Art – a shortened form of Arthur meaning “noble one” or “bear man.”
  3. Axl – this hippie name means “father of peace,” linked to famous Guns N’ Roses vocalist, Axl Rose.
  4. Bowie – a stylish name meaning “blond” in Scottish with a famous namesake, David Bowie.
  5. Creed – an edgy British or Latin boy name meaning “doctrine” and a well-known band.
  6. Dylan – a Welsh male name meaning “son of the sea” and connected to the famous musician Bob Dylan.
  7. Hart – a hippie boy’s name full of strength, meaning “stag,” bear,” or “hero” in English.
  8. Hendrix – belonging to Jimi Hendrik, this Dutch and German variant of Hendrik means “estate ruler.”
  9. Jagger – a spunky hippie name meaning “carter” and the surname of rock star Mick Jagger.
  10. Rod – a moniker for Rodney meaning “famous commander,” much like the musician Rod Stewart.
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