110 Mighty Names That Mean Warrior for Boys & Girls

Your baby will rule the world with one of these adorable warrior names for brave boys and girls!

Only the finest of babies can grow up to pull off the mightiest of names that mean warrior, and we think your new little legend is certainly up to the task.

However, with all the warrior names relating to strength, power, mythology, and history, finding the perfect one to suit your baby soldier can be challenging. So, we have gathered this enchanting list of names meaning warrior for you to admire and select from their vast array of origins and meanings.

Keep reading, and before you know it, your baby boy or girl will be writing their very own warrior legend!

32 Girl Names That Mean Warrior

These girl names meaning warrior, are worthy of the finest and most fierce women.

  1. Alala – a female name from ancient Greek, with the fantastic meaning of “battle-cry.”
  2. Alessia – a gentle name of Italian origin, meaning “defending warrior.”
  3. Alexandra – meaning “defender of mankind,” this powerful choice is a great and popular one.
  4. Aloisia – a charming pick among German girl names meaning “warrior.”
  5. Ama – a pretty, short name for a baby warrior, meaning “she returns from battle” from Navajo.
  6. Amaia – meaning “brave warrior” in Greek, “high place” in Spanish, and “night rain” in Japanese.
  7. Athena – the Greek goddess of war and wisdom, makes a powerful warrior namesake for a girl.
  8. Boudicca – a battle-ready Celtic name meaning “victorious,” referring to the ancient warrior queen.
  9. Earlene – a lesser-heard, female form of the English Earl, meaning “nobleman, warrior.”
  10. Enni – a cute-sounding Finnish girl name with lots of power, meaning “she who fights with a sword.”
  11. Hedda – a traditional Scandinavian name for a queen, meaning “female warrior.”
  12. Heloise – a gorgeous Helen/Louise combo name, meaning “famous warrior.”
  13. Hera – no girl names meaning “warrior” are as fit for a Greek queen goddess as Hera!
  14. Hermine – the feminine form of the Germanic Herman, meaning “army man.”
  15. Loja – a Finnish form of Louise, meaning “famous warrior.”
  16. Louise – a highly popular English name meaning “renowned warrior.”
  17. Lovise– meaning “female warrior,” Lovise makes a great alternative to Louise.
  18. Ludwika – the female form of Ludwik, this Polish girl’s name means “famed warrior.”
  19. Malin – a cute Scandinavian name of Hebrew origin, meaning “little warrior.”
  20. Mallt – a unique Welsh variant of Matilda, meaning “strong in battle.”
  21. Marceline – a sophisticated French girl’s name meaning “young warrior.”
  22. Matilda – meaning “mighty in battle,” you know your Matilda will grow into a tough cookie.
  23. Maud – a medieval form of Matilda, meaning “mighty in battle.”
  24. Ragnhild – a great choice among Viking girl names meaning “warrior.”
  25. Ruiha – a stunning Maori girl’s name meaning “famous warrior.”
  26. Shamira – a noble female name of Hebrew origin, meaning “guardian, protector.”
  27. Shiwen – a great name to honor heritage, this Chinese female name means “warrior of culture.”
  28. Tyra – with the amazing meaning of “thunder warrior,” everyone will love this unique Norse name.
  29. Wilhelmine – meaning “determined warrior,” this Germanic name is powerful and pure.
  30. Wilma – a short form of Wilhelmine, meaning “warrior.”
  31. Wojciecha – pronounced “voi-cheh-ka,” this Polish name means “joyous warrior.”
  32. Zelda – a tough name of Germanic origin, with various meanings: “dark battle, gray fighter, and strong woman.”

69 Boy Names That Mean Warrior

Your little lad will rule with might and majesty if you choose one of these epic boy names meaning warrior.

