165 Pretty Girl Middle Names: for Deserving Daughters

Giving your baby girl the perfect middle name adds a touch of class to mundane monikers.

Sandwiched between first and last names, that elusive female middle name is easily overlooked. But, and this is a big but, get it right, and you can instantly transform your child’s name.

Girl middle names add panache, style, and a big dose of exotic to the most mundane monikers. Just ask Adele Laurie Blue Adkins or Hannah Dakota Fanning.

So, let’s shine a light on middle names for girls and spread a little bit of name joy.

165 Magical Girl Middle Names

Okay, let’s get to work transforming names into something extraordinary with the coolest middle monikers.

  1. Adele – derived from German, French, and English, meaning “noble or nobility.”
  2. Alice – similar to Adele, this French, German, and English name means “noble.”
  3. Amber – is from the Arabic word “ambar,” meaning “jewel.”
  4. Amora – in Spanish, it means “love” and “light eagle” in Old Norse.
  5. Amy – derived from French and Latin, meaning “beloved.”
  6. Anika – meaning “graceful, sweet-faced, and fearless,” this Sanskrit name is powerful.
  7. Anne – is from the Hebrew girl name Hannah, meaning “grace, favor, and God has favored me.”
  8. Aphrodite – is from the Greek goddess of love meaning “foam.”
  9. Aretha – of Greek origin, meaning “virtuous.”
  10. Ashleigh – an Old English name meaning “dweller near the ash tree forest.”
  11. Aspen – a trendy ski resort named after the Old English “aspen tree.”
  12. Aster – is derived from ancient Greek, meaning “star.”
  13. Avery – an Anglo-Saxon word meaning “ruler of elves.”
  14. Bay – a stretch of coastline or, from Old French, meaning “berry.”
  15. Belle – this classic French nickname means “beautiful.”
  16. Beth – a short and sweet Hebrew name meaning “house.”
  17. Billie – this Tom-boy nickname means “resolute protection” in Old English.
  18. Blair – possibly meaning a “plain field” or “battlefield” in Scottish.
  19. Blake – this Old English name means “pale, light, and black.”
  20. Blaze – is an Old English word meaning “flame.”
  21. Blue – from the color, this unique one-syllable middle name has style.
  22. Brielle – of French origin, meaning “hunting grounds.”
  23. Brooke – if you live near a “small stream,” Brooke could be the perfect name.
  24. Cally – derived from Old Greek, meaning “beautiful.”
  25. Candice – a classy Latin name meaning “clarity and whiteness.”
  26. Caprice – of English, French, and Italian origin, meaning “whimsical and playful.”
  27. Celine – straight from Greek mythology, Selene means “heavenly.”
  28. Claire – is from the masculine Latin name Clarus, meaning “clear” in French.
  29. Claudia – a cool Latin name with the uncool meaning of “lame.”
  30. Clementine – this beautiful Latin name means “merciful.”
  31. Coral – from the Greek word describing a “red marine reef beneath the sea’s surface.”
  32. Dahlia – of Scandinavian origin, meaning “Dahl’s flower.”
  33. Dakota – taken from Native Americans, meaning “allies and friends.”
  34. Danielle – this Hebrew feminine form of Daniel means “God is my judge.”
  35. Dawn – an Old English name meaning “daybreak.”
  36. Della – is an Old English name meaning “bright and noble.”
  37. Devine – derived from Irish, Scottish, and Gaelic, meaning “divine.”
  38. Diana – from Greek and Latin, this classy name means “divine.”
  39. Ebony – is derived from the Greek, Egyptian, and Latin for “dark wood.”
  40. Eden – is of biblical and Hebrew origin, meaning “place of pleasure.”
  41. Eleanor – a beautiful Greek and French name, ideal for the “shining light” in your life.
  42. Elisa – derived from Hebrew, this Spanish and Italian name means “God is a promise.”
  43. Eloise – an Old French name meaning “healthy and wide.”
  44. Ember – means “spark and burn low” and is one of the more unusual female middle names.
  45. Emily – this old-fashioned name means “industrious” in Latin.
  46. Emma – a popular German first and middle name meaning “universal and whole.”
  47. Enola – try this French name if you fancy a moniker that spells “alone” when reversed.
  48. Farah – a rare Arabic and Persian middle name meaning “joy.”
  49. Fawn – meaning “young deer,” this playful name is super-cute.
  50. Faye – means “fairy;” girl middle names are rarely so cute!
  51. Felicity – is from the Latin word “felicitas,” meaning “luck and good fortune.”
