100 Darling Names that Mean Love: For Cute Boys And Girls

These beautiful love names will make your heart skip a beat!

When it comes to naming your baby, you want to choose the right one to express just how much they mean to you.

We’ve researched to curate a list of darling names that mean love so you can name your baby easily!

Discover the most caring girl and boy names meaning love, learn their history, and land on the perfect one for your precious babe. You’ll surely find some gorgeous love names for your shortlist in no time!

61 Darling Love Names for Girls

Check out these desirable love names for your little girl on the way.

  1. Adelpha – a gorgeous Greek girl name meaning “beloved sister.”
  2. Agapi – this punchy Greek choice means “love” or “affection.”
  3. Ahava – has a gentle sound and means “love” in Hebrew.
  4. Aiko – a unisex love name meaning “beloved child” in Japanese and the middle name of singer Jhene Aiko.
  5. Amada – a beautiful Spanish girl’s name meaning “loved.”
  6. Amadea – this Latin love name means “God’s beloved” and is the female version of Amadeus.
  7. Amanda – a fairly common name meaning “she must be loved” in Latin.
  8. Amandine – a fancy French variant of Amanda meaning “much-loved.”
  9. Amata – a stunning Latin and Italian girl name meaning “beloved.”
  10. Amora – this affectionate pick means “love” in Spanish.
  11. Amoris – is the Latin diminutive of Amora, meaning “love.”
  12. Angharad – a unique Welsh love name meaning “much-loved.”
  13. Aroha – a gender-neutral Maori name meaning “love.”
  14. Amy – this well-known French name meaning love stands for “beloved” and is shared by famous comedian Amy Schumer.
  15. Aziza – a strong name that means love, known as “powerful and beloved” in Arabic.
  16. Cariad – has Welsh roots with a precious “love” definition.
  17. Carina – displays adoration with its Italian meaning of “dear little one.”
  18. Carita – a vibrant Latin name for girls meaning “love.”
  19. Carwen – appears androgynous, but it’s a Welsh girl’s name meaning “blessed love.”
  20. Carys – an adorable Welsh name that means “love.”
  21. Cher – a French girl name for “beloved” and belonging to a famous singer.
  22. Cherish – has an English origin meaning “beloved.”
  23. Cordelia – can be interpreted as a love name meaning “heart” or “daughter of the sea.”
  24. Darla – an English love-inspired name meaning “darling.”
  25. Dua – a sweet Albanian and Arabic choice meaning “love” or “prayer,” associated with superstar Dua Lipa.
  26. Elska – has a medieval feel with its Nordic “love” definition.
  27. Esha – a spunky Sanskrit name for “desire.”
  28. Esme – this could be the perfect French name for your darling girl, meaning “beloved.”
  29. Femi – a deep African female name meaning “the Lord loves me.”
  30. Freya – means “a noblewoman,” referring to the Norse goddess of love, beauty, and fertility.
  31. Habiba – an African or Arabic name meaning “beloved” or “sweetheart.”
  32. Halia – is a transcending symbol of love, meaning “remembrance of a loved one” in Hawaiian.
  33. Haviva – a caring Hebrew option meaning “well loved.”
  34. Idony – an unusual Norse name meaning “love again” or “renewal.”
  35. Ife – this ethnic name means “love” in African or Yoruba.
  36. Kalila – meaning “beloved,” this female Arabic name is loveable.
  37. Kerensa – this Cornish name is full of affection meaning “love.”
  38. Libi – the prettiest Hebrew girl name meaning “my heart.”
  39. Lovella – a feminine take on the surname Lovell, meaning wolf.
  40. Luba – an authentic Russian name meaning “love,” “lover,” or “dear.”
  41. Ludmila – means “beloved of the people,” a strong Slavic choice for names meaning love.
  42. Mabel – a popular Latin name meaning “loveable.”
  43. Maite – this rare beauty means “beloved” in Basque.
  44. Mariel – a Dutch diminutive of Mary meaning “beloved,” “bitter,” or “drop of the sea.”
  45. Milada – this undeniably sweet Czech name means “beloved.”
  46. Milena – expresses kindness with its Czech meaning of “love,” warmth,” or “grace.”
  47. Myfanwy – is a quirky Welsh girl name meaning “my lovely little one.”
  48. Nayeli – this rare Zapotec name is full of romance meaning “I love you.”
  49. Paris – a French place name for “the city of love.”
  50. Philippa – a charming Greek name meaning “lover of horses,” attached to child prodigy Philippa Schuyler.
  51. Philomena – carries power with its Greek meaning, “lover of strength.”
  52. Philou – a super cute Dutch name for girls meaning “love.”
  53. Pippa – a stylish Italian and English girl name meaning “lover of horses.”
  54. Priya – a Sanskrit name with a warm meaning of “beloved.”
  55. Querida – an exotic female name meaning “dear” or “beloved,” pronounced keh-REE-duh in Spanish.
  56. Siran – meaning “lovely” in Armenian, a beautiful pick among names that mean love
  57. Suki – a pretty choice meaning “loved one” in Japanese.
  58. Tivona – has a Hebrew origin meaning “lover of nature.”
  59. Vashti – this elegant girl’s name meaning “lovely” belonged to an ancient Queen of Persia.
  60. Venus – means “Roman goddess of love and beauty” in Latin, best associated with professional tennis player Venus Williams.
  61. Yaretzi – a Native American girl name meaning “you will always be loved”- symbolizes eternal love.

