101 Adorable Names Meaning Snow for Boys & Girls

These gorgeous names meaning snow, are enough to warm the iciest of hearts.

Does finding the perfect name for your new arrival send you into a flurry? Do you shiver in anticipation of selecting the right choice? If so, winter is calling, and these beautiful names meaning snow could be just the answer!

To help warm your imagination, our experts have gathered this delightful range of names that mean snow, perfect for bestowing upon your little snow prince or princess.

With all the frosty legends, crisp connotations, and icy origins you need to know behind each one, your little one will have the coolest snow baby name in no time.

50 Girl Names That Mean Snow

All winter princesses would love these baby girl names meaning snow.

  1. Ailbhe – pronounced “al-va,” this traditional Irish feminine name means “white,” making it a great choice for a winter princess.
  2. Alaska – a fun locational name meaning “mainland,” after a state known for its snowy conditions.
  3. Albinka – this perky Polish girl name meaning “white, bright” could be a cool choice for a baby born into crisp weather!
  4. Aneira – a pretty yet uncommon choice, meaning “very snowy.”
  5. Berfin – a Kurdish, winter-inspired name meaning “snow.”
  6. Blanca – this popular Spanish girl name means “white,” making it beautifully snow-inspired.
  7. Blancanieves – the Spanish translation of the fantasy princess name “Snow White.”
  8. Bora – a cozy Albanian-derived female name meaning “snow.”
  9. Cailleach – a Gaelic mythological figure associated with winter creation and the less-cute meaning of “old hag.”
  10. Chiona rooted in Greek mythology, this fantastical name also means “snow.”
  11. Crystal – this classic word name is derived from Greek, meaning “ice.”
  12. Drífa – a pretty Old Norse name meaning “snow drift” and a mythological snow princess.
  13. Edurne – an earthy Basque female snow name, meaning “snow.”
  14. Eira – a unique yet pretty Welsh girl name meaning “snow.”
  15. Eiriol – an elegant variation of the Welsh Eira, meaning “snow.”
  16. Eirwen – a choice fit for a princess, meaning “snow white” in Welsh.
  17. Elsa – meaning “God is my oath,” famously belonging to the ice queen in Disney’s Frozen.
  18. Fjolla – a delicate Albanian girl name meaning “fine snow” or “snowflake.”
  19. Flurry – a unique English word name relating to the festive falling of delicate snowflakes.
  20. Flykra – a delicate and unique Faroese snow baby name, meaning “snowflake.”
  21. Frostine – sounds like a dessert but is a French-inspired pick meaning “frosty, freezing.”
  22. Fuyuko – a charming Japanese snow-related feminine name, meaning “winter child.”
  23. Gwyneira – combining the Welsh “gwyn” (meaning “white, blessed”) with “eira” (“snow”) creates this festive name.
  24. Gyeo-Wool – a Korean snow-themed name meaning “winter” (겨울).
  25. Haukea – a cozy Hawaiian girl name meaning “white snow.”
  26. Haunani – a radiant Hawaiian girl name meaning “beautiful snow.”
  27. Havaska – an adventurous Hungarian name meaning “snowy.”
  28. Himani – this gorgeous Sanskrit name meaning “snow” has an adorably cozy feel.
  29. Icelyn – a modern name combining “ice” with a feminine suffix for any cold-hearted queen.
  30. Jennifer – a popular Cornish variant of the Welsh Gwenhwyfar, meaning “white fairy.”
  31. Kirsi – the Finnish word for “frost” and a short form of Kirsikka, meaning “cherry.”
  32. Miyuki – a cute Japanese choice, meaning “happy, deep snow.”
  33. Neu – the Catalan word for “snow” makes a short, punchy choice for snow baby names.
  34. Nevada – a stylish name if you have ties to the U.S. state, meaning “snow-capped” in Spanish.
  35. Nieve – the Latin word for “snow” makes a beautifully delicate female name.
  36. Nieves – a crisp Spanish name meaning “snows.”
  37. Nilak – a sassy-sounding Arctic name with the specific meaning of “freshwater ice.”
  38. Noelle – a gorgeous French name meaning “Christmas,” connoting all things snowy and festive.
  39. Olwen – a delightful find among names meaning snow, referring to a “white footprint” in Welsh folklore.
  40. Olympia – a Greek girl’s name referring to Mount Olympus, borne by one of the world’s tallest snowpeople – at over 37m tall!
  41. Patil – a delicate Armenian girl name meaning “snowflake.”
  42. Piren – a curious yet adorable Mapuche name, meaning “to snow.”
  43. Sarma – as a cool Latvian name, Sarma has the icy meaning of “frost.”
  44. Skaði – pronounced “skhad-y” and meaning “shadow,” Skaði was a Norse mythological goddess associated with skiing and winter.
  45. Snežana – derived from elements meaning “snow” and “woman,” thus a great choice for a wintery gal!
  46. Snow White – a bold choice amongst girl names that mean snow, taken from the popular Disney Princess herself.
  47. Snowdrop – this adorable floral name comes from a flower that symbolizes hope and rebirth.
  48. Snowy – Snow is a cute girl’s name, but Snowy sounds even softer.
  49. Syvne – an indigenous Nenets (northern Russian) name meaning “winter woman” – great for your new little lady!
  50. Talvi – a sweet, festive Finnish pick, meaning “winter.”

