100 Shimmering Names that Mean Gold: For Little Angels

Your baby will sparkle like the sun with these awesome names that mean gold!

There’s no denying that names that mean gold outshine all others, with their glittery connotations and sunshiney auras. Choosing a sparkling gold name for your son or daughter is a fantastic way to set them up to be the little stars they’re destined to be.

So, to save you from being blinded by all the shimmering gold names out there, we have gathered a vibrant list of all the glittering names we can find. With their shining meanings and origins, you’re sure to find the perfect one for your little angel on the way!

61 Girl Names That Mean Gold

Your little gem sure will sparkle with one of these gorgeous names meaning gold.

  1. Aerolynn – a magical female take on the masculine Aerol, meaning “golden-hearted.”
  2. Āh Kum – a rare Chinese name meaning “good as gold.”
  3. Áine – meaning “radiant,” this Irish sun goddess name sure is sparkly!
  4. Altansarnai – few names that mean gold glitter as much as this Mongolian gem, meaning “golden rose.”
  5. Amber – this pretty English name refers to fossilized tree sap, which glows with a golden, honey-colored hue.
  6. Aranka – a “golden” name of Hungarian origin.
  7. Aurelia – a radiant Latin girl name meaning “golden,” fit for a princess.
  8. Aurélie – a French take on Aurelia, irresistible among girl names that mean “golden.”
  9. Auriane – a dreamy French girl name meaning “gold.”
  10. Autumn – a delightful, Latin-rooted name from the fall season that conjures images of crisp, golden, falling leaves.
  11. Celeste – meaning “celestial,” this starry girl’s name brings to mind the glittering golden heavens above.
  12. Chrysanta – meaning “golden flower,” this Greek pick shines like golden chrysanthemums.
  13. Cressida – a Greek mythological name meaning “golden, precious.”
  14. Eldora – this glimmering pick among Spanish girl names that mean “gold” is perfect for a sun-blessed, blonde baby.
  15. Electryone – meaning “amber,” this golden name belonged to a Greek goddess of sunrise.
  16. Eun-Ju (은주) – a Korean feminine name with the divine meaning “to shine like gold and be smooth like pearls.”
  17. Eurddolen – a rare but mighty Welsh female name, meaning “golden ring.”
  18. Eurwen – a Welsh name combining elements meaning “blessed” and “gold.”
  19. Flavia – an ancient Roman pick meaning “golden or blonde” from “flavus.”
  20. Gilda – meaning “golden” or “gilded,” a luminous choice among girl names that mean gold.
  21. Golda – a Yiddish name meaning “gold.”
  22. Goldie – perhaps the most well-recognized of names that mean gold, this English nickname is a sparkling choice.
  23. Goldilocks – from the British fairytale, referring to a girl with golden “locks” of hair.
  24. Hema – a glittering Hindi girl name meaning “golden.”
  25. Hemani – like Hema, Hemani is a sweet Hindi girl’s name meaning “made of gold.”
  26. Honey – a golden English name that’s as sweet as can be.
  27. Kanchana – a stylish Thai and Hindu girl name meaning “gold.”
  28. Laoise – meaning “light, radiance,” this Irish female name sounds glittering and golden.
  29. Marigold – a summery, floral English name, meaning “golden flower.”
  30. Melora – a unique “pick” among girl names meaning gold, Melora is Greek for “golden apple.”
  31. Naak – meaning “golden,” this Thai girl’s name is such a jewel.
  32. Nevena – this dreamy Slavic girl’s name means “marigold,” a beautiful flower that resembles sunshine.
  33. Nubia – a sweet Egyptian treasure name meaning “gold.”
  34. Nubiti – like Nubia, Nubiti is an Egyptian gold name, meaning “golden lady.”
  35. Ofira – a pretty Hebrew girl’s name meaning “gold.”
  36. Orabella – a delightful name, created by mixing the elements “oro” (“gold”) and “bella” (“beautiful.”)
  37. Oralee – a unique, alternative way of spelling Aurélie, meaning “golden.”
  38. Oriana – a gorgeous Latin name referring to the golden hues of sunrise.
  39. Orla – an anglicized spelling of Orlaith.
  40. Orlaith – a stunning Irish girl’s name meaning “golden princess.”
  41. Paz – meaning “gold” in Hebrew and “peace” in Spanish.
  42. Rezarta – the feminine form of Rezart, an Albanian name meaning “golden ray.”
  43. Rosaura – a rare yet magical Spanish name combining elements meaning “rose” and “golden.”
  44. Rukmini – a regal Hindu name, meaning “covered with gold.”
  45. Saffron – a hot name relating to the flower, spice, and golden shade.
  46. Sandy – this breezy girl’s name makes us think of golden beaches and glowing sunshine.
  47. Sona – a smart Indian girl’s name that means “gold,” or perhaps a variant of Sonia, meaning “wisdom.”
  48. Sparkle – perhaps a bit on-the-nose, but a cutesy nickname for a golden baby girl!
  49. Sunbeam – a golden name, with Sunny as an adorable nickname.
  50. Sunny – an ever-cute nickname for a baby with the sunniest of dispositions!
  51. Swarna – a romantic Indian name meaning “golden, of good color.”
  52. Treasure – this cutesy English name and nickname is perfect for a glittering new arrival.
  53. Urrea – the feminine form of Urre, a male name also meaning “gold” in Basque.
  54. Worknesh – a feminine form of Workneh, meaning “you are gold.”
  55. Xanthe “X-” names are nice and uncommon, and this Greek mythological name means “golden-haired.”
  56. Zareen – meaning “golden,” this Urdu name is a gorgeous alternative to Zarina.
  57. Zarina – a pretty Persian pick meaning “golden.”
  58. Zehava – a stylish female name of Hebrew origin, meaning “golden.”
  59. Zlata – a Slavic feminine name that means “gold.”
  60. Zlatica – a sweet yet stylish diminutive of the Slavic Zlata, meaning “golden.”
  61. Złota – a Yiddish girl’s name derived from the Polish “złoto,” meaning “gold.”

