80 Cute Names That Mean Dream: For Your Little Sleepyhead

These creative dream names for girls and boys won’t give you nightmares!

Have you been searching for the perfect name to describe your baby-to-be, but nothing sounds right?

Check out our list of thoughtfully researched creative names that mean dream, which beautifully capture any vision you have for your baby’s future. Discover their meanings, a few historical deities, and more during your inspiring quest!

You never know- one of these names meaning dream, may perfectly describe your baby as a dream come true!

41 Creative Girl Dream Names

  1. Alora – of Latin and African origin, meaning “my dream.”
  2. Ariadne – a pretty Greek name for girls meaning “dream.”
  3. Ashling – this beauty is of Irish origin, meaning “dream” or “vision.”
  4. Avic – this sassy, Gaelic girl name means “dreams” or “goals.”
  5. Azlin – an adorable Arabic option meaning “sun” or “dream” in French.
  6. Bhranti – an Indian or Gaelic name meaning “daydream.”
  7. Brizo – of Greek origin meaning “soother,” referring to a prophet who interpreted dreams.
  8. Chimere – has an elegant French style with its “dreamy” meaning.
  9. Deisy – a pretty French name reminiscent of Daisy, but meaning “dreams.”
  10. Dream – a soft name meaning “images while sleeping” or when lost in imagination.
  11. Eislyn – is one of the cutest Celtic girl names that mean “dream”- fit for your little sleeping beauty!
  12. Esperanza – a beautiful Spanish feminine name meaning “hope” or “expectation.”
  13. Fantasia – offers a magical feel among names that mean dream, referring to a “fantasy” in Italian.
  14. Godusa – this English name meaning “big dreams and achievements” is motivating.
  15. Hayal – means “dream,” “fantasy,” or “imagination” in Turkish.
  16. Imena – has African roots meaning “dream” or “faith.”
  17. Joetta – a solid English girl name meaning “dreamer woman.”
  18. Juli – a lovely variant of Julia meaning “high dreams” in English.
  19. Kalpana – the most attractive of dream names with a Sanskrit origin meaning “imagining” or “fantasy.”
  20. Kanasu – has a whimsical Hindi meaning of “dream.”
  21. Marzena – of Polish origin meaning “one who dreams” or “child to dream for.”
  22. Menaali – a harmonious Gaelic name meaning “dreamland.”
  23. Mimoza – a punchy Albanian option for girls meaning “vision” or “intelligent one.”
  24. Nara – has a gorgeous French meaning of “dreamland.”
  25. Narcissa – a rare dream name meaning “sleep” in Latin or “daffodil” in Greek.
  26. Niorun – a strong mythological name meaning “goddess of dreams” in Old Norse.
  27. Nisa – is of Turkish, Japanese, and Thai origin meaning “woman,” “night,” or “dream.”
  28. Nyx – meaning “goddess of the night” in Greek, Nyx is the perfect name for your little dreamer.
  29. Oniria – this darling Spanish name means “dreamlike.”
  30. Reverie – an upscale French name meaning “daydream.”
  31. Roya – has a charming meaning of “dream” or “vision” in Persian.
  32. Sadira – this vibrant French name means “dreamy” or “lotus” in Persian.
  33. Sanja – a girly German name meaning “wisdom” or “she dreams” in Slavic.
  34. Sapana – a gorgeous Hindi feminine name meaning “dream.”
  35. Sovanna – of Cambodian origin, meaning “golden” or “dream.”
  36. Svajone – an ethnic name meaning “dreamer” in Lithuanian.
  37. Swapnali – a unique Indian girl name for “dream.”
  38. Vienna – is an Austrian place name meaning “city of dreams.”
  39. Yerazig – an unusual yet affectionate Armenian name meaning “little dream.”
  40. Yume – this exotic choice means “dream” in Japanese.
  41. Zlota – meaning “visions of gold” for a Polish goddess known as “the golden woman.”

