100 Modern Indian Boy Names: With Meanings

Enjoy these popular Indian boy names that are full of culture, love, and strength, which shines through in their meanings and rich history!

There are a wealth of modern Indian names for boys online which can make it overwhelming to settle on one for your new baby.

We’ve compiled a list of the best and most popular Indian boy names to make the process smoother for you when considering what to name your stunning baby boy!

Read all about celestial-related meanings, which famous boxer is a namesake, and more to choose the strongest Indian male name for the little guy soon to enter your life!

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100 Modern Indian Boy Names

Discover rich meanings, popularity stats, and what makes these popular Indian boy names so authentic.


Aadav has a cozy and comforting vibe with its meaning of “the sun.” Aadav could easily warm your heart as a beautiful choice for your little boy. Your son might also feel most special with Aadav for a name should he arrive during the spring or summer season.

  • Origin: Hindu
  • Meaning: The sun
  • Variations: Aadavan


Aadhinath is quite complicated to spell, but it still dazzles as a possibly ideal choice for your baby boy. Aadhinath means “the first,” so if you are a newbie to parenthood, this celebrates you and your baby’s journey. To make Aadhinath a playful choice your little guy can enjoy, you could call him Nath for short.

  • Origin: Hindu
  • Meaning: The first
  • Variations: Aadhith


Aadish has a star power like no other with its authentic Indian flair and strong meaning. Aadish stands for “wise” or “intelligent,” which can be understood as a young mind ready to be molded. Gather all of your favorite children’s books and learning toys for your baby Einstein on the way, who will be known as Aadish.

  • Origin: Hindu
  • Meaning: Wise, intelligent
Smart, Strong, Affectionate


Aarav is stylish, comforting, and a delightful Indian name for boys. Coming from the Sanskrit root word “rav,” which stands for “peace and music,” Aarav is understood as “peaceful.” If your baby unlocks a new level of calm for you once he is born, consider naming him Aarav.

  • Origin: Hindu, Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Peaceful


Looking for a name that’s sweet but bold? Abhi may be the one for your boy. Meaning “fearless,” Abhi could symbolize how you hope your child will remain. Though life can be a bumpy ride, you can show Abhi how to navigate it with his head held high. Ab may be an adorable nickname for Abhi.

  • Origin: Hindu
  • Meaning: Fearless


Agharna is a bit unusual, but its definition is familiar and lovely. Agharna stands for “the moon.” The moon is considered the Earth’s natural satellite since it was not artificially placed in orbit by scientists like the ones used to collect data. When you think about the importance of the moon, we bet you hold your baby in this same regard. If so, Agharna could be a stunning representation of that.

  • Origin: Hindu
  • Meaning: The moon


Ajeet could be a charming selection for a family that enjoys strong names. In Hindu culture, Ajeet is known as “invincible.” Boys are often thought of as rambunctious or fearless, which gorgeously aligns with Ajeet. AJ might be a fun nickname choice to use for your baby boy.

  • Origin: Hindu
  • Meaning: Invincible


Akhil has a proud and assertive way about it that may be most suitable for any little boy. Akhil means “world.” Your whole life is about to change with your baby’s arrival, so it’s safe to say he will be the center of your world. Akhil might be a wonderful option to capture this monumental moment.

  • Origin: Hindu
  • Meaning: World
Strong, Affectionate


Alpesh might make the best name for a baby that is a bit smaller in size. It stands for “tiny,” which could show appreciation for your son’s petite stature. The littlest ones are the spunkiest, so Alpesh is a divine name for the tiny but mighty.

  • Origin: Hindu
  • Meaning: Tiny


Amol is a dreamy, Sanskrit name that could make one feel special. Amol means “priceless” or “valuable,” which takes the cake for affection. There’s not anything more meaningful to a parent than their child, so Amol is a very forward and appropriate way to express this to your son.

  • Origin: Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Priceless, valuable
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Bachira is a vibrant name that can inspire anyone who hears it. Meaning “one who guides,” Bachira may be a sublime choice for a new baby that will certainly change the trajectory of his parent’s life. Bach, pronounced like the famous composer, could make a stunning nickname for Bachira.

