130 Glowing Names That Mean Light: For Your Shining Star

Let your baby shine with one of these dazzling names that mean light.

There’s no better way to set your baby up to shine than by choosing from the gorgeous, star-like array of names that mean light.

Whether your baby has hair that shines like the sun, was born in the ethereal glow of the moonlight, or has a star-like twinkle in their eyes, we have found the most blinding collection of light names to choose from.

So, put down your torch, and let’s walk towards this dazzling glow of names meaning light and find the perfect name for your little sunbeam!

75 Glowing Girl Names Meaning Light

Your gorgeous angel will always shine and succeed with one of these dazzling light names.

  1. Abha – this gorgeous Hindi girl’s name means “light, aura, splendor.”
  2. Ahorangi – a dazzling choice for a dreamer, this Maori name means “enlightened.”
  3. Aileen – this pretty Scottish girl’s name means “bright light.”
  4. Áine – a Gailic girl name pronounced “awn-yah,” meaning “radiance, brilliance.”
  5. Alaula – a delightful Hawaiian girl’s name meaning “light of dawn.”
  6. Alev – meaning “flame, brightness, light,” this cute Turkish choice is unique but vibrant.
  7. Aliona – this melodic Russian girl’s name comes from Helena, meaning “bright, light.”
  8. Alora – a divine Latin girl’s name meaning “dreamer” or “the Lord is my light.”
  9. Aruna – this unique Hindi name describes the reddish light cast by the rising sun.
  10. Aurora – this princess-worthy Latin name meaning “dawn” makes us think of the dazzling northern light display.
  11. Ayla – symbolizing the aura of light shining around the moon, this Turkish name is truly ethereal.
  12. Aysel – another celestial Turkish light name, meaning “a flood of moonlight.”
  13. Bergljot – a unique Norwegian name meaning “light will save,” offering hope and protection.
  14. Binnur – names that mean “light” don’t get brighter than the Turkish Binnur, meaning “a thousand lights.”
  15. Cassandra – an effervescent Greek girl name for “one who shines upon all.”
  16. Damini – meaning “lightning” and “self-controlled,” this Sanskrit girl’s name is a powerful one to behold.
  17. Deepali – a Hindi girl’s name interpreted as “a row of lamps.”
  18. Deepika – meaning “lantern, flame,” this is a hot pick among Hindi names meaning light.
  19. Diya – a short and sweet Hindi girl’s name meaning “lamp, light.”
  20. Eilidh – a dreamy Scottish name for a girl, meaning “light.”
  21. Elaine – a French and Scottish option, this pretty pick means “bright, shining, light.”
  22. Elea – a Scandi twist on Eleanor, meaning “bright, shining light.”
  23. Eleanor – an internationally-popular girl name meaning “shining light.”
  24. Elin – an adorable form of Helen, meaning “bright, shining light,” but also meaning “nymph” in Welsh.
  25. Ellie – this popular, familiar name meaning “light” sounds just like a smile.
  26. Fariza – means “light” in Urdu, spoken primarily in Southern Asia.
  27. Gayora – a lovely pick for a beautiful girl, meaning “valley of light” from Hebrew.
  28. Hahana – a gorgeous choice among Maori names meaning “radiant light.”
  29. Hala – an Arabic girl’s name for angels, relating to the moon’s halo of light.
  30. Ha-Yoon (하윤) – a popular Korean girl’s name meaning “glowing lake” or “sunlight.”
  31. Helen – a traditional choice, meaning “light, bright, sun,” from Greek.
