112 Names that Mean Water: for Boys & Girls

These boy and girl water names are sure to float your boat!

Do you long for a water-themed baby name that suits your little one perfectly? Check out all the pretty girl water names we’ve discovered with fun meanings!

You’ll see unique boy names that mean water from all different cultures, learn their history, and which ones have famous namesakes. Let’s explore these cool unisex names meaning water to help you choose the right one for your precious baby!

55 Pretty Girl Water Names

Get ready to find the most charming aquatic girl names below!

  1. Ama – of African origin meaning “born on a Saturday” or “water.”
  2. Aqua – a color baby name in Latin for “water” or “sea-blue.”
  3. Anahita – a mystical Persian girl name meaning “a river and water goddess.”
  4. Araluen – a unique Aboriginal name meaning “water lilies.”
  5. Baia – a stunning Portuguese choice meaning “bay.”
  6. Beverly – an old-fashioned English name meaning “dweller by the beaver stream.”
  7. Brooke – an English, water-based name meaning “small stream.”
  8. Cascade – a magical French name meaning “waterfall” or “rushing waters.”
  9. Chantara – a celestial, water-inspired name meaning “moon water” in Thai.
  10. Cherith – a chilly Hebrew choice meaning “winter stream.”
  11. Cordelia – a Celtic and Latin name meaning “daughter of the sea” or “heart.”
  12. Damla – a whimsical Turkish girl name meaning “water drop.”
  13. Derya – this beautiful Turkish name for “sea” is a stylish one.
  14. Doris – an old but affectionate name meaning “gift of the ocean” in Greek.
  15. Dwyn – a Welsh diminutive of Dwynwen with the powerful meaning of “wave.”
  16. Euna – an upscale Cherokee name meaning “waterfall.”
  17. Gali – a simple Hebrew girl’s name meaning “wave.”
  18. Immokalee – a unique Cherokee name with the strong meaning of “tumbling water.”
  19. India – a place name, surprisingly of English origin meaning “from the river Indus.”
  20. Indra – a bold Sanskrit water name meaning “possessing drops of rain.”
  21. Jora – the perfect Fall name meaning “autumn rain” in Hebrew.
  22. Kaimana – meaning “the power of the ocean,” this Hawaiian water name is mighty.
  23. Kairi – a beautiful Japanese girl name meaning “sea.”
  24. Laguna – an upbeat and rare option meaning “pond” or “lake” in Italian.
  25. Lynn -a diminutive of Linda, this old-school middle name favorite means “lake” in Welsh.
  26. Locklyn – a Gaelic, feminine variant of Lachlan meaning “lake land.”
  27. Maayan – a gorgeous water name meaning “spring of water” in Hebrew.
  28. Maren – a Latin girl’s name that means water with the definition “sea.”
  29. Maya – a popular Hebrew, Spanish, and Greek female name meaning “water.”
  30. Misty – an English water name with the gentle meaning “mist.”
  31. Moana – a Disney princess name of Maori and Samoan origin meaning “deep ocean” or “sea.”
  32. Morwenna – a rare yet beautiful Welsh option meaning “waves of the sea.”
  33. Moselle – an eccentric Hebrew name meaning “drawn from the water.”
  34. Nahla – a refreshing Arabic feminine name meaning “a drink of water.”
  35. Naida – a playful Greek name meaning “water nymph.”
  36. Narelle – this pretty Aboriginal name means “little river.”
  37. Nebula – has a futuristic style and a Latin meaning of “mist.”
  38. Ngaio – a thoughtful Maori choice meaning “reflections on the water.”
  39. Nixie – this German female name meaning “water nymph” feels fairy-like.
  40. Noelani – an ethereal Hawaiian girl name meaning “heavenly mist.”
  41. Nori – a fun, water-related name meaning “doctrine” or “seaweed” in Japanese.
  42. Oceana – a fancy name for “ocean” in Greek.
  43. Onda – this Italian girl’s name for “wave” really makes a splash!
  44. Pasha – sounds posh with its Greek meaning “of the ocean.”
  45. Picabo – an uncommon, Native American name meaning “silver creek.”
  46. Ria – a short Spanish feminine name for “small river.”
  47. River – this English name meaning “a flowing body of water” is blazing the popularity charts.
  48. Sabrina – of Celtic origin, meaning “for the river Severn.”
  49. Saga – a lovely Swedish female name meaning “seeress” or “story.”
  50. Sereia – a charming Portuguese girl name meaning “mermaid.”
  51. Tallulah – an Irish and Native American girl name meaning “leaping water” or “lady of abundance.”
  52. Thalassa – an interesting Greek name meaning “the sea.”
  53. Undine – a peculiar Latin name for “little wave.”
  54. Varsha – an exotic Hindi girl’s name meaning “rain.”
  55. Yarrow – an English name meaning “rough stream.”

46 Unique Boy Names That Mean Water

Discover a ton of enchanting boy names that mean river and water!

