100 Fantastical Names That Mean Dragon: For Boys & Girls

Like the legendary fire breathers, these baby names meaning dragon, are super hot!

If you’re looking for hot dragon names to spark inspiration in your baby name search, hunt no further. We have collected awesome mythological names that mean dragon, and we’re sure you’ll agree they’re all bold and beautiful choices.

Especially seeing how popular fantasy stories have inspired so many names, through Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings, plus many video games and other cultural fandoms, dragon names are particularly “slaying” among parents.

So, to keep with the trends and honor your favorite stories, read on, and learn all about these fascinating names meaning dragon below.

18 Powerful Names that Mean Dragon for Girls

Breathe fire and energy into your little princess’ life with one of these awesome dragon names.

  1. Belinda – a bright and pretty female name, perhaps derived from Italian (“beautiful”) or Germanic (“bright snake, serpent”).
  2. Chumana – a Native American pick among dragon names for girls, meaning snake.
  3. Chu’si – another unique Native American name believed to mean “snake flower.”
  4. Daenerys – a newly popular pick after the “mother of dragons” from Game of Thrones.
  5. Faranth – a pretty name of unknown meaning, belonging to a dragon in the Dragonriders of Pern series.
  6. Fiamma – this adorable Italian girl’s name means “flame, fiery one,” perfect for your little dragon princess.
  7. Kaida – a Japanese girl’s name, perhaps meaning “little dragon.”
  8. Katla – a Norse name meaning “kettle,” borne by a dragon in the Swedish children’s book The Brothers Lionheart.
  9. Khaleesi – another popular Game of Thrones name after the powerful and fierce “mother of dragons.”
  10. Maleficent – meaning “evil,” after the villain in Disney’s Sleeping Beauty, who transforms into a dragon.
  11. Medusa – a well-recognized name from Greek mythology, after a Gorgon monster with snakes for hair.
  12. Orochi – a dragon from Japanese mythology whose name means “big snake.”
  13. Pitaya – the proper name for a dragon fruit would make a sweet, summery name for a girl.
  14. Saphira – a gem of a dragon name after the sapphire-blue dragon from the Eragon series.
  15. Scylla – a scaly-sounding pick among dragon names for girls from Greek mythology.
  16. Syrax – a spicy name for a dragon queen, after a dragon from the Game of Thrones universe.
  17. Tiamat – an oceanic dragon name after the Babylonian glistening dragon goddess of the “sea.”
  18. Vhagar – a name of unknown meaning, taken from a Game of Thrones dragon.

73 Awesome Names that Mean Dragon for Boys

Full of passion and power, these dragon names are great for little warriors.