  32. Helene – adding an extra “e” to Helen gives it an enchanting flair.
  33. Helenka – a Slavic take on Helen, meaning “bright, shining light.”
  34. Helia – a glowing Spanish name from Greek, meaning “shining light.”
  35. Heulwen – this Welsh pick meaning “sunlight” is a warming choice among names meaning light!
  36. Jelena – similar to its variant Yelena, Jelena is a Slavic name meaning “light.”
  37. Jyotsana – a great choice for a baby born at night, meaning “moonlight.”
  38. Kamaria – a magical Swahili name meaning “moonlight,” great if you’re looking for nighttime light names.
  39. Lainey – a sweet, smiling Scottish girl’s name meaning “bright, shining light.”
  40. Laoise – a glittering choice among Irish female names, meaning “light, radiance.”
  41. Lasair – a luminous Gaelic girl name meaning “flame” or “bringer of light.”
  42. Lenushka – a dazzling Russian name for a little sunbeam, meaning “shining light.”
  43. Leonora – a pretty European variant of Eleanor, meaning “shining light.”
  44. Lesedi – hailing from Southern Africa, this vibrant name means “woman of light.”
  45. Lina – an ultra-feminine-sounding Portuguese female name meaning “sunlight.”
  46. Lucely – a cute Cuban twist on Lucia, meaning “light.”
  47. Lucia – a classically gorgeous Latin-rooted feminine name meaning “light.”
  48. Lucille – a romantic French name meaning “light.”
  49. Lucy – a classic English name meaning “light,” also popularly spelled Lucie.
  50. Luz -the Spanish word for “light” makes a vibrant girl name.
  51. Mahina – the sweetest of ethereal light names, this Hawaiian name means “moonlight.”
  52. Marama – meaning “moon” or “light of the world,” this Maori name shines like a beacon of hope.
  53. Mealla – an uplifting Irish name, said to mean “lightnight” and “honey.”
  54. Narangerel – a unique Mongolian name meaning “sunlight.”
  55. Ngaio – this Maori girl’s name symbolizes light reflecting dreamily on water.
  56. Noor – a short Arabic name meaning “light.”
  57. Nora – a popular, old-fashioned Irish and Greek name meaning “light.”
  58. Orelee – a modern feminine name from the Hebrew Orel, meaning “golden, light of God.”
  59. Phoebe – meaning “bright, radiant,” this Greek girl’s name sure is pretty.
  60. Roxanne – a gorgeous Greek-rooted name meaning “bright, sunlight.”
  61. Roxy – a popular and sparky nickname for Roxanne.
  62. Ruihi – this Maori form of Lucy is an adorable example among names that mean “light.”
  63. Säde – pronounced “sa-deh,” this Finnish girl’s name means “ray of light.”
  64. Saengdao – a dazzling Thai name meaning “starlight.”
  65. Saulė – a Baltic solar goddess, whose name means “sunlight.”
  66. Sitara – an exotic and enchanting Hindi name meaning “starlight.”
  67. Solana – meaning “sunlight,” this vibrant Spanish name is light and luxurious.
  68. So-Ok (소옥) – a rare Korean girl name meaning “pure nature” and “light.”
  69. Svetlana – a popular pick among Slavic names meaning “light.”
  70. Tejal – meaning “light, lustrous, brilliance,” this Hindi girl name is full of all things bright.
  71. Thea – the gorgeous name of the Greek goddess of light, sun, moon, and dawn.
  72. Tiye – the name borne by an ancient Egyptian deity of light.
  73. Uma – a short, sweet international name meaning “light, splendor, tranquility.”
  74. Yamini – a comforting Hindi choice among names meaning light, referring to the “light in the darkness.”
  75. Yelena – a Russian girl’s name meaning “light, bright.”

