91 Fantastic Mysterious Names: for Boys and Girls

Merge fantasy and fiction with the most outrageous mysterious names for your kids.

Mysterious names are exciting and cool but, above all, awe-inspiring. Imagine how fun life would be with a mystical name and how much your son or daughter would stand out from the crowd.

So, if your bundle of joy exudes an air of mystique, it’s time to consider mystery names. Luckily, we’ve done the leg work for you and compiled an outrageous collection of monikers, from intriguing mystery names to beautiful mythical names.

49 Mysterious Names for Girls

She may be the prettiest child born and the apple of your eye, but is she complete without that all-important badass name? Let’s dive in at the deep end of these mysterious names for girls.

  1. Aisling – from Ireland, meaning “dream” or “vision,” Aisling has modern alternatives like Ashlyn.
  2. Alisa – such a beautiful name steeped in elvish folklore, meaning “elf victory.”
  3. Ariadne – the Cretan goddess of fertility, Ariadne means “most holy” – an exotic name for your daughter.
  4. Ariella – roar like the “lion of God” you are; Ariella is the female version of Ariel.
  5. Calliope – if your girl sings like an angel, consider Calliope as the perfect name.
  6. Cassandra – whether it’s the “shining man” translation or a prophetess with physic powers, Cassandra is a top choice.
  7. Circe – means “bird” in Greek mythology and could turn men into animals with a wave of her powerful wand.
  8. Clio – if your child is destined for glory, Clio is a genuinely fitting moniker.
  9. Daphne – translates as “laurel tree,” Daphne was the object of Apollo’s romantic obsessions.
  10. Dara – calling your baby girl Dara means they are a “gift,” carrying little “pearls of wisdom.”
  11. Delilah – this Hebrew girl’s name means “to flirt or delight,” associated with the temptress who seduced Samson.
  12. Diana – exuding elegance, Diana represents “divine” and is the name of the beloved Princess of Wales.
  13. Eira – a perfect name for girls born in the winter; Eira means “ snow.”
  14. Elanor – means “sun star,” but it can also be spelled Eleanor or shortened to Ellie.
  15. Elysia – in Latin, Elysia means “from Elysium,” which is the heavenly home of the departed.
  16. Enid – an old-fashioned name that means “spirit and life” and the name of a Celtic goddess.
  17. Esme – if your child is beloved and esteemed, Esme is a great, mysterious name.
  18. Faye – don’t just dress your girl as a fairy; naming her Faye is an alternative name for these delicate creatures.
  19. Fenella – a unique name for children born in the winter; Fenella means “white-shouldered one.”
  20. Gabrielle – the female variation of Gabriel, the angel who announced the birth of Jesus.
  21. Gizem – from Turkey, Gizem is the ultimate fantasy name for your girl and means ”enigma.”
  22. Hulda – can you keep a secret because Hulda means precisely that?
  23. Joan – a spirited name meaning “God is gracious,” known as the famous French female warrior burnt at the stake.
  24. Juno – the Roman god of June, meaning “Queen of the Heavens.”
  25. Larissa – is a nymph name for a dainty girl and means “citadel,” a fortress on high ground.
  26. Leda – the perfect name for a happy kid; Leda gave birth to the beautiful Helen of Troy.
  27. Leto – this feminine and unusual name means “hidden or woman” and belongs to a Greek goddess.
  28. Lilith – if you’re thinking of choosing a dark name for your baby girl, Lilith means “of the night.”
  29. Liraz – if you like to keep secrets, Liraz is a perfect choice, meaning “my secret” in Hebrew.
  30. Maya – such a unique and elegant name; Maya means “illusion, mother, eye, and water.”
  31. Morana – a captivating Slavic girl’s name meaning “Goddess of Spring and Rebirth.”
  32. Mystery – stick to basics and name your child mystery; what could be prettier?
  33. Mystique – truly a name with panache and beauty that means “mystery.”
  34. Najwa – of Arabic origin, Najwa is almost unknown in Western circles and means “secret or whisper.”
  35. Niamh – of Irish descent, referring to the sea god’s daughter, Niamh, of the golden hair.
  36. Nirvana – a cool band and also means “place of great bliss” in Sanskrit.
  37. Nixie – such a cute name. Nixie is a water nymph with enchanting qualities.
  38. Persephone – true mythological royalty. Persephone was the daughter of Zeus.
  39. Rhiannon – from the Welsh meaning “divine queen,” Rhiannon is also a classic song by Fleetwood Mac.
  40. Saga – time for some Norse mythology because Saga means “goddess of poetry, history, and storytelling.”
  41. Samira – if your kid is a chatter-box, Samira is an excellent choice, meaning “companion in evening conversation.”
  42. Selene – if you think your little girl is fit to be a moon goddess, then Selene fits the bill.
  43. Seraphina – a beguiling and attractive name, Seraphina was the highest of angels.
  44. Sybil – if your pride and joy have wisdom beyond her years, Sybil fits because it means “oracle.”
  45. Talia – means “gentle dew from heaven” and is possibly the sweetest mythological name by far.
  46. Tansy – means “innocence and power,” traits we’d all love our daughters to have.
  47. Thalia – rare among mythical names; Thalia means “to flourish,” which is a hope we all have.
  48. Veda – bestow your bundle of joy with “wisdom beyond their years” and name them Veda.
  49. Whisper – such a creative way of describing your softly-spoken baby girl.