  • Origin: Hindu
  • Meaning: One who guides
Strong, Smart


Bakhshi feels important and stands for “gift” or “present.” Your baby boy’s arrival will be a huge delight, so Bakhshi may share your emotions for this occasion. Traditionally a surname, Bakhshi might be a nice middle name option.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Gift, present
Affectionate, Charming


Balvan has the essence of a designer brand with its exotic sound. Defined as “brave” or “ powerful,” Balvan could be the ideal name to represent a strong boy. Fun fact, Balvan is the name of a village in Bulgaria and Iran.

  • Origin: Indian
  • Meaning: Brave, powerful


Bhaavik stands out for its uniqueness and warm meaning that could work well for any little boy. Bhaavik is known as sentimental” or “emotional.” The love you’ll share with your baby could be encapsulated by Bhaavik. If you want a name for your son that isn’t short on affection, Bhaavik might be it.

  • Origin: Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Sentimental, emotional


Bhavin has a strong and spiritual meaning that may leave a glowing impression on you. Bhavin means “illustrious” or “blessing,” which is a loving and special way to feel about your child. Bhavin also has a certain masculine appeal with its spelling and pronunciation, making it possibly the best name for your baby boy.

  • Origin: Sanskrit, Hindu
  • Meaning: Illustrious, blessing
Spiritual, Affectionate


Bodhi has become a favorite in the United States for boys as it takes the top 300 for common names of 2020. It stands for “enlightened” or “awakened.” Your newborn’s arrival will certainly present you with a wealth of knowledge, making Bodhi a befitting choice.

  • Origin: Hindu, Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Enlightened, awakened
  • Popularity: Bodhi ranked 295th in America in 2020, making it a popular boy name.
Spiritual, Modern


Chatura is a striking, gender-neutral name of Sanskrit origin. It means “clever,” which many kids are known to be because of their youthful edge. Chatura could be just sassy enough for your smarty pants on the way.

  • Origin: Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Clever


If your baby is born with incredibly pretty eyes, Chitraksh may be a sweet name for him. Chitraksh means “attractive eyes.” Eyes are thought of as the window to one’s soul. You might learn so much about your little one as soon as you lock eyes, which makes Chitraksh a good contender.

  • Origin: Indian
  • Meaning: Attractive eyes
Affectionate, Cheerful


Daksh is a prideful name, and who wouldn’t want to feel good about themselves? Daksh means “competent” or “intelligent.” Helping your beautiful baby discover and learn will be such a fulfilling accomplishment. Daksh could symbolize how important developing his mind will be to you and your family.

  • Origin: Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Competent, intelligent


Darsh is a classic Indian male name that is spiritually in tune. It has several meanings like “handsome,” “first sight of the moon,” and “Lord Krishna.” Darsh may be recognized as a blessed name as Lord Krishna is a deity who is known as the god of protection, compassion, tenderness, and love. You may be encouraging your child to live a purposeful life Darsh for a name.

  • Origin: Indian, Hindu, Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Lord Krishna, handsome, first sight of the moon
Celestial, Spiritual
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Darshit is going to turn heads right away because of the expletive that lies in its spelling. Though different, Darshit is quite common with Indians as it means “displayed” or “vision.” It can be interpreted as being shown the meaning of life through the birth of your baby. Darshit can even be shortened to Darsh as a pet name, which has a super cool ring to it.

  • Origin: Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Displayed, revealed, vision


Dev is often a nickname that doesn’t get enough time to be appreciated all on its own. Dev is known as “divine” or “God,” which may impress upon your son that you view him as the best. It has a modern charm that could be ideal for parents wanting a short or trendy name. Dev has just enough pizzazz to be the right name for your prince.

  • Origin: Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Divine, God
Spiritual, Modern


Devansh may work well for a spiritual family as it means “part of God.” It makes life with your precious boy feel like a slice of heaven. His fragile life entrusted in your hands is a divine responsibility that can be encompassed in a name like Devansh. Dev could be an adorable moniker for your baby.