35 Boy Names That Mean Snow

These cool snow names for boys are as sharp as ice.

  1. Agdulak – a rare Greenlandic name with the unusual meaning of “hole in the ice for fishing.”
  2. Albus – a magical Roman boy name meaning “white, bright.”
  3. Andri – this Old Norse-originating name means “snowshoe.”
  4. Aquilo – the Roman god of the north wind, makes a chilly namesake for a legendary lad.
  5. Ayaz – a breezy Turkish snow name meaning “frosty.”
  6. Blizzard – a badass name for a lad born in the craziest weather.
  7. Boreas – meaning “north wind,” this icy pick belonged to the Greek god of winter.
  8. Boris – a Russian male name meaning “short” or “snow leopard.”
  9. Chion – derived from Greek, this smart name means “snow.”
  10. Colden – this English surname meaning “cold valley” could make a unique, modern given name.
  11. Crispin – a Roman name meaning “curly-haired,” so not specifically “snowy,” but that “crisp” element sure sounds chilly.
  12. Dong – a Chinese male name element meaning “winter.”
  13. Edur – meaning “snow” from Basque- a strong option among boy names that mean snow.
  14. Fannar – an Icelandic name meaning “snow drift,” pronounced fur-NAH.
  15. Finlay – a popular Gaelic boy name with the cool meaning of “white warrior.”
  16. Frosty – perhaps the most famous snowman of all time!
  17. Himesh – meaning “lord of the snow,” Himesh is a powerful Indian male name.
  18. Ilgar – a popular pick of uncertain origin, meaning “first snow.”
  19. Isa – a cute choice as a Germanic nickname, meaning “ice.”
  20. Isbert – a unique, ancient Germanic pick with the frosty meaning of “bright ice.”
  21. Izotz – a standout Basque snow baby name meaning “ice.”
  22. Jack – an infinitely popular English name, snow-related thanks to Jack Frost, the personification of winter chill.
  23. Led – the Russian word for “ice” makes a frosty, solid choice.
  24. Noel – a popular French boy name meaning “Christmas,” thus perfect for a snowy-born baby.
  25. Olaf – a Slavic hit meaning “descendant of ancestors,” best known as the snowman from Disney’s Frozen.
  26. Pyry – an awesome Finnish male name, meaning “snowfall.”
  27. Riesi – meaning “giant,” Riesi is the name of the record-holding tallest snowman, standing at over 38m in Austria!
  28. Tushar – an adorable-sounding Hindi boy name meaning “frost, snow.”
  29. Ullr – the Norse god of winter, snow, and skiing would make a great namesake for your little man.
  30. Urmas – a stylish Estonian male name meaning “frost.”
  31. Vetle – a stylish Norwegian male name full of adventure, meaning “winter traveler.”
  32. Vinter – this Scandinavian word for “winter” makes a fantastic, alternative snow name.
  33. Warrin – as an indigenous Australian name, Warrin means “winter.”
  34. Yas – a short, sassy Navajo pick, meaning “snow.”
  35. Yukio – a cool, stylish Japanese male name meaning “snow boy.”

16 Unisex Names That Mean Snow

Snowbabies of any gender will love these sweet, unisex names meaning snow.

  1. Aspen – an earthy English name meaning “tree,” with snowy connotations thanks to the Colorado ski resort.
  2. Hail – if “Gale” can be a popular name inspired by weather forecasts, why not Hail, too?
  3. Hima – a short unisex name, meaning “frost or snow” in Sanskrit.
  4. Irwen – as a Welsh name, this charming choice combines elements meaning “white” and “snow.”
  5. Lasta – as a Quechua name, Lasta means “snow” but also refers to the “swallow” bird in Serbian.
  6. Lumi – the gorgeous Finnish name for “snow” sounds full of light!
  7. North – a stylish directional name, often associated with the icy polar regions.
  8. Polaris – an unusual unisex option meaning “polar star” and a glittering, icy snow name.
  9. Quilo – a Roman mythological name relating to the icy North Wind.
  10. Snow – the literal word “snow” could make a quirky, alternative, gender-neutral name.
  11. Storm – an English weather name, bringing imagery of white, wintery blizzards.
  12. Whitaker – an Old English surname meaning “white field” could make a hip snow name.
  13. Winter – a crispy word name for a baby born during the chillier months.
  14. Xue – a Chinese name element pronounced “SHWEH” meaning “snow” or “studious” – both awesome options.
  15. Yeti – naming your child after a legendary abominable snowman is a bold choice, but it may be very cool!
  16. Zima – this dashing Slavic surname and given name means “winter.”

Snow Names FAQs

What Name Means Frost?

For little snow queens, Kirsi and Sarma are lovely names that mean frost. Then we love Tushar, Ayaz, Urmas, or even Frosty for baby boys!

What Name Means Snow In Hawaiian?

For little girls, both Haukea and Haunani are beautiful names that mean snow.

What Is A Good Snow Princess Name?

Thanks to the instant popularity of the Disney animated flick Frozen, Elsa is a fantastic name associated with the snow queen. Drífa is an adorable mythological option, and we think Frostine sounds like a very regal snow name, too!

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