100 Bright & Beautiful Names That Mean Sun

These vibrant sun names are as brilliant as a shining summer’s day!

Do you find names that mean sun fascinating? You could say your baby brought a spectrum of sunlight into your life. Maybe they entered the world during that beautiful time of day as the sun rises or under the dreamy glow of a gorgeous sunset?

Many names capture the brilliance of sunshine, and finding the perfect one for your own celestial angel can be tricky!

So, we have gathered some of the most radiant names meaning sun from around the globe and included everything you need to know to pick the best for your new little sunbeam.

43 Girl Names That Mean Sun

These sun names for girls are truly dazzling.

  1. Aelia – a smiley, ancient Roman girl name meaning “sun.”
  2. Áine – meaning “radiant,” Áine is the Irish goddess of summer, associated with the sun itself.
  3. Akycha – the name of an Inuit sun goddess worshiped in Alaska.
  4. Alba – this pretty name and surname mean “sunrise, dawn” in Spanish and Italian.
  5. Aurora – a gorgeously vibrant name meaning “dawn” and the Roman goddess of daybreak.
  6. Bast – meaning “jar,” Bast was an ancient Egyptian goddess of cats and the sun.
  7. Cymbeline – a melodic-sounding Greek girl name meaning “sun lord.”
  8. Dawn – an elegant English word name used to signify daybreak.
  9. Easter – meaning “dawn,” this Christian name makes for a unique yet memorable choice.
  10. Electryone – an electric name meaning “amber,” belonging to a Greek goddess of sunrise.
  11. Eliana – a sparkling, melodic name meaning “daughter of the sun,” with many adorable nicknames.
  12. Eos – the Greek goddess of daybreak, whose short name means “dawn.”
  13. Étaín – pronounced “ay-deen,” this pretty Irish girl’s name means “jealousy,” and was a mythological sun goddess.
  14. Helen – a traditional name meaning “light, bright, and sun” from Greek.
  15. Helia – a cute pick inspired by the Heliades – the “daughters of the sun” in Greek mythology.
  16. Heulwen – a unique option, meaning “sunshine” in Welsh.
  17. Hunu – full of glow, this Maori girl name means “sunray.”
  18. Kalinda – a melodic Hindi girl name meaning “sun.”
  19. Lina – a charmingly warm Portuguese feminine name meaning “sunlight.”
  20. Malina – a beautiful name for a “sun goddess,” taken from the Inuit religion.
  21. Mehri – a “merry” sounding Persian girl name meaning “sunny.”
  22. Morag – a traditionally Scottish female name, Morag means “great” and “sun.”
  23. Nanala – a floral pick meaning “sunflower,” from Hawaiian.
  24. Narangerel – a cool Mongolian name meaning “sunlight.”
  25. Olwen – meaning “white footprint,” Olwen was a Welsh mythological figure often considered a sun goddess.
  26. Oriana – a dreamy, rhythmic French name meaning “sunrise.”
  27. Saulė – a Baltic solar goddess and a traditional name meaning “sunlight.”
  28. Savita – an attractive, full-of-fire Indian girl name meaning “sun.”
  29. Siria – meaning “sun, glowing,” this sweet name may also refer to Syria.
  30. Solana – a cute variant of Sol, this pretty Spanish pick means “sunshine.”
  31. Sole – the Italian word for “sun,” which shines like the brightest of daylight.
  32. Solveig – meaning “daughter of the sun,” this Scandinavian name makes a touching tribute.
  33. Summer – a dreamy word name for a baby born in the most sunshiney of months.
  34. Sunbeam – a glittering word name, with “sun” or “sunny” as adorable nicknames.
  35. Sunčana – meaning “sunny,” this Croatian name is full of the joys of summer.
  36. Sunday – another cute English word name for those born on the sunniest day.
  37. Sunflower – an uncommon yet adorably floral word name for your colorful new girl.
  38. Sunniva – an ancient Norwegian pick, meaning “gift of the sun.”
  39. Sunshine – a brilliant word name for the newest little sunray in your life.
  40. Synnøve – meaning “sun gift,” this Scandinavian name is the brightest choice.
  41. Tesni – a gorgeous Welsh girl name meaning “warmth from the sun.”
  42. Yindi – a rare yet energy-filled Australian female name meaning “sun.”
  43. Zarya – meaning “dawn,” in Slavic mythology, Zarya is the personification of daybreak.

44 Boy Names That Mean Sun

These sun names for boys may sound hot, but we think they’re super cool!