  • Origin: Indian
  • Meaning: Part of God


Dhanuk is derived from the Sanskrit word “dhanushka,” which means bowman. Dhanuk is also an ethnic group predominantly located in India, Nepal, and Bangladesh. Dhanuk may represent a baby boy who comes from a spirited family that is cultured and self-sufficient.

  • Origin: Indian, Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Bow


Divit has a comforting touch with its definition of “heavenly” or to “reach for the sky.” Divit feels like a warm embrace from your favorite person, which poetically describes this scenario of a parent bestowing the name upon their son. If you’re hoping to let your boy shine brightly, Divit may do the trick.

  • Origin: Hindu, Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Heavenly, reach for the sky
Celestial, Daring, Spiritual


Ehsaan has tons of character with its Hindu and Arabic origin that has a meaning of “compassion” or “favor.” It presents like a fancy take on the overused boy name, Sean or Shawn. Ehsaan is a thoughtful choice that may express to your son how to be a good person.

  • Origin: Hindu, Arabic
  • Meaning: Compassion, favor


Ekavir is a prize of a choice as its meaning is strong and unwavering. Ekavir means “bravest of the brave.” Choosing Ekavir for your boy is like placing an emphasis on believing in himself. What parent wouldn’t want to support their child’s self-esteem?

  • Origin: Hindu
  • Meaning: Bravest of the brave
Strong, Comforting


Ekbal is a fierce, in-your-face kind of name. Defined as “dignity,” Ekbal has a strong sense of honor and respect. Though it’s generally used as a surname, Ekbal might command attention if you pick it for your son’s given name.

  • Origin: Hindu
  • Meaning: Dignity


Faras is a humble and unique name that isn’t short on spirit. It stands for “mount” or “horse for riding.” Horses are stunning and graceful animals that are a symbol of beauty, which might equate to how you see your baby boy. If this is so, Faras may do a great job of capturing your admiration.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Mount, horse for riding
Cool, Unique


Farhan is of Arabic origin and a popular Indian boy name that means “joy” or “delight.” Farhan is cheerful, affectionate, and a big display of love from parents to their little one. If you can’t contain your excitement for your baby-to-be, choosing Farhan may express your happiness.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Joy, delight
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Gatik gives off a futuristic vibe that feels intergalactic. Meaning “motion” or “speed,” its connection to science is too obvious to deny, which could be wonderful for a boy. Gatik might also interpret the pace at which this new chapter of your life is headed. Whether you love physics or just want to commemorate the changes to come, Gatik may be a lovely name for your baby boy.

  • Origin: Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Motion, speed


Gaurav is a well-known and adoring Indian name. It means “proud,” a feeling you’ll be fully aware of once you witness your amazing creation. Gaurav may be an exquisite name to let your baby know you are honored to be his parent.

  • Origin: Indian
  • Meaning: Proud


Guneet is a fun-loving choice to highlight your little one’s natural abilities. Guneet stands for “talented” or “virtuous,” a beautiful ode to how special your child is. If you want to celebrate his individuality, Guneet may be a nice pick.

  • Origin: Hindu
  • Meaning: Talented, virtuous


Hardik might sound tough, but it has a mushy meaning. Hardik stands for “heartfelt,” a beautiful tribute to your new baby. In an effort to show your genuine love, choosing Hardik could say it all. Hardi (Hardy) could be a fun nickname for the little guy.

  • Origin: Hindu
  • Meaning: Heartfelt
Affectionate, Charming


Himmat could seem like a peculiar name, though it has a powerful definition. Himmat means “courage” or “ambition.” To stand tall and be driven by uncomfortable moments may be a message you want to convey to your baby-to-be, which might make Himmat a welcomed choice.

  • Origin: Hindu
  • Meaning: Courage, ambition
Strong, Daring


Hitesh is an extremely positive name of Hindu origin. Hitesh has a profound meaning of “well-wisher” or “Lord of goodness.” You may appreciate Hitesh as a gracious name that might encourage your son to be a nice person and keep others uplifted.