41 Bright Boy Names Meaning Light

Your luminous lad will shine like the stars with one of these names that mean light.

  1. Akio – a cute Japanese name for a “bright boy.”
  2. Asnee – this Thai boy name meaning “lightning” is especially striking.
  3. Baldur – meaning “prince,” this was the name of the Norse god of light.
  4. Barak – a striking Hebrew name meaning “lightning.”
  5. Beacon – this shining word sounds like it could make a great light name.
  6. Beorhtel – a standout Norwegian male name for a lad “who shines with a bright light.”
  7. Bhaskar – a Hindi male name derived from elements meaning “shining, maker of light.”
  8. Chirag – an old Persian and Arabic name with the guiding meaning of “lamp, lamplight.”
  9. Djalu – an authentic Australian name with the snappy meaning of “lightning.”
  10. Dritan – means “light” in Albanian.
  11. Faro – an Italian boy name meaning “lighthouse.”
  12. Feivish – a rare yet traditional Yiddish name meaning “light.”
  13. Finn – a popular Irish name meaning “fair,” perfect for a baby born with light, shining hair.
  14. Heylel – a cool Hebrew name meaning “bringer of light,” another name for Lucifer.
  15. Irshad – meaning “guiding light,” bearers of this name will sound wise and caring.
  16. Jomei – this Japanese boy’s name meaning “spreading light” is a great way to share some sunshine.
  17. Kamari – the male version of Kamaria, a Swahili name meaning “moonlight.”
  18. Konani – a delightful Hawaiian boy’s name meaning “bright.”
  19. Kwang-Min (광민) – this Korean name can mean “light,” “quick,” or “clever.”
  20. Luca – a slick and stylish short form of Lucas, meaning “light.”
  21. Lucas – a handsome and popular Latin name meaning “bringer of light.”
  22. Lucero – a cool male name derived from the Spanish “luz,” meaning “light, star.”
  23. Lucien – a handsome French boy’s name meaning “light.”
  24. Lucifer – despite its evil connotations, this stand-out name means “bringer of light.”
  25. Lucjan – is the Slavic form of Lucas, meaning “light.”
  26. Luke – a gorgeous biblical boy name very popular in the U.S. and beyond, meaning “light.”
  27. Melchior – a noble and regal Hebrew name meaning “king of light.”
  28. Melker – a snazzy Swedish form of Melchior, meaning “king of light.”
  29. Mounir – a rare choice among light names, this Arabic one means “shining, bright, luminous.”
  30. Prabhakar – meaning “maker of light,” this Hindi name is a powerful pick.
  31. Pradip – a cool Hindi name meaning “light,” for a luminous lad.
  32. Quacey – a unique Scottish male name meaning “moonlight.”
  33. Reyansh – an Indian boy name to suit your new “ray of light.”
  34. Roshan – meaning “brightness of the light,” this Turkish name is vibrant and reassuring.
  35. Sandeep – a cool Hindi boy’s name meaning “shining, light.”
  36. Tayn – a short, handsome Maori name meaning “god of light.”
  37. Tej – short, simple, yet full of dazzle, this Hindi boy’s name means “light, brilliance.”
  38. Tejas – a longer form of Tej, meaning “brilliance, splendor.”
  39. Ujjwal – a Hindi light name, meaning “bright, radiant.”
  40. Uriel – the name of a biblical archangel, this beautiful Hebrew pick means “angel of light.”
  41. Ziven – a Hebrew boy’s name meaning “light of God,” also a Slavic name meaning “lively.”

14 Gorgeous Gender-Neutral Names Meaning Light

These unisex names that mean “light” will cast the most beautiful glow over those who bear them.

  1. Aurinko – this unisex Finnish name meaning “sun” is an ever-radiant choice in our eyes.
  2. Cyra – as a Persian name, this enticing name means “born in the light.”
  3. Ebby – a unisex name in Afrikaans (spoken in South Africa), meaning “father of light.”
  4. Jyoti – a fun Indian name meaning “light, flame.”
  5. Kiran – an attractive and popular Hindi unisex name meaning “ray of light.”
  6. Liekki – a gorgeous Finnish name meaning “flame,” sure to put a bright smile on your face.
  7. Lumi – although it sounds like a “luminous” name, this Finnish choice actually means “snow.”
  8. Lux – the Latin word for “light” could make a unique name for a boy!
  9. Mishal – meaning “torch,” this Arabic name is a glowing beacon among light names.
  10. Niko – an upbeat and trendy Japanese name meaning “daylight, peace, harmony.”
  11. Nuria – a Spanish and Arabic name meaning “fire, luminous.”
  12. Nuru – a unisex Swahili name meaning “light.”
  13. Orel – a glowing international name meaning “light of God” or “gold.”
  14. Paris – affectionately known as “the city of light,” this French place name sure is luminous.

Light Names FAQs

What Name Means Ray of Sunshine?

If you’re looking to name your baby after a ray of sunshine, we love the sun names Aurinko, Aruna, Heulwen, and Lina.

What Name Means God or Goddess of Light?

Saulė was a Baltic solar goddess, and Thea was a Greek goddess of light, both making stunning light names for little girls. For boys, Baldur was a Norse god of light, and Tayn is a handsome Maori name meaning “God of light.”

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