100 Cute Magical Baby Names: With Unique Origins

These magical baby names are as whimsical as a fairytale.

Are you tired of traditional names and hoping to find an enchanting choice for your son or daughter? We’ve compiled a well-researched list of supernatural, magical baby names to help you narrow down the right one.

These unisex mystical names for males and females have meanings that will put you in another realm and are ideal for your sacred little one.

You won’t want to miss out on the magic of one of these mysterious names for boys and girls!

49 Unique Magical Girl Names

Read on to find a magical baby name that makes your daughter feel enchanted.

  1. Althea – a resourceful Greek magical girl name meaning “with healing power.”
  2. Alwyn – this charming British girl’s name meaning “elf” or “magical being” works well for a Christmas-born baby!
  3. Asherah – a Hebrew mystical name meaning “she who walks in the sea.”
  4. Asteria – a magical-sounding Greek name for girls meaning “star.”
  5. Athena – the Greek goddess of war and wisdom and the most famous of magical girl names meaning “from Athens” (Greece).
  6. Brigid – meaning “strength” or “exalted one” in Irish and the goddess of poetry, healing, and agriculture.
  7. Buffy – a popular fictional vampire slayer and a Hebrew name meaning “promise of God.”
  8. Calypso – a rhythmic name that’s a genre of music and means “she who hides” in Greek, like the sea nymph who stalled Odysseus.
  9. Ceres – a Latin magical girl’s name meaning “to grow” after the Roman goddess of the harvest and plants.
  10. Circe – this majestic name meaning “bird” in Greek, symbolizes a goddess who turned men into animals with her wand.
  11. Citrine – this magical French name for girls means “healed by the sun” and is the birthstone for November.
  12. Clover – a well-known flower symbolizing faith, hope, love, and good fortune means “meadow flower” in English.
  13. Cressida – this Greek magic baby name meaning “gold” feels luxurious!
  14. Cybele – a powerful and earthy mystical name meaning “the mother of all gods” in Greek after the goddess of wild nature.
  15. Cynthia – a magical choice meaning “moon goddess” or “woman from Kynthos” in Greek.
  16. Damara – a Greek magical baby name meaning “gentle girl” associated with the goddess of fertility and the month of May.
  17. Danu – a unique Celtic pick meaning “goddess of fruitfulness” appropriate for a magical little girl.
  18. Elspeth – a special Scottish girl’s name meaning “chosen by God.”
  19. Epona – this charming name for girls stands out as “the Roman goddess of horses.”
  20. Esmerelda – this Spanish girl’s name means “emerald” and belonged to a former Disney princess.
  21. Estelle – a spunky French name meaning “star” with a celebrity namesake and British singer Estelle.
  22. Faye – meaning “fairy,” this Old English name will leave magic dust everywhere your little girl goes!
  23. Freya – a classic option among magical baby names, meaning “goddess of love, battle, and fertility” in Norse.
  24. Gaia – a swell mystical name for an April-born baby meaning “earth goddess” and “mother of all beings” in Greek.
  25. Hera – this Greek name sounds heroic as it means “protector” and “goddess women, marriage, and queen of the gods.”
  26. Hermione – a Greek name meaning “messenger” and a character from the most recognized magical fable, Harry Potter.
  27. Iridessa – an upbeat Latin girl’s name meaning “like a rainbow.”
  28. Lark – this English name for girls meaning “songbird,” belongs to actress Lark Voorhies.
  29. Lilith – an Assyrian (Middle Eastern) name meaning “ghost” for your little boogie monster!
  30. Luna – a popular Italian baby name meaning “moon.”
  31. Marin – this Gaelic and Irish girl name means “star of the sea.”
  32. Merida – a Disney character with red hair, bears this Scottish-Gaelic name meaning “pearl” and “she with a high place of honor.”
  33. Moira – an English, Scottish, and Irish name meaning “destiny” or “fate.”
  34. Morrigan – a swankier option than Morgan, this Irish mythological choice means “pagan goddess of witchcraft” or “phantom queen.”
  35. Nessa – a gentle Greek magical baby name meaning “pure” or “butterfly.”
  36. Nixie – has a fairy-like style with its look and sound meaning “water nymph” in German.
  37. Noelani – a sweeping Hawaiian girl’s name meaning “heavenly mist.”
  38. Orla – this Celtic choice is bright, meaning “golden princess.”
  39. Parisa – a Persian girl’s name meaning “like a fairy.”
  40. Persephone – a melodic magical girl name meaning “god of fertility and life.”
  41. Phoebe – a celestial choice meaning “goddess of the moon and prophecy” in Greek.
  42. Pixie – an adorable English name meaning “fairy” and part of the term “pixie dust” for the glitter fairies sprinkle.
  43. Reina – is a Spanish name full of royalty, meaning “queen.”
  44. Sarah -this Hebrew girl’s name with a majestic quality means “princess.”
  45. Sen – a botanical name with a magical reputation meaning “lotus flower” in Japanese.
  46. Sereia – a rare Portuguese girl’s name meaning “mermaid.”
  47. Ursula – a Latin name for girls meaning “bear” and a character from the mythical Little Mermaid tale.
  48. Vesta – this silky choice means “Roman goddess of hearth and home” or “pure” in Latin.
  49. Zenobia – this strong Greek name means “force of Zeus.”

