100 Pretty Muslim Girl Names: From Traditional to Modern

These traditional Muslim names for girls are the best and most beautiful around.

There are so many beautiful Muslim girl names to choose from, from traditional to modern and everything in between. Finding the perfect one for your little princess to represent her faith and values can be difficult, but worry no more.

Here, we have gathered the best and most brilliant Muslim names for girls and detailed all their meanings, origins, histories, and more. Browse through and bless your newest angel with the ideal Muslim female name in no time!

100 Pretty and Popular Muslim Names for Girls

Read on to discover some of the best, most beloved Muslim girl names for your elegant princess-to-be!

  1. Aaliyah – the feminine form of Ali, this gorgeous Islamic name means “exalted.”
  2. Abir – a short feminine Arabic name with the sweet-smelling meaning of “perfume.”
  3. Abreshmina – meaning “made of silk,” this widely-used choice sounds regal and exotic.
  4. Afifa – with the virtuous meanings of “chaste, righteous, honest,” Afifa is a pure name for a girl.
  5. Afsaneh – meaning “fairy tale,” Afsaneh would be perfect for a little dreamer.
  6. Ahlem – a soft-sounding Arabic girl’s name, meaning “dream.”
  7. Ain – a short yet sweet Arabic choice, meaning “priceless.”
  8. Aiza – an elegant find, meaning “noble, respectful” in Arabic and “rock” in Basque.
  9. Alishba – a delicate pick among Muslim female names, meaning “sweet, pretty.”
  10. Almira – a noble choice for a “princess” or little lady.
  11. Amara – this Quranic name meaning “eternal beauty” sounds fit for a royal little lady.
  12. Amina – a delicate choice belonging to the beloved mother of the prophet Muhammed, meaning “honest.”
  13. Amna – meaning “honest, safe, caring,” Amna is a beautiful choice to bless upon a daughter.
  14. Anam – a pure pick among Muslim names for girls, meaning “blessed.”
  15. Anila – with the meaning of “wind, air,” this name is beautifully breezy.
  16. Anum – a spiritual choice with the meaning of “blessing, mercy of Allah.”
  17. Aqsa – meaning “farthest,” this name also links to Al-Aqsa, the second-oldest mosque in the world.
  18. Areesha – a cheerful-sounding name, meaning “built structure.”
  19. Asma – a majestic option among Muslim girl names, meaning “supreme, exalted.”
  20. Basma – a happy-sounding pick for a gurgling little girl, meaning “smile.”
  21. Bisma – an alternative to Basma, also meaning “smile.”
  22. Bushra – a joyous name with an earthy sound, meaning “good news.”
  23. Dabeer – a common, unisex Iranian name with the wise meaning of “teacher, instructor.”
  24. Edrice – unusual sounding yet stunning, this Egyptian girl’s name means “prosperous ruler.”
  25. Eshaal – a divine Quranic unisex name, meaning “kindled” and “paradise flower.”
  26. Esmat – a popular, unisex, Quranic name meaning “highness, majesty.”
  27. Faiza – meaning “victorious,” you could say this name is a winner!
  28. Farah – a radiant Arabic name meaning “joy, glee, happiness.”
  29. Fareeha – an Urdu variant of Farah, also meaning “happiness, joy.”
  30. Farida – with the delicate meaning of “precious pearl,” this Muslim girl’s name could be perfect for your little gem.
  31. Fariza – meaning “light” in Urdu, this name sure is dazzling.
  32. Fatima – meaning “shining one,” this popular name belonged to the prophet Muhammed’s daughter.
  33. Fauzia – a lovely choice among Muslim girl names, meaning “successful, victorious.”
  34. Fiza meaning “wind” or “growth,” Fiza is a cute option for an adventurous little girl.
  35. Fukayna – meaning “wise, intelligent,” Fukayna is a name fit for a beautiful legend-in-the-making.
  36. Gordia – a strong Persian girl name meaning “good leader.”
  37. Habibah – meaning “loved one,” Habibah is a sweet, devout name for your newest love.
  38. Hafsah – meaning “little lioness,” this Muslim girl’s name is full of pride and “roar!”
  39. Halima – meaning “patient, generous,” Halima carries beautiful virtues.
  40. Haniyya – meaning “pleasant” or “happy,” this name is a delightful choice.
  41. Hareem – an Urdu name meaning “respectable, pure.”
  42. Hiba – meaning “gift,” Hiba is a delightful name to bestow upon your treasured blessing.
  43. Iman – a heavenly Arabic unisex name meaning “faithful.”
  44. Inaya – a pretty Arabic name meaning “care, concern, and protection.”
  45. Inayat – a unique alternative to Inaya, also meaning “care, protection.”
  46. Iqra – meaning “to read, recite,” this significant name is also a chapter of the Quran.
  47. Jawaria – a joy-filled Muslim name for a “spreader of happiness.”
  48. Jendayi – a Muslim name with Egyptian roots, this upbeat choice means “thankful.”
