100 Fiery Names That Mean Brave: for Fearless Fighters

Is your child mighty and resilient enough to bear these all-powerful names that mean brave?

Bravery and strength are qualities often learned over time, but being a proud owner of one of these names that mean brave is sure to instill confidence in your little one from the start!

Full of sass and symbolism, these brave names for kids are sure to inspire. Plus, with so many courageous children running around, the future is definitely in mighty hands.

Help ignite that power in your child by selecting one of these spectacular names meaning brave. All their impressive meanings, origins, and more are also detailed below. So, go on, be brave enough to take a look!

35 Fearless Female Names That Mean Brave

Your daughters will be daring and dazzling with these beautiful names that mean brave for girls.

  1. Alala – an ancient Greek female name meaning “battle cry,” like a constant reminder of inner power and bravery.
  2. Alexandra – a feminine form of Alexander, with the epic meaning of “defender of mankind.”
  3. Aluma – a medieval Hebrew girl’s name for resilient warriors, meaning “strong, brave.”
  4. Amaia – means “brave warrior” in Greek, as well as “high place” in Spanish and “night rain” in Japanese.
  5. Andrea – a beautifully powerful option among girl names meaning “courage, strong, and brave.”
  6. Anh – it sounds soft and sweet, but this Vietnamese name holds meanings including “hero” and “brave.”
  7. Athena – a badass name after the Greek goddess of war and wisdom.
  8. Audrey – a retro-sounding name from Old English, admirably meaning “noble strength.”
  9. Bellona – a feisty choice among brave names after the bloodthirsty Roman goddess of war.
  10. Bryndis – a Scandinavian name meaning “armored goddess,” to be worn like a shield of power.
  11. Elfriede – from the Middle Ages, this fun, fantasy name means “elf strength.”
  12. Elizabeth – meaning “God is my oath,” this name offers spiritual bravery like a guiding light.
  13. Faith – a gorgeous virtue name for a baby believer.
  14. Geesi – an uncommon Somali entry among names that mean “brave, courageous.”
  15. Generys – this rare Welsh name is all about female empowerment, meaning “girl hero.”
  16. Hera – one of the mightiest names for a woman, after the fearless Greek goddess.
  17. Hilma – one of the most resilient brave names on the list, meaning “determined warrior.”
  18. Hope – like Faith, this virtue name offers the strength to believe and be strong.
  19. Imara – a sexy Swahili choice among girl names meaning “brave, strong.”
  20. Kinga – a regal-sounding Slavic female name meaning “brave” for girls.
  21. Leoni – a gorgeously cute name meaning “lioness” for fabulous, fearless leaders.
  22. Louise – a feminine form of Louis, meaning “renowned warrior,” fit for the bravest soldier girls.
  23. Marceline – meaning “young warrior,” this French girl’s name encourages strong will and bravery.
  24. Matilda – meaning “strong in battle,” this is a great literary choice among names meaning courage for girls.
  25. Merida – after the fiery heroine princess in Disney Pixar’s movie, Brave!
  26. Millicent – meaning “strong, brave, hardworking,” this gothic name has the cutest nickname in Millie.
  27. Minerva – the Roman goddess of warfare, wisdom, and bravery, makes a fantastically commanding namesake for a daughter.
  28. Nanna – it may sound grandmotherly, but this badass Old Norse name means “brave and daring.”
  29. Poppy – poppies are symbols of bravery, resilience, and honor, making this a spectacular name for a girl.
  30. Rikki – a sassy feminine diminutive form of Richard, meaning “brave ruler,” that’s full of confidence.
  31. Ruby – a sexy gemstone name that sparkles in red, a color often associated with courage and bravery.
  32. Taylor – singer Taylor Swift had a whole album named Fearless, making this a great “brave” name.
  33. Terrwyn – a unique yet adorable Welsh pick among uncommon names that mean “brave” for girls.
  34. Valerie – a vintage Latin name for a girl with “strong, healthy, and brave” qualities.
  35. Valeska – from the same stem as Valerie, this cool Slavic name oozes resilience and valor.

58 Mighty Male Names That Mean Brave

These “brave” names for boys can be worn like a badass badge of honor!

