200 Super-Cool Boy Middle Names: for Perfect Princes

Think outside the box when it comes to finding the perfect middle names for boys.

You’d think choosing middle names for boys would be easy, but having invested so much time in selecting a proper first name, maybe you’re out of ideas! Luckily, boy middle names are as vibrant and fun as first names, and we’ve created this extensive list to help you discover the best one.

Remember that cool and trendy middle names for boys are subjective, so nothing is off-limits here, but we think you’ll love this list as much as we do.

200 Crazy-Cool Boy Middle Names

From unique to badass, this comprehensive list of male middle names should give you the inspiration you need.

  1. Adair – from Old German, this cute middle name means “wealthy spear.”
  2. Akira – this unisex Japanese name means “the sun” or “sunlight.”
  3. Alexander – from ancient Greek, meaning “defender of men.”
  4. Amadeus – this Germanic name derives from Latin, meaning “love of God.”
  5. Andrew – for “strong and manly” boys, this popular name is of Greek origin.
  6. Angel – from the Greek word “angelos,” meaning “messenger.”
  7. Anthony – is an English name derived from Roman and Latin, meaning “priceless.”
  8. Apollo – from Greek mythology, this powerful name means “destroyer.”
  9. Arden – a classic English name derived from the Gaelic for “high.”
  10. Aries – of Latin origin, this star sign name means “ram.”
  11. Arrow – a gender-neutral middle name describing a projectile fired from a bow.
  12. Art – this masculine Celtic name is short for Arthur and means “bear.”
  13. Ash – in English, it means “ash tree,” and “happy” in Hebrew.
  14. Atlas – from the mythical Greek Titan, Atlas means “enduring.”
  15. Austen – from the Latin boy’s name Augustus, meaning “great and magnificent.”
  16. Baird – an ideal Scottish name for poetic boys, meaning “bard and poet.”
  17. Ballad – this cute English name means “sweet song.”
  18. Bandit – this cool name of American origin means “thief.”
  19. Banjo – an American name loosely translated as “stringed instrument.”
  20. Baron – an Old English and German name with a royal pedigree, meaning “young warrior.”
  21. Bay – from Latin and French, meaning “berry” or “indentation of land in the coastline.”
  22. Beach – an Old English name meaning “near beech trees” and a stretch of coastline.
  23. Bear – for “strong and brave” boys, it’s one of the unusual male middle names.
  24. Beck – our first Old Norse name on the list; Beck means “stream.”
  25. Ben – a Hebrew diminutive of Benjamin meaning “son of.”
  26. Birch – derived from Anglo-Saxon for a family “living near birch trees.”
  27. Blade – this uncommon middle name of English origin means “sword, knife.”
  28. Blair – is an English/Scottish name that means “meadow and battlefield” in Gaelic.
  29. Blaise – of French and Latin origin, meaning “lisp or stutter.”
  30. Blue – one-syllable boy middle names don’t come any cooler than Blue!
  31. Bodhi – of Sanskrit origin and a cool guy name, meaning “awakening and enlightenment.”
  32. Booker – meaning to “scribe,” this English middle name stands out.
  33. Bowie – whether it’s the knife or the rockstar, Bowie means “blond” in Scottish.
  34. Brace – of English and French origin, meaning “arms.”
  35. Briar – such a descriptive English name meaning “thorny bush of wild roses.”
  36. Bridger – is an Old English name for someone who “lives near or works on a bridge.”
  37. Brock – this medieval English name means “badger.”
  38. Brook – meaning “a small stream,” Brook is cool in the world of male middle names.
  39. Bryn – of Old Welsh origin, meaning “hill.”
  40. Cage – a gender-neutral name of English and Gaelic origin, meaning “confining barred structure.”
  41. Cairo – after the Egyptian city, it means “victorious one” in Arabic.
  42. Cale – possibly meaning “dog” in Old English and “slender” in Gaelic.
  43. Calvert – in Old English, Calvert means “cowherd/cowboy.”
  44. Cannon – meaning “clergyman” in Old English, also a large battlefield weapon.
