100 Beautiful Names Meaning Red: For Your Rosy-Born Baby

These fun baby names that mean red are as cool, creative, and crimson as can be!

Do you find names meaning red intriguing and would love to find one suited to your new son or daughter? Romantic and rosy, or fiery and fearsome? So many emotions can be conjured up by the color red and its spectacular shades, so we love the idea of naming your son or daughter after this vivid inspiration.

Whether your baby is born with fiery red locks, rosy cheeks, or under the red blaze of sunrise, we have the perfect names that mean red for you to choose from. Keep reading to find the perfect hue to suit your gorgeous baby!

42 Girl Names That Mean Red

These sweet names meaning red will cast a beautiful glow over your little rosy princess.

  1. Afra – a sweet Arabic girl name, meaning the soft shade of “white-red.”
  2. Akako – a Japanese girl name meaning “red” or “red child.”
  3. Akane – a luscious shade and highly popular Japanese female name meaning “deep red.”
  4. Alhambra – the name of the ancient Spanish fortress would make a cool name, meaning “red castle.”
  5. Amaryllis – from Greek, Amaryllis means “sparkly,” referring to the sweet red flower that symbolizes determination.
  6. Amber – a rich English name after the reddish-honey colored jewel created from fossilized tree sap.
  7. Apple – a techy, celebrity word name relating to the rich red fruit of fairy tales.
  8. Aruna – a divine Hindi name describing the personification of the reddish light cast by the rising sun.
  9. Arusha – a pretty Indian name meaning “red,” defining the warm shade of the rising sun.
  10. Autumn – this beautiful English word conjures up cozy images of falling red leaves.
  11. Cerise – meaning “cherry,” this sweet French pick refers to a deep, pinkish-red color.
  12. Cherry – a fun, fruity word name for a “berry” cute little girl!
  13. Coral – tiny marine invertebrates forming coastal reefs, also used to describe a pinkish shade of red.
  14. Corsen – a unique Welsh girl name that means “red or reed.”
  15. Dang – a Thai female name meaning “red,” and Vietnamese for “valuable.”
  16. Dawn – a pretty English word name reminding us of the first red streaks of light at sunrise.
  17. Flannery – derived from a Gaelic surname, meaning “descendant of the red warrior.”
  18. Fuchsia – a lesser-heard English flower name and a vivid hue of purplish-red.
  19. Garnet – the “pomegranate-red” precious gemstone is a shiny namesake for your little treasure.
  20. Ginger – a spicy English word name with connotations of bright, orangey-red.
  21. Humayra – a gorgeous and stylish Arabic name that means “red.”
  22. Kalama – a stunning Hawaiian name meaning “torch,” evoking deep, fiery imagery that’s burning red.
  23. Kamala – a triumphant name meaning “lotus” and “pale red” from Sanskrit.
  24. Omaira – a clever-sounding Arabic name meaning “star” or “red.”
  25. Peach – or Peaches, makes a fun, fruity girl name, full of pink and orange sweetness.
  26. Poppy – after a beautiful red flower, symbolizing remembrance and honor.
  27. Roisin – a delicate, Irish form of Rose, meaning “little rose.”
  28. Rosa – the Spanish for “rose” or “pink,” Rosa makes a gorgeous variant of Rose.
  29. Rose – a classic and infinitely popular English name for a delicate little flower.
  30. Rosie – a cute diminutive of Rose, perfect for a girl with a rosy complexion!
  31. Rossa – the Italian word for “red,” also sounding particularly floral.
  32. Rubina – the stylish Italian form of Ruby.
  33. Ruby – this gorgeous precious stone and shade of red makes a popular choice among red names.
  34. Rudite – derived from the Latvian word “ruds,” meaning “rusty red” or “red-haired.”
  35. Rufina – the feminine form of the Latin Rufus, meaning “redhead.”
  36. Rumena – the female form of Rumen, meaning “red cheeks,” simply irresistible for girl names that mean red.
  37. Rumyana – from the same stem as Rumena, Rumyana is an especially rosy Bulgarian girl name.
  38. Scarlett – a popular, passion-filled English female name, taken from the vivid shade of red.
  39. Shani – a mystical Hebrew name that means “scarlet, crimson,” and “marvelous.”
  40. Sienna – a shade of orangey-red, named after the clay-rich city of Siena in Italy.
  41. Solveig – a Nordic name meaning “daughter of the sun,” full of fiery passion and brightness.
  42. Sorrel – a sweet autumnal girl name meaning “reddish-brown.”

40 Boy Names That Mean Red

These hot boy names that mean red are full of fire and passion!