  1. Agnar – a fierce Old Norse male name meaning “terrifying warrior.”
  2. Aito – short yet strong, we love this Hawaiian pick among names that mean “warrior.”
  3. Alaois – from Irish, this is a uniquely-spelled choice among boy names that mean “warrior.”
  4. Alexander – meaning “defender of mankind,” this popular choice is a true winner.
  5. Alojzy – meaning “famous warrior,” Alojzy is a handsome choice for a little legend.
  6. Alvaro – meaning “elf warrior,” this name is both feisty and fantastical!
  7. Andre – a charming and simple French name that means “warrior.”
  8. Armando – a handsome, battle-ready Portuguese boy’s name meaning “soldier.”
  9. Badahur – a mighty Muslim male name meaning “fighter, warrior.”
  10. Baran – an uncommon Gaelic name meaning “noble warrior.”
  11. Calian – a Native American male name meaning “warrior of life.”
  12. Cathal – meaning “strong in battle,” this Irish name is well-suited to a hardy little chap.
  13. Cearbhall – a standout Gaelic male name with bite, meaning “fierce warrior.”
  14. Cenk – pronounced “jenk,” this Turkish male warrior name means “struggle, war, battle.”
  15. Channarong – a strong Thai name meaning “experienced warrior.”
  16. Cheveyo – a cool Hopi (Native American) pick, meaning “spirit warrior.”
  17. Clovis – a unique, earthy-sounding, French-rooted name meaning “renowned warrior.”
  18. Danuwoa – this rhythmic-sounding Cherokee name means “warrior.”
  19. Donncha – meaning “brown-haired warrior,” this Irish name would be great for a dark-haired lad.
  20. Duncan – meaning “dark warrior,” this Scottish name is an excellent, mysterious choice.
  21. Earl – a name of stature, this English aristocratic title means “nobleman, warrior.”
  22. Einarr – a unique pick, Einarr is a Viking name meaning “lone warrior.”
  23. Evander – a stylish Scottish name meaning “bow warrior.”
  24. Gideon – this biblical Hebrew name holds the almighty meaning of “great warrior.”
  25. Guiomar – meaning “ready for battle,” and a fantastic choice among Spanish warrior names.
  26. Gunnar – a hot Scandinavian pick meaning “bold warrior.”
  27. Gunther – a cool German name meaning “battle warrior.”
  28. Herbert – a classic Germanic name meaning “bright warrior.”
  29. Herman – a sturdy Germanic name for an “army man.”
  30. Hjálmarr – meaning “helmeted warrior,” this Viking name is sturdy and strong.
  31. Hototo – we love the meaning of this Native American name: “warrior spirit who sings.”
  32. Humbert – a Norman name with the prosperous meaning of “bright warrior.”
  33. Humphrey – an old-fashioned English male name and surname, meaning “peaceful warrior.”
  34. Igor – a slick pick among Slavic boy names meaning “warrior.”
  35. Ingvar – the Norse god of peace, whose name means “warrior.”
  36. Iomhar – a traditional Scottish Gaelic name, meaning “bow warrior.”
  37. Ivor – a Gaelic name from Old Norse, meaning “warrior with a bow.”
  38. Jalmari – a Finnish variant of Hjálmarr, meaning “helmeted warrior.”
  39. Jango – a cool African male name meaning “brave warrior.”
  40. Kemp – a unique Middle English name meaning “warrior, champion.”
  41. Kimball – a powerful Welsh name meaning “warrior chief”- perfect for a little leader.
  42. Koa – a gorgeous Hawaiian boy name meaning “brave, bold, warrior.”
  43. Lewis – a popular, German-rooted name meaning “renowned warrior.”
  44. Lex – a strong Greek masculine name meaning “warrior” for your little Spartan legend.
  45. Lotar – a Polish male name meaning “famous warrior.”
  46. Ludwik – this Polish and Germanic choice means “famed warrior.”
  47. Luigi – a snazzy Italian boy name meaning “renowned warrior.”
  48. Luis – a popular European spelling of Lewis, also meaning “renowned warrior.”
  49. Marcello – meaning “young warrior,” this Italian pick is full of potential.
  50. Miles – a smart and popular male choice, translating from Latin to mean “soldier.”
  51. Mordecai – a badass Hebrew pick among male names that mean “warrior.”
  52. Murchadh – meaning “sea warrior,” this Gaelic choice is as smooth as the ocean.
  53. Oscar – a popular and cute English male name meaning “champion warrior.”
  54. Ove – a Scandinavian name meaning “full of terror,” you won’t want to mess with this warrior name.
  55. Owen – meaning “young warrior,” this trendy Welsh boy’s name sounds ready for great things.
  56. Ranbir – a handsome Indian boy name meaning “brave warrior.”
  57. Razmik – a tough Armenian name meaning “defender, warrior.”
  58. Sandro – a unique Italian nickname from Alexander, meaning “warrior.”
  59. Taisto – meaning “battle,” this Finnish boy name is perfect for a little warrior.
  60. Tanguy – a hot French male name with a great ring to it meaning “firedog” or “warrior.”
  61. Tjandamurra – a long name of Australian origin, meaning “young warrior.”
  62. Tore – an Old Norse option – can you get a cooler meaning than “thunder warrior?”
  63. Umberto – the Italian form of Humbert, meaning “bright warrior.”
  64. Walter – a popular and confident male name, meaning “powerful warrior.”
  65. Waqqas – a cool Arabic boy name, pronounced “wa-kahs,” meaning “brave, wise warrior.”
  66. Wilhelm – meaning “determined warrior,” this Germanic name is a strong one.
  67. Wojciech – a Polish boy’s name meaning “joyous warrior,” perfect for any happy little crusader.
  68. Wojsław – another powerful Polish name meaning “famous warrior.”
  69. Wyatt – meaning “brave in battle,” this stylish English name is a great warrior name.

9 Unisex Names That Mean Warrior

These gender-neutral names that mean warrior sure are resilient!

  1. Alex – this classic, gender-neutral nickname from Alexander is an ever-popular pick among names that mean “warrior.”
  2. Armani – a stylish Italian pick among names that mean “warrior,” perfect for designer babies.
  3. Clancy – an Irish romantic-sounding name meaning “red-haired warrior.”
  4. Finley – a cute yet commanding unisex choice, meaning “white warrior.”
  5. Hania – a stunning unisex name of Native American origin, meaning “spirit warrior.”
  6. Kennedy – a common Gaelic surname and unisex first name, with the warrior-esque meaning of “helmeted head.”
  7. Murphy – the most common surname in Ireland would make a great unisex name, meaning “sea warrior.”
  8. Sascha – a gorgeous German and Russian diminutive of Aleksandra or Aleksandr.
  9. Warrior – a perfect representation among warrior names, chosen as a middle name by Bindi Irwin for her daughter.

Warrior Names FAQs

What Name Means Brave Soldier?

For little warrior girls, names such as Amaia and Marceline mean “brave soldier.” For boys, consider Wyatt, Jango, or Ranbir.

What Are The Most Fierce Names?

If you’re looking for a fierce name meaning “warrior,” you’re in the right place. We think Agnar, Channarong, and Ove are terrific options for boys, and we love Tyra, Enni, and Maud for girls.

What Viking Name Means Warrior?

There are some great Viking names meaning “warrior” to choose from! For Viking girls, consider Ragnhild, and we love Einarr or Hjálmarr for little boys.

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