  1. Apep – a giant, serpent-like Egyptian deity of chaos.
  2. Apophis – an alternative name for Apep, the ancient Egyptian dragon-like deity.
  3. Balerion – a cool name after an all-mighty dragon from Game of Thrones.
  4. Belindo – a male form of Belinda, perhaps meaning “dragon, bright serpent.”
  5. Brandr – a hot Viking name meaning “fire” or “sword” that will suit any little adventurous dragon slayer.
  6. Cacus – after the Greek mythological “fire-breathing giant,” full of feisty dragon energy.
  7. Cadmus – a wise Greek boy’s name with the sharp meaning of “dragon’s teeth.”
  8. Caraxes – after a feisty red dragon from the Game of Thrones world.
  9. Drachenstein – an impressive name after a dragon from German mythology.
  10. Draco – a draconic Latin pick among male names meaning “dragon,” also a constellation in the night sky.
  11. Dracula – a foreboding name after the famous literary vampire, meaning “son of the dragon.”
  12. Dragan – this Slavic name meaning “precious, dear” sounds undeniably dragon-like.
  13. Drake – cool and musical, this English name means “dragon, snake” and “male duck.”
  14. Drakon – a wicked spelling of “dragon,” from Greek, an awesome name for a fire-breather.
  15. Drogon – sounding very serpent-like, Drogon was a Game of Thrones dragon.
  16. Eborsisk – after the fire-breathing dragon monster in Willow.
  17. Eisendrache – a strong Germanic male name meaning “iron dragon,” appearing in video games and pop culture.
  18. Ejder – an edgy Persian pick among boy names that mean “dragon.”
  19. Elliott – an English male name meaning “the Lord is my God,” belonging to the green dragon in Disney’s Pete’s Dragon.
  20. Eragon – a cool and feisty English literary boy name meaning “dragon rider.”
  21. Errol – a vintage Scottish boy name meaning “warrior” or “wanderer,” used by Terry Pratchett for a dragon character.
  22. Falkor – after the famous lucky dragon from The Neverending Story.
  23. George – after the legendary dragon-slayer and patron saint of England, whose name humbly means “farmer.”
  24. Glaurung – another of Tolkien’s dragons, possibly meaning “gold dragon.”
  25. Glycon – or Glykon, after the ancient Roman snake god with a cult following.
  26. Haku – a Japanese name meaning “white,” after the dragon-transforming character in Spirited Away.
  27. Herensuge – a serpent-esque dragon from Basque mythology.
  28. Huanglong – after the Yellow Dragon of Chinese religion and mythology.
  29. Hyson – sounding like a cool boy name, Hyson is a type of Chinese green tea, also known as Lucky Dragon Tea.
  30. Ignatius – a “fiery” Latin choice among dragon names, great for a lit-up little legend!
  31. Jiǎo-Lóng – a Chinese mythological name after a “scaled dragon.”
  32. Jörmungandr – terrifyingly meaning “huge monster,” after a mythical sea serpent in Norse mythology.
  33. Kilgharrah – the name of the wise, Great Dragon in the BBC television series Merlin.
  34. Knucker – a troublesome folkloric water dragon, locally famous in Sussex, England.
  35. Ladon – a golden apple-guarding dragon from Greek mythology.
  36. Leviathan – a biblical sea dragon whose name in Hebrew means “twisted.”
  37. Long – a Chinese and Vietnamese name element meaning “dragon.”
  38. Longwang – meaning “dragon king,” after the watery Dragon God of Chinese religion and mythology.
  39. Longwei – a Chinese male name meaning “dragon greatness.”
  40. Lóngwěi – a traditional Chinese name for boys, meaning “great as a dragon.”
  41. Merlin – meaning “sea fortress” in Welsh, Merlin comes from the magical dragons of Arthurian legend.
  42. Mushu – a name of unknown meaning, after the lucky dragon in Disney’s Mulan.
  43. Myung-Yong (명용) – full of fortune, this Korean male name refers to a mighty “bright dragon.”
  44. Nidhogg – with the fearsome meaning of “malice striker,” this was an Old Norse mythical dragon.
  45. Nithe – an Old Norse name presumed to mean “dragon” or “serpent.”
  46. Norbert – a vintage German name meaning “bright north,” used by Hagrid to name his dragon in Harry Potter.
  47. Ormr – a hot dragon name from Old Norse, meaning “snake, serpent.”
  48. Pendragon – a Celtic surname meaning “chief dragon,” associated with the famous Arthurian legends.
  49. Qinglong – a Chinese name after the powerful and symbolic Azure Dragon deity.
  50. Quetzalcoatl – meaning “feathered serpent,” this is the Aztec god of the sun, life, light, wisdom, and learning.
  51. Rhaegal – a spicy and handsome name after a Game of Thrones dragon.
  52. Ryu – a unique yet mighty Japanese entry among these names that mean “dragon.”
  53. Ryūji – a hot Japanese name, with “dragon” as a possible meaning.
  54. Ryūnosuke – another awesome Japanese dragon name from that cool “ryū-” stem.
  55. Samael – meaning “poison of god,” after a demon prince and Hebrew archangel, perceived as dragon-like.
  56. Shesha – meaning “king of the serpents,” this dragon-like demigod is a mighty Hindu male namesake.
  57. Smaug – a badass name of unknown meaning, borne by the fearsome dragon in The Hobbit.
  58. Spike – great for a baby with eye-catching hair, Spike reminds us of the purple My Little Pony dragon.
  59. Spyro – a punchy pick among dragon names after the sparky purple video game character.
  60. Tatsuo – a cool Japanese pick among male names that mean “dragon.”
  61. Tatsuya – a sleek alternative to Tatsuo, another Japanese dragon name.
  62. Tezcacoatl – an epic Aztec name for a fiery little “serpent king.”
  63. Tyson – a punchy English name meaning “fiery-tempered,” great for a baby with dragon-like qualities.
  64. Vermithrax – a sinister-sounding name after the dragon in the Dragonslayer film.
  65. Viper – a dragon name with a bite, after the vicious and venomous snake family.
  66. Viserion – another badass pick among dragon names from Game of Thrones.
  67. Vritra – meaning “enveloper,” Vritra was a serpent-like demon of draught in Hinduism.
  68. Watatsumi – a dragon and water god from Japanese mythology and religion.
  69. Won-Yong (원용) – a unique but badass Korean name meaning “one dragon.”
  70. Xiuhcoatl – a “fire serpent” from Aztec religion, great for a regal baby who breathes fire.
  71. Yong-Ha (용하) – a cool Korean name meaning “great dragon.”
  72. Yoong-Gun (영건) – ideal for a little hero, this Korean name has the flighty meaning of “sky dragon.”
  73. Zog – after the studious dragon in the English children’s picture book written by Julia Donaldson.

9 Epic Unisex Names That Mean Dragon

These gender-neutral dragon names are a cool pick for any little legend.

  1. Apalala – after the water dragon, or Nāga, from Buddhist mythology.
  2. Dragon – the best choice for a powerful and fiery baby!
  3. Evren – a gender-neutral name with the beautiful meaning of “universe,” after a Turkic mythological dragon.
  4. Griffin – after a classical, legendary creature resembling a dragon-like cross between an eagle and a lion.
  5. Hydra – a watery name after the serpent-like dragon from Roman and Greek mythology.
  6. Puff – a cutesy, fluffy nickname taken from the folk song Puff the Magic Dragon.
  7. Toothless – an adorable nickname for a newborn, after the dragon from How to Train Your Dragon.
  8. Uruloki – the name of a dragon species in Tolkein’s fictional elven Quenya language.
  9. Wyvern – in Middle English, Wyvern is a two-legged dragon from European folklore, seen on heraldry crests and flags.

Dragon Names FAQs

What Name Means Water Dragon?

If you’re looking to name a baby after a water dragon, consider names like the Japanese Watatsumi, the Buddhist Apalala, the Roman Hydra, or even the English Knucker.

What Are The Dragon Names From Game of Thrones?

There are plenty of dragons in Game of Thrones to use as inspiration for your baby’s name! We love Syrax, Vhagar, Caraxes, Balerion, and Drogon, among many others.

What Japanese Name Means Dragon?

Orochi and Kaida are cute Japanese girl names meaning dragon, and we love Ryu, Watatsumi, and Tatsuo for boys.

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