  1. Altan – meaning “red dawn,” this vivid Turkish male name is full of new beginnings.
  2. Anatole – a gorgeous French name meaning “sunrise,” full of glowing, striking, red imagery.
  3. Aodh – this cool name is rooted in Old Irish, with the red-hot meaning of “fire.”
  4. Arun – short yet stylish, this divine Hindi name means “red, reddish-brown.”
  5. Blaze – a feisty English choice among boy names that mean red, making us think of a hot red fire.
  6. Brick – a fairly popular, cool-sounding name with different meanings, including the rusty shade of “brick-red.”
  7. Broderick – a strong medieval last and given name, meaning “brother” and “one with brown-reddish hair.”
  8. Cardinal – a very common surname with various meanings, also used as a shade of red, inspired by the bird.
  9. Carmine – a Latin male name meaning “garden of song” and a vivid shade of deep red.
  10. Clay – an English name relating to a clay worker and an earthy type of red.
  11. Edom – a biblical Hebrew name that means “red.”
  12. Flanagan – taken from an Irish surname, Flanagan holds the deep meaning of “scarlet red.”
  13. Flynn – meaning “son of the red-haired one,” this Irish masculine name is a fun nod to your genes!
  14. Fox – a cool, mysterious, animal-inspired name, perfect for a little rusty-haired boy born at nighttime.
  15. Gough – a cool Welsh surname derived from “coch” meaning “red,” could make a pretty badass given name.
  16. Harkin – another given name taken from a Gaelic surname, Harkin means “deep red.”
  17. Jasper – a Hebrew boy’s name meaning “treasurer,” given to a gemstone colored in orangey-red.
  18. Lal – means “darling” in Hindi and “red” in various Indian languages.
  19. Mars – the name of the “red planet” and the Roman god of war.
  20. Pyrrhus – a red name rooted in Greek mythology, meaning “redheaded.”
  21. Radcliff – an English surname-turned-given-name, meaning “red cliff.”
  22. Redford – an English surname and given name meaning – you guessed it – “red ford.”
  23. Reed – derived from Old English, this surname and given name means “red.”
  24. Rogan – taken from an anglicized form of a Gaelic surname, meaning “red.”
  25. Rohan – a popular Sanskrit name meaning “ascending,” but also “red-haired,” similar to the Irish Rowan.
  26. Rohit – an earthy and charming Hindi male name meaning “red.”
  27. Rojo – the Spanish word for “red” looks like it should be a cool masculine name.
  28. Roone – a cool, rare, Gaelic-rooted male name meaning “red-haired.”
  29. Roth – a short, Old Germanic name and surname meaning “red.”
  30. Roy – a modern variant of Ruadh, meaning “red,” but also a Norman name meaning “king.”
  31. Rua – meaning “red” in Irish, Rua is also a Maori name meaning “lake.”
  32. Ruadh – a great Gaelic name meaning “red” if you’re looking for something medieval.
  33. Ruairi – a gorgeous alternative to Rory, this Scottish boy name also means “red king.”
  34. Rudyard – an Old English name with the class, meaning “red yard.”
  35. Rufus – a hearty-sounding Latin name, meaning “red-head.”
  36. Rumen – meaning “red cheeks,” Rumen is a great pick for a rosy-born baby.
  37. Rumo – a sweet Cornish addition to your list of boy names meaning red.
  38. Russell – rooted in Norman, this popular name means “little red one” and reminds us of autumn leaves.
  39. Tiger – a powerful, animal-inspired name, with the flaming-red imagery of a tiger’s fiery coat.
  40. Wapasha – this Native American name meaning “red leaf” holds cozy autumn imagery.

18 Unisex Names That Mean Red

These gender-neutral names meaning red, are suitable for any brave warrior!

  1. Auburn – an autumn-sounding English word name for a reddish-brown shade.
  2. Blush – a unique English word referring to the pretty shade of pink-red.
  3. Clancy – from the same stem as Flannery, Clancy means “descendant of the red warrior.”
  4. Crimson – an English word for a dazzling shade of red.
  5. Fire – an uncommon scorcher amongst names that mean red, full of passion!
  6. Keegan – derived from an Old Irish clan name, Keegan means “child of the fiery one.”
  7. Pele – rooted in Hawaiian mythology, Pele is full of danger and power, meaning “from the volcano.”
  8. Phoenix – inspired by the immortal, mythological bird, meaning “dark red” in Greek.
  9. Reading – pronounced “red-ding,” after a habitational surname from the English town of Reading.
  10. Red – you can’t get more “red” than this word name, which may be spelled Redd for extra cool boys and girls.
  11. Robin – after the wintertime bird, known and loved for its adorable red-breasted appearance.
  12. Rory – meaning “red king,” this Scottish name is fit for a spirited leader!
  13. Rosseau – this French surname would make a stylish given name, meaning “red-haired.”
  14. Rouge – this sultry French word refers to things that are colored red.
  15. Roux – an Old French nickname, last, and given name, meaning “red-haired.”
  16. Rowan – meaning “little red one,” the rowan tree is said to protect against evil magic.
  17. Rusty – a fun, easy-going pick, originally a nickname for people with rust-colored hair.
  18. Taylor – an English occupational name belonging to artist Taylor Swift, who famously had an album named “Red.”

Red Names FAQs

What Japanese Names Mean Red?

For little girls, Akako and Akane are adorable Japanese names that mean red.

What Is a Red Head Name?

Naming your child after their fiery locks is adorable! We love the redhead names Rohan, Broderick, and Flynn for boys and Rudite or Rufina for girls.

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