51 Mysterious Magical Names for Boys

These magical names for boys are euphoric!

  1. Aether – a unique magical name for boys meaning “god of the night sky” in Greek.
  2. Alaric – a mighty German boy’s name meaning “all-powerful ruler.”
  3. Angel – the most ethereal of magical baby names meaning “angel” in English.
  4. Apollo – a well-known Greek god, representing “truth, healing, the sun, and the arts.”
  5. Athos – meaning “immortal” in Greek, Athos exudes fearlessness.
  6. Atlas – this Greek magic baby name has great power meaning “bearer of the heavens.”
  7. Bari – this Scandinavian name meaning “magical being” could symbolize your obsession with your beautiful boy!
  8. Boreas – this icy choice means “god of the north wind and winter” in Greek.
  9. Bruxo – an intriguing Portuguese boy’s name meaning “witch,” reminiscent of Bruno.
  10. Burvis – meaning “wizard” in Latvian (Baltic sea region), this rare magical name for boys could put a spell on you!
  11. Cadmus – has a storybook style with its Greek meaning of “dragon’s teeth.”
  12. Caerus – is a solid name for good fortune, meaning “Greek god of luck and opportunity.”
  13. Cassiel – a beautiful Latin choice for boys meaning “angel of Saturday,” ideal for a kid born on this day.
  14. Coriakin – this English name has a magical feel meaning “star wizard,” and represents a character in the Chronicles of Narnia.
  15. Corvus – meaning “raven,” this Latin magical name for boys symbolizes a dark omen.
  16. Cosmo – this quirky Greek male name meaning “order” is a male fairy from the animated series The Fairly OddParents and an adult beverage.
  17. Coven – an English boy’s name meaning “gathering of witches,” great for a spooky season due date.
  18. Cyfrin – meaning “mystic,” this Welsh name is full of wonder.
  19. Dewin – a whimsical Welsh boy’s name meaning “sorcerer.”
  20. Drake – a popular choice thanks to singer Drake and an English name for “dragon” or “snake.”
  21. Easton – a preppy English mystical name meaning “island of stones” or “magical power.”
  22. Eragon – an English magical name for boys meaning “dragon rider” and the name of an Eragon series character.
  23. Eric – this Scandinavian name meaning “eternal ruler” is a source of power.
  24. Frederick – a prideful German name meaning “peace and power.”
  25. Frodo – a fictional character in The Lord of the Rings, meaning “wise” or “experienced.”
  26. Griffin – a Welsh name with a supernatural style meaning “mythical half-lion, half-eagle beast.”
  27. Guiden – a peculiar Danish baby boy name meaning “wizard.”
  28. Gwydion – a spirited name meaning “god of enchantment” in Welsh.
  29. Hansel – found in the Hansel and Gretel fairytale, this Scandinavian mystical name means “God is gracious.”
  30. Khomsan – a magical Thai name for boys meaning “enchanting.”
  31. Kiano – an exotic magical baby name meaning “tools of the wizard” in Kenyan.
  32. Lucifer – meaning “morning star” or “bringer of light” this Hebrew name gets a bad rap as the devil.
  33. Mago – a gorgeous Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian male name meaning “magician.”
  34. Malachi – a Hebrew magical name for boys meaning “my messenger” found in the Old Testament.
  35. Merlin – meaning “sea fortress,” this Welsh name represents a mythical wizard.
  36. Oberon – meaning “elf ruler,” this English name has a mysterious side.
  37. Odin – a mature magical baby name meaning “inspiration, rage, frenzy” and the Norse god and father to all.
  38. Pontus – a common Scandinavian name meaning “Greek god of the sea.”
  39. Randall – this English mystical name meaning “shield wolf” is sure to protect.
  40. Regin – a rare Norse magical baby name meaning “mythical blacksmith.”
  41. Rickard – a German magical name for boys meaning “powerful leader” and a Game of Thrones character.
  42. Rishi – meaning “sage,” this Sanskrit boy’s name symbolizes healing powers.
  43. Saksan – a magical baby name of Thai origin meaning “peaceful magic.”
  44. Sirius – though this Greek choice has a stern sound, its “glowing” meaning makes it feel soft.
  45. Taikuri – this 3-syllable Finnish boy’s name means “magician.”
  46. Tenho – an unusual Finnish name full of magic with its “enchantment” definition.
  47. Thor – of all the magical names for boys, this Norse and Scandinavian name meaning “thunder” has a striking history!
  48. Vanir – meaning “god of rain” or “wanderer,” this Norse and German name has mystical strength.
  49. Velho – a Finnish magical name for boys meaning “wizard.”
  50. Zen – this Japanese unisex name means “meditation.”
  51. Zeus – one of the most famous magical baby names meaning “god of the heavens” in Greek.

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