  • Origin: Hindu
  • Meaning: Well-wisher, lord of goodness
Charming, Cheerful


Hriday might look weird as it closely resembles the day of the week, but it has a thoughtful meaning. Hriday is defined as “of the heart and soul.” It’s an affectionate choice for a baby that says he is your everything.

  • Origin: Hindu
  • Meaning: Of the heart and soul


Hunar means “skillful” or “good qualities.” Hunar might symbolize your desire for your kid to take the best parts of you and your partner. Hunny is a lovely nickname for Hunar.

  • Origin: Indian
  • Meaning: Skillful, good qualities
Strong, Smart


Imran is a bold, Arabic boy’s name that has been used for babies of Indian descent. It means “prosperity” or “strength of Allah.” You may be hoping for your son to rely on faith to have a fulfilling life and with Imran for a name, he may certainly understand your dream for him.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Prosperity, strength of Allah
Spiritual, Strong


Ishir has a divine meaning of “powerful,” “strong,” or “active.” If your baby has been kicking up a storm, he might be showing you how much strength he has before he even arrives. Naming him Ishir could acknowledge that you hope he holds onto this power to navigate life.

  • Origin: Hindu
  • Meaning: Powerful, strong, active
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Ishwar has a strong name of Hindu origin. Ishwar stands for “Lord” or “ruler.” If you wish for your son to be in a position of power later in life, Ishwar may share your desire.

  • Origin: Hindu
  • Meaning: Lord, the supreme God, ruler
  • Variations: Ishvara, Eshwara
Strong, Spiritual


Izaan feels modern, like an updated Isaac, which may appeal to you if you love that name. Izaan is a comforting name that means “acceptance” or “obedience.” It could act as a symbol of how much you admire your baby.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Acceptance, obedience
Smart, Affectionate, Modern


Jaiyush is a hopeful name that means “a victorious, long life.” Every parent wishes for their baby to have a long life full of joy, making Jaiyush a prime choice for your baby boy. Jai is a nice nickname if you’re in need of one.

  • Origin: Indian
  • Meaning: A victorious, long life


Jivin is unique but vivacious as it stands for “to give life.” Jivin can be an adorable choice for your son to know you are happy to have given birth to him. A nickname like Jive might work well for Jivin.

  • Origin: Indian
  • Meaning: To give life
Strong, Daring


Kailash sounds strange, but it’s known as “abode of Lord Shiva.” It’s a breathtaking mountain located in Tibet that’s recognized as a sacred place. Naming your son Kailash could let him know that he is always safe with you. Kai might be a common nickname for Kailash.

  • Origin: Hindu
  • Meaning: Abode of Lord Shiva


Kalpen has a rugged sound and feel, making it ideal for a baby boy. Defined as “fit” or “proper,” Kalpen may symbolize your son as being the best addition to your family. If you couldn’t be happier that he’s a part of your lives, consider naming him Kalpen.

  • Origin: Hindu
  • Meaning: Fit, proper


Kanav is a sparkling name that could speak well of your baby. Meaning “wise,” “sage,” or “compassionate,” Kanav sounds like the sweetest little boy ever. If you’re biased and think your son is the most thrilling baby-to-be, Kanav may express your love.

  • Origin: Hindu
  • Meaning: Wise, sage, compassionate
Warm, Smart


Kavish is a spiritual name that stands for “king of poets” or “Lord Ganesh (Ganesha).” Ganesha is a Hindi god known for helping people overcome obstacles. Kavish could be a mighty choice for a baby who was born to be a light and help others.

  • Origin: Hindu
  • Meaning: King of poets, Lord Ganesh


Kushagra is a mouthful, but its gifted meaning makes up for its length. Kushagra may be a stellar choice for a baby as it means “intelligent” or “sharp.” You might hope for your son to be witty and naturally smart, making Kushagra a strong option to express your dreams.

  • Origin: Indian, Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Intelligent, sharp


Manav is a loveable Hindi boy name meaning “youth” or “man.” Manav could be a magnificent moniker for a baby boy that’s just beginning his life. Manny makes a pretty cute nickname for Manav. Fun fact, MANAV is the name of a human atlas project in India that focuses on organizing data about the human body in a central location for ease of studying.

