100 Regal Names That Mean King: For Radiant Babies

Your little prince will be destined for greatness with one of these extraordinary names meaning king.

When your baby arrives, you’ll find them becoming the newest ruler of your heart and home! So, choosing a name that means “king” for your tiny baby leader is a great way to acknowledge being part of their kingdom and setting them up with the inspiring virtues of wisdom, strength, and nobility.

There are so many glorious names meaning “king” for you to select from, including names inspired by great rulers in history. To help you choose, we have assembled a whole dynasty of king names, along with all their meanings, origins, legends, and more.

92 Regal Boy Names That Mean King

Prepare to bow down, as these king names for boys sure are majestic.

  1. Abanoub – a rhythmic Egyptian name meaning “father of gold, king of gold,” borne by a 4th-century Christian saint.
  2. Achilles – after the great Greek warrior, whose name includes meanings such as “strong, king, pain, warrior.”
  3. ʻAhoʻeitu – a Polynesian name relating to the legendary first King of Tonga.
  4. Ailill – the most magical of king names, meaning “elf,” belonging to many legendary Irish kings.
  5. Alexander – rooted in Greek, this powerful, kingly name means “defender, protector of man.”
  6. Alfonso – a trendy choice for a baby that’s “ready for battle,” associated with many European kings.
  7. Alfred – a British boy’s name meaning “elf counsel,” famously borne by king Alfred the Great.
  8. Arawn – a Welsh mythological name with the intriguing meaning of “king of the other world.”
  9. Arthur – a popular name belonging to the legendary king, meaning “bear, bear-like.”
  10. August – a summery yet regal Latin name of powerful leaders, meaning “great, magnificent, kingly.”
  11. Badin – the coolest among Thai boy names meaning “king.”
  12. Balian – a dreamy Turkish name that’s both spiritual and regal, meaning “king, lord, shaman.”
  13. Balthazar – a biblical boy name with the loyal meaning of “God protects the king.”
  14. Bazel – a hot Slavic choice among names meaning “king.”
  15. Bolesław – famously belonging to the first King of Poland, this Slavic name means “great glory.”
  16. Brendan – a royal choice for a little Irish ruler, meaning “prince” or “king.”
  17. Brenin – a charming and attractive Welsh name meaning “king.”
  18. Brian – meaning “high, noble,” this name is best associated with legendary Irish King Brian Boru.
  19. Brutus – a badass name meaning “heavy, masculine,” borne by Brutus of Troy, the founder and first king of Britain.
  20. Cathal – a feisty Irish name meaning “strong in battle,” belonging to many kings and a 7th-century saint.
  21. Chakrii – a unique yet stylish Thai name meaning “king.”
  22. Charles – the name of the King of the United Kingdom, meaning “free man.”
  23. Conchobhar – a rugged pick meaning “lover of hounds” and a line of legendary kings and aristocrats in Ireland.
  24. Cyrus – a dazzling Greek and Persian name linked to many kings, meaning “radiant, mighty, heir to the throne.”
  25. Dario – if your son has a “rich and kingly” aura about him, this Italian male name could be the one for him.
  26. Darius – meaning “rich and kingly,” borne by Darius the Great, the third Persian King of Kings.
  27. Donncha – meaning “brown-haired warrior,” belonging to many Gaelic kings, earls, and rulers.
  28. Duncan – meaning “dark chief,” this Gaelic boy’s name was borne by two Scottish kings and is full of power.
  29. Edward – an Old English name meaning “wealthy guardian,” a timeless classic name of nobility.
  30. Eero – an impressively cool Finnish male name, meaning “eternal ruler.”
  31. Emyr – a rare but impressive Welsh name meaning “king, ruler.”
  32. Eric – meaning “eternal ruler,” this regal Scandinavian name has belonged to many kings throughout history.
  33. Falcon – a powerful and attractive bird name after the animal known as the “king of the birds.”
  34. Faunus – the Roman “god of the forests,” called the legendary king of the Latins by the poet Virgil.
  35. George – countless leaders, kings, noblemen, saints, and presidents have borne this English name, meaning “farmer.”
  36. Gwan – a short and sweet Cantonese name meaning “leader, king.”
  37. Hansraj – a male Hindi name with the unique, bird-inspired meaning “king of swans.”
  38. Henry – a vibrant yet traditional Germanic name of kings, meaning “home-ruler.”
  39. Heremod – a regal Danish name, remembered as the historical King of Denmark.
  40. Istvan – the first king of Hungary was named Istvan, which means “man with a crown.”
  41. Jamshid – after the mythological king of Persia, meaning “shining, sun’s rays.”
  42. Jarlath – an Irish and Gaelic name and a 6th-century saint, with the regal meanings of “leader, prince.”
  43. Kai – an internationally popular name with many meanings, including “king” as an African name.
  44. Kavish – a romantic Hindi name meaning “king of poets.”
  45. Kenneth – a name belonging to Scottish kings, with the striking meaning of “born of fire.”
  46. King – a noble title that would make its bearer sound like a proper regal British gentleman.