  45. Carl – from Germanic and Old Norse, meaning “free man.”
  46. Case – possibly short for Casey, this French male name means “box.”
  47. Cash – is of Old English and Latin origin, meaning “hollow.”
  48. Cedar – is derived from the Latin word for “tree.”
  49. Cello – is part of the violin family, meaning “viol of the arm.”
  50. Chance – a cool middle name of English and French origin, meaning “good fortune.”
  51. Charles – a predominantly English regal name meaning “free man.”
  52. Christian – for the spiritual among you, meaning “follower of Christ.”
  53. Christmas – meaning “Christ-feast,” this rare middle name for boys will get attention.
  54. Claude – meaning “disabled or lame,” this name is cool if you ignore the meaning.
  55. Clay – an occupational name for “one who works with clay.”
  56. Cole – an ideal name for darker-skinned boys, meaning “swarthy, charcoal.”
  57. Colt – is a “young male horse” and one of the cutest middle names for boys
  58. Creed – for confident kids, this meaningful Latin name means “belief.”
  59. Crosby – whether it’s Bing or Stills, Nash, and Young, this Scandinavian name means “at the cross.”
  60. Cruz – the Spanish and Portuguese name for “cross.”
  61. Cub – a short and cute name that conjures images of cuddly fur babies.
  62. Dale – a classic Old English name meaning “valley.”
  63. Dallas – from the Texan city, this Irish name also means “skilled.”
  64. Dane – a strong Danish name meaning “from Denmark.”
  65. Dart – possibly a topographical name meaning “near the river dart,” it’s also a sharp weapon.
  66. David – this Hebrew name means “to love” and “beloved.”
  67. Drake – from the medieval word “draca,” meaning “ dragon.”
  68. Drew – is of Welsh origin and the perfect name for “wise” kids.
  69. Easton – another topographical name meaning “east-facing place.”
  70. Edward – a regal name that means “wealth/fortune” and “guardian protector.”
  71. Elan – this Native American boy’s name means “tree.”
  72. Elder – from the Old English name meaning “elder trees.”
  73. Elon – this masculine Hebrew name means “oak tree.”
  74. Evren – is a unisex Turkish name meaning “cosmos and the heavens.”
  75. Faraday – is from Gaelic, meaning “man’s wood.”
  76. Finn – of Irish origin, meaning “fair and white.”
  77. Flame – this English name means “passionate and fiery.”
  78. Fleet – this Anglo-Saxon name means “rapidly rushing stream.”
  79. Flynn – another Irish middle name meaning “descendant of Flann.”
  80. Forest – this English name derives from “someone living near or in a forest.”
  81. Fort – derived from Old French, Fort means “brave and strong.”
  82. Fox – an Old English name referring to a “fox’s den” or a cunning person.
  83. Francis – is derived from the Latin name “Fransiscus,” meaning “Frenchman.”
  84. Freeman – an Old English name for “free men.”
  85. French – this name beautifully describes your nationality.
  86. Frost – people are warming to this middle name, meaning “freezing.”
  87. Gage – is an occupational name that means “to pledge or oath.”
  88. Garland – means “from the spear land” in English and “crowned in Victory” in French.
  89. George – in Greek, George refers to a “farmer or earth worker.”
  90. Grant – is an Old English name meaning “great or large.”
  91. Gray – derived from an Old English word meaning “gray-haired.”
  92. Grove – derived from the Old English word “graf,” meaning “grove of trees.”
  93. Hale – is a topographical name for someone living in a “nook or hollow” of land.
  94. Hallow – this English name is ideal for pious kids because it means “sacred or holy.”
  95. Halo – some boys have a “divine aura,” which is what this Greek name means.
  96. Harper – for musical children, Harper means “someone who plays the harp.”
  97. Haven – of Old English origin, meaning “safe place,” and a beautiful middle name.
  98. Hawk – originally a nickname for someone who looked like a hawk, it means “like a bird.”
  99. Hayes – from the place in England, which is Old English for “brushwood.”
  100. Hemingway – an amalgamation of Danish and Old English, meaning “way.”