  • Origin: Hindu
  • Meaning: Youth, man
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Mohan is a Sanskrit name that pours love into the person who bears it. Mohan is defined as “fascinating” or “wonderful,” both are special adjectives to represent your fondness for your baby. Moe is a charming nickname for Mohan.

  • Origin: Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Fascinating, wonderful


Moksh is rich in meaning as it stands for “salvation.” An incredibly righteous choice for a baby born into a religious family. Moksh has a sweet and understated allure that could make it perfect for your precious boy.

  • Origin: Hindu
  • Meaning: Salvation


Muhammad is a popular, well-recognized name for its association with the religious prophet. It also stands for “praiseworthy.” You’ll be spreading the news of your baby-to-be with anyone who will listen, making Muhammad a swell choice. Naming him Muhammad will let your son know how highly you think of him as well.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Praiseworthy
  • Namesakes: Muhammad Ali was a famed American boxer and devout Muslim.
  • Popularity: Muhammad placed 309th in 2020, which is considered popular in the USA.
Spiritual, Affectionate


Neeraj is so authentically Indian with its doubly awesome meanings of “lotus flower” and “water born.” It has a spiritual and hipster feel that could make your baby stand out for sure. Neeraj may be a brilliant name for a baby born via water birth.

  • Origin: Sanskrit, Hindu
  • Meaning: Lotus flower, water born
Cool, Modern, Spiritual


Nikhil is an adorable name that boasts about your baby on the way. Despite having met him yet, you’ll be sure Nikhil might be suitable as it means “complete” and “universal.” It’s an accurate depiction of a parent’s emotions for their child near or far, right or wrong. Nikhil says this baby boy is all you’ve ever wanted and more.

  • Origin: Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Complete, universal
Strong, Warm


Nimit has powerful definitions like “destiny,” “sign,” or “motive.” It could be a cheerful name to symbolize your son being in your life for a reason. Nimit may do a great job of making your baby boy feel loved and wanted.

  • Origin: Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Destiny, sign, motive
Strong, Cheerful


Nirmay might make your baby feel magnificent about himself with its darling meaning. Defined as “without a blemish” or “pure,” Nirmay really captures the beauty of your son in all of his newborn glory. Though no one is perfect, using Nirmay for a given name might make your son think he’s just fine the way he is.

  • Origin: Indian, Hindu
  • Meaning: Without blemish, pure


If you thought of nirvana at the sight of Nirvaan, then you’re on the right track. Nirvaan stands for “ultimate bliss,” which may explain your state of mind after you meet your baby. If you want a jovial name that doesn’t hold back on happiness, you might want to choose Nirvaan.

  • Origin: Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Ultimate bliss
Affectionate, Charming


If you would like a name full of mystique, you may appreciate Nishith for your bundle of joy. It has a celestial meaning of “midnight.” Nishith may be foreshadowing all of the late nights your baby will keep you awake or acting as a symbol of power and being one with the universe. Either way, Nishith may be just right for your cool guy.

  • Origin: Hindu
  • Meaning: Midnight
Celestial, Cool
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Ohas is a wonderful selection for a child as it means “praised” or “admired.” If you find your baby to be awe-inspiring once you lay eyes on him, Ohas may be the right name. A simple nickname like “O” is always cute and catchy.

  • Origin: Hindu
  • Meaning: Praised, admired


In Hinduism, Ohm is a common saying that allows one to center one’s self. Ohm means “sacred sound.” Its spiritual relation and global recognition make it a name that could be perfect for your little star. Ohm has a modern playfulness that seems super appropriate for a new baby boy.

  • Origin: Hindu
  • Meaning: Sacred sound
Comforting, Spiritual, Modern


Ovi is a chic, attractive name that has a religious reputation. Meaning “holy message of Marathi Spirit” or “sheep.” Ovi can be interpreted as a messenger or shepherd of Hindu teachings. If you are fully immersed in spirituality, Ovi may be a wise option for your son.

