100+ Powerful Muslim Boy Names: With Unique Meanings

These beautiful Quranic Muslim boy names will take your breath away!

Many parents worldwide seek the beauty, grace, and nobility of Muslim boy names to bestow upon their new little devotees, encouraging faith and humility on their son’s spiritual journey.

To help you seek the perfect title for your little namesake, we have gathered the most spectacular Muslim names for boys and listed them along with their powerful meanings. With Quranic influences and roots in Sanskrit, Urdu, Arabic, and more, you’re bound to find the perfect fit for your baby in these popular and traditional options below.

101 Beautiful and Devout Muslim Boy Names

Our pick of the top Muslim male names are sure to inspire any new parents.

  1. Aayan – meaning “God’s gift,” this name is perfect for a new baby “blessing.”
  2. Abbas – meaning “stern, lion,” Abbas connotes strength, justice, and pride, great qualities to bestow upon a son.
  3. Abdel – means “servant,” a common variant of Abdul, short for Abdullah.
  4. Abdullah – meaning “servant of God,” one of the most famous and devout Muslim male names.
  5. Adam – meaning “earth,” this Arabic and Hebrew prophet first name is popular internationally.
  6. Adeel – a name full of character, meaning “fair, virtuous,” and “righteous.”
  7. Adnan – a soft Arabic name meaning “settler.”
  8. Afan – this name’s “chaste, modest” meaning gives it a sweet, humble appeal.
  9. Aftab – a radiant Palestinian boy’s name meaning “sunshine.”
  10. Ahsan – arguably “the best” of Islamic boy names to suit babies who are absolute “perfection.”
  11. Ali – an internationally popular name meaning “high, elevated, sublime.”
  12. Amir – a regal name for your new baby “prince.”
  13. Anas – this name may be short, but it oozes “love” and “affection.”
  14. Aqib – meaning “successor,” a good pick for your new little namesake.
  15. Arif – for a baby beyond his years, this cute name means “wise, smart, and acquainted.”
  16. Asad– an Arabic boy’s name for a fierce little “lion.”
  17. Asim – meaning “savior, protector, defender,” a noble name for a warrior, also seen as Assem or Asem.
  18. Atif – a virtuous meaning for a man considered a “kind one.”
  19. Bakr – means “young camel,” one of the more unique picks among Muslim boy names.
  20. Basir – you can expect lads with this “wise” Islamic name to get straight As!
  21. Bilal – means “freshness, water, and moisture,” Bilal is perfect for a baby born on a beautifully dewy morning.
  22. Dabeer – this unisex Iranian name means “teacher,” which is great for a little knowledge-seeker.
  23. Danish – would suit any smart cookie, meaning “knowledge.”
  24. Daniyal – a form of Daniel, meaning “God is my judge,” also spelled Danial.
  25. Dawod – a version of the Hebrew David, meaning “beloved.”
  26. Emir – a beautiful and commanding word name after a high military rank or noble status.
  27. Eshaal – a Quranic unisex name with the enchanting meanings of “paradise flower” and “kindled.”
  28. Esmat – another unisex Quranic name, meaning “highness, majesty.”
  29. Fadel – a traditional Arabic name meaning “virtuous, honorable, excellent.”
  30. Faisal – or Faysal, both great names for little “decisive rulers.”
  31. Fayez – meaning “one who is always victorious,” this is a certain “winner” among Muslim names for boys.
  32. Hadi – a short yet strong Islamic name meaning “guide.”
  33. Haider – a mighty name fit for a “lion” cub.
  34. Hammad – this “praiseworthy” name will make any child want to rejoice.
  35. Hamza – a “strong, steadfast” pick among Islamic male names to admire.
  36. Haris – means “guardian,” a perfect name for an Arabic angel.
  37. Harun – meaning “mountain of strength,” a strong Arabic variant of Aaron.
  38. Haseeb – a nice, respectable Arabic name for a “noble” baby boy.
  39. Hashim – a modern Pakistani name from Arabic, meaning “crusher.”
  40. Hikmat – a gender-neutral name after an Islamic term meaning “wisdom.”
  41. Hussain – a “beautiful, handsome” name for a charming chap.
  42. Ibrahim – a beautiful and significant Quranic name meaning “father of many.”
  43. Iman – meaning “faithful,” Iman is a popular pick among Muslim boy names.
  44. Imran – a highly popular Arabic name meaning “strength, prosperity.”
  45. Irfan – meaning “wisdom, learning, awareness,” this name would suit a future teacher or leader!
  46. Ishaaq – a prophet name and form of Isaac, meaning “he will rejoice.”
  47. Jamal – this divine Arabic name radiates “beauty.”
  48. Kairo – like an African capital city, Kairo is a triumphant Arabic name for a “victorious one.”
  49. Kamal – a hot Arabic name for a lad who radiates “excellence, integrity.”
  50. Kamran – a Persian male name for a “prosperous, fortunate” little lad.
  51. Karim – also spelled Kareem, a beautiful name meaning “noble, generous.”
  52. Kashif – great for a little “pioneer,” this Islamic male name is ready to “reveal and discover.”