  52. Fern – an earthy nature name meaning “fern plant” in Old English.
  53. Frances – is from the Latin name Fransiscus, meaning “Frenchman.”
  54. Francesca – an Italian and French version of Frances with the same meaning.
  55. Freya – a meaningful Old Norse name for your “noble woman.”
  56. Frida – is derived from the Germanic word “fried,” meaning “peace.”
  57. Florence – for your “blossoming” child, Florence is also a classic Italian city.
  58. Gabriella – is from the Hebrew name “Gavri’el,” meaning “God is my strength.”
  59. Georgia – a female derivative of George, meaning “farmer.”
  60. Grace – is of Latin origin, meaning “God’s grace, charm, goodness, and generosity.”
  61. Gwen – a common Welsh middle and first name meaning “blessed, holy, and fair.”
  62. Harley – an Old English name meaning “hare’s meadow.”
  63. Harper – an ideal name for musical children, meaning “harp player.”
  64. Hattie – a female variation on Harry with the same meaning of “home-ruler.”
  65. Helena – this classic name from Greek mythology means “shining light.”
  66. Hermoine – a Greek mythological name meaning “messenger god Hermes.”
  67. Holly – a pretty botanical name meaning “holly tree” in Old English.
  68. Honor – a name that means what it says in the title.
  69. Hope – from the Old English word “hopian,” meaning “a positive expectation.”
  70. Imani – this sophisticated African girl’s name means “faith.”
  71. Imogen – of Irish and Gaelic origin, meaning “maiden.”
  72. India – taken from the country, it’s also a classic middle name.
  73. Indiana – is a U.S. state, meaning the “land of the Indians.”
  74. Indigo – taken from the blue dye, Indigo is an unusual unisex middle name.
  75. Innocence – the perfect name for pure and innocent children.
  76. Iris – from Greek mythology, meaning rainbow.
  77. Isla – this Spanish and Scottish word means “island.”
  78. Jane – is of mixed French and Hebrew origin, meaning “God is gracious.”
  79. Jean – is derived from the Hebrew name John, meaning “God is gracious.”
  80. Jennie – possibly means “white wave” in Celtic or “fair and yielding” in Cornish.
  81. Jennifer – a long form of Jennie, meaning “fair and yielding.”
  82. Jenson – this Danish name, meaning “son of Jens” is trendy as a middle name for girls.
  83. Jessie – is derived from Hebrew to mean “gift.”
  84. Jett – a badass middle name derived from the black semi-precious stone.
  85. Jill – a Latin diminutive of Gillian, meaning “youthful.”
  86. Josie – this pretty name of Hebrew origin means “Jehovah increases.”
  87. Julia – the feminine form of the Roman name Julius, meaning “youthful.”
  88. Juniper – an earthy tree name of Latin origin, meaning “youth.”
  89. Juno – is of Latin origin, meaning “queen of heaven.”
  90. Justice – derived from the biblical name “Justus,” meaning “just and righteous.”
  91. Karma – is of Hindi and Sanskrit origin, meaning “fate and destiny.”
  92. Kat – a diminutive of Kate and Katherine, meaning “pure.”
  93. Keira – this posh-sounding baby name means “little dark one.”
  94. Keisha – meaning “her life,” this African name is super-cool.
  95. Kerry – of Irish and Gaelic origin, Kerry is perfect for “dark-haired” kids.
  96. Lana – a short form of Svetlana, this Slavic name means “light.”
  97. Layla – with roots in Arabic, Persian, and Hebrew, Layla means “night.”
  98. Leia – a strong sci-fi name, Leia means “child of heaven.”
  99. Leigh – is a “delicate” name, also meaning “meadow and pasture.”
  100. Lexi – a diminutive of Alexander, meaning “man’s defender.”
  101. Louise – of French and German origin, meaning “famous or renowned warrior.”
  102. Love – possibly meaning “female wolf” is the perfect name for affectionate kids.
  103. Luna – this Spanish and Italian name comes from Latin and means “moon.”
  104. Lynn – of Welsh, German, and Hebrew origin, meaning “lake.”
  105. Mae – from the Roman goddess of spring, Mae is a derivative of May.
  106. Maisy – this beautiful Scottish female name means “pearl.”
  107. Maria – a popular middle name of Latin origin, meaning “of the sea, bitter, and beloved.”
  108. Matilda – is of German origin, meaning “might and strength.”
  109. Maude – an old-fashioned Germanic middle name meaning “battle-mighty.”
  110. Meadow – this nature name means “grassy field.”
  111. Melissa – derived from Greek, this fancy name has the simple meaning of “bee.”
  112. Melody – for musical daughters, this Greek name refers to a “song.”
