100 Powerful Names Meaning Protector for Boys & Girls

Discover the most powerful protector names worthy of the strongest guardian warriors!

Only the mightiest of warriors, will be able to bear these powerful names that mean “protector”… do you think your new little legend is up to the challenge?

Whether your child is already showing signs of courageous leadership or you’d simply like a name to serve as a supportive shield over your newborn, these “protector” names are sure to impress. With defensive, spiritual, and historical significance attached to each one, your son or daughter will be battle-ready in no time.

So, grab those swords and shields, and let’s uncover these almighty protector names and learn all about their fearless meanings, origins, and more!

28 Fearless Girl Names That Mean Protector

Put the power in your daughter’s hands, and bless her with one of these powerful girl names that mean protector.

  1. Alexandra – a common feminine form of Alexander, meaning “defender of man.”
  2. Alondra – this Spanish variant of Alexandra (“defender of man”) is also the word for a “lark bird.”
  3. Bergljot – a mouthful of a Norwegian girl’s name, meaning “protection.”
  4. Billie – a feminine nickname for William, meaning “protector,” popularized by the musician Eilish.
  5. Branka – a cute Slavic girl’s name meaning “to protect, to defend.”
  6. Bronisława – a strong Slavic name for any little survivor, meaning “protector of glory.”
  7. Burglinde – a well-built German girl’s name meaning “shield of lime wood.”
  8. Gerda – perhaps not the most attractive in sound, but this Viking name meaning “protection” is decidedly badass.
  9. Heather – a floral name after the colorful flowering shrub, is believed to symbolize protection and good luck.
  10. Hera – powerful and fearless, this famous Greek girl name meaning “protector” is a fantastic choice for a goddess.
  11. Hilda – a name from Norse legend meaning “protector, battle.”
  12. Hilma – similar to Hilda and a short form of Wilhelmine, this German name means “determined warrior.”
  13. Ingeborg – rooted in Old Norse, this quirky girl name has the assuring meanings of “help, protection, rescue.”
  14. Lara – a strong girl name with various roots and the honorable meaning of “protection.”
  15. Lífdís – a rare Icelandic girl’s name said to mean “shield, protection,” and “woman.”
  16. Liv – a popular name of various origins; as a Norwegian name derived from “hlíf,” Liv means “protection, shelter.”
  17. Medusa – a stony name in Greek mythology, meaning “protector, ruler.”
  18. Oni – a cute, short girl’s name meaning “protection of God” in Sanskrit.
  19. Ramona – a romantic Spanish girl’s name meaning “wise protector.”
  20. Ranne – an uncommon pick among girl names meaning protector, stemming from Dutch and symbolizing a “shield.”
  21. Samara – a pretty, spiritual name for a baby girl who’s “protected by God.”
  22. Sandra – a fun variant of Alexandra, meaning “protector of man,” with Sandy among its cute nicknames.
  23. Selma – meaning “helmet of God,” this German-rooted girl’s name offers the most divine protection.
  24. Shamira – a comforting, honest Hebrew pick among girl names meaning “protector, guardian.”
  25. Wilhelmine – or Wilhelmina, a feminine form of the Germanic Wilhelm, this strong name means “determined warrior.”
  26. Willa – short for Wilhelmina, this dreamy nickname reminds us of a willow tree.
  27. Wilma – another nickname for Wilhelmina, this one rather retro-sounding.
  28. Yandra – a Cuban variant of Sandra, meaning “protector of man.”

62 Badass Boy Names That Mean Protector

Your warrior son will surely shine with these almighty names meaning protector for boys.