  49. Khadija – a very popular Arabic choice meaning “premature child,” also the first wife of the Prophet Muhammad.
  50. Kinza – a gem of a Muslim girl’s name, meaning “treasure.”
  51. Kiran – a popular and radiant choice from Sanskrit, meaning “light, sunbeam.”
  52. Laiba – a glowing Muslim female name, meaning “heavenly woman.”
  53. Madiha – meaning “praiseworthy,” this sweet name is a vibrant choice.
  54. Maha – an Arabic name meaning “wild cow,” perfect for a baby girl with beautiful, big eyes.
  55. Mahnoor – an ethereal Arabic name meaning “moonlight.”
  56. Mariam – from the same stem as Mary, this motherly name means “bitter” or “wished-for child.”
  57. Marwa – symbolic of strength and resilience, Marwa means “white stone.”
  58. Maryam – another popular spelling of the pretty Mariam.
  59. Mehwish – said to mean “beautiful moon,” this hopeful name is a starry choice.
  60. Muminah – a super-feminine-sounding choice among Muslim names for girls, meaning “pious.”
  61. Nadiyya – a sweet, soft name for a girl, meaning “delicate.”
  62. Naila – an inspiring, no-nonsense Muslim name meaning “attainer.”
  63. Nazia – a cool Persian pick meaning “proud, coy.”
  64. Neha – meaning “rain,” Neha makes a pure, fresh choice for Muslim girl names.
  65. Nida – a short, sweet Arabic name meaning “to call, proclaim.”
  66. Nusrat – a popular, unisex pick with the triumphant meaning of “victorious one.”
  67. Omid – a common unisex name among Muslim countries, meaning “hope.”
  68. Parvin – a stylish-sounding Persian name referring to the Pleiades stars, an open star cluster.
  69. Rabiah – meaning “spring,” this delightful name would be a wonderful choice for a March-born baby.
  70. Ramila – a trendy name with a sweet lilt and romantic meaning of “lover.”
  71. Rasheda – meaning “upright,” this bold choice is full of sturdy values.
  72. Raziya – meaning “good-natured,” this snazzy-sounding name is delicate and sweet.
  73. Ridha – meaning “contentment,” Ridha is a comfortable name to choose.
  74. Rimsha – meaning “a bunch of flowers,” you could say Rimsha is a delightful feminine name.
  75. Rukhsana – a radiant Islamic girl’s name, meaning “beautiful.”
  76. Sabah – used when referring to the morning, Sabah holds all the beauty of an early sunrise.
  77. Sadaf – meaning “seashell,” this pure choice is beachy and romantic.
  78. Sadia – a charming Arabic name meaning “blessed, lucky.”
  79. Salma – popular internationally, Salma holds the sturdy meaning of “peaceful, secure.”
  80. Samira – meaning “nighttime friend,” this delightful name is comforting and beautiful.
  81. Samreen – a strong name with the assuring meaning of “beneficial” or “fruitful.”
  82. Saniyya – full of light, this gorgeous girl’s name means “brilliant and radiant.”
  83. Sehrish – with the dreamy meaning of “sunrise,” Sehrish could ideally suit a morning-born baby.
  84. Shafira – a respectful Muslim girl’s name, meaning “well-behaved, distinguished woman.”
  85. Shazia – an attractive choice, meaning “princess” or “rare.”
  86. Shia – the Islamic movement could make a bright-sounding unisex name, meaning “followers.”
  87. Shiraz – although perhaps more popular as a male name, the unisex Shiraz means sweet.
  88. Shumaila – a pretty choice among Muslim names for girls, meaning “one with a beautiful face.”
  89. Sidra – refers to the holy tree, an Islamic symbol of heaven.
  90. Sobia – an Arabic name meaning “well-dressed” or “reward.”
  91. Sumaira – meaning “beloved friend,” Sumaira is soft and sweet.
  92. Tabassum – meaning “smile,” this sweet choice is full of joy and delight.
  93. Tabia – meaning “obedient,” this Arabic name has a cute ring to it.
  94. Talibah – meaning “seeker of knowledge,” Talibah would be great for a clever little girl.
  95. Tanveer – beautifully captures the light a child brings, meaning “enlightened.”
  96. Urwa – meaning “support,” Urwa sounds like she’d be a great and honest friend.
  97. Uzma – this sharp Arabic pick holds the regal meaning of “grand.”
  98. Zainab – meaning “a fragrant flower,” this Arabic girl’s name is pretty and popular.
  99. Zoya – a playful-sounding name for a “loving” and “caring” girl.
  100. Zulekha – this shining choice for girls means “precious.”

Muslim Girl Names FAQs

What Are Some Popular Islamic Names?

Aaliyah, Kiran, Khadija are all very popular Islamic names. Fatima and Mariam are also popular Muslim girl names, used worldwide in many languages.

What Muslim Girl Name Means Princess?

For your regal little lady, we love the Muslim girls name Shazia and Almira, both meaning “princess.”

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