  • Origin: Indian, Hindu
  • Meaning: Holy message of Marathi Saint, sheep


Parv has an upbeat energy as it symbolizes “a holy day” or “festival.” There are many festivals that take place in Indian culture, like Holi or Diwali, that celebrate colors and light over darkness, respectively. In the spirit of commemoration, Parv could be a joyous name for your guest of honor.

  • Origin: Indian, Hindu
  • Meaning: A holy day, festival


Pavan is a lighthearted Sanskrit name that stands for “breeze, “purifying,” or “air.” It could be the coolest choice for your little one if he comes on a windy or chilly day. No matter the weather, Pavan may serve as a lovely sentiment that your baby will keep you young and carefree.

  • Origin: Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Breeze, purifying, air


Pratham won’t soon be forgotten as it stands for “the first one.” It could be the most appropriate name for your firstborn son or to inspire your baby to strive to be number one in everything that he does. Pratham is a rare but golden choice for any little boy.

  • Origin: Indian, Hindu
  • Meaning: The first one


Priyam is a beautiful, unisex name that means “beloved.” This tiny new baby will have you bursting at the seams with emotions, so you’ll want to let him know how much he is loved. Priyam could be the right name for your gorgeous baby if you’re feeling mushy.

  • Origin: Hindu
  • Meaning: Beloved


Purab has a punchy way about it with its sound and meaning of “east.” It could signify your hometown’s coordinates or be an Indian version of trendy names like Easton. Purab has swag that will be on full display if you use it to adorn your baby boy.

  • Origin: Indian, Hindu
  • Meaning: East
Cool, Modern


Rajiv sounds like it belongs to a free-spirited baby with its definition of “achiever,” “blue lotus,” or “striped.” It describes a knowledgeable, spunky, and motivated person, which is what you may hope for your baby-to-be. Rajiv has certain masculinity and confidence that could be bold on a little boy.

  • Origin: Indian, Hindu
  • Meaning: Achiever, blue lotus, striped
Daring, Unique


Ranbir is a name meant for the history books as it means “brave warrior.” Its dominant nature may afford your son the confidence he needs to take on the world. Ranbir is nothing short of powerful and charming, just the kind of combo to complement a baby boy.

  • Origin: Indian, Hindu
  • Meaning: Brave warrior
Strong, Daring
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Revan feels graceful, unique, and comforting. Meaning “horse rider” or “flowing,” Revan has a sort of elegance that shines through. If you hope for your son to be calm and poised, Revan might say how you feel.

  • Origin: Indian, Turkish
  • Meaning: Horse rider, flowing
Unique, Comforting


Reyansh is an unusual delight. It stands for “ray of light,” which can warmly symbolize your new baby. Reyansh is also another name for Lord Vishnu, who is a well-respected Hindu deity known as the god who creates, protects, and transforms the universe. Reyansh wows with its meaning and famous namesake, making it a swell choice to consider for your boy.

  • Origin: Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Ray of light
Celestial, Comforting, Warm


Ridhan is Persian for “God’s gift,” A tender and meaningful choice for the most precious baby boy. Ridhan stands to let everyone know just how blessed you are to have this little angel around.

  • Origin: Persian
  • Meaning: God’s gift
Spiritual, Warm


Sachin has a warm and easygoing flow that could make it a pleasant choice for your son. Sachin stands for “pure,” and when it comes to a brand new baby, that’s as pure as anyone can get. Sachin is another name for Hindu deity Shiva, who is known as the god of death and time. Sachin can symbolize a powerful moniker for your child.

  • Origin: Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Pure
Warm, Spiritual


Sahil has a deep meaning of “guide” or “leader.” This type of responsibility should not be taken lightly, so naming him Sahil could be a beautiful gesture. You’ll be molding him to be a leader by being the best example.

  • Origin: Indian, Hindu
  • Meaning: A guide, leader
Comforting, Strong, Spiritual


Saksham is an Indian name often seen in the Hindu culture. Saksham stands for “capable,” which may be interpreted as your son going on to do great things in life. If you hope to show your little guy that he’s got what it takes to be happy and successful, Saksham might be a stunning choice.

