100 Spectacular Names That Mean Moon: Popular to Unique

These gorgeous moon names are as spectacular and special as the moon itself.

Sometimes, the perfect name for your new little boy or girl can seem as far away as the moon itself. With what feels like more names that mean moon out there than stars in the sky, it can be quite a daunting task to pick the perfect one for your little celestial angel!

So, you’ll be “over the moon” to hear that we have gathered our favorite baby names meaning moon, which are fantastic choices for any new nighttime baby. From the mythological to the scientific, you’ll love these names “to the moon and back!”

58 Girl Names That Mean Moon

These stunning moon names for girls are simply delightful.

  1. Aiday – meaning “moon child,” this adorable Kazakh name is great for a blessed baby.
  2. Altalune – meaning “over the moon,” this Latin feminine name perfectly captures the joy of parenthood.
  3. Artemis – the Greek goddess of the moon, makes a fantastical namesake for your baby.
  4. Aygerim – a truly delightful Kazakh girl name meaning “wonderful moon.”
  5. Ayla – a radiant Turkish name symbolizing the aura of light that shines around the moon.
  6. Aylin – similar to Ayla, this cute Turkish pick means “of the moon.”
  7. Aysel – meaning “a flood of moonlight,” this pretty Turkish name takes your breath away.
  8. Belinay – a spectacular Turkish name meaning “reflection of the moon on a lake.”
  9. Bulan – a strong Indonesian name that means “moon.”
  10. Celene – a famous Latin name meaning “moon,” from the same stem as Selena.
  11. Chandrakanta – a luminous and honorable Hindi name meaning “beloved by the moon.”
  12. Channary – an ultra-feminine Cambodian name, meaning “moon girl.”
  13. Chanthira – a sophisticated gem of a Thai girl’s name, meaning “moon.”
  14. Crescent – an unusual word name relating to the moon’s shape.
  15. Diana – meaning “heavenly or divine,” Diana was an ancient Roman moon goddess.
  16. Duanphen – a fantastical pick among Thai names meaning moon, signifying a “full moon.”
  17. Eclipse – a solar phenomenon that would make a fantastic addition to these moon names.
  18. Esmeray – this stylish, sassy pick is of Turkish origin, meaning “dark moon.”
  19. Feray – an adorably feminine-sounding Turkish name, meaning “radiance of the moon.”
  20. Hala – an angelic Arabic girl name, relating to the halo of light shining around the moon.
  21. Hang – as a Vietnamese name, Hang means “moon.”
  22. Hecate – meaning “far-reaching,” Hecate was a Greek mythological figure associated with the moon.
  23. Ilargi – this Basque feminine name that means “moon” is fun to pronounce.
  24. Indu – a completely adorable Sanskrit pick, meaning “moon.”
  25. Indumathi – also derived from Sanskrit, Indumathi means “full moon.”
  26. Jyotsana – meaning “moonlight,” Jyotsana makes a magical pick for a baby born in the nighttime
  27. Kamaria – a melodic Swahili name with the magical meaning of “moonlight.”
  28. Killa – a fiery-sounding Native American female name meaning “moon.”
  29. Losna – meaning “moon,” Losna was an Etruscan lunar goddess.
  30. Lousin – a cool Armenian name meaning “moon.”
  31. Luna – a popular first and last name meaning “moon” in various languages, and a Roman moon goddess.
  32. Lunabella – adding the “beautiful” “bella” suffix to Luna makes this an adorably dreamy moon name.
  33. Lutana – an indigenous Australian girl name meaning “moon.”
  34. Mahin – a dreamy Persian girl name meaning “of the moon.”
  35. Mahina – a cute Hawaiian pick meaning “moon” and the name of a lunar deity.
  36. Marama – a radiant Maori name meaning “moon” or “light of the world.”
  37. Mehzebeen – a strikingly rare Persian girl name, meaning “as beautiful as the moon.”
  38. Menodora – another Greek mythological name that means “moon.”
  39. Mona – a name with various roots and the Old English word for “moon.”
  40. Monday – a cool word name for a baby born at the start of the week, meaning “day of the moon.”
  41. Moon – this sweet word name is unique and full of beauty and mystery.
  42. Moonbeam – another uncommon-yet-totally-adorable word name for your new celestial beauty.
  43. Moonshine – although it sounds like a fantasy name, “moonshine” is a term for strong, illegally-produced liquor!
  44. Neoma – the Greek-rooted female name meaning “new moon” is full of hope.
  45. Nguyet – a standout Vietnamese girl name that means “moon.”
  46. Nikini – a sassy name referring to the gorgeous sight of a full moon in August.
  47. Pandia – meaning “brightness” in Greek mythology, Pandia was the daughter of Zeus and Selene.
  48. Pensri – meaning “beauty of the moon,” Pensri is a loving name to dote upon a daughter.
  49. Purnama – a soft Indonesian name meaning “full moon.”
  50. Selena – a dreamy Greek-derived princess name meaning “moon.”
  51. Selene – in Greek mythology, Selene was a Titan lunar deity and personification of the moon itself.
  52. Şenay – a cheerful moon name for a chirpy baby, meaning “happy moon” in Turkish.
  53. Stellaluna – the most ethereal of choices, combining the Latin “stella” (star) with “luna” (moon.)
  54. Tiziri – a sweet African pick among names that mean moon, referring to the “moonlight.”
  55. Tsukiko – the sweetest of Japanese girl names for lunar babies, meaning “moon child.”
  56. Umbra – a mysterious name relating to the darkest part of the moon’s shadow during an eclipse.
  57. Yamini – a Hindi name with the comforting meaning of “light in the darkness.”
  58. Zira – from the same stem as Tiziri, Zira is a unique African girl’s name meaning “moonlight.”