  53. Khalil – or Khaleel, a lovely name for a new little “friend.”
  54. Laraib – meaning “undoubting,” is a beautiful pick among Arabic male names for sure!
  55. Maaz – meaning “shelter, refuge,” this name feels like a safe option.
  56. Malik – a hot Arabic name for a “king.”
  57. Mansour – meaning “victorious one,” this Arabic name is worthy of true champions.
  58. Mohamed – is one of the most respectable Muslim male names, meaning “praiseworthy.”
  59. Muhammad – a very popular variant of Mohamed, with other common alternatives including Mohammad, Mohamad, etc.
  60. Nabeel – a “noble” choice among Arabic male names, also spelled Nabil.
  61. Nadeem – a chirpy name to bestow upon your new best “friend.”
  62. Naeem – this vowel-heavy Arabic name is cozy in its meaning of “comfort, ease.”
  63. Najib – full of stature and nobility, this Arabic name means “distinguished, high-born.”
  64. Naseem – meaning “breeze,” this dreamy name is easygoing and charming.
  65. Nishtar – this sharp meaning of “scalpel” is offset by having Nish as a cute-as-can-be nickname.
  66. Noman – meaning “blessed,” or a form of the Arabic name Nu’man, meaning “blood, red.”
  67. Nusrat – meaning “victorious one,” this unisex pick is fit for a champion.
  68. Omar – a “flourishing” Arabic name, also meaning “long-lived.”
  69. Omid – common and virtuous, this unique unisex name means “hope.”
  70. Owais – a form of Uwais, with the feisty, outdoorsy meaning of “wolf.”
  71. Rashid – or Rasheed, both Arabic names meaning “rightly-guided,” for boys of the truest faith.
  72. Rayyan – or Rayan, after one of the gates to paradise in Islamic tradition.
  73. Ridwan – meaning “satisfaction,” this name just does the trick.
  74. Rishi – full of intellect and romance, this cute Sanskrit name means “sage, poet.”
  75. Rohaan – a “spiritual” name for a baby worshiper, popular among Indian Muslims.
  76. Saad – an upbeat Quranic name meaning “happiness, friend.”
  77. Sajid – a pure Arabic name for “one who bows down to God,” full of devotion and honor.
  78. Saleem – bestow security on your son with this beautiful name meaning “safe.”
  79. Salman – also meaning “safe, secure,” this virtuous name is full of loyalty and sincerity.
  80. Sameer – or Samir, fit for a “charming friend” for “evening conversation.”
  81. Saqib – a cute name for a “bright, sharp, and insightful” little star.
  82. Shahbaz – meaning “royal falcon,” this animal-inspired name is watchful and quick.
  83. Shia – meaning “followers” after the Islamic movement.
  84. Shiraz – meaning “sweet,” this name would be perfect for your precious baby boy.
  85. Sohail – a radiant name for a shining star, meaning “gentle, even.”
  86. Sufian – meaning “companion, friend” or “fast-moving,” Sufian is certainly an Islamic name to watch.
  87. Umair – from the same root as Omar, Umair means “prosperous and long-lived.”
  88. Umar – another alternative to Omar, offering all the same grace and prosperity.
  89. Usama – this animal-inspired name meaning “lion” is full of power and roar.
  90. Usman – meaning “wise, intuitive,” a powerful option to bestow upon a smart little lad.
  91. Waleed – or Walid, are both beautiful Arabic baby names thanks to their meaning of “newborn.”
  92. Waqas – fit for any “warrior,” this is a badass pick among Muslim guy names.
  93. Yahya – means “God is gracious,” a true and devoted name for Muslim men.
  94. Yasir – meaning “easy, rich,” this name is for a well-to-do little boy.
  95. Younus – or Yunus, a sweet form of Jonah with the peaceful meaning of “dove.”
  96. Yousuf – or Yusuf, both Arabic forms of Joseph, meaning “God will add.”
  97. Zahid – for a baby “devoted to God,” you can’t go wrong with this spiritual name.
  98. Zain – or Zane, Zayn, meaning “beauty, grace,” a popular pick among American Muslim male names.
  99. Zakariya – the Arabic form of the Hebrew Zachariah, meaning “God has remembered,” with cute nicknames: Zak or Zaki.
  100. Zohaib – anyone with this Muslim male name is set to be a “king” or “leader” in life.
  101. Zubair – this “strong, brave” name may also be seen as Zubayr, Zuberi, or Zubir.

Muslim Boy Names FAQs

What are Some Popular Muslim Boy Names?

Internationally, Mohammed is the most popular male name among Muslim parents, including all its different spelling variations, such as Muhammad, Mohamed, or Mohammad. If you like keeping up with the latest trends, you’ll know that Zain, Amir, and Khalil are popular current choices among American Muslims, and names such as Ali and Rohaan are also popular worldwide.

What are Some Beautiful Boy Names in Islam?

Hussain is a charming Islamic boy’s name, meaning “beautiful and handsome.” We also love the noble and attractive meanings of names such as Karim (“generous”), Shiraz (“sweet”), Saad (“happiness”), and Younus (“dove”).

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