  1. Aaron – meaning “mountain of strength,” this name is about as courageous as you can get!
  2. Abbas – an Arabic boy’s name from the top of the register, with the proud, brave meanings of “stern, lion.”
  3. Abhay – a triumphant Hindu choice among male names that mean brave, for “fearless” little lads.
  4. Aito – this “warrior” choice is a fabulous Hawaiian entry among names that mean “powerful.”
  5. Alexander – one of the most beloved badass names meaning “strong” for a “defender of mankind.”
  6. Andrew – a cool, common, and confident choice for “manly, brave, powerful” dudes.
  7. Archibald – meaning “genuine, bold, brave” for fierce fellows full of fire.
  8. Archie – this Archibald diminutive has been hugely popular as an independent name in recent years.
  9. Armando – a Portuguese boy’s name meaning “soldier” for big brave boys.
  10. Baldwin – this Old German name has the assuring meaning of “brave friend.”
  11. Balendin – a melodic Latin name for a “fierce, brave” fighter.
  12. Basil – a great (and herby) Greek name meaning “royal, brave, kingly.”
  13. Bernard – a “hardy, bear-like” choice among traditional German names that mean “brave.”
  14. Bernardino – a badass Italian boy’s name meaning “brave.”
  15. Bolesław – a “great glory” name after the first king of Poland, Bolesław the Brave.
  16. Brion – a cool variant of Brian, this fresh Irish name has the royal meanings of “high, noble, brave.”
  17. Cenric – unusual yet striking, this Old English name means “bold ruler.”
  18. Dũng – a heroic Asian male name, full of “bravery.”
  19. Efe – a short yet strong Turkish name meaning “brave” and “older brother.”
  20. Errol – a vintage choice among names meaning strong, for a “nobleman or brave warrior.”
  21. Ethan – a popular Hebrew entry among brave names for boys, meaning “strong, solid.”
  22. Fearghal – a great Irish name for a “man of valor,” full of status and greatness.
  23. Ferdinand – a confident pick for a “brave, bold voyager.”
  24. Fernando – a Spanish take on Ferdinand, as sung about by ABBA.
  25. Findlay – a sweet surname turned male given name, meaning “fair-haired” and “courageous.”
  26. Gabriel – meaning “God is my strength,” this devout name is full of inner bravery and power.
  27. Gebhard – a very Old High German name meaning “brave, hardy.”
  28. Hamza – a handsome entry among Arabic names meaning “strong, steadfast.”
  29. Hào – a Sino-Vietnamese choice for a “brave, heroic” little leader.
  30. Harold – you know you can always trust Harold, with the brave meaning of “army ruler.”
  31. Hartmann – literally for a “hard, brave man,” this German name stands out as a strong option.
  32. Howard – a noble and gracious name for a boy with a “brave heart.”
  33. Jango – this African boy’s name would be great for Star Wars fans, meaning “brave warrior.”
  34. Jasur – an Asian name for a lad who is “brave, courageous.”
  35. Ken’ichi – a Japanese name for an all-around brave guy, meaning “wise, strong, healthy.”
  36. Koa – uniquely Hawaiian, this short yet mighty choice means “brave, bold.”
  37. Lalama – a cool and unique Hawaiian boy’s name meaning “fearless, clever.”
  38. Lenni – meaning “brave lion,” this Finnish name is fun and friendly.
  39. Leonard – another powerful “brave lion” name, with Leo as the cutest nickname.
  40. Leopold – a very vintage German name for “brave” boys.
  41. Louis – popular and familiar, this powerful choice means “renowned warrior.”
  42. Miles – meaning “soldier,” Miles is a cool Latin name for military babies.
  43. Mordecai – it’d be impossible not to feel invincible with a name like Mordecai, meaning “warrior” in Hebrew.
  44. Oz – this Hebrew male name means “strength, courage,” like the literary wizard.
  45. Peter – meaning “rock,” this vintage tough guy name is solid, stubborn, and everlasting,
  46. Ranbir – fiery warriors can wear this Indian boy’s name with pride, meaning “brave warrior.”
  47. Richard – meaning “brave ruler,” we can see why this Old German name is so popular.
  48. Ruadh – this medieval Gaelic name sounds fit for a warrior, after the most courageous color of “red.”
  49. Simba – this cute Swahili and Disney means “strength” and “lion.”
  50. Urho – a unique Finnish-American saint name meaning “brave.”
  51. Valeriy – a Slavic name with Latin roots for the “strongest, bravest” of warriors.
  52. Waqqas – a hardy Arabic name for a “brave, wise warrior,” pronounced “wa-kahs.”
  53. Willihard – or Willard, these manly German names mean “brave, hardy.”
  54. Wolf – an awesome choice among names meaning “brave” – recognized as a symbol of courage.
  55. Wolfhard – a no-nonsense Old German name for a “brave wolf.”
  56. Wyatt – means “brave in war,” a great name to have in your arsenal!
  57. Yiğit – with the cool Y initial, this awesome name means “brave, valiant” in Turkish.
  58. Zubair – and its other variants Zubayr, Zuberi, and Zubir all mean “strong and brave.”

7 Ultimate Unisex Names That Mean Brave

These great, gender-neutral names that mean “brave” are perfect for young warriors.

  1. Alex – one of the most iconic gender-neutral nicknames, with the strong-willed meaning of “defender.”
  2. Ari – this internationally popular name is incredibly hardy with its Armenian meaning of “brave.”
  3. Ariel – meaning “lion of God,” this famous name radiates strength, courage, and the power of spirituality.
  4. Casey – a popular Gaelic unisex name meaning “watchful” and “brave.”
  5. Griffin – a mythical creature perceived as a symbol of courage, makes a trendy name for a kid.
  6. Hero – this unisex name can be worn like a medal of bravery!
  7. Riley – a friendly and upbeat, gender-neutral Irish name meaning “brave.”

Names That Mean Brave FAQs

What Is A Name That Symbolizes Bravery?

Mythical girl names such as Athena, Hera, and Bellona are powerful symbols of bravery. In contrast, animal names for boys such as Leopold, Wolfhard, and Griffin take inspiration from nature to represent courage. Red is also perceived as a symbol of bravery, so names like Ruadh, Ruby, and Poppy are also fiery options.

What Name Means Fearless?

Abhay and Lalalma are boy names with “fearless” meanings, while girl names such as Taylor, Kinga, and Nanna all have “fearless” connotations.

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