27 Boy Names That Mean Moon

Discover these out-of-the-world moon names for boys!

  1. Abylay – meaning “father of the moon,” this Kazakh name is a bold, masculine option.
  2. Agharna – a soft and romantic Hindi male name meaning “moon.”
  3. Artem – a stylish, handsome Slavic boy name taken from Artemis, the Greek goddess of the moon.
  4. Artemidoros – meaning “gift of Artemis,” this ancient Greek name would suit any baby born in the moonlight.
  5. Bahloo – an Aboriginal Australian name, Bahloo holds the space-inspired meaning of “moon man.”
  6. Chandran – a regal Hindi name meaning “moon.”
  7. Dal – a tasty Indian dish and a Korean masculine name meaning “moon.”
  8. Ehaan – a rare but handsome Arabic name meaning “bright moon.”
  9. Getsumei – this sweet Japanese boy’s name may mean “moonlight.”
  10. Himanshu – also meaning “moon,” this Hindi boy name is a dreamy one.
  11. Iah – meaning “moon,” Iah was an ancient Egyptian lunar deity.
  12. İlkay – a Turkish male name with the hopeful meaning of “new moon.”
  13. Jericho – a Hebrew masculine name and city in Israel, believed to mean “moon.”
  14. Kamari – a handsome Swahili name meaning “moon, moonlight.”
  15. Khonsu – an Egyptian lunar deity whose name holds the adventurous meaning of “traveler.”
  16. Luan – as a Portuguese boy’s name, Luan means “moon.” In Albanian, it means “lion” – so cool either way!
  17. Máni – the personification of the moon in Norse mythology makes a strong namesake for a little legend!
  18. Mayank – a stylish Hindi male name that means “moon.”
  19. Mwezi – a Swahili male name meaning “month” or “moon.”
  20. Quacey – a Scottish-rooted male name referring to “moonlight.”
  21. Rakesh – from Sanskrit, this powerful pick means “ruler of the full moon.”
  22. Thoth – an Egyptian god of wisdom, the arts, science, and the moon.
  23. Tsukuyomi – a lunar deity in Japanese mythology, derived from elements meaning “moon” and “reading.”
  24. Tuncay – a fashionable Turkish name with the unique yet vivid meaning of “bronze moon.”
  25. Tyoma – a cute nickname derived from the Russian masculine form of Artem.
  26. Vikesh – a Sanskrit masculine name that means “moon.”
  27. Zunair – a gorgeous Urdu name full of silver shimmer, meaning “moonlight.”

15 Unisex Names That Mean Moon

Any little lunar boy or girl would be lucky to have one of these unisex moon names.

  1. Ainar – a unisex moon-related name meaning “male moon” or “fire moon.”
  2. Badr – a short, gender-neutral name of Arabic origin, meaning “full moon.”
  3. Chan – a simple but stunning Sanskrit name, meaning “moon.”
  4. Dawa – a Tibetan name meaning “month” or “moon,” usually given to babies born on a Monday.
  5. Elatha – meaning “knowledge” or “art” Elatha was a Celtic moon god.
  6. Günay – a Turkish surname and given name referring to a moon seen in daylight.
  7. Hilal – a pure name of Arabic origin, meaning “crescent moon.”
  8. Jaci – a friendly-sounding choice, belonging to the god of the moon in Tupi-Guarani mythology.
  9. Kuu – the Finnish word for “moon” makes a short and sweet unisex name.
  10. Metztli – the Aztec god of the moon, offers a cool lunar-themed name choice.
  11. Mooney – an Irish surname meaning “descendant of wealth,” with that distinct moon-like sound.
  12. Qamar – pronounced “KA-mar,” this cool Arabic name holds the dreamy meanings of “moon” or “moonlight.”
  13. Shashi – a sweet, demure-sounding Sanskrit name meaning “moon.”
  14. Taqqiq – a standout Inuktitut (Eastern-Canadian) name meaning “moon,” with an epic spelling.
  15. Yue – pronounced similarly to “UEH,” this is a Chinese name element meaning “moon.”

Moon Names FAQs

What Name Means Moonlight?

There are many beautiful names that mean “moonlight.” For little girls, we love Jyotsana, Zira, and Kamaria. Getsumei is a lovely option for boys, or the gender-neutral Qamar is a stylish choice.

What Name Means Moon Goddess?

Artemis, Diana, and Losna are all stunning names taken from lunar goddesses! If you like Artemis, consider Artem or Tyoma for boys, too.

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