39 Caring Love Names for Boys

These are the kindest boy names that mean love.

  1. Amadeus – a spiritual Latin boy name meaning “lover of God” and the middle name of Mozart.
  2. Amado – a handsome Spanish name that means “love.”
  3. Amato – this Italian masculine name for “loved” is as sweet as they come.
  4. Amatus – has Latin roots meaning “beloved.”
  5. Amias – a charming Latin male name meaning “loved.”
  6. Armas – meaning “beloved” in Finnish, Armas is a beautiful name for a baby boy.
  7. Caradoc – a peculiar Welsh name meaning “amiable” or “beloved.”
  8. Caron – a stunning Welsh boy name belonging to Saint Caron, meaning “kind” or “loving.”
  9. Ceri – a stylish unisex name meaning “to love” in Welsh.
  10. Chaviv – a comforting Hebrew love name, meaning “loved one.”
  11. Connelly – this Irish boy’s name means “love” or “friendship.”
  12. Conor – has a masculine style meaning “lover of hounds” in Irish.
  13. Cordian – a loving Latin name meaning “of the heart.”
  14. Darrell – this French boy name means “dear one” or “beloved.”
  15. David – a popular boy name meaning “beloved” in Hebrew.
  16. Desi – a cheeky unisex choice, meaning “desired one” in Spanish.
  17. Dewey – this Welsh name meaning “beloved” makes a playful choice.
  18. Didier – has a luxurious vibe meaning “desired” or “beloved” in French.
  19. Dilan – is the Turkish variation of Dylan, meaning “love.”
  20. Drury – an old-fashioned French name meaning “dear one” or “sweetheart.”
  21. Erasmus – means “beloved” or “desired” in Greek, a perfect term of endearment among love names.
  22. Graziano – a gorgeous Italian male name meaning “pleasing,” beloved,” or “dear.”
  23. Habib – an Arabic name for “loved one,” also known as a term of endearment by Muslims, “Habibi.”
  24. Hart – this preppy English love name means “stag.”
  25. Janan – an Arabic love name meaning “heart” and “soul.”
  26. Jebediah – an uncommon Hebrew name meaning “beloved friend.”
  27. Jedidiah – a biblical boy’s name meaning “beloved of the Lord” in Hebrew.
  28. Kama – a Sanskrit name meaning “love” or “desire.”
  29. Kamaka – this beachy choice means “rock” or “beloved child” in Hawaiian and Maori.
  30. Kealoha – a punchy Hawaiian pick meaning “loved one.”
  31. Lennon – means “lover” in Irish and is a hot choice due to its connection to the late John Lennon.
  32. Leofric – a rich German boy name meaning “beloved kingdom.”
  33. Liev – this Yiddish variant of Lev pronounced LEE-ev means “heart.”
  34. Milos – a mighty Slavic name meaning “lover of glory.”
  35. Obi – a prideful African name meaning “heart,” native to the Nigerian Igbo tribe.
  36. Philip – a popular Greek boy name for “lover of horses.”
  37. Rudo – an African male name that means “love” in Shona, a language used in Zimbabwe.
  38. Sajan – a lovely Hindi name meaning “beloved.”
  39. Valentine – a gorgeous Latin name meaning “strength” or “health,” associated with the famous holiday of love.

Love Names FAQs

What is a Name that Means Love?

Love names are a sweet way to show your baby affection. Here are some of our favorite names that mean love:

Girl Names

  • Amora — “love.”
  • Carys — “love.”
  • Nayeli — “I love you.”

Boy Names

  • Amadeus — “lover of God.”
  • Dilan — “love.”
  • Lennon — “lover.”

What is the Latin Name for Love?

Latin names are beautiful and often full of romance. We found a few Latin names inspired by “love” below.

Girl Names

  • Amoris — “loved.”
  • Carita — “love.”
  • Mabel — “loveable.”

Boy Names

  • Amias — “loved.”
  • Cordian — “of the heart.”
  • Valentine — “strength” or “health.”
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