39 Male Names Meaning Dream

  1. Ahlam – this unisex baby name is Arabic for “pleasant dreamer” or “ vision of perfection.”
  2. Albadawi – a lengthy Islamic name meaning “inner dream.”
  3. Almos – meaning “sleepy” or “dream,” this Hungarian pick might put your boy to bed!
  4. Alweo – this Latin boy name dazzles with its meaning of “a dreamer at heart.”
  5. Alyan – a powerful Arabic male name meaning “one who accomplishes impossible dreams.”
  6. Amani – a hopeful name that means dream, known as “wishes” in Arabic.
  7. Arman – of all the Persian names meaning dream, this one represents “wish” or “hope.”
  8. Ayumu – is a unisex Japanese name that means “dream” or “vision.”
  9. Baduli – this Indian name for “dreamer” is sure to capture hearts.
  10. Bruadair – the most charming of Irish boy names that mean “dream.”
  11. Bruatar – of Irish origin meaning “dream.”
  12. Ceeven – has a positive Hindu meaning of “dream coming true.”
  13. Chavez – this Portuguese or Spanish boy name meaning “dream maker” is just right for your dream boy!
  14. Cimon – of Latin origin with a calming “sleep” definition.
  15. Dilshad – a Persian name meaning “dreamy eyes.”
  16. Eidniuet – a quirky Welsh male name meaning “daydreamer.”
  17. Endri – a beautiful Albanian name meaning “dreamer.”
  18. Gabriel – meaning “God is my oath,” this angel visited Mary in her dream.
  19. Gramercy – this handsome French male name that means “dream” is so unique!
  20. Helem – a biblical boy’s name meaning “dreaming” or “healing.”
  21. Ialu – is a regal Egyptian name for “field of dreams.”
  22. Ikelos – this Greek male name represents the “god of nightmares.”
  23. Joldewin – of English origin meaning “adventurous dreamer.”
  24. Khamari – an African boy name meaning “prince of moonlight” or “dreamer.”
  25. Lorien – represents a fictional character known as the “master of visions and dreams.”
  26. Morpheus – an ideal baby boy name meaning “god of sleep and dreams” in Greek mythology.
  27. Narciso – this sweet-sounding Portuguese and Spanish dream name means “sleep.”
  28. Narcissus – a sleep-inspired Latin name meaning “numbness.”
  29. Narcyz – a diminutive of Narciso meaning “sleep” in Polish.
  30. Narkissos – this is one of the most stunning Greek dream names meaning “sleep.”
  31. Nehkaam – has a generous Sikh (monotheistic Indian religion) meaning of “selfless dreamer.”
  32. Ramiel – has an angelic, biblical connection meaning “vision” in Hebrew or Arabic.
  33. Rasui – a soulful Egyptian name for your little guy meaning “dream.”
  34. Rasul – this charming pick means “dream” in Egyptian or “messenger” in Arabic.”
  35. Reve – a luxurious French male name meaning “dream.”
  36. Saiful Azman – is up for interpretation with its meaning of “sword of the dream” in Urdu.
  37. Sanal – a captivating option meaning “memorable” or “dream” in Indian.
  38. Somnus – stands out as the Roman “god of sleep.”
  39. Swapnil – this unusual Indian boy name meaning “dreamy” has a funny sound.

Dream Names FAQs

What Japanese name means dream?

If you’re looking for a Japanese name that means “dream,” we found two options you might want to consider.

Yume is a Japanese girl name meaning “dream,” while Ayumu is a unisex Japanese name meaning “dream” or “vision.”

What name means dream in Greek?

When it comes to names that mean dream in Greek, the definitions are more dream-related.

Girl names:

  • Ariadne — “dream.”
  • Brizo — “soother.”
  • Nyx — “goddess of night.”

Boy names:

  • Ikelos — “god of nightmares.”
  • Morpheus — “god of sleep and dreams.”
  • Narkissos — “sleep.”

What is a boy’s name that means dream?

Check out these charming boy names that mean “dream:”

  • Bruadair
  • Gramercy
  • Rasui
  • Reve

What girl’s name means dreamer?

These are the most whimsical girl names meaning “dreamer:”

  • Bhranti — “daydream.”
  • Joetta — “dreamer woman.”
  • Reverie — “daydream.”
  • Svajone — “dreamer.”
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