100 Names Meaning Blue: for Your Gorgeous Little Gem

Name your baby after your favorite color with these stunning names meaning blue.

Are you looking for the most vivid and valiant baby names meaning blue to suit your new little dreamboat? Well, hunt no more!

Whether your baby boy or girl is as happy as a bluejay, as inspiring as the ocean, or as captivating as a sapphire stone, you’re sure to find the perfect fit among these beautiful blue names listed below.

Keep reading to discover all the exquisite names that mean blue, and learn all about their origins, significance, and more.

55 Brilliant Girl Names That Mean Blue

Your little mermaid will sparkle like the ocean with one of these dreamy girl names that mean blue.

  1. Afina – as a Romanian name, Afina means “blueberry,” while also meaning “young deer” in Hebrew.
  2. Amrin – an Arabic girl’s name said to mean “blue sky” or “princess.”
  3. Aoko – a Japanese name element meaning “blue child.”
  4. Aqua – a unique name, Latin for “water” or the blue color of the ocean.
  5. Aquamarine – combining the Latin for “water” and “sea,” this gemstone makes a truly magical mermaid name.
  6. Aquareine – a literary name meaning “water queen” from Latin and French, perfect for a little mermaid!
  7. Asena – a Turkish-rooted girl name from mythology, said to mean “blue.”
  8. Atasi – a cute Indian feminine name relating to the petite blue flower from the flax plant.
  9. Azula – the Spanish word for “blue” is “azul,” making this a pretty, feminine, blue name.
  10. Bluebell – a pretty blue flower name, perfect for a baby full of the joys of springtime.
  11. Bluette – a feminine-sounding variant of Blue, also similar to the French word for “cornflower.”
  12. Bluma – a very rare German and Hebrew female name meaning “flower” that sounds rather “blue.”
  13. Capri – a deep shade of blue and also an island off Italy.
  14. Claramay – a modern-sounding English name, perfect for a baby born under a “clear, bright” blue sky.
  15. Doli – a Native American (Navajo) name with the cute, nature-inspired meaning of “bluebird.”
  16. Dolphin – this playful yet rarely-heard animal name makes us think of adventures in the big blue.
  17. Fayruz – an Arabic girl’s name relating to the luxe turquoise gemstone.
  18. Gláucia – a Portuguese girl’s name with the slick meaning of “steel blue-gray,” derived from ancient Roman.
  19. Gökçe – a Turkish name meaning “blue,” pronounced “go-cha.”
  20. Gormlaith – a medieval Gaelic name with the regal meaning of “blue princess.”
  21. Hyacinth – after the gorgeous flower that blooms in shades of blue.
  22. Hydrangea – a rarely-heard name from the popular blue garden flower.
  23. Iris – a Greek-rooted girl name meaning “rainbow,” also a goddess, and a blue-purple flower.
  24. Jacintha – a Hispanic variant of Hyacinth, uncommon but captivating.
  25. Juniper – a cute, nature-inspired name after the blue-colored, berry-like seeds that grow on a juniper plant.
  26. Kailani – this Hawaiian girl’s name means “sea and sky,” making us think of vast, beautiful blue.
  27. Kaltrina – a unique name derived from the Albanian word for “blue.”
  28. Lapis – a unique Persian name after an azure-blue gemstone.
  29. Lilac – another gorgeous English flower name, reminding us of that blue-purple color.
  30. Mazarine – a French name meaning “blue” and a gorgeously delicate butterfly species.
  31. Mora – a sweet-as-can-be Spanish girl’s name with the rich purple meaning of “blackberry.”
  32. Neelashri – a dreamy Hindu girl’s name meaning “blue beauty.”
  33. Nila – a melodic Sanskrit option among girl names meaning “blue.”
  34. Nilamegh – a unique Hindu name said to mean “blue cloud.”
  35. Nilima – an ultra-feminine variant of Nila, meaning “dark blue.”
  36. Odeta – a cute European girl’s name meaning “blue sea.”
  37. Owaissa – a melodic Native American female name meaning “bluebird.”
  38. Periwinkle – a bold choice from Middle English, after the flower and sweet shade of blue-purple.
  39. Pollia – an uncommon name from the official marble berry plant that produces brilliant blue berries.
  40. Ruka – a Japanese girl name element with various meanings, including “blue flower.”
  41. Safira – the Portuguese form of the pretty name Sapphire.
  42. Sapir – a beautiful Hebrew version of Sapphire.
  43. Sapphire – after the gorgeous blue gemstone, Sapphire would make a fantastic choice for a September-born baby.
  44. Shawnita – a rare name possibly of American origin, meaning “blue diamond.”
  45. Shyama – a pretty and spiritual Sanskrit name meaning “dark, blue, black.”
  46. Sini – a sweet, petite Finnish female name meaning “blue.”
  47. Sininen – the Finnish word for “blue” makes an attractive choice.
  48. Sirje – an Estonian name meaning “blue-feathered,” relating to a mythical bird.
  49. Sunila – a pretty Sanskrit pick meaning “very blue.”
  50. Teal – an uncommon but cool English word for a blue-green shade.
  51. Tiffany – meaning “manifestation of God,” this Greek-rooted name reminds us of the teal-branded jewelers Tiffany & Co.
  52. Topaz – after the brilliant gemstone, popularly found in shades of blue and yellow.
  53. Turquoise – a French-rooted name meaning “Turkish,” as well as the blue-green color of the gemstone.
  54. Violet – a pretty flower name and a sweet shade of blue-tinged purple.
  55. Žydrė – a rare, stand-out name taken from the Lithuanian word for “light blue.”