  1. Aegeus – a Greek mythological king and mighty pick among names that mean “protector.”
  2. Alder – a wise, nature-inspired British boy’s name after the tree, is believed to offer protection and magic.
  3. Aldhelm – a rare, old-fashioned male name for a little soldier, meaning “old helmet” in English.
  4. Aleksi – a fun and sparky Finnish diminutive of Alexander, meaning “defender, protector.”
  5. Alexander – meaning “defender, protector of man,” this Greek name is kingly and confident.
  6. Alvaro – a hot Spanish name for a powerful boy destined to be a “protector of all.”
  7. Anselmo – a positively angelic Portuguese boy’s name meaning “divine protection.”
  8. Argus – meaning “vigilant guardian,” Argus is a great Greek pick among boy names that mean protector.
  9. Asem – a powerful Arabic masculine name meaning “savior, protector, defender,” also seen as Assem or Asim.
  10. Baldwin – meaning “brave friend,” you’ll always know that any bearer of this Old German name has your back.
  11. Balthazar – a biblical boy name with the honest and loyal meaning of “God protects the king.”
  12. Bernard – a strong German surname and given name for a “bear-like” protector who’s “brave” and “hardy.”
  13. Bertrand – a steadfast German masculine name meaning “bright raven” or “bright shield,” great for a smart protector.
  14. Bes – an amicable boy’s name from Egyptian, meaning “protector” and “joy-bringer.”
  15. Billy – a male goat and a cute option among nicknames for William, meaning “protector.”
  16. Bronisław – meaning “protector of glory,” this name is mighty triumphant.
  17. Castiel – a divine name for a guardian angel, meaning “shield of God.”
  18. Clyde – meaning “keeper of the keys,” this Scottish boy’s name is trustworthy and protective.
  19. Consus – a unique Latin boy’s name after the ancient Roman god of grains, recognized as the protector of the harvest.
  20. Duarte – a cool Portuguese given name and surname, meaning “protector of the land.”
  21. Eamon – a friendly yet courageous Gaelic male name meaning “wealthy protector.”
  22. Edmundo – a gallant Portuguese and Spanish name meaning “wealthy protector.”
  23. Eduardo – a smart Hispanic form of Edward, meaning “wealthy protector.”
  24. Edward – a timelessly traditional English name meaning “wealthy protector.”
  25. Elmo – derived from the Germanic element “helm,” meaning “helmet, protector,” this cutesy name is upbeat and friendly.
  26. Ezra – a cool-looking, biblical boy’s name for a little “helper, protector.”
  27. Farbod – a great Persian name for a little defender, meaning “one who protects glory.”
  28. Garan – a French boy name meaning “guardian,” Garan is great for a little vigilante.
  29. Guilherme – meaning “determined protector,” and a cute Brazilian variant of William.
  30. Gustavo – meaning “protected by God,” this admirable Brazilian masculine name is a safe, comforting choice.
  31. Hafiz – an Arabic choice among names for baby defenders, meaning “guardian, keeper.”
  32. Håvard – a Norwegian name that feels prestigious, meaning “protector.”
  33. Heitor – a Brazilian pick among noble names that mean “protector” for boys.
  34. Hlífar – a powerful Icelandic pick among boy names meaning “protector, shield, army.”
  35. Jalmari – this sweet Finnish boy’s name means “helmeted warrior,” great for a well-protected little soldier.
  36. Jasper – a hot Persian, gemstone name for a lad, meaning “treasurer, guardian of treasure.”
  37. Krishna – an all-mighty male name after the Hindu deity of protection, compassion, and love.
  38. Liam – a handsome and popular diminutive of William, meaning “resolute protector.”
  39. Mertal – a unique Kurdish pick among protection names, meaning “shield.”
  40. Pim – an unusual Dutch diminutive of William, meaning “resolute protector.”
  41. Randall – meaning “shield wolf,” this name offers protection with a bite.
  42. Randolph – perhaps a more festive-sounding variation of Randall, also meaning “shield wolf,” from Old German.
  43. Raymon – rooted in German, this vintage name means “wise protector.”
  44. Rongo – a cool-sounding Maori name meaning “protector of the crops.”
  45. Sergio – meaning “guardian, protector,” you’ll always feel safe around a Sergio.
  46. Sigmund – an old, Germanic male name with the warrior-ready meaning of “protection by victory.”
  47. Skoldolfr – a badass and feisty name, said to mean “protector wolf.”
  48. Tarak – fun and spicy, this Sanskrit name means “protector” and ” star.”
  49. Tiago – a unique yet attractive Portuguese boy’s name for a religious baby, meaning “may God protect.”
  50. Travis – from French, this occupational surname refers to a “toll gatekeeper” or guardian.
  51. Vahan – meaning “shield,” Vahan is a sturdy and reliable choice among Armenian names meaning “protection” for boys.
  52. Vardar – the name of a river running through North Macedonia, meaning “black water,” also meaning “shield” in Bulgarian.
  53. Vegard – a sharp Norwegian pick among male names that mean “protector.”
  54. Vilho – a unique Finnish variant of William, meaning “resolute protector.”
  55. Vishnu – a highly spiritual name after the supreme Hindu protector god.
  56. Warden – a cool English word name that sounds great for a protective little caretaker.
  57. Werner – a German surname for a “defending warrior” that also makes a strong given name.
  58. Wilhelm – a Germanic pick among popular male names meaning “protector.”
  59. William – an ever-popular German name meaning “resolute protector.”
  60. Wiremu – a unique variant of William meaning “resolute protection,” this one from Maori.
  61. Wyatt – meaning “brave in war,” you’d definitely want to keep a lad with this name on your side!
  62. Xander – the “X” spelling of this Alexander variant is sure to stand out, meaning “defender of man.”

10 Powerful Gender-Neutral Names Meaning Protector

Guardians of any gender will sound strong and successful with these epic unisex protector names.

  1. Alex – perhaps the most best-recognized of gender-neutral names, meaning “defender.”
  2. Alexis – another sparky diminutive form of the Alexander stem, meaning “defender.”
  3. Edmé – meaning “rich protector,” this French name from Edward would also work with the feminine Edmée
  4. Hammond – an English surname meaning “home protection, high protection,” that could work as a strong middle or given name.
  5. Ira – a short and sweet gender-neutral name meaning “watchful,” this Sanskrit name is protective in style.
  6. Ray – a radiant unisex name full of perseverance, meaning “wise protector” as a diminutive of Raymond.
  7. Rowan – meaning “little red one,” a Rowan is also a sacred tree believed to offer protection.
  8. Sage – meaning “prophet” – ancient medicinal practices suggest the burning of the sage herb offers wisdom and protection.
  9. Sascha – a hot, unisex, Russian form of Alexander, meaning “defender of man.”
  10. Thebe – a unique African male name meaning “shield,” alternatively a feminine name in Greek mythology.

Protector Names FAQs

What Greek Names Mean Protector?

There are many fantastic, Greek-derived options among names meaning “protector.” From mythology, we love Hera or Medusa for girls and the gender-neutral Thebe or masculine Aegeus. Alternatively, Alexander is a very popular protector name rooted in Greek, with countless variations to explore.

What Popular Names Mean Protector?

Some of the most popular names today hold the meaning of “protector.” Common examples include Alexander, Edward, and William, which all hold different variants for any gender across many languages.

What Biblical Boy Names Mean Protector?

If you’re looking for a protector boy name from the Bible, consider Balthazar or Ezra. Castiel makes a fantastic biblical name for a guardian angel, and we love the spiritual shimmer of Jasper, too.

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