118 Beautiful Maori Names for Boys & Girls with Meanings

These beautiful Maori names for boys and girls are as spirited as the people!

Have you been hunting for the perfect tribal name for your baby but can’t seem to find one?

Let us help! We’ve curated a list of the most beautiful Maori names for boys and girls that honor the culture and rich history in their meanings.

Keep reading to discover traditional Maori names for girls and boys that your little one can wear proudly!

66 Gorgeous Maori Girl Names

Check out these fascinating Maori girl names for your pretty princess!

  1. Ahorangi – shining a light on wisdom meaning “enlightened.”
  2. Ahurewa – a gorgeous name offering comfort, meaning “sacred place.”
  3. Aihe – a pretty and gentle choice among Maori names, meaning “dolphin.”
  4. Airini – embrace tranquility with this Maori girl’s name for “peace.”
  5. Aka – meaning “affectionate,” its simplicity is impactful.
  6. Amaia – means “high place or end” in Spanish, “night rain” in Japanese, and “brave warrior” in Greek.
  7. Amiria – a gorgeous variant of Amelia, this Maori female name means “hard worker.”
  8. Anahera – also spelled Anahira, a heavenly pick meaning “angel.”
  9. Aperira – a punchy and gorgeous Maori female name for “April.”
  10. Arataki – stands tall with honor meaning “to lead.”
  11. Areta – a beautiful and dignified name meaning “noble.”
  12. Arihi – a classy and charming Maori name for girls meaning “of a noble kind.”
  13. Aroha – an adorable name representing “love.”
  14. Arona – a free-spirited and lively Maori name meaning “colorful.”
  15. Arorangi – offers a dainty and spiritually aligned meaning: “to heaven.”
  16. Ataahua – the elegant and feminine Maori word for “beautiful.”
  17. Atarangi – meaning “morning sky,” Atarangi beautifully symbolizes the start of a new day.
  18. Awi – spreads its natural beauty all around with its earthy “ivy” definition.
  19. Emere – an exotic-sounding Maori diminutive of Emily, meaning “rival.”
  20. Haeata – is a Maori name for girls meaning “dawn.”
  21. Hahana – offers a warm sound solidified by its meaning: “radiant light.”
  22. Hana – means “one” in Korean, “to glow” in Maori, “flower” in Japanese, and “grace” in Hebrew.
  23. Harata – the Maori diminutive of Charlotte, meaning “free man.”
  24. Hau – feeling airy and free, Hau means “wind.”
  25. Hauku – a poetic-sounding name with a misty meaning of “dew.”
  26. Heeni – the Maori version of Jane, meaning “God is gracious.”
  27. Hine – this Maori name meaning “girl” is on target for your daughter-to-be!
  28. Hinewai – is the fairest of the sea with its “water maiden” definition.
  29. Hoana – the gorgeous Maori form of Joanna, meaning “graceful and merciful.”
  30. Hokaka – a fulfilling option meaning “desired.”
  31. Horowai – a calm and stunning choice among Maori names, meaning “waterfall.”