  1. Aadav – an energetic, radiant Indian male name meaning “sun.”
  2. Aarush – a Sanskrit-derived male sun name, meaning “dawn.”
  3. Aelius – the male form of Aelia, a bright Roman masculine name meaning “sun.”
  4. Anatole – a dreamy yet uncommon French boy name meaning “sunrise.”
  5. Apollo – meaning “destroyer,” Apollo was the Greek god of sunlight.
  6. Areg – a short, punchy Armenian name meaning “sun.”
  7. Arki – a unique Hindi boy name meaning “descendent of the sun.”
  8. Arthit – a bright “sun” name, also related to the Hindi god Aditya.
  9. Aruna – a Hindu god whose Sanskrit name refers to the orange-brown hue of the rising sun.
  10. Aten – an attractive African pick, meaning “sun disk.”
  11. Atid – a cool, energetic Thai male name meaning “sun.”
  12. Baldr – the mythological Norse sun god, whose name has the regal meaning of “prince.”
  13. Bhaskar – full of heavenly power, this Hindi name means “of the sun.”
  14. Blaze – a hot name for a ray of sunshine and a Latin-rooted pick meaning “lisping.”
  15. Cye – a cool Iranian choice meaning “sun,” relating to the Greek boy’s name Cyrus.
  16. Cyrus – a classically cool Persian name meaning “sun.”
  17. Dazhbog – meaning “giver,” Dazhbog was a Slavic sun deity and a significant god.
  18. Dismas – a Greek male name for a dusk-born baby, meaning “sunset.”
  19. Domingo – meaning “Sunday” in Spanish, and also a form of Dominic, meaning “of the Lord.”
  20. Eguzki – the Basque word for “sun” could make an awesome choice for a sun name.
  21. Elio – a stylish, modern-sounding form of the Greek Helios, meaning “sun.”
  22. Haul – a rare gem amongst names that mean sun, “haul” is the Welsh word for “sun.”
  23. Heliodoro – meaning “gift from the sun,” this sweet Spanish boy’s name is an honorable one.
  24. Helios – a Greek mythology name relating to the heavenly personification of the sun.
  25. Horus – the fiery Egyptian god of the sky, meaning “sun god.”
  26. Inti – the ancient Incan solar deity makes a radiant and “sunny” namesake.
  27. Ishan – a handsome Hindi name meaning “sun” and “lord.”
  28. Jamshid – a radiant Persian name meaning “shining sun rays,” belonging to a mythological king.
  29. Kourosh – a popular Persian boy’s name meaning “like the son.”
  30. Malakbel – meaning “angel,” Malakbel was an ancient Arab sun god.
  31. Phoebus – meaning “pure, bright,” Phoebus is another name for the Greek sun god Apollo.
  32. Prabhakar – meaning “maker of light,” this Hindi name sounds like the sun itself.
  33. Ra – the Egyptian sun god, whose name also means “sun.”
  34. Ravi – the Hindu god of the “sun,” a popular pick amongst powerful names meaning sun.
  35. Rohit – a Sanskrit name used to describe the gorgeous shades of red from an early sunrise.
  36. Samson – a strong biblical Hebrew boy name meaning “sun.”
  37. Solaris – a stylish Latin male name meaning “of the sun.”
  38. Sorin – a handsome name derived from Romanian, meaning “sun.”
  39. Sulien – a unique Welsh saint name, meaning “god of the Sun.”
  40. Suraj – derived from Sanskrit, a cool male name that means “sun.”
  41. Surya – meaning “sun,” Surya is the name of a Hindu sun god.
  42. Taner – a handsome Turkish name meaning “born with the sunrise,” from elements meaning “man” and “dawn.”
  43. Thinnakorn – an earthy, standout Thai pick meaning “sun.”
  44. Vihaan – a charming choice for a morning-born baby, meaning “dawn,” from Sanskrit.

13 Gender-Neutral Names That Mean Sun

These unisex names that mean sun are as bright-as-can-be.

  1. Akino – from Japanese, this smiley-sounding name means “rising sun.”
  2. Aurinko – a chirpy Finnish unisex name meaning “sun.”
  3. Gisli – a radiant choice meaning “ray of sunshine.”
  4. Hinata – a Japanese name element meaning “sunny place,” “sunflower,” or “to the sun.”
  5. Kiran – a Hindi name perfect for any little sunshine, meaning “ray of light.”
  6. Magec – the magic-sounding name of the ancient god of the sun, Berber.
  7. Ray – a bright and cool choice for a beaming baby.
  8. Shams – the Arabic word for “sun.”
  9. Shemesh – a unique choice among Hebrew sun names, meaning “eye of the sun.”
  10. Sol – a god in Roman and Germanic mythologies, meaning “sun” in Spanish.
  11. Soleil – the French word for “sun” could make a sophisticated sun-themed name.
  12. Sun – a bright English word name and also a Korean name element.
  13. Sunny – an ever-cute nickname for a baby with a sunny disposition!

Sun Names FAQs

What Name Means Sunrise?

A sunrise is a gorgeous phenomenon to name a baby after. For girls, we’d suggest Alba or Oriana, whereas for boys, we adore Rohit or Anatole.

What Is A Greek Name For Sun?

Greek offers some gorgeous sun-themed names for boys and girls- Helios was the ancient Greek solar deity and personification of the sun, and Elio or Helia make gorgeous variations.

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