  47. Kingsley – a cool king name from an English surname, meaning “king’s lea.”
  48. Kingston – an English surname derived from Old English, meaning “king’s town.”
  49. Kiyan – a handsome yet gentle Persian pick among names meaning “king.”
  50. Kral – originally a surname, this Slavic pick means “king, supreme leader.”
  51. Louis – this princely name meaning “renowned warrior” is a popular, timeless classic.
  52. Maximus – “the greatest” Roman name, traditionally given to those who excelled in leadership.
  53. Melchior – a spiritual Hebrew name meaning “king of light.”
  54. Melik – a spicy Armenian name meaning “prince” or “king.”
  55. Melker – a vibrant Swedish form of Melchior, meaning “king of light.”
  56. Melqart – a unique Phonecian name meaning “king of the city.”
  57. Minos – a cool choice if you’re looking for names that mean “king” inspired by Greek mythology.
  58. Mufasa – a name made famous by Disney’s “The Lion King,” this Swahili name means “king.”
  59. Nabil – this Arabic name meaning “noble” is a gorgeous choice among names that mean “king.”
  60. Olaf – a strong Old Norse name of many Slavic kings, leaders, and noblemen – meaning “descendant of ancestors.”
  61. Ozymandias – meaning “king of kings,” this Egyptian name is as commanding and powerful as can be.
  62. Pasi – a stylish, Finnish form of Basil, meaning “king.”
  63. Philip – meaning “friend of horses,” this Greek-rooted male name is best associated with the famous Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.
  64. Prince – a handsome and noble name for a cute little monarch-in-the-making.
  65. Qaiser – an Arabic name meaning “king.”
  66. Ragnall – this regal Gaelic name means “mighty power,” borne by many rulers through the Middle Ages.
  67. Raj – meaning “king, ruler” from Sanskrit, also a popular nickname for longer “Raj-” names.
  68. Rajesh – you can’t get much more powerful than this Hindi name, meaning “ruler of kings.”
  69. Rama – the name used by English speakers when referring to the Kings of Thailand.
  70. Reginald – an old-fashioned choice among names that mean “king.”
  71. Regulus – a Roman star name meaning “prince” or “little king.”
  72. Reinaldo – a cool Spanish boy name for a wise chap, meaning “king’s advisor.”
  73. Rex – an awesome name meaning “king,” sure to be a hit among dinosaur-loving kiddos.
  74. Richard – a popular and traditional name for kings and leaders, meaning “strong ruler.”
  75. Riordan – a dreamy and romantic Irish name for a little “poet king.”
  76. Roy – a short Norman name meaning “king,” also a variant of the Gaelic Ruadh, meaning “red.”
  77. Ruairi – a gorgeous earthy Scottish boy’s name, meaning “red king.”
  78. Ryan – a popular name for a “little king,” rooted in Irish.
  79. Sancho – meaning “sacred, holy,” belonging to a long line of Spanish kings.
  80. Shahin – a Persian male name with the majestic meaning of “royal white falcon, king of the birds.”
  81. Stanislav – a Slavic name meaning “one who achieves fame and glory,” associated with multiple noble namesakes.
  82. Stephen – a timelessly handsome English name meaning “crown.”
  83. Tanvik – a traditional Indian name meaning “king,” with Tan and Vik being cool nicknames.
  84. Tarquin – a chic choice among Roman king names, meaning “ruler.”
  85. Tigran – a strong name meaning “sharp, slender,” borne by a long line of Armenian kings.
  86. Tomislav – the first king of Croatia bore this name, with the edgy meaning of “torture, glory.”
  87. Vasily – from the same stem as Basil, this Russian name means “kingly, royal.”
  88. Victor – a heroic name meaning “winner,” this male name is reminiscent of the queenly Victoria.
  89. Wang-Yong – heroic in style, this Cantonese name means “brave king.”
  90. William – meaning “determined protector,” this royal name is perfect for a loyal and noble king.
  91. Yuvraj – meaning “crown prince,” Yuraj is traditionally used for the elder sons of Indian kings and Maharajas.
  92. Zohaib – this dreamy Arabic name means “leader, king.”

8 Glorious Gender-Neutral Names That Mean King

These unisex names meaning king, will rule your baby’s naming decisions.

  1. Ài – a Mandarin name meaning “lovable, affection,” associated with several kings and emperors.
  2. Ali’ikai – pronounced “ah-LEE-EE-kih,” this Hawaiian name means “king/queen of the sea.”
  3. Aubrey – sweet, earthy, and vibrant, this cute English name means “king of the elves.”
  4. Fallon – an Irish surname meaning “descendant of a rich king,” great as a given name.
  5. Rey – a good one for Star Wars fans, Rey is the Spanish word for “king.”
  6. Rian – a traditional Irish name meaning “little king” and a cute alternative to Ryan.
  7. Rory – meaning “red king,” this is a hot Scottish pick among king names.
  8. Yíjūn – an aspirational Chinese name meaning “joy, ruler.”

King Names FAQs

What Are Some Warrior King Names?

Donncha, Louis, and Cathal are some fantastic warrior names that mean “king.”

What Are Some Greek King Names?

Minos and Achilles are great choices if you are looking for some king names in Greek mythology. Philip, Alexander, and Cyrus are good examples of handsome kings also rooted in Greek.

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