  101. Hendrix – this Dutch version of Henry means “home-ruler.”
  102. Henry – similar to Hendrix, Henry means “ruler of the house.”
  103. Honor – taken from the Latin word “honos,” it means what it says.
  104. Houston – a place name taken from the Scottish town near Glasgow, meaning “Hughe’s town.”
  105. Huck – this Germanic name is short and “sweet.”
  106. Hunter – this Anglo-Saxon occupational name comes from a person who hunted.
  107. Indiana – this gender-neutral name means “land of the Indians” in Native American.
  108. Indigo – from the color, this unisex Greek name means “Indian dye.”
  109. Ivory – is an Old English name meaning “pure and white.”
  110. Jack – this common French-inspired name means “God is gracious.”
  111. James – of Hebrew and English origin, meaning “supplanter.”
  112. January – is derived from Roman mythology and is the first month of the year.
  113. Jay – derived from Latin, Jay means “blue-crested bird.”
  114. Jericho – a beautiful name with a fascinating meaning: “city of the moon.”
  115. Jet – this semi-precious black gemstone makes a cool middle name.
  116. Joe – meaning “God will increase,” Joe is a diminutive of Joseph.
  117. John – is a one-syllable name derived from Hebrew, meaning “graced by God.”
  118. Joseph – from Latin and Greek, meaning “he will add.”
  119. Jude – is a Hebrew variant of Judas, meaning “praised.”
  120. Judge – this English name describes a “decision maker or public official.”
  121. Jura – this Scottish island gets its name from Old Norse, meaning “deer island.”
  122. Kai – in Hawaiian, Kai means “sea, and “shell” in Japanese.
  123. Kash – means “universe and sky” and is the first Indian name to appear on the list.
  124. Keel – of Scottish and Gaelic origin, meaning “graceful and beautiful.”
  125. Keen – a Gaelic and English name that means “ancient little one,” “fighter,” and “wise.”
  126. Kennedy – this popular Gaelic unisex name means “head or head-shaped helmet.”
  127. Kent – a county in England, this Celtic name means “coastal district and corner-land.”
  128. Kit – often short for Christopher, this Greek name means “bearing Christ.”
  129. Knight – this Anglo-Saxon term describes a feudal tenant and possibly means “serving lad.”
  130. Knox – an Old Scottish name meaning “round hill.”
  131. Landry – of French and English origin, meaning “ruler.”
  132. Lane – is an English name referring to “a small roadway or path.”
  133. Lawrence – this posh-sounding name means “from Laurentium (a city south of Rome).”
  134. Leaf – this classic hippy name is also a great nature name.
  135. Lebron – a French name of Spanish origin, meaning “hare.”
  136. Lee – derived from the Old English word “laye,” meaning “clearing in the woods.”
  137. Lennon – this Gaelic boy’s name means “blackbird, lover, and cloak.”
  138. London – the famous capital city, derived from the Roman “Londimium.”
  139. Lou – short for Ludwig, this German name means “famous warrior.”
  140. Louis – a longer form of Lou with the same meaning.
  141. Lynx – the wild cat gets its name from Latin and Greek, meaning “light and brightness.”
  142. Mac – this Scottish and Irish prefix means “son.”
  143. Maize – derived from Spanish, describing the plant also known as corn.
  144. March – linked to Mars, the god of war, meaning “borderland” in Old French.
  145. Mark – again linked to the god of war, meaning “warlike.”
  146. Maverick – the meaning is vague, but it represents people who refuse to conform.
  147. Max – a diminutive of Maxwell, meaning “greatest.”
  148. McKinley – this Gaelic name means “son of Finlay.”
  149. Montana – from the U.S. state, referring to a “mountain” in Latin.
  150. Moss – this short and sweet Hebrew name means “drawn out of water.”
  151. Nash – a stylish English middle name meaning “by the ash tree.”
  152. Neil – this Irish name is perfect for your little “champion.”
  153. Nico – a funny name of Greek origin, meaning “people of victory.”
  154. North – a regional name of German and Irish descent, meaning “north.”
  155. Orion – this mythical and celestial Greek name means “boundary and limit.”