  1. Aalto – a melodic Finnish boy name meaning “water.”
  2. Alwyn – this stunning Welsh name means “river.”
  3. Aquarius – an astrological Latin masculine name meaning “water carrier.”
  4. Arledge – a sophisticated pick among names that mean water known as “dweller at the rabbit lake.”
  5. Arnav – a strong Hindi male name meaning “ocean.”
  6. Bach – belonged to a famous composer, meaning “dweller near the brook” in German.
  7. Barbeau – this French water name for “fisherman” sounds hardworking!
  8. Beck – a punchy, one-syllable name meaning “small stream” in English.
  9. Birney – an adorable English name meaning “island with the brook.”
  10. Bourne – has a stealthy look and an English meaning of “one who lives near a stream.”
  11. Bradford – this English male name meaning water represents a “wide river crossing.”
  12. Carlow – an elegant Irish boy name meaning “four-part lake.”
  13. Clyde – meaning “river” in Scottish, offering an authentic pick among names that mean water.
  14. Cove – a gorgeous water-themed English name meaning “small baby.”
  15. Deniz – the Turkish variant of Dennis, meaning “sea.”
  16. Deveraux – this dapper French boy’s name means “riverbank.”
  17. Douglas – is ideal for a Halloween-born baby meaning “dark water” in Scottish.
  18. Eaton – this preppy English water name means “riverside.”
  19. Fisher – the best, outdoorsy English name meaning “fisherman.”
  20. Fleetwood – is a lengthy English name meaning “woods with a stream.”
  21. Ford – meaning “dweller at the ford,” this English name has a bold reputation.
  22. Hancock – this water-inspired name means “shellfish-gatherer” in English.
  23. Holmes – feels down-to-earth with the English meaning of “from the island in the river.”
  24. Hudson – a classic option among water names, symbolizing the famous river and “Hugh’s son” in English.
  25. Hurley – has a sporty vibe as a swim brand meaning “sea tide” in Irish.
  26. Innes – a Scottish boy name meaning “from the river island.”
  27. Irving – a traditional water name meaning “green river” or “sea friend” in Scottish.
  28. Kano – a powerful African and Japanese name meaning “the god of the waters.”
  29. Kelvin – a Scottish name with a “narrow or wooded river” definition.
  30. Loch – this modern form of Lachlan, meaning “lake,” could make an excellent nickname!
  31. Marsh – represents wetlands and has an English meaning of “one who looks after horses.”
  32. Moses – is a biblical boy’s name meaning “delivered from the water” in Egyptian.
  33. Nen – an Egyptian masculine name with a historical meaning of “ancient waters.”
  34. Po – the simplest among water boy names of Italian origin, meaning “river.”
  35. Rio – has a Spanish origin meaning “river.”
  36. Romney – a well-known surname meaning “winding river” in Welsh.
  37. Strom – a unique twist on the popular name Storm, meaning “stream” in German.
  38. Tahoe – this cool, Native American male name means “edge of the lake.”
  39. Talcott – a cozy name meaning “cottage near the lake” in English.
  40. Varuna – offers character with its Hindu “god of water and the ocean” definition.
  41. Wade – this English male name means “at the river crossing.”
  42. Wilton – feels dashing and old-fashioned, meaning “place by a stream” in English.
  43. Windsor – has an English meaning for “riverbank with a winch.”
  44. Wolcott – a clean-cut look with the English meaning of “cottage near a stream.”
  45. Wyre – of English origin meaning “winding river.”
  46. Zenebe – is an ethnic water name for “raining” in Amharic and African.

11 Cool Unisex Names Meaning Water

There are endless gender-friendly water names for your baby-to-be!

  1. Adair – means “river near oaks” in Scottish and English.
  2. Banks – a neutral English name meaning “edge of the river.”
  3. Cary – offers a laid-back, gender-neutral style with its Latin meaning “pleasant stream.”
  4. Jordan – a popular, unisex Hebrew name meaning “flowing down.”
  5. Kai – a super common, unisex water name for “sea” in Hawaiian.
  6. Kendall – an English favorite for boys and girls, meaning “valley of the river Kent.”
  7. Lake – an adorable option among English names meaning water, referring to a “body of water.”
  8. Maxwell – this Scottish name is on fire with boys and girls, meaning “great stream.”
  9. Nile – of Greek origin meaning “champion,” this water name represents an Egyptian river.
  10. Rain – of English origin meaning “rain,” “advisor,” or “blessings from above.”
  11. Remington – a charming English name meaning “place on a riverbank.”

Water NamesFAQs

What Girl’s Name Means “Wave?”

Get lost in these stunning girl names that mean “wave”:

Dwyn — “wave.”
Gali — “wave.”
Morwenna — “waves of the sea.”
Onda — “wave.”
Undine — “little wave.”

What Girl Names Mean “Ocean?”

These are the prettiest girl names meaning “ocean”:

Doris — “gift of the ocean.”
Kaimana — “the power of the ocean.”
Moana — “deep ocean” or “sea.”
Oceana — “ocean.”
Pasha — “of the ocean.”

What are Some Boy Names that Mean “Sea?”

Check out some water-based boy names that mean “sea”:

Deniz — “sea.”
Hurley — “sea tide.”
Irving — “green river” or “sea friend.”
Kai — “sea.

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