100 Names That Mean Night for Your Moonlight Baby

These adorable names that mean night bring an ethereal light to the darkness!

For a baby born under the aura of moonlight, there are some stunning names that mean night for you to choose from. But, if the vast cloud of names seems too dark and daunting, don’t worry!

We have gathered the most stellar names meaning night for you to choose from, with options ranging from the magical and majestic to the dark and divine; you are sure to find the perfect name for your little star on the way.

Keep reading to find the cutest night names and uncover their legends, origins, namesakes, and more.

64 Girl Names That Mean Night

These adorable girl names meaning night, are as dreamy as a star-lit sky.

  1. Aiday – this Kazakh name meaning “moon child” is a night name worth smiling about.
  2. Ajambo – a sweet, upbeat African girl name meaning “born at night.”
  3. Amaya – as a Japanese name, Amaya has the refreshing meaning of “night rain.”
  4. Ankareeda – an Arabic female name meaning “graceful and shining like a night star.”
  5. Anniki – in Finnish mythology, Anniki was the goddess of night.
  6. Astra – a Latin name for a nighttime-born little girl “of the stars.”
  7. Atieno – an East African female pick for a baby “born at night.”
  8. Aylin – a Turkish name for a baby “of the moon.”
  9. Belinay – this Turkish female name refers to the beautiful nighttime sight of a moon reflecting on a lake.
  10. Channary – a Cambodian name, perfect for a little “moon girl.”
  11. Chausiku – a cute Swahili name meaning “born at night.”
  12. Ciara – a sweet Gaelic name meaning “dark,” just like the sky at night.
  13. Cicada – the dusk-chirping insects, have a name so pretty that it sounds perfect for a sunset-born girl.
  14. Danica – a stylish Slavic name meaning “morning star.”
  15. Estelle – a classic French name meaning “star,” a brightly shining pick among night names.
  16. Estrella – the Spanish word for “star” is also a stellar choice among names that mean night.
  17. Eve – traditionally meaning “full of life” in Hebrew, Eve could also relate to the dusky time of day.
  18. Hoshiko – an impossibly cute Japanese name meaning “star child,” great for babies born under the glowing night sky!
  19. Ilta – a sweet Finnish pick with a soft lilt, meaning “evening.”
  20. Inala – a rhythmic Australian girl name meaning “night time.”
  21. Isra – an elegant, short Arabic name meaning “night journey.”
  22. Jyotsana – meaning “moonlight,” Jyotsana is an attractive choice for a night baby.
  23. Kauket – the female equivalent of Kek, the Egyptian god of darkness.
  24. Koko – a Japanese and Blackfoot girl name meaning “stork” or “night.”
  25. Leila – an adorably soft and melodic Arabic name meaning “night.”
  26. Lilith – despite having demonic connotations, Lilith is a sweet-sounding pick meaning “night.”
  27. Luna – the Roman goddess of the moon makes a celestial nighttime namesake for a little girl.
  28. Lycoris – a unique Greek girl’s name, meaning “twilight.”
  29. Lyla – a sweet variant of the Arabic Leila.
  30. Mahin – meaning “of the moon,” this Persian girl’s name is beautiful for a nighttime blessing baby.
  31. Mahina – a Hawaiian lunar deity, meaning “moon.”
  32. Menaali – a gorgeous Gaelic female name meaning “dreamland,” the sweetest place to visit at night.
  33. Midnight – dreamy and mysterious, Midnight is an elusive gem for a night-born baby girl.
  34. Migina – a unique name of Omaha origin, meaning “new moon” or “returning moon.”
  35. Miyako – a gorgeous Japanese girl name meaning “beautiful night child.”
  36. Miyu – a sweet-as-can-be Japanese name meaning “beautiful evening.”
  37. Moon – a unique yet mystical pick- perfect for a baby born under the moon’s glow.
  38. Moonflower – a cute floral name after the flower that only blooms at night.
  39. Naeva – a stand-out French girl’s name, meaning “born in the evening.”
  40. Nebetta – a sweet pick for an Egyptian princess born at nighttime, meaning “child of the moon.”
  41. Nikini – a name of Sri Lankan origin referring to a full moon in August.
  42. Nisa – a pretty name of Turkish, Japanese, and Thai origin, meaning “dream” or “night.”
  43. Nisha – a sweet Hindi girl’s name meaning “night.”
  44. Nótt – the personification of “night” in Norse mythology.
  45. Nut – the Egyptian goddess of nighttime, the sky, stars, and astronomy.
  46. Nyx – the personification of nighttime in ancient Greek mythology.
  47. Primrose – a pretty floral name referring to the genus that only opens in the evening.
  48. Rajani – a pretty Sanskrit option among names that mean night, meaning “dark” or “of the night.”
  49. Ratree – a floral Thai female name, referring to the night jasmine flower.
  50. Ratri – a Hindu goddess and personification of the “night.”
  51. Samira – the feminine form of Samar, Samira is an Arabic name meaning “evening conversation.”
  52. Sandhya – a dreamy Indian girl name meaning “evening” or “dusk.”
  53. Sayoko – a Japanese girl’s name referring to a “child born at night.”
  54. Selene – a popular, ethereal choice belonging to the Greek goddess of the moon.
  55. Shabana – a Muslim female name meaning “belonging to the night” or “nightfall.”
  56. Shirina – a pretty Hindi name that means “night.”
  57. Sitara – meaning “starlight,” this Hindi name is an illuminating choice for your little sweetheart.
  58. Te-Uri – a rare name referring to the Tahitian goddess of darkness.
  59. Tinuviel – one for the literature fans, this unique pick means “nightingale,” created by J.R.R. Tolkien.
  60. Tsukiko – a cute Japanese name meaning “moon child.”
  61. Twyla – a modern invented name, perhaps taken from the word “twilight.”
  62. Yamini – a gorgeous Hindi name for a luminous little girl, meaning “starry night.”
  63. Yiska – a standout Native American girl name, meaning “the night has passed.”
  64. Yvaine – introduced by writer Neil Gaiman, this Elaine/Yvonne combo means “evening star.”