  • Origin: Indian, Hindu
  • Meaning: Capable
Smart, Cheerful


Shaan could be a bright and loving choice for the sweetest baby boy. Its definitions of “peaceful” or “greatness” suggest he will make his family proud. Shaan is a comforting option that might help parents believe they picked the right name for their child.

  • Origin: Indian, Hindu, Hebrew
  • Meaning: Peaceful, pride, greatness
Warm, Comforting


Shikhar has all of the aesthetic appeal that makes foreign names attractive. It means “peak” or “mountain,” which might place your son on a pedestal as an exalted being. Shikhar may have a way of pushing your son to the top in everything that he does.

  • Origin: Indian, Hindu
  • Meaning: Peak, mountain


Taksh has multiple meanings like “to invent” or “to chop.” It shows a level of creativity and skill that may be useful for your baby boy to possess. If you want your little guy to be open to the arts, maybe you’ll name him Taksh.

  • Origin: Indian, Sanskrit, Hindu
  • Meaning: To invent, create, chop, chisel
Strong, Daring


Tanveer is a vibrant name that might make any kid proud to bear. It has an inspirational nature with its meaning of “enlightened” or “brave.” Tanveer could stir a fire within your baby boy to be a leader or teacher in his lifetime.

  • Origin: Arabic, Hindu
  • Meaning: Enlightened, brave
  • Variations: Tanvir, Tanweer, Tanwir
Smart, Strong
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Tanvik is a traditional Indian boy name meaning “king.” King has been a popular name on its own, but Tanvik may be an adorable variant to take its crown. Tanvik is a regal option for a baby boy whose family can’t wait to dote on him. Vik can work brilliantly as a nickname.

  • Origin: Indian
  • Meaning: King
Cool, Strong


Teerth may come with some teasing for its similarity to “teeth,” but it has a heavenly meaning. Teerth stands for “holy place.” For a religious family, Teerth may grab their attention. Even without a faith foundation, Teerth may symbolize you and your baby’s connection.

  • Origin: Hindu
  • Meaning: Holy place


Tej is a zippy Indian name that’s short but interesting. Meaning “light” or “lustrous,” Tej may have a way of brightening your life. Fun fact, Tej is a honey wine consumed in East Africa.

  • Origin: Indian
  • Meaning: Light, lustrous
Charming, Cheerful


Vardan has a simple look and feel that may be best for parents who want to keep it classic. Vardan is defined as “blessing,” “from the green hill,” or “in power.” Though Vardan has a few meanings that are seemingly unrelated, they are all rooted in love. Dan might be a typical nickname for Vardan.

  • Origin: Hindu, French, Armenian
  • Meaning: Blessing, from the green hill, in power
Unique, Daring


Veer is quirky, yet valiant, as it means “brave.” When tough times arise, you’ll want your little one to know he can make it through. Choosing Veer as his given name may act as a reminder that his family believes in him.

  • Origin: Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Brave
Daring, Strong, Comforting


Vihaan is a darling, celestial name beginning with V that can lift spirits. Vihaan means “morning” or “dawn.” Should your child come as the sun begins to rise, Vihaan could paint a lovely picture of his arrival.

  • Origin: Indian, Sanskrit, Hindu
  • Meaning: Morning, dawn
Celestial, Comforting


Vikram is a common Hindu name that many are fond of because of its striking meaning. Vikram stands for “valorous” or “gallant.” It would make the best name to honor a soldier in your family. Vikram tells the tale of a boy who could go on to be victorious. Wouldn’t it be beautiful if that boy was yours?

  • Origin: Hindu
  • Meaning: Valorous, gallant
Strong, Daring


Vimal is a pleasant option for a baby boy whose parents wish for something kind. Meaning “pure,” Vimal stands to represent your newborn well. Vimal is an endearing name that emphasizes being mindful when teaching this baby boy.

  • Origin: Indian, Hindu
  • Meaning: Pure
Warm, Comforting


Viraj stands for “splendor” or “sovereign,” a meaningful name, if any. It can be interpreted as your child’s presence being grand and powerful. Viraj can exemplify how mighty of a gift your child is to your life and the world.