  32. Huhana – a stunning Maori diminutive of Susan with the floral meaning “lily” or “lotus.”
  33. Hunu – brings radiant energy matching its “sunray” or “sun” definition.
  34. Inia – a Maori variant of India meaning “body of water.”
  35. Iwa – a biblical girl’s name, representing “yew” or “Eve.”
  36. Kahukura – fills the sky with beautiful colors meaning rainbow.
  37. Kahurangi – a sentimental option, meaning “prized,” “precious,” or “sky blue.”
  38. Kaia – a multicultural name of Latin, Scandinavian, Hawaiian, and Maori origin meaning “the sea.”
  39. Kakarauri – a picturesque name, meaning “dusk.”
  40. Kamaka – this Maori girl’s name stands firm with its “rock” meaning.
  41. Katarine – is a Maori version of Katharine, meaning “pure.”
  42. Kora – means “maiden” in Greek and “companion” in Maori.
  43. Lorangin – is a magnificent natural element meaning “cirrus cloud.”
  44. Maata – the Maori form of Martha, defined as “lady.”
  45. Mahuika – makes a blazing choice with its “Maori Goddess of Fire” meaning.
  46. Maia – means “great” or “mother” in Greek and “brave” or “confident” in Maori.
  47. Makareta – an adorable alternative to Margaret or Margareta, meaning “pearl.”
  48. Manawa – exudes fondness and deep emotion, meaning “heart.”
  49. Marama – a glowing reputation with its bright meaning of “moon” or “light of the world.”
  50. Marika – a beautifully humble name meaning “quiet or careful” in Maori.
  51. Mere – is a Maori and Fijian form of Mary, meaning “drop of the sea,” “beloved,” or “bitter.”
  52. Moana – a famous Maori and Hawaiian rooted girl’s name meaning “deep ocean” or “sea.”
  53. Ngaio – meaning “light reflecting on the water” and a secondary name for the New Zealand Mousehole Tree.
  54. Ngaire – has an earthy elegance with its “silver fern” or “flax flower” definition.
  55. Pania – a lovely, mermaid-inspired name meaning “sea maiden” in Maori mythology or “crown” in Greek.
  56. Pounamu – boasts love and affection with its “treasured gift” definition.
  57. Rui – a dominant choice meaning “famous ruler,” “regal,” or “precious gem” in Portuguese, German, and Japanese.
  58. Ruiha – meaning “famous warrior,” Ruiha is the Maori version of Louisa.
  59. Ruihi – means “light” and is the Maori form of Lucy.
  60. Te Aroha – a strong Maori name meaning “Mount Te Aroha,” a mountain in a northern New Zealand town.
  61. Tia – means “chief” and “New Zealand explorer” in Maori, “aunt” in Spanish, and “goddess” in Greek.
  62. Tui – represents a “parson bird” indigenous to New Zealand, similar to a talking parrot.
  63. Waimarie – a charming and cheerful Maori name for girls meaning “good luck.”
  64. Whetu – takes its place in the evening sky, meaning “star.”
  65. Whina – a stunning and generous pick, meaning “helper.”
  66. Wikitoria – a charming Maori version of Victoria meaning “victory.”