27 Beautiful Boy Names That Mean Blue

These boy names that mean blue are as handsome as a cloudless sky in the springtime.

  1. Aciano – the Spanish word for “cornflower,” after the delicate plant that blooms in the most beautiful blue.
  2. Admiral – this navy ranking makes a badass name and is often used to describe a dark shade of blue.
  3. Azraq – a charming Islamic option among boy names meaning “blue.”
  4. Azul – the Spanish word for “blue” sounds like it’d be an excellent name for a dude.
  5. Bisman – a Sikh name meaning “dark blue.”
  6. Bláinn – a cool-sounding name from Old Norse, meaning “dark blue, black.”
  7. Caeso – an ancient Roman boy name meaning “blue-gray.”
  8. Cobalt – this shade of blue makes a cool name, especially since it’s derived from German, meaning “goblin.”
  9. Gláucio – a tough Portuguese name for a little warrior, meaning “steel blue-gray,” from Latin.
  10. Gormán – a hearty Irish given name and surname meaning “little blue one.”
  11. Hinto – a Native American blue name, perfect for a blue-eyed baby.
  12. Hyacinthus – in Greek mythology, Apollo created the hyacinth flower to honor his fallen lover, Hyacinthus.
  13. Jacek – cool, floral, and blue, Jacek is a Polish variant of Hyacinthus.
  14. Jalaneel – an Indian name meaning “blue,” specifically the color of the ocean or waters.
  15. Khajag – an adorable Armenian name meaning “blue-eyed.”
  16. Neel – a cool choice meaning “blue” from Sanskrit.
  17. Ortzi – a Basque male name meaning “sky.”
  18. Qīng – a charming and earthy Chinese boy’s name meaning “blue-green.”
  19. Qinglong – the Chinese name of the Azure Dragon, a powerful and symbolic deity.
  20. Sappho – rooted in Greek, Sappho is a great masculine variant of Sapphire.
  21. Shayam – the male form of Shyama, meaning “dark, blue, black,” from Sanskrit.
  22. Si Fah – a Thai pick among boy names that mean “blue.”
  23. Slate – another shade of blue and a tough, steely gray- perfect for a dashing blue boy.
  24. Sunil – a great choice among blue names from Hindi, meaning “very blue.”
  25. Viorel – a great pick for a floral male name, meaning “violet flower,” from Romanian.
  26. Yahto – a unique, vibrant Native American name meaning “blue.”
  27. Zeru – another stand-out Basque name meaning “sky.”

18 Dreamy Unisex Names That Mean Blue

These gender-neutral names that mean blue are sweeter than a blueberry.

  1. Aoki – a dreamy Japanese given name and surname meaning “blue tree.”
  2. Aouli – a dreamy Hawaiian name representing a vast, blue sky.
  3. Azure – a dreamy English word after a sky-like shade of blue.
  4. Bích – a Vietnamese name meaning “blue, green, jade,” just not to be pronounced with the “ch” sound.
  5. Bleu – the French word for “blue” makes an awesome, continental-sounding unisex name.
  6. Blue – this vivid color would make an especially dazzling middle name.
  7. Cerulean – a rare color after the picture-perfect shade of sky blue.
  8. Cyan – an English word referring to a green-blue shade and a cute alternative to Ryan.
  9. Indigo – after the luxurious purple-blue color.
  10. Jay – a cute name taken from the blue jay bird, great for a joyful, chatty baby.
  11. Kahurangi – a standout Maori choice among gender-neutral “blue” names.
  12. Lake – a gender-neutral name after the body of water, evoking peaceful, quiet blue images.
  13. Marlais – an old, rarely-heard Welsh name meaning “blue.”
  14. Mavi – this Turkish word for “blue” would make a stylish-sounding name.
  15. Navy – meaning “fleet of ships,” this deep blue shade comes from the uniforms of the maritime forces.
  16. Neelam – a Hindi name meaning “sapphire,” after the gemstone and a regal shade of blue.
  17. Sky – a blue English name that’s perfect for any daydreamer.
  18. Thanh – a gender-neutral Vietnamese name meaning “blue, green, brilliant.”

Blue Names FAQs

What Are Some Watery Blue Names?

Aqua is a classic choice among water-inspired names meaning blue. Jalaneel is a lovely Indian male name inspired by the ocean, and we love the English name Lake for boys and girls!

What Japanese Names Mean Blue?

Aoko and Ruka are some adorable Japanese girl names that mean “blue,” and we love Aoki for boys too.

What Are Some Blue Names in Different Languages?

Azul, Gökçe, Bleu, and Mavi are all adorable names that mean “blue” in different languages.

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