23 Boy Names That Mean Night

Your handsome little angel will shine like the moon with these boy names meaning night.

  1. Aayaan – great if you love a good vowel, Aayaan means “long night” in Persian.
  2. Ahtahkakoop – a Cree (Indigenous American) name referring to the “blanket of stars” in the night sky.
  3. Aibek – a smart Turkish male name for a little “moon master.”
  4. Arrats – a unique Basque choice, meaning “dusk.”
  5. Astro – this smart Latin prefix means “of the stars.”
  6. Ayaz – means a “cool night breeze” in Turkish, a comforting pick among boy names that mean night.
  7. Bahloo – an Aboriginal Australian pick meaning “moon man,” sounding very space-inspired.
  8. Byakuya – a stylish Japanese male name meaning “white” or “night.”
  9. Chandrakant – a regal Sanskrit male name meaning “beloved by the moon.”
  10. Ciaran – a classic Gaelic name meaning “dark,” either for a nighttime-born baby or one with jet-black locks.
  11. Gau – the Basque word for “night” makes a short, punchy name.
  12. Huáng Hún – a rare Chinese boy name pronounced wang-sun, meaning “nightfall.”
  13. Kek – the Egyptian god of primordial darkness, offers a great namesake for a night-born baby.
  14. Knight – not strictly a name meaning “night,” but an excellent homonym for a noble little soldier!
  15. Mbita – a Swahili boy’s name referring to “one born on a cold night.”
  16. Namid – a gorgeous Native American night name, meaning “one who dances among stars.”
  17. Nishith – a smart Hindi pick among boy names that mean “night,” with the cutest nickname of Nish.
  18. Nox – the Latin word for “night” makes a cool, starry name for a boy.
  19. Orfeo – this exotic-sounding Italian male name is a sleek variant of the Greek Orpheus.
  20. Orpheus – a Greek mythological musician whose name means “the darkness of night.”
  21. Otieno – a night name from East Africa, meaning “born at night.”
  22. Rajnish – a strong name for a regal nighttime baby, meaning “lord of the night” in Sanskrit.
  23. Samar – an Arabic male name with the cozy meaning of “evening conversation.”

13 Unisex Names That Mean Night

These gender-neutral names meaning night, are full of intrigue, inspiration, and wonder.

  1. Chandra – meaning “shining moon,” Chandra belongs to the Hindu god of the moon and nighttime.
  2. Dusk – not technically a name, but if Dawn makes a beautiful title, why not Dusk?
  3. Hesper – a sweet name taken from Hesperos, the personification of the Evening Star in Greek mythology.
  4. Hōkū – the sweetest Hawaiian pick, meaning “night of the full moon.”
  5. Jiemba – this Indigenous Australian name meaning “laughing star” is great for a happy little night owl.
  6. Metztli – meaning “moon,” Metztli refers to an Aztec night deity.
  7. Nightingale – a romantic-sounding choice, usually a surname, and inspired by the bird.
  8. Nuit – the French word for “night” and a unique name option.
  9. Pomare – a Tahitian night name with the unusual meaning of “night cough.”
  10. Vesper – an alternative to the “evening star” name Hesper, also known as a cocktail.
  11. Weayaya – an Indigenous American (Dakota) rooted name, meaning “sunset.”
  12. – the Finnish word for “night,” and an undeniably-cool name choice.
  13. Yoru – a rare Japanese unisex name meaning “night.”

Night Names FAQs

What Night Names Symbolize Darkness?

For a mythological night name that means “darkness,” consider Kek, Kauket, Orpheus, or Te-Uri. Ciaran, Ciara, and Rajani are also stylish names that mean “dark.”

What Name Means Moonlight?

Jyotsana is a charming girl’s name meaning “moonlight,” and the gender-neutral Chandra’s meaning of “shining moon” sure is majestic.

What Names Mean Night Star?

Ankareeda and Hoshiko are our top picks of girl names that mean “night star,” and Namid or Astro make great male choices.

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