  113. Monroe – a Scottish habitational name meaning “from the hill.”
  114. Morgan – a unisex Old English middle name meaning “sea chief.”
  115. Nalia – a short and sweet African/Somali name meaning “wise.”
  116. Naomi – is of Hebrew origin, meaning “pleasantness.”
  117. Natalie – referring to Christ’s “birthday,” perfect for Christmas babies.
  118. Nina – this cute Spanish and Hebrew middle name means “little girl” and “God is gracious.”
  119. Paige – an Old English name referring to a “young servant.”
  120. Parker – an occupational name meaning “park-keeper” in Old English.
  121. Penelope – this upper-class Greek name means “weaver.”
  122. Penn – a classic Old English habitational name meaning “head” referring to hill names.
  123. Poppy – this cutesy name is of Latin origin, meaning “red flower.”
  124. Quinn – of Scottish and Irish origin, meaning “counsel.”
  125. Rain – the Native Americans believed that Rain meant “abundant blessing from above.”
  126. Raven – this top-nature name meaning “dark-haired and wise” is popular among Goths.
  127. Ray – a punchy tom-boy name of English origin, meaning “counsel protection.”
  128. Reagan – of Irish origin, this gender-neutral name sounds cool.
  129. Reeve – this medieval English name means “bailiff.”
  130. River – an Old English word derived from Latin, meaning “flowing body of water.”
  131. Ronda – girl middle names can be unusual, like Ronda meaning “God spear/grand.”
  132. Rosalind – a Germanic name introduced by the Normans, meaning “pretty rose.”
  133. Rose – this Latin word describes the famous flower associated with spring and love.
  134. Rumer – for free-spirited female middle names, try Rumer, referring to “a gypsy.”
  135. Ruth – this “compassionate” name of Hebrew origin also means “friend and friendship.”
  136. Sage – the perfect Latin name for “wise” daughters.
  137. Sally – of Hebrew, French, and English origins, meaning “princess.”
  138. Samantha – this Hebrew and English name means “God has heard.”
  139. Sandy – derived from Alexander, this female diminutive means “defender of men.”
  140. Sarah – similar to Sally, this popular girl’s name means “princess.”
  141. Scout – an occupational unisex name meaning “to listen” in French.
  142. Selene – is of Greek mythological origin, meaning “ moon.”
  143. Sienna – this trendy Italian female name refers to the reddish-brown color.
  144. Skye – a hippy nature name derived from Old Norse, meaning “cloud.”
  145. Sofia – this Greek name is perfect if your little girl shows “wisdom” beyond her years.
  146. Suzanne – this popular name is of French origin, meaning “lily.”
  147. Tamara – is of Hebrew origin, meaning “date palm.”
  148. Tara – an Irish girl’s name meaning “tower” or “hillside.”
  149. Tate – a gender-neutral name of English origin, meaning “cheerful.”
  150. Taylor – this Old English occupational name derives from the French “tailleur,” meaning “tailor.”
  151. Theresa – of Spanish, Greek, and Portuguese origin, meaning “to harvest.”
  152. Uma – this Sanskrit and Hebrew name means “light, peace, nation” and possibly “mother.”
  153. Ursula – derived from the Latin word “ursa,” this unusual middle name means “little bear.”
  154. Vera – in Latin, Vera means “true” and “faith” in Slavic.
  155. Verona – is an Italian place name meaning “truth.”
  156. Veronica – meaning “true image,” this Latin girl name could also mean “she who brings victory.”
  157. Vesper – a Latin name from Greek mythology, meaning “evening.”
  158. Wanda – this funny name derives from the Slavic Vandal tribe of eastern Germany.
  159. Wendy – this classic English girl’s name means “friend.”
  160. Wilhelmina – this German name means “will, desire, helmet, and protection.”
  161. Winnie – middle names for girls, like Winnie, means “holy peacemaking” and “gentle friend.”
  162. Xanthe – pronounced “zan-thee,” this Greek, middle name means “golden.”
  163. Yasmine – derived from the Arabic word “jasmine,” adding the “y” makes it more exotic.
  164. Yolanda – is of Greek and Spanish origin, meaning “violet flower.”
  165. Zephyr – from Greek mythology meaning “west wind.”

Girl Middle Names FAQs

What are the Most Popular Girl Middle Names?

The most popular girl middle names include Rose, Taylor, Emma, and Paige. Other favorites like Aster, Blair, Eden, and Reagan have a slightly more exotic ring.

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