26 Boy Names That Mean Gold

Help your son shine brightly with these stylish male names meaning gold.

  1. Abanoub – an ancient Egyptian name meaning “father of gold.”
  2. Aerol – a majestic Greek boy’s name meaning “golden-hearted one.”
  3. Amarillo – the Spanish word for “yellow” is undoubtedly a superb, golden name.
  4. Ardit – an Albanian name meaning “gold-day,” for babies born on the brightest of mornings.
  5. Aurelian – like the female Aurelia, this charming masculine name means “golden.”
  6. Aurelius – similar to Aurelian, Aurelius is a golden treasure of an ancient Roman name.
  7. Auryn – a regal-sounding Celtic name meaning “gold.”
  8. Avros – a rare, old Russian name said to mean “golden.”
  9. Baojin – a mesmerizing Chinese male name, meaning “gold, treasure, precious.”
  10. Bláán – an Old Irish name meaning “yellow,” also modernized as Blaine.
  11. Chrysanthos – a gentlemanly Greek name meaning “golden flower.”
  12. Chrysus – a Greek mythological figure recognized as the personification of gold.
  13. Eurig – a unique Welsh male name meaning “gold.”
  14. Flavius – this Roman name means “golden-haired,” marvelous for a son born with radiant locks!
  15. Golding – this popular, “golden” English surname could make a cool and meaningful given name for your son.
  16. Ofir – a Hebrew name and unique choice among short boy names that mean “gold.”
  17. Oro – a literal pick among names that mean gold, “oro” means “gold” in Spanish.
  18. Orville – an old-timey English male name, presumed to mean “golden city” in French.
  19. Rezart – a gleaming Albanian name said to mean “golden ray.”
  20. Urre – the Basque word for “gold” makes a unique name for a lad.
  21. Voskan – a luxurious Armenian name meaning “gold.”
  22. Workneh – an Ethiopian male name meaning “you are gold.”
  23. Zahavi – a radiant yet uncommon Hebrew boy name meaning “gold.”
  24. Zehab – an adventurous, Turkish-rooted male name meaning “gold.”
  25. Zerin – a popular, cool-sounding Persian pick meaning “made of gold.”
  26. Zlatan – a Slavic male name meaning “golden,” perfect for your little hero in the making.

13 Unisex Names That Mean Gold

Whatever your treasure, these gender-neutral names that mean gold are magnificent and magical!

  1. Auriel – a melodic Latin unisex pick, meaning “golden.”
  2. Blaine – a stylish, modern-sounding Gaelic name, meaning “yellow.”
  3. Bowie – one for the music lovers, this Gaelic surname means “yellow” or “golden-haired.”
  4. Dior– this luxurious, wealthy-sounding French name means “golden.”
  5. Jin – a popular name element in various Asian languages, with “gold” being a possible meaning in Chinese.
  6. Jin-Ho (진호) – a trendy Korean name for your cutest little “golden hero.”
  7. Jīnjǐng – a confidence-boosting Chinese name meaning “gold mirror.”
  8. Kanok – meaning “golden or made of gold” in Thai, a gorgeously rare find among gold names.
  9. Kin – a Japanese surname and given name meaning “golden.”
  10. Orel – a melodic-sounding, international unisex name meaning “gold” or “light of God.”
  11. Peta – a bold, animal-inspired Native American name meaning “golden eagle” in Blackfoot.
  12. Sovann – a Cambodian name that means “gold.”
  13. Voski – an inquisitive-sounding Armenian name, meaning “gold.”

Gold Names FAQs

What Name Means Golden Princess?

Orlaith is a stunning Celtic girl name meaning “golden princess,” or you could opt for Orla as a sweet variant.

What Name Means Golden Hearted?

Aerol is a gorgeous male name for a boy born with a heart of gold, and Aerolynn makes an adorable feminine variation.

What is the Roman Name For Golden?

Aurelius is a dazzling ancient Roman boy name meaning “golden.” It has even created many sparkling variations and nicknames, including Aurelia, Aurelian, Aurelie, and Auriel!

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