  • Origin: Hindu
  • Meaning: Sovereign, splendor


Udant is a noble and meaningful name. Being defined as the “correct message,” Udant could suit your baby boy perfectly if you believe your son to be a sign that all is well. Here’s an interesting fact, Udant Martand is the name of India’s first Hindi newspaper.

  • Origin: Hindu
  • Meaning: Correct message
Comforting, Spiritual
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Udarsh means “overflowing,” which can be seen as an abundance of love during this time. Holding your little guy for the first time may truly feel like “your cup runneth over,” making Udarsh a darling way to express this gratitude.

  • Origin: Indian, Hindu
  • Meaning: Overflowing


Ujjwal is a truly native Indian male name. Its cool letter combination makes it dazzle, much like its meaning. Ujjwal stands for “bright” or “clear.” It could be the best name for your son if you have felt a sense of clarity upon his arrival.

  • Origin: Indian
  • Meaning: Bright, clear
Charming, Cheerful


If you want a happy-go-lucky name for your precious babe, Umang may be ideal. Umang means “happiness” or “enthusiasm,” a cheerful name that might make you happy anytime you hear it, but mostly because it represents your boy. Umi could be a sweet pet name for Umang.

  • Origin: Hindu
  • Meaning: Happiness, enthusiasm
Cheerful, Charming


Utkarsh is one of many names beginning with U that can be used to declare your son as the best of the best. Defined as “superior” or “excellence,” Utkarsh feels smart and assertive. Utkarsh will place your affection for your baby boy front and center.

  • Origin: Hindu
  • Meaning: Superior, excellence
Smart, Affectionate


Yash has a funky, ultramodern sound that will stay with whoever hears it. It is defined as “eminence” or “superiority.” Yash could symbolize a baby with a strong personality, so make way for your bouncing bundle.

  • Origin: Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Eminence, superiority
Daring, Cool, Modern


Yuvraj has a magical charm with its meaning of “prince.” It might be a sentimental nod to dad if you are not choosing to make your son a junior. Raj is an adorable nickname for Yuvraj.

  • Origin: Indian, Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Prince


Zain has been one of the latest names to catch on in America, though in the varied spelling choices. Zain is “radiance” or “grace” in Arabic. It’s a soft name for a new, delicate little boy, despite its punchy sound.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Radiance, grace
  • Style: Warm, Modern
  • Variations: Zane, Zayn, Zayne


Zeeshan is a strong name of Turkish and Hindu origin. Zeeshan has a genuine meaning of “dignified,” “respected,” or “magnificent.” It might be a warm choice for your child to demonstrate how much he is adored. Zee is a spunky nickname for Zeeshan.

  • Origin: Turkish, Hindu
  • Meaning: Dignified, respected, magnificent
  • Variations: Zeshan
Smart, Strong


Zian is an easy to pronounce, gentle name. Representing “self peace,” Zian can express to your baby how important it is to love one’s self. Zian makes a show-stopping choice as it seems like a trendier version of the well-loved Zion.

  • Origin: Hindu
  • Meaning: Self peace
Modern, Comforting


Zorawar is a dignified name that sounds ready to take on anything. Defined as “brave” or “powerful,” Zorawar could be a superb choice to add to a baby boy’s confidence. Zor would make a charming nickname.

  • Origin: Indian
  • Meaning: Brave, powerful
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Indian Names FAQs

What is the Rarest Name for a Boy In India?

These Indian names are beautiful, but unfamiliar to most because they are very religious. Here are three of the rarest for boys in India:

  1. Balakrishnan — “Young Krishna.”
  2. Devesh — “Lord Shiva.”
  3. Hardeep — “Lamp of God (light of God).”

What Name is Best for a Hindu Boy?

Many Indian names for boys are of Hindu origin, which makes them incredibly deep and meaningful. While we would love to say one particular name is the greatest, we chose our three favorite names for you to pick the best one for your Hindu boy:

  1. Ekavir — “Bravest of the brave.”
  2. Kanav — “Wise, sage, compassionate.”
  3. Umang — “Happiness, enthusiasm.”
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