  156. Oscar – is of Irish origin, meaning “God spear, deer-lover, or champion warrior.”
  157. Pace – derived from Anglo-Norman and Latin, meaning “peace.”
  158. Paul – is from the Latin word “paulum,” meaning “small.”
  159. Penn – this Old English name means “enclosure and hill.”
  160. Peyton – possibly related to Patrick, meaning “fighter’s estate.”
  161. Powers – is an English name derived from French, meaning “poor and miserly.”
  162. Price – possibly derived from the Welsh name “ap Rhys,” meaning “son of Rhys.”
  163. Quill – is of Irish origin, meaning “descendant of Coll,” and a writing implement.
  164. Ralph – meaning “wolf counsel,” this Old English name works for sly kids.
  165. Ranger – from Old French meaning “forest guardian.”
  166. Ray – a short form of Raymond, meaning “counsel protection.”
  167. Reader – derived from Old English, meaning “one who thatches with reed.”
  168. Reed – another Old English name describing someone with red hair, meaning “red.”
  169. Reef – a descriptive name for “a shelf of rock or coral beneath the sea.”
  170. Rhys – this top Welsh name means “enthusiasm or ardor.”
  171. Rio – a gender-neutral Spanish name meaning “river.”
  172. Robert – meaning “bright fame,” it’s the perfect name for your shining star.
  173. Royal – a unisex name for your little prince, meaning “of the king.”
  174. Saber – possibly of Arabic and French origin, meaning “curved sword.”
  175. Sage – this name refers to the herb and to “wise and knowing” kids.
  176. Sam – short for Samual and Samantha, this Hebrew name means “told by God.”
  177. Scout – this occupational name refers to information gatherers and means “to listen.”
  178. Seth – was Adam and Eve’s third son, meaning “anointed and compensation” in Hebrew.
  179. Stark – belongs to Game of Thrones characters, meaning “firm and unyielding.”
  180. Steel – a strong Old English name that means “like steel.”
  181. Strong – a powerful name for any child, meaning “hardy and full of strength.”
  182. Tate – a great gender-neutral middle name meaning “cheerful.”
  183. Thomas – a popular Aramaic first and middle name, meaning “twin.”
  184. Tiller – a medieval occupational name describing someone who “tills the soil.”
  185. Valentine – derived from the Latin Valentinus, meaning “strong and healthy.”
  186. Vaughan – of Welsh origin, meaning “little one” or “small.”
  187. Vern – this Old French name means “alder grove.”
  188. West – an Old English word meaning “from the west” or “western stream.”
  189. Whistler – meaning “one who whistles,” Whistler makes a great first and middle name.
  190. Wilde – meaning “untamed,” a great Old English name for unruly children.
  191. Will – from Old German and English, meaning “desiring peace; determined protector.”
  192. William – the long form of Will with the same meaning.
  193. Winston – has mixed meanings, including “joyful stone” and “victory town.”
  194. Worth – a classic English name meaning “enclosure and homestead.”
  195. Wynn – this unisex middle name means “friend” in Old English.
  196. Xavier – pronounced “sha-vee-ahh,” this Spanish name means “new house.
  197. Yale – of Welsh and Old English origin, meaning “heights, upland, and fertile moor.”
  198. Yarrow – this gender-neutral name means “flowering plant” and “rough stream” in English.
  199. Zen – originating in China, this Japanese derivative means “meditation.”
  200. Zephyr – from Greek mythology, meaning “west wind.”

Boy Middle Names FAQs

What are the Most Popular Boy Middle Names?

The most popular boy middle names include William, Neil, James, Lawrence, and Ralph. Other examples like London, Whistler, Baird, and Apollo are more unusual but are gaining popularity.

Which Middle Names are Suitable as Christian Names?

Middle names suitable as Christian names include Vaughan, William, Alexander, Ben, and Lawrence. Other options like Maverick, Lennon, Scout, and Indigo are more unusual but are still popular with new parents in the United States.

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