42 Mysterious Names for Boys

There’s no shortage of mysterious names for boys. For inspiration, let’s delve into Greek mythology, Roman gods, and European folklore. Enjoy!

  1. Aelfdene – kicking off with the elfin world, Aeldene is of English origin, meaning “from the elfin valley.”
  2. Aladdin – If your kid needs three wishes, remember the story of the genie in the magic lamp.
  3. Alvaro – sounds Spanish but is of Germanic origin and means “an army of elves.”
  4. Alvin – similar to Alvaro, Alvin means “friend of the elves” and one of the best chipmunks.
  5. Ambrose – such a soft-sounding name; Ambrose means the “immortal one.”
  6. Arthur – a powerful, mysterious, and legendary name and the ultimate kingly title for your little warrior.
  7. Aslan – C.S. Lewis borrowed this Turkish word for “lion” from his legendary fantasy character, Aslan.
  8. Azrael – one of the darker mystical names, Azrael was the angel of death.
  9. Barnabas – from Aramaic, meaning “son of consolation,” Barnabas was one of the first disciples.
  10. Bodhi – possibly a unisex name; Bodhi has an ultra-cool ring, meaning “enlightenment.”
  11. Borak means “lightning” and is the horse that took the Prophet Muhammad to heaven.
  12. Caspian – from the Caspian sea, also one of the characters in The Chronicles of Narnia.
  13. Cassiel – an unusual and powerful fantasy name, meaning “Angel of Saturday” in Latin.
  14. Cato – a noble title for your super-intelligent offspring; Cato means “all-knowing.”
  15. Cedric – a classic name, Cedric gained popularity after the boy wizard Cedric Diggory from Harry Potter.
  16. Cleon – short and sweet, Cleon means “glorious and renowned.”
  17. Cosmo – one of the most intriguing mystery names; Cosmo means “order.”
  18. Cullen – from the Irish, meaning “holly tree,” Cullen is a suitable first and last name.
  19. Draca – kids are spellbinding for sure, but Draca also means “has a secret desire.”
  20. Draco – from “dragon,” Draco is the infamous Slytherin leader and the arch-enemy of Harry Potter.
  21. Elam – an exotic and evocative male name that means “hidden.”
  22. Finn – a celebrated and fearsome Irish warrior, Finn also means “white or fair.”
  23. Gabriel – a Hebrew boy’s name meaning “God is my strength,” and the angel who foretold of Christ’s birth.
  24. Gellert – from Welsh folklore, meaning “spear strength,” Gellert is also a character in Harry Potter.
  25. Gil – happy children need mythical names to match, which is handy because Gil means “happiness.”
  26. Guhya – an exotic Indian male name meaning “mystical and hidden.”
  27. Hans – after the man who created many wonderful fairy tales- Hans Christian Anderson.
  28. Hansel – from the beloved fairy tale “Hansel and Gretel,” Hansel means “God is gracious.”
  29. Harry – most famous after the boy wizard, Harry Potter.
  30. Jason – for a mainstream approach to Greek mythical names, Jason (of the Argonauts) is a great choice.
  31. Judah – giving your boy a biblical name like Judah means they are “praiseworthy” in Hebrew.
  32. Odin – Old Norse mythology declares that Odin is the supreme god of culture, law, art, and wisdom.
  33. Olen – short and sweet, Olen is one of the best mysterious names, meaning “relic.”.
  34. Orion – every male child should want a mythical name that means “rising star.”
  35. Patrick – a saintly child deserves a matching moniker, and Saint Patrick is a classic name fitting that brief.
  36. Phoenix – means “dark red,” the story of the Phoenix is about hope, rebirth, and new opportunities.
  37. Rishi – Hindus believe that Rishi’s are sages and all-seeing, which is great for your bundle of joy.
  38. Robin – meaning “charm and innocence,” Robin is also the name of the legendary Robin Hood.
  39. Rune – exotic and cryptic; Rune means “secret” in German and Swedish.
  40. Thor – naming your boy after the Norse god of “thunder” is bold with its overtly macho feel.
  41. Titan – we dread to think of the possible shortened nicknames; Titans were powerful giants in Greek mythology.
  42. Zen – the perfect unisex moniker for your peaceful, chilled-out little one.

Mysterious Names FAQs

What are the Most Mysterious Baby Girl Names?

The most mysterious names for girls include Maya, Thalia, Selene, Rhiannon, and Cassandra. Many names come from Greek, Roman, English, and Old Norse mythology.

What are the Most Mysterious Baby Boy Names?

The most mysterious names for boys include Aladdin, Arthur, Azrael, Draco, Harry, and Cedric. Most mythical names come from ancient history but have found renewed fame in the Harry Potter series of books and movies.

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