52 Strong Maori Boy Names

Discover powerful Maori boy names for your little champion!

  1. Aata – meaning “bear” or “stone,” Aata symbolizes boldness.
  2. Aio – the beautiful Maori word for “peace.”
  3. Akahata – a beautiful princely option among Maori names, meaning “supreme.”
  4. Amiri – a unique Maori name meaning “from the east wind.”
  5. Anaru – meaning “man” or “masculine, Anaru is the Maori form of Andrew.
  6. Arana – meaning “rock,” Arana symbolizes being well-grounded.
  7. Arapeta – a special Maori male name meaning “noble or famous.”
  8. Eruera – this Maori version of Edward means “rich and happy guardian,” symbolizing prestige.
  9. Hahona – meaning “healer,” Hahona represents wellness.
  10. Hare – an appropriately aligned Maori name for boys meaning “manly.”
  11. Hemi – a Maori version of James meaning “God is gracious.”
  12. Henare – a Maori variant of the popular name Henry meaning “home-ruler.”
  13. Hohepa – representing Joseph in Maori with the spiritual meaning “God will increase.”
  14. Ihaia – meaning “God is Salvation,” Ihaia is a diminutive of Isaiah.
  15. Ihaka – meaning, “he will laugh,” Ihaka is the Maori variant of Ian.
  16. Ihu – meaning “God rescues,” Ihu is the Maori male name for Josiah.
  17. Iotama – offers a religious option with its uplifting “God is perfect” definition.
  18. Irirangi – meaning “spirit voice” in Maori, Irirangi represents guidance.
  19. Kauri – a nature-related choice with Finnish and Maori roots meaning “tree” or “deer.”
  20. Kiritopa – a holy Maori diminutive of Christopher, meaning “Christian” or “Christ-bearer.”
  21. Lono – means “news” in Hawaiian and “quiet” in Maori.
  22. Maaka – the Maori boy’s name for Mark, meaning “dedicated to the god Mars” or “warlike.”
  23. Maevarau – a confident selection meaning “faithful friend.”
  24. Manaaki – a wholesome Maori boy name meaning “to cherish.”
  25. Manaia – is a mythical Maori being meaning “guardian” or “spiritual messenger.”
  26. Matiu – an inspiring spiritual choice, Matiu means “gift of God.”
  27. Mikaere – the Maori male name for Michael, meaning “he who is like God.”
  28. Nikau – a beautiful, local New Zealand palm tree.
  29. Paora – meaning “small” or “humble, Paora is the Maori version of Paul.
  30. Patariki – known as Patrick in Maori, meaning “noble” or “patrician.”
  31. Petera – a Maori variant of Peter representing “rock” or “stone.”
  32. Piripi – a playful Maori diminutive of Philip, meaning “lover of horses.”
  33. Pita – a strong Maori version of Peter, meaning “stone” or “rock.”
  34. Rangi – an intriguing Samoan and Maori name for “sky” or “heavens.”
  35. Rawiri – an adorable, affectionate Maori male name, meaning “beloved.”
  36. Roimata – gives a visible wave of emotions with its “teardrop” definition.
  37. Rongo – is Maori for “protector of crops” and “god of peace.”
  38. Ropata – the stunning Maori variant of Robert meaning “bright fame.”
  39. Rua – means “red” in Irish and “lake” in Maori.
  40. Ruru – an authentic Maori boy name representing “morepork,” the New Zealand owl.
  41. Tai – a strong-willed name, Tai means “great extreme” in Chinese and Maori.
  42. Taika – fiercely means “tiger,” Taika symbolizes authority.
  43. Tama – means “son” or “boy” in Maori and “jewel,” “globe,” or “perfect” in Japanese.
  44. Tamati – a version of Thomas meaning “twin,” a doubly charming Maori name for boys.
  45. Tane – in Maori and Polynesian mythology, Tane means “god of the sky, forests, birds, and light.”
  46. Tangaroa – an ocean-ruling “sea god” in Maori and Polynesian mythology.
  47. Tawera – a charming Maori name for boys meaning “morning star.”
  48. Tawhiri – in Maori, Polynesian, and Australian, Tawhiri means “tempest,” a mythological god of extreme weather.
  49. Tayn – optimistic and bright, Tayn means “god of light.”
  50. Timoti – a righteous option among Maori names, meaning “honoring God” – a version of Timothy in Maori.
  51. Tipene – a whimsical Maori diminutive of Stephen, meaning “crown” or “garland.”
  52. Wiremu – a safe, Maori form of William representing “resolute protection.”

Maori NamesFAQs

What is the Maori Name for “Boy?”

Maori boy names vary greatly as some are gentle or a variant of a common Western name, while others reflect masculine traits. Tama is the Maori name for “boy.”

Tama is a gorgeous option full of boyish Maori charm that could complement your son well.

What is the Maori Name for “Beautiful?”

New Zealand is home to many gorgeous Maori names with rich and affectionate meanings like “pure” or “treasured gift.” If you’re wondering which Maori name means “beautiful,” that would be Ataahua.

Ataahua is an authentic Maori name for girls, which is a sweet and flattering choice for your little bundle.

What is the Most Popular Maori Boy Name?

Maori names are beautiful, ethnic, and informative, as many of them tell the history of New Zealand.

According to popularity data, Nikau landed first place in 2021 as the most common Maori name for boys (1). Nikau means “palm tree,” one that’s exclusive to New Zealand.

Here’s a look at more Maori boy names that landed in the top five for 2021:

Ari — “lion of God.”
Niko — “victory of the people.”
Koa — “warrior.”
Mateo — “gift of God.”

What Are Common Maori Girl Names?

In 2021, Mia was the most common Maori girl name, though it doesn’t originate in New Zealand (2). It’s a multicultural name with Italian, Scandinavian, Spanish, and Hebrew ties, meaning “mine” or “bitter.”

Here are other favorite Maori names for girls in 2021:

Aria — “air,” “melody,” “lion.”
Maia — “great,” “mother,” “brave,” “confident.”
Aurora — “dawn.”
Amaia — “high place or end